Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! I need your help in social media sharing, your signature to be placed on the ballot, your generous contributions to run the campaign, and ultimately your ability to spread the word and vote.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team


Todd Watson Supports Ethanol

July 30, 2014

Position Paper

Agricultural interests have endorsed Ben Sasse early in the debate but have they considered all sides of his policy?  Ben has an “All of the Above” energy plan but no details on where Ethanol fits into that plan.  He is endorsed from large monetary PAC’s tied with “Big Oil”.  Big Oil is working to eliminate the Renewable Fuel Standard.  I asked Ben’s campaign manager on July 1st over breakfast if he supported a Renewable Fuel Standard of at least 15%.  The Sasse campaign has yet to answer the question.

I support a renewable fuel standard.  Opponents of Ethanol and many well-meaning conservative capitalists cite the subsidies as a problem and that this product is not efficient in the marketplace.  Much of this opinion is based on prices at the pump with little understanding of market based costs due to tax breaks, subsidies, and loop holes given to both energy sources that distort actual market prices.  Although I’m principally against subsidies, I believe the market price of oil is not really a market based price.  Externalities, an economic concept of oil is not understood.

What is the cost of tax credits and tax loopholes in the system?  What if we allocated costs to foreign oil for the divisions of the military whose primary role is to facilitate and protect the land and shipping lanes for the free flow of foreign oil?  What would we quantify the cost of each life lost or injured protecting lands that produce oil?  Can this cost even be calculated (a most inhumane thought)?  Do we honestly have a national interest in occupying many of these lands if we ignore the oil deposits they possess?  Can we quantify the cost of terrorism to our country due to the funding of terrorism with petro dollars?  I believe the economic cost of gas/oil should be determined based on what our “true cost” for oil is with domestic sources alone.   Subsidizing alternative fuels to this 100% domestic cost point (true cost) makes sense to me with National Security being a primary position for this motivation.

In a new tax code we should adopt cost allocation strategies to drive consumer behavior.  For example, if the cost of cigarettes to our health care system is $5/pack (Estimates Vary)—shouldn’t we tax cigarettes $5 more dollars and lower taxes by $5 to the American people to allocate cost to the cause and driver of the problem? Higher prices reduce negative affects to our people by driving lower consumption of the costly product and will save the burden of needed federal revenue to cover expenses that can be cured by adjustments to consumer behavior.

The same argument holds true with oil.  If protecting oil with our military is necessary – shouldn’t we allocate the portion of the military used to protect oil into the cost of foreign oil and lower the general tax burden to the American people who do not consume the product?  Market forces (when true cost is established in the products) will drive alternative behavior like consuming ethanol over foreign oil and will drive domestic investment over foreign investment (if we were to just tariff foreign oil and not domestic sources).  Furthermore, we need to empower individuals to make political statements with what they buy.  Seeing a Flex Fuel F-150 makes me smile.  Purchasing a product that rejects bail out money and consumes home grown energy is awesome.

Conservative opponents (look for the oil money) should note that income taxes were not necessary pre 1913.  America funded itself on excise taxes and tariffs alone.  Imagine incenting work with lower taxes and pushing tax revenue to products that hurt national security, increase federal expenses and jeopardize domestic tranquility.  This makes sense.  Let economic forces drive movements away from foreign oil and into domestic natural gas, electric vehicles (electric sources primarily being domestically sourced), and domestic oil.

The “Good” is that America has ramped up domestic production of oil, but we can do better.  The “Bad” is we still import about 33% of our oil supply from foreign places. What would be the price of gas and other oil related products if we were to lose that 33% of oil tomorrow?  This theoretical price of oil should be the benchmark of where we subsidize ethanol to.  Republicans will argue jobs and money and Democrats will argue environment.  Both of these objectives are good but the paramount driver in my decision making remains national security.  We need to be in a position to be self-sufficient and have the ability to remove ourselves from lands that cause loss of life, stir up tensions with locals as they question their soverignty, wash our hands from oil dollars that fund terrorism abroad, and bring moms and dads home to their kids and parents from military assignments protecting oil interests.  I believe this will increase “Domestic Tranquility” as called for by the Constitution and aid in National Security.

Please Join the Watson for Senate team today.  Independent problem solving thought is needed!

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Are You Kidding Me???

We have a Border CRISIS! We have a President that prefers to fundraise as opposed to deal with the problem.  We have GOP party leaders pulling a proposal off the table because they can’t get on the same page in their own party?  They adjourned for a 5 week recess (must be nice) after they couldn’t agree??? Am I watching preschool soccer or the Congress of the most powerful nation in the world?

These are the party leaders ladies and gentleman.   Abandon the job because the job is too tough to solve.  Thank God we had the Marines and not Party Politicians on Omaha Beach.  The politicians would have turned around in the middle of the English Channel for a 5 YEAR recess if they saw that challenge.

American leadership at its very worst is all I can say.   Make a change Nebraskans.  I don’t run from problems.  I solve them.

Are You Kidding Me Number 2???

We have an 85% disapproval rating of Congress run by 2 parties.  We have yet the 1 millionth botch up in Congress and we have an electorate considering which candidate to contribute to these parties???  Again?????  Where is the “Stop the Insanity” lady when I need her?

People will be responsible for their vote.  The tragedy lies in the individuals at home who don’t make the change at the ballot box.  Too many are obsessed with winning and money.  These individuals need to look for character, courage, guts and a freedom from donor and party control.  Rich, well-funded, and donor/party subservient does not work.  These are your representatives party loyalists.

I will say it again – Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Putting these two parties in charge again is INSANE.

I know I’m 1 man out of a 100 but if this problem is at my desk I’m telling my colleagues there is no recess until we walk away from this table with a proposal we can agree on.   If I’m talking to the President I’m telling him to cancel his fundraisers with party leaders and get to the border and Central America to solve this problem.

This is a human crisis.  We have kids dying.  Recess and money over kids who could be dying.  Think about how sick of a thought that is.  Not on my watch.

We have a border unprotected with crossings at an alarming rate.  We have a National Guard called up to supervise the border!!!!!  Are you kidding me???  Recess and fundraisers are the last thing on my mind.

Grow up, get in a room, and solve the problem Democrats and Republicans.  Try to solve 2 while you are at it.  We have 100’s more and they are not going away any time soon without some real leadership.  America — wake up and make the change.  We need problem solvers – not party politicians!

Pray for those kids.  Pray for those families without their children.  Pray for this country.  Pray for our National Reservists.  Pray for our citizens dealing with this problem.  Pray for our leaders out of obedience to God as hard as that can be right now.  Pray for leaders to learn the words action and compromise.

Give your kids a hug, salute the flag, and say a prayer.  That is my plan of action tonight – Todd

PS—For those who saw the interview with Sasse and Cavuto on Fox News Channel, Cavuto claimed to have reached out to the Independent candidates.  That is not true.  We were never contacted.  I appreciate my supporters asking me the question since they saw the interview with Ben and was curious on why I didn’t respond.  I would have happily interviewed had they requested.

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We Made It! November Here We Come!

Todd Watson became an official candidate for US Senate (Nebraska) with the Secretary of State (Nebraska) today!

July 28, 2014

Todd’s Statement

I look forward to moving into the homestretch of this race with a focus on the issues after achieving placement on the ballot today.  My message remains the same.  I’m committed to working with both sides on the civil issues we face but stand conservative on Constitutional and Moral issues. I’m proud to be a Conservative Populist and not a Conservative Republican. I’m even prouder to be called “More of a Reagan Type” by the Kearney Hub.  Pragmatic approaches on the civil issues between parties is needed.

We believe in returning to the intent of our founding founders. James Madison said, “Two parties are the greatest evil to the Constitution.”  George Washington warned our country to restrain parties because “Revenge” was natural to party dissension.  Our founder’s wisdom continues to hold true.  Todd believes in the wisdom of our founders on more than just select issues.  We will drive home the original intent of many of our founders to be free from party.

In addition, I believe in returning to the roots of our Constitution.  Donors on both sides of the isle fight for Unconstitutional positions that need to be overturned.  I will continue to not be bought by the out of state corporate and party money as it corrupts Nebraska interest.  I will continue to fight for “Promoting the General Welfare” as called for in the Constitution.  Providing the General Welfare and Promoting the Corporate Welfare is not constitutional.  We need to move away from government control AND business control over the liberty of our people.  The government belongs to the people!

There is a huge difference between an Independent Conservative Populist and a Conservative Republican.  I’m proud to be an Independent for the people with well recognized Conservative values. After all, the GOP has not reduced federal outlays since 1965, the party is aligned with Wall Street not Main Street, and frankly the national leaders on social issues have been questionable. We are happy to have the freedom to adopt a right position, not a party position.

I too am for a Constitutional recovery.  Ben and I share similar positions on social issues. I believe Dave and I share similar beliefs on sound business structures (Constitutional) that benefit the market and safeguard the interests of Nebraska consumers and business owners. Finally, I agree with Jim that Independent thinking from parties is needed to move us forward. Let’s debate and find the right answer for Nebraska and America.

Finally, I stand with my opponents on a healthy debate. I think one thing we have all achieved (thus far and that I know of) is a positive civil oriented debate. I firmly believe that the revival of this country can and should start in the Heartland. We have and will continue to lead a new tone in politics. Debate and positive civil discussion that does not degrade opponents is an important goal.  However, I will tell you my differences on civil opinions and statements of record to keep the debate going for a better result.

God Bless Nebraska!  Thanks for making OUR message possible.


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Ben Sasse – Fair Questions that Deserve Answers

Politics can be a nasty game.  The name calling, the candidate bashing, etc all seem to be a normal part of the process.  I’ve been committed to encouraging all of my opponents when possible and have a civil debate on the issues.  Ben is being slandered by many but I’ve made it clear I’m not going to participate in this behavior–even if Ben’s PAC allies do.   However, I will demand honest answers on what I believe are fair questions.

Today’s conservative climate is a whirlwind of anger.  Everyone is worked up in a frenzy against this Administration (Rightly So).  The blatant violations of the Constitution are unacceptable and even loyal Democrats are realizing when you obtain an uprecedented number of 9-0 decisions from an ideologically balanced Supreme Court (5-4 Conservative/Liberal split) that you have a President that is not following the law.

Ben has capitalized nicely on his Anti-Obama message.  The entire GOP is fanning the flames for political gain.  The strategy is working.  I too stand against Obama and this wreckless unconstitutional behavior.  I can’t believe what I’m witnessing.  However, I know his time is short.

I realize this Senate term is 6 years and Obama is in charge for only 2 of those years.  I also realize the GOP’s continued failure at proactive leadership when in charge (since Reagan).  History tells us they operate better with an adversary and are lost when in the lead.  Reagan is the last GOP member to show proactive leadership–and to be fair he was a Democrat for a lot of his life.  Take some time to examine the Contract With America and pledges from early 2000.  How many of the initiatives did they see through?  (Hint: It wasn’t good).  Do you remember the last time they cut a budget?  Me neither.

I understand a Conservative agenda will be dictated by the defense of our Constitution the first 2 years but there are a multitude of issues Conservatives are ignoring because the GOP and their media allies have them locked and loaded 100% of the time on Obama.

In an effort to be fair I sat down with the Sasse campaign on July 1st to seek his stances on important issues that he has not defined for himself. In particular, I went after issues of his donor base that do not represent the interests of Nebraskans.  Would he pull the line for the donor base, the party or us if elected?  The media has not picked up on the tough questions because they have not known where to look.  I’m for a Constitutional recovery as well but part of the donor base (especially PAC’s) have interests against the Constitution.  Let’s have a discussion.  Ben is the clear leader in the race right now.  I’ve been advised not to recognize it.  I ask why?  It’s the truth.  I think we just deserve honest answers to tough questions on policy.  I’ll be honest, I’ve been skeptical with all Republicans AND Democrats for sometime.  When I heard there was a candidate who worked for the DOJ, Homeland Security, was chief of staff for members in Washington, and worked for the Presdient calling himself an “Anti-Establishment Washington Outsider” I was highly skeptical.  I’ve grown to like Ben but I’m still professionaly skeptical of the money and party.  Professional skepticism is part of my training as a CPA.

I feel I know the demands of the donor base outside of Nebraska.  I feel they work against Nebraska interest in several cases on civil law.  I will go on the offensive on these issues later but I thought it would be fair to give Ben a chance to be on the record with direct quotes first.  I think it’s only fair to let candidates define their own positions without accusation.  My hope is we agree but I’m afraid catering to the donor base will be the ultimate answer (or nonanswer) as he is poised to be a national candidate for the party.  At a minimum I was disappointed to see Ben was at a fundraising event with BofA, Wells Fargo, and other large financial institutions as reported on Omaha.com.  The no comment on the fundraising function really bothered me.  At the end of the day Ben doesn’t need more money to beat any of the other candidates.  The additional money only obligates him to more interests that do not speak for our people.   I think the focus should be revitalizing the Senate (a big need) and working for Nebraska.  

I gave Ben the questions on July 1.  I made sure his campaign manager had the copy on July 5th.  It is now July 28th and we have not heard from the Sasse team on a response to our questions.  I think the verdict is clear by evading direct and fair questions.  I believe Ben, like many other Republicans, will have to pull the line on the National Party interest donor base.  Many of these desires are Unconstituional or outside the vested interest of Nebraska.  I hope I’m wrong, I really do.  However, that is what these fair questions are for.  I want to know where Ben stands.

Here are my questions that I think most Nebraskans have no idea on where he stands.

- July 1, 2014.

Ethanol/Big Oil

Does Ben support the RFS (Renewable Fuel Standard) of 15%?  Will Ben proactively fight for an RFS standard of at least 15%?

Does Ben believe in continuing or ending the subsidies in ethanol?

Does Ben support continuing or ending the subsidies and tax credits for fossil fuel makers?

Wall Street/Big Banks

Representative Dave Camp, a Republican from Michigan and Chairman of the House Weighs and Means Committee, proposed taxing ‘Carried Interest’ at normal ordinary income rates.  Does Ben support ‘carried interest’ being taxed at ordinary income rates or a lower rate as advocated by many in the Republican party?

Representative Dave Camp, a Republican from Michigan and Chairman of the House Weighs and Means Committee, proposed taxing large banks on their assets over $500 billion.  Would Ben support this tax on a stand-alone basis in the attempt at a new tax code presented by Representative Camp?

Does Ben support increasing the capital requirements for lending?

Does Ben support the private investment of social security funds?

Larger Military

In 2009 the Department of Defense reported 662 base sites and presence in 38 countries.  My question is does Ben support the existing presence of all current bases (the major ones are the only ones listed above) and personnel overseas?  Would Ben be in favor in funding BRAC – (the Department of Defense study of base closures)?  Does Ben believe we need to grow our military footprint around the world evaluating today’s world climate?

Constitutional Clarity

Ben cites the Constitution as a framework.  Does Ben support the abolishment of the Federal Reserve? Currency and coinage was reserved to the Congress/not a Central bank.

Social Security Reform

Will Ben Propose his Social Security reform proposal as a law or will he support another Representative’s proposal or will he negotiate with Republicans on a new idea?  I’m trying to gauge what Nebraska and America can count on in proactive leadership of Social Security and Medicare reform from Ben?  Reform is needed and we are looking for concrete steps we can count on.   We appreciate the proposal and are looking to secure action.   We believe statements of “Support” vs. “Propose” will provide different results (see Deb Fischer’s statements in 2012 debate).

Big Pharma Protections

Are you willing to propose legislation (eliminate protectionism) that gives Medicare the ability to negotiate drug prices as opposed to pharmaceutical companies setting the prices?  The CBO says we can save $110+ Billion in Medicare if we change this single law.

Health Care Reform

How will insurance paying patients be protected from absorbing costs of individuals who elect to not carry insurance?  The pass through costs of the uninsured to the insured is high and I’m curious on a plan to solve this problem without an individual mandate you are advocating against.  Does a hospital have a right to refuse service of those choosing not to pay for coverage?

Estate Tax

Does Ben support the repeal of the Estate Tax?  If not, does Ben support increasing or lowering the exemption to a specific level?

International Affairs

Do you support NAFTA?

Do you support our current relationship with the UN?

Tax Reform

Ben has suggested lowering the tax rates on marginal income.  Does Ben have a top marginal rate he feels is ideal for individuals and corporations? If so, what is it?

Farm Bill Stance

Historically, the farm bill has not passed without SNAP provisions to lure in metro market lawmakers (especially the House for final bill approval). Is removing the SNAP program a non-negotiable feature to the farm bill for you?

Senator McConnell

I want to explore the relationship with Senator Mitch McConnell.  Ben stated that it was time for the Majority Leader to show some real leadership (on the healthcare issue) in 2013.  Many Anti-McConnell PAC’s jumped on board in support of Ben.  On the day of the election, Ben changed and vowed to “Absolutely support Senator McConnell if elected leader” and would be a “Team Player” with Mitch.  I think many are confused on where Ben stands with the Republican leader.

Open Ended – What caused the change of tone with McConnell’s leadership?

Does Ben support Mitch’s following positions…

Debt Ceiling

Mitch defeated Ted Cruz’s filibuster on raising the debt ceiling and stood with a small set of Republicans and Democrats to raise the ceiling.  Did you support Ted Cruz or Mitch on raising or not raising the debt ceiling?


McConnell is primary supporter of the war in Iraq and considers it a Central part of the War on Terror.  Do you agree that our presence in Iraq (looks to be escalating again) is critical to the war on terror?

International Tax Law

McConnell and Republican Senate colleagues are proposing tax reform moving corporations away from a World-Wide system of US taxation to a Territorial System of taxation.  Do you support a move to a Territorial Tax approach?

Paul Ryan and the US Budget

You are endorsed by Paul Ryan.  The Club for Growth (endorsing Ben) called Ryan’s budget “A Disappointment”.  Sarah Palin another endorser of Ben called the plan “A Joke”.   Your campaign team stated in a letter to your supporters on May 14, 2014 of this year, “He is positioned on Day 1 to be to Obamacare what Paul Ryan is to the budget in the House.”  Does Ben support the budget proposed by Paul Ryan or agree with supporter Sarah Palin that his budget was “A Joke”?  Does Ben feel Paul Ryan’s stances on the budget are as strong as his stances on Obamacare as inferred by members of his campaign staff?

Those were my fair questions to Ben Sasse.   This term is 6 years – not 2.  Obama will go away in 2016.  Republicans are very likely to be in control of all houses.  We need to know where our candidates stand on all issues.  We need leadership for all 6 years.  I look forward to Ben’s response.  In the meantime you should be educated on the agenda of the biggest donors of the Republican Party, Conservative PAC’s and Ben’s campaign.  Do your civic duty and make sure their agenda aligns with your values.  The propoganda flame of Obama is working but do you like Oil (especially foreign) or Ethanol?  Do you believe Wall Street should pay lower tax rates?  Should Pharmaceuticals set their own prices?  Do you want more military around the world?  Donor agendas is the best information we have without statements on the record regarding these issues.  I hope we get clarity on these stances and keep the civil debate moving forward.  Honest debates create better results!

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Signatures Submitted!!!

Signatures Submitted!!!

Here is a picture of myself filing (look on Facebook) with the Secretary of State and Katie Swain who is a God send to that department for facilitating the petition process.  God Bless you Katie!

We made it to November on HARD WORK by our team and you!!!  We could have pursued taking the money from DC and compromised our stances to a party and PAC’s (chose not to do that).  We could have paid others to obtain signatures like other candidates chose to do.

Instead, we told our story and painted our vision for the office around this state.  The volunteers multiplied and WE made it on hard work and God’s grace alone!  It has been a privilege of meeting most of the 5,000+ Nebraskans who signed.  I’m the lucky one to get to meet all of these great people across this land.  My favorite meetings are still the spontaneous visits I make seeking out citizens living life away from the high profile “I need to be seen” political party events.

While they are shaking hands with the donors and PAC members, I’m talking with Veterans in the park, Mom’s at school, Farmers and Ranchers working the land, Wait Staff at the café, Small Business Owners in their stores, and Kids at the parade.  Big money fundraisers are not my comfort zone.  Walking down Main Street is.

Nebraskans that believe in hard work–take notice.

This maybe your last chance in history to have a guy free to work for you over the party and PAC donors.  Hard work pays off.  1.9 million Nebraska deserve to be represented over 3 million PAC members.  I owe you Nebraska-not Washington!

We cannot afford to elect another member to a party that fundamentally adopts uncompromising positions for the sake of party power.  Ask where your party candidate will compromise (is there anything there)?  Ask why are we trained to take a polarized approach (turn off the TV)?  Ask what will be accomplished in Washington if we elect hard line party members to office (Nothing)?

I will work hard and with both sides of the isle to find pragmatic approaches to civil issues that make up 90% of the problems Washington should be dealing with.  I will not waiver on the things that need hard line approaches (Pro-Life, 2nd Amendment, Pro-Family).  Morality and the Constitution must be defended.

I’m proud of the Kearney Hub headlining me as “A Reagan Type”.  I believe in pragmatic (as opposed to hard line) conservative solutions.  Reagan didn’t get everything right but he made friends as he changed the country.  How many Republicans have Democratic friends like Reagan?  Reagan understood real people because that was his roots.  The establishment from high society and privilege cannot relate to the people that need the most help (hard working Americans).

We got in this mess over 40 years and it isn’t going to be fixed overnight–but it can be fixed!  We need to move back to a traditional direction, fix a broken system, and aim to make friends not enemies on the way.  Polarized rhetoric is dangerous and is going to cause more “Revenge” as our first President predicted a long time ago warning this nation against a two party system.  This 20 year cycle of “Revenge” politics has created 2 extremes like we have never seen before.  The people in the middle are paying the price (especially the middle class). This political civil war must end.  Ending the war starts with your next vote.

God Bless all of you for making this happen!  Let’s go change this land and present a real message to the Nebraska people that has allegiances to no one but the fine people of this state.

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