Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! I need your help in social media sharing, your signature to be placed on the ballot, your generous contributions to run the campaign, and ultimately your ability to spread the word and vote.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team

McCook vs. Sidney

McCook vs. Sidney is why we need to keep fighting to ensure the blessings of liberty for the next generation.

I had the treat to watch one of the best football games on Friday night. Kids from McCook and Sidney both showed me we still have what it takes to be a great nation.

McCook took an early lead. Sidney took a few body shots in the first half. However, how would Sidney respond? Life can be tough but a response from a man is what you are looking for to gauge the toughness of a man. Let’s say toughness was on full display.

Sidney fought back the entire game and took the lead 19-10 early in the 4th quarter. The fight back showed you a lot of what the kids and their collective teamwork is made of. McCook was fighting hard, but Sidney looked to be the winner on the night with 12 minutes to go.

However, it was McCook’s turn for gut check time. They reorganized/galvanized and put back to back scoring drives together in the fourth quarter to take the lead 20-19 with only a few minutes to go. McCook looked to be the winner on the night at this stage of the game. The Sidney fans looked deflated after McCook took the lead. However, the kids did not sink under their shoulder pads. Like solid Nebraska kids they went back to work. The resiliency of both sets of kids last night was inspiring.

Sidney marched down the field making clutch play after clutch play. The QB slipped some sure tackles and “willed” his team down the field. The execution was outstanding, the hitting was tough but fair, and the intensity was second to none. Sidney set up the game winning field goal with 20 seconds to go. McCook made a great play on the line and blocked the kick.

I know it’s a cheesy line but it is true. There were no losers on Friday night. I saw two sets of kids who played their guts out. I saw two teams down big at three different times and never quit. I saw teamwork and toughness from both sides when the deck was stacked against them. Yes, one team lost on the scoreboard. We have to get past this “everybody wins” culture. That is part of growing up and spurs one on to get better and achieve new heights. I bet this will be the case with the Sidney kids. They will come back with more fight.

However, when I looked at character, resilience, toughness and guts I undoubtedly saw two of the best teams in the state last night. Those kids from both theam WILL BE leaders because they don’t quit like other Americans. They keep fighting.

I’d like to see more of this attitude in America and Nebraska. I see too many people throwing in the towel as if there is nothing we can do about the situation in this country. They throw in the towel to two parties who have not cut federal outlays in 50 years, failure to secure the border in 28 years, and a failure to pass a budget for 5 years. Giving in to the power seems to be the course of action. We need to take our country back. I am looking to reignite the fight for our country from the powers of the parties that have achieved very little.

Let’s thank God our founder’s didn’t quit when they sized up the British. Failing to go after too big of a task should not be in the American DNA. I want to see more Sidney and McCook fighters out there that want to change this country.

I expect to see people not quitting and fighting to change the outcome of the game. We need the doers to step up and the whiners to sit down. Let’s get to work! Thanks players for demonstrating toughness, grit, and a no quit attitude to the fans last night. I’ll do my part and fight for your future because I want to see what each of you will do in the real world. You obviously have the foundations of hard work, toughness, and a no quit attitude to achieve AMAZING.

Thanks for a great Friday night. We were lucky to see these future leaders play! – Todd

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The NET Debate – We need citizens to evaluate candidates and do their civic duty!


Nate Christopher – Bluffs Broadcasting Nebraska – Political Reporter
“I’ve watched the debate 3 times as if I was a supporter of another candidate…I still believe Todd Watson won the debate”
Nate’s additional thoughts …
Todd keeps the focus on the Constitution.
Todd focused on the private sector and localities solving the problems and not the government.
 You are a candidate that talks the most common sense

Todd I appreciate you answered the questions and focused on the issues instead of going negative on your opponents

I love the fact you cited your lack of money … you can work for the people!

These are independent assessments.  Are you an educated voter or an uneducated voter?  Will you be educated before you vote and make YOUR OWN evaluation?

This is a Republic.  Please inform and share this debate with your friends.

“Liberty for All!”

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Picking the Right Person for the Job


  • I’m a candidate with an expertise in the staffing industry.
  • Picking out the right person for the job or challenge is more important than being a ”Know it All”
  • I’m the most experienced and most dependable in calling upon the right person for the right challenge
  • I’m honest, trustworthy, not sold out, not controlled by a party, and in a position to only represent Nebraskans

Full Story


This campaign is about picking out the right skill set for the job. All week in my blogs, I focused on one of my strongest skill sets – selecting the right person to solve the right challenge. I’ve told you the mistake is looking for the most perceived ‘brilliant’ person for the job. You often find an ego, not the person that can lead. The job in the Senate is so complex, the issues they face are so diverse, and the bills we read cannot be read by one person alone (Have you read 9,000 pages for one bill and done the rest of your job?) The most important role of the job is building a team you trust, finding the right person for the task, and discerning the heart felt intentions and motivations of those individuals (outside or inside advisors).

We learned this week about selecting the wrong person for the job as a key figure. Lucky for Pete, I think this will work out for the best. Tom Foley is an excellent auditor and fiscal conservative. We both share auditing roots and he will be a stickler we need on the budget as Nebraskans if Pete is elected. However, the timing of a failed hire could not have coincided with my blogs this week any better.

As many of you know, two of my former businesses were in the staffing industry. I sold two staffing companies I created from scratch. Furthermore, I worked many years for a fortune 500 company in the staffing industry. We built the division in Fort Worth from scratch to be the 12 largest office in the world at our peak. Staffing is like many other businesses. You live and die by your reputation of finding and hiring the right person for the right job. It is hard to garner a new client. When you make the sale–you have to deliver. It is easier to lose a client by making one bad hire. This is why this business IS built ‘One Person at a Time”. One bad hire and you are on “the list” as an untrusted source. Reputations build and die very quickly. Your reputation is often solidified by the person you select and present to solve the challenges for your client. The more challenges you solve, the more jobs you fill, the more you make. We were successful to a point that I had to grow my business by selecting the next 20 sales people and recruiters that could discern the right talent for the next job. Every single person was the reputation of my businesses.

There will be no better skill to have in Washington. I have a proven track record of hiring hundreds of people at my firms. I’m unsure how many individuals my opponents in this race have hired but I’m the expert in this field on picking the right person for the job. Feeding my family depended on it. Why is this useful? We have to solve economic, healthcare, defense, immigration, legal, agriculture, foreign relations, and the list goes on and on. There is no ONE person who knows it all. We have to rely on others for knowledge. The key value is individual selection and discernment of who we chose to be on that team or provide us the right insightful information.

You have one candidate claiming to be the best. He is in his discipline (law), but not in humbly serving with discernment of individual selection. The legal discipline is currently represented in about 50% of the seats in Washington already. We don’t need another lawyer. Lawyers are not working in Washington. Furthermore, we do not need more Washington–we need less and our social conservative values need to be defended.

Dave is an incredible lawyer but it is not the right skill set at the current time. He would be the first I called if I needed to win a court case. I truly mean that. He would be the last I call if I needed a person to compromise on civil issues and move us forward in Washington. We need a negotiator — like myself. Someone that has solved problems between two diametrically opposed entities. We do not need win/lose philosophy. Lawyers are not working right now in Washington. If the intellectual elite made the difference, Washington would have moved this country forward long ago as it is a harbor of “Smart” people. May I suggest ‘Wisdom’ is what we need. I trust in the wisdom provided by the good Lord that is found in everyday people at home.

We do not need a college President. The last time we had a college president we passed the Federal Reserve Act at the request of Big Oil and Big Banking. It is uncanny how the situation is identical to 100 years ago. The Federal Reserve Act is one of the worst acts that has had the most dramatic consequences on our lives and country. We cannot be fooled by these entities for power. I have not forgotten 9/11 or Wall Street of 2005. Both were significant attacks on the future well-being of our lives. It is downright absurd to trust Wall Street with our monetary system. We need to trust in market based interest rates and return the creation of money to Congress, not the Fed, per the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5). Our monetary strength and fiscal challenges have only grown worse since this act. We do need a conservative. However, we do not need a conservative sold out to banks, oil, and drug companies. Establishing justice is the first order of business in the preamble of the Constitution and we cannot create different rules for donors and allow banks to operate under an Unconstitutional charter. Equality Under the Law has to be restored.

Although I rely on others, this does not mean I’m a slouch. I graduated from the best grad school in the accounting profession. I have succeeded at building 4 companies. I will make the tough decisions when called upon. I’ve read page upon page of tax law. Reading law (my background in tax) is not new to me. You have heard me speak all over the state.  I can deliver a message.  With all that said, I’m humble enough to lean on God and not myself. I’m humble enough to know I don’t know it all and should be prepared to know who to call upon. I’m humble enough to work for compromise then to fight to the death on my ‘right’ position where there is no conflict with the Constitution or God’s word.

Most importantly, I’m honest. I’m not going to tell you I’m an Anti-Establishment Washington outsider if I was Chief of Staff for a Congressman, worked for the President of the United States, the Justice Department and Homeland Security. I’m comfortable with who I have been and always will be. I’m proud of my background and my roots as a Nebraskan.

You the voter have to seize the opportunity. I’m an outspoken man of faith. My donations are clear as day. I’ve kept them clean from all outside PAC’s and lobbying institutions around the country so you knew I was working for you. I’m not committed to a party, I’m committed to you. You made our option available by signing the petition over 5,000 times. These petitions were presented to you by ordinary Nebraskans like ourselves who believe in this message of non-compromised legislation with open and forthright disclosure of positions. I don’t have to pull tricks for the party leadership and donors to stay in power.

I’m not going to tell you I am the smartest at the table. I’m going to tell you I am the smartest at monetary policy and business at the table (depends on the business–I have respect for Jenkins business achievements in different industries as well). I think I’m the best for identifying the most trustworthy, good hearted, subject matter experts to solve the other problems. I believe I’m the most talented to discern from the experts the right path to move forward on any given problem. I’m by far the bravest by printing and publishing the toughest stances on any given issues. We need brave and integrity filled leaders right now. The intellectual elite have been letting us down for too long. At the core of the intellectual elite is that they know better than you. I believe you know what is better for you than the intellectual elite.

We need brave and tough in Washington. I’ve already stood up to the power, said the things that needed to be said to the public, and boldly proclaimed positions that people don’t have the guts to speak in their own shower. I will stand up to the individuals of selfishness in Washington. I will stand up to those who put the positions of power for themself and the party ahead of the well-being of the American and Nebraska people.

These are the attributes and skillsets I believe Nebraskans need to send to Washington. Now we need an electorate that does not compromise their conscious. We have a massive number of individuals willing to compromise to beat liberalism and Obama. You don’t need to compromise to corporate fascism to beat liberalism. You need to seize Liberty. We will defeat Big Government. However, we will put liberty and not corporations in the void that is created to move this country forward.




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Educate Yourself on the Fed


(I’ve put a place marker of this video on my YouTube Channel – Todd Watson)

Don’t watch this unless you have the 90 minutes to set aside and think. This may rule out most of this electorate.  The media who take their cues from the national agenda will not cover as they probably have not studied the topic. However, ignorance is not my problem. My job is to speak truth. The video does it more eloquently then I do. Many conservatives will be surprised to see many fellow Republicans (those in the minority) speaking out on the same topic.  Not all Republicans believe in group think.  Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Pat Buchannan, Glenn Beck, Abe Lincoln, are a few who share the view.

This is one of the best documentaries explaining the power of the Fed. Most people compare me to a Republican Conservative. Those that do, really have no clue how the banking system or monetary policy works. Yes, we do share a belief against Big Government. However, we are miles apart on monetary policy and their relationships with Banks.  I do not concede to Wall Street for their money to obtain political power (if you only knew how big of a problem this really is). My Republican competitor will not address if he will uphold THIS PART of the Constitution.  This is why I define myself as a Conservative Populist and not a Conservative Republican.  Those that think I’m splitting the vote don’t understand how how far apart we are on banking and thus liberty.

I can easily show you how much control money and the system of credit has over your life.  Once you understand we are miles apart on this issue–you will not see us as close options.  You either believe New York should or should not have control over your life.  We are miles apart on the role of Wall Street banks as defined by the original Constitution and in policy.

The problem is most conservatives have never investigated the functioning of the banking institutions (Wall Street) to understand why it is a problem. They are too busy making money to do their civic obligation and understand how the Constitution designed money to be created.  Yet, many inherently know that Wall Street is full of greed and something is wrong. They need to put two and two together and unravel the code.

The next step in the evolution of thought is to really understand the banking system is not a free market. Does your business get access to printed money and set interest rates or other instruments of the economy?  Of couse not.  This is why they are not capitalistic.  They control the supply of money and set (as oppose to the market) interest rates.

People need to understand how the economies of the world and the people are being controlled by the halls of credit. Big Banks control our lives as much, if not more than, Big Government. Like Thomas Jefferson, I stand against both Big Government AND Big Banking because both destroy liberty.

We were about destroyed in 2007 from Wall Street. The mere fact they contribute the most money to the party after a decade where they required billions in bailouts should have many scratching their heads and asking “Why and How?”

Taxpayers bailed Wall Street out at a growing cost to the general welfare.  Inflation in the marketplace is how they paid for their problem (Quantitative Easing). The poor’s real problem is not minimum wage, but regaining buying power with the dollars they earn. The banks easily destroy wage gains with quantitative easing.

The destruction on Wall Street came after the 2001 destruction at the World Trade Center.  The site where George Washington created the spiritual and foundational roots of this country (New York-Lower Manhattan). The 2007 destruction on Wall Street, the failings of Corporate Facism, was followed by an ever growing influence of the government over our lives post 9/11 (a move towards socialism). Spiritual blinding, Corporate Facism, and Socialistic trends are three facets on why I will continue to speak to the fact that we must rejuvenate our economic, political, and spiritual foundations.  This is necessary if we really care about Ensuring the Blessing of Liberty for Ourselves and Our Posterity called for by our Constitution.  We have had the spiritual warning signs, the Fascism warning signs, and now the Socialism warning signs. The failure of all three institutions are the problems. One institutional recovery of liberty by compromising to another institution of liberty destruction is not the answer.  This is called ‘spinning our wheels’ and why the two party system has failed us the last 50 years (the last time we actually cut federal outlays).

Our Constitution calls us to, “Ensure the Blessings of Liberty for Ourselves and Our Posterity”. An individual must define blessings, liberty, and posterity to understand that calling (Hint-do that now). Blessings, Liberty, and Posterity is very easy to view in the Webster dictionary. Blessings and posterity is very easy to move forward on. However, liberty takes more research from our founders.

Thomas Jefferson points out that the greatest threats to liberty are banking institutions, not standing armies (Let that sink in). Furthermore, Big Government creates tyranny (anti-liberty). Once you realize this is true you will seek to rebuild spiritual, political, AND economic foundations (our system of banking & credit) back to their Constitutional roots and stand with neither party who cannot see or will not participate or encourage all three necessary rebuilds to regain liberty for our nation.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge…

The lack of knowledge on the banking system is a strong aspect destroying God’s people. Because no one was alive when the current system was created, (1913) people accept it as Capitalistic when in reality it is a controlled and Fascist operation.

Very simply, the purchasing power of a dollar was the same in 1792 as it was in 1910 (Wikipedia). In the first 7 years after the Federal Reserve was passed (1913) by Woodrow Wilson (an ex College President who agreed to J.D. Rockefeller – Oil and J.P. Morgan – Banking–sound ironic to the format of a Republican candidate today?) the dollar became fifty cents. Today the dollar is worth approximately 4 cents compared to 1910. The Fed equals dollar destruction.

We could solve COLA’s, fixed income buying power, solvency of social security, driving the economic engine, minimum wage, and on and on if we dealt with the Fed. However, the public is numbed (intentionally) to the Fed being a critical issue. They want to focus on the hot topic on Fox and CNN but pay little attention to the head of the snake that can fix half our problems related to fiscal challenges.  One way to change a Conservatives mind is to tell them the Income Tax was not necessary before the Federal Reserve.  That is a good way to get their attention if they can’t follow the line of thinking of the Federal Reserve.  They still talk taxes but they do not talk reserves.  Talking zero taxes gets their attention and focus on the issue.

Regulating the creation and volume of money belongs to Congress not the Fed (See Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5). When you are sponsored by Big Banks you stay silent on this part of the Constitution. Make no mistake — your economy and life is being controlled by either money or government. They were meant to be controlled by neither. We must return money and government to be a tool and structure used to advance and not control society.

Enjoy the show on YouTube. Join me in a cause for liberty. You don’t have to compromise to a lesser evil this election. If you do…you will have no reason to complain when government and/or Wall Street control the fate of your liberty.  You are responsible for your vote and you will know better after the video.

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Islamic State – One Influential Pastor Speaking Up

As many of you know, one of my favorite pastors I listen to is Dr. Michael Youssef.  I sighted his work in my blog back on January 4, 2014 as being influential to me personally.  I have made and will continue to make the argument that knowing the subject matter expert is often more important then possessing the most knowledge on any given subject (there is no way to know it all).  We are well prepared to call upon the right individual for the right task.

We need to call on experts from around the country with life experience like Dr. Youssef.  Leaders often lack discernment and I think this is my strongest attribute.  I’ve discerned Dr. Youssef is the right expert to approach relationship wtih the various factions of the Muslim and Arab world.  As an Egyptian by birth, he has a strong platform to speak to the Arab world as he grew up in a strong Egyptian culture.  I hope all people, regardless of faith, will spend sometime with Dr. Youssef’s teachings like I have.  I’m far better off for discovering his work.  You may not agree with everything Dr. Youssef discusses but it is anarguable he has a firm grasp of the culture, the history of Muhammad, and the different political factions.

His education, his uprbinging, and his knowledge on the topic is second to none.  I encourage you to take a few hours and listen to his videos on this topic below.  Our country needs to become more famliar with the Muslim world, the different factions, and the childhood and maturing of their founder, etc.

Please take 90 minutes and listen to these videos on the Islamic state.  He is a Christian and has that world view.  However, I believe those who do not agree with his religious views will appreciate his formal education on Islam and the Middle East culture and situation.  He does an excellent job at uncovering a more peaceful historical state of the Muslim nation that once and still exists.  At the same time he traces the rising group motivated by terror and the roots of these actions.

We need to develop a consensus AND conviction in America of how we will address the problem of Islamic extremists.


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