Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! I need your help in social media sharing, your signature to be placed on the ballot, your generous contributions to run the campaign, and ultimately your ability to spread the word and vote.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team

Moments Like This (See Video) Is What We Are Fighting For

This video got me fired up today. Moments like these motivate one to serve and protect this land so more teaching like this happens. This is Americana and everything that is great about this country that needs to be preserved. Here is a dad, coach, and leader that we need more of. Protecting this country is about freeing up Coach Belisle to do what he does for our future. This is the selfless part we talk in our platform that we need to see more of from Americans. Coach giving up his time for the future and having fun doing it is an invaluable service to our country. No one has to be “Big Time”, you just have to be “Big Time” with a small set of people or person. Changing this country starts one person at a time–like Coach Belisle is doing. I guarantee you those kids will remember their coach and the impact he had on them for the remainder of their lives. Legacy, that is the rewards of his service. Everthing is not about the money Washington.

If the world saw more of this and less predominant view of Washington Power Brokers, Wall Street Greed and Hollywood Sin Peddling, they may have a different opinion on America. The good in people is here. We just need to free it, get government out of the way and let individuals God given abilities rise to the top and heal the fabric in this land. May we set an example for kids in Congress and restore their faith in leaders that has been destroyed the last 30 years with political bickering and poor behavior. God Bless coach Belisle for setting not only a great example to his kids but to other Little League Coaches around this country. This is America at its best.

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Our National Interview with The Examiner


I appreciate the small segment of the media highly interested in covering the issues of the Independent.  I appreciate Bob’s willingness to not filter the story but communicate the information.   Well done Bob!

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Military Opinion and Constitutional Duty

Common Defense calls for putting Suh, Sandman, and Ruud on the field. The Republicans hear defense and put the “Scoring Explosion” of Turner, Fryar, and Rozier on the field.

We are for strong defense, not offense, which has happened under every GOP administration my entire life. The definition of the word defense should be stated at the opening of any National GOP meeting to educate their members on a proper definition.

At the same time, Democrats who want to reallocate from our primary role of providing for the common defense and move money to “providing” the general welfare will receive my rebuff as well. Technology is the key to staying ahead in the race for military supremacy. Technology is expensive (I know, I own a Tech company) but should remain a top priority in spending. I, like Republicans, want a strong military. However, unlike most Republicans the past 35 years, I will advocate for limited use and restraint to execute our Constitutional mission of DEFENSE.

The world is a bad place. We are not meant to be saviors to the World–God is. We are naive to think otherwise. We have China swinging their elbows in the Pacific. We have additional tensions in Gaza, Russia, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, and the list goes on and on.

We cannot afford to be over extending ourselves to save the world and be vulnerable at home. I feel like we are playing ‘Capture the Flag’ as a kid and we are leaving our flag unguarded. We must realize that every great World power that has ever existed have fallen from extensive wars and/or Imperialism. We must learn from history and demonstrate some restraint.

The GOP needs to realize the first phrase in the Constitution BEFORE “Provide for the Common Defense” is “Insure DOMESTIC Tranquility”– double emphasis on Domestic. More of my Constitutional views on YouTube. Limited views of government require limited views on being a world power. Our founders chartered this country to be a strong and Independent America. We were never created to be the dominant power over the whole world. If they were interested in that aim they would have stayed loyal to England.

It is time to debate on the floors of Congress our “National Interest”. We need to debate military involvement for humanitarian causes. The Iraqi people being murdered gave us a charge to attack ISIS (I support these attacks). However, highlights on the news of humanitarian disaster only happened when ISIS came closer to the oil fields we control in the Kurdish lands (Coincidence?) Why didn’t we act when mass execution was going across Syria whose oil we didn’t control (I realize it was the other Barbarian)? America was stuck on the border issue when ISIS was beginning their domination of northern Iraq. Why the attention now? We have watched genocide happen in Sudan/Rwanda/Yugoslavia and delegated our intervention to the UN.

The reality is oil has driven much of our military involvement and agenda. Humanitarian tragedies are often used to build public support of war. However, careful study of our engagements show oil is a fundamental driver to military involvement around the world. We have ignored too many other human tragedies to say our military involvement is consistent across humanitarian lines.

It is time to become North American Independent with energy and return our military to protecting liberty of Americans, not foreign oil. Let’s have the debate in the halls of our government. Should Oil drive national interest? What humanitarian tragedies invoke and warrant military involvement? These are good open debate topics and I think we can find a better answer to engagement through discussion of multiple Senators.

Unfortunately, we have two parties that cannot solve immigration in 7 years, budgets and food in 5. Proactive conversations on military positions maybe asking a lot of two parties who fundamentally despise each other. Time to change America or expect more confusion, delay and dysfunction.

Next, Congress declares war/not the President. These Presidents declare the beginning of too many engagements that become “Wars”. We may need to amend the Constitution to declare all forms of “Offensive” military engagements as “War” and require Congressional approval. The Republicans are crying foul of Obama’s actions yet they vote to go on recess for 5 weeks while our National Guard is deployed, ISIS is on a rapid terror across Northern Iraq, and kids are dying across the Southwest. Hypocitical would be the term I would use as we look at history of Republican Presidents abusing the same rules of engagement. Time to get off the beach/stumping for your friends and get back to work. We have plenty of problems that need work to only be in session a quarter of the year.

It is time to do the job you were paid to do. I don’t need to hear about your concerns on regulations affecting the needlepoint industry at home when we have National Security issues in emergency mode around the globe.

We need to debate rules of engagement and national interest to clearly establish our “cause and rules of engagement” we want from our military. We are in a dangerous domestic situation financially (another issue they need to work on promptly) and we need to be prudent on what engagements we entangle ourselves in. Our deficits clearly demonstrate that Republicans add to deficits with war and Democrats add to them by welfare. Both Parties need containment from limitless ambition of world influence or grand societal creations. This country is about liberty to citizens, not fulfilling the ambitions of our Presidents and their donor base.

As a last point, I’m thankful to not have the binding grip of Big Oil PAC’s to buy the ads that motivate the electorate. My family will not be suckered by nice ads at the cost of policy enforcement for the ad buyers that hurt our citizens. Long live Ethanol and all sources of Domestic Energy. God bless our military!

One of my best friends in college has served our nation in the International waters next to Iran. He has sacrificed more time away from his family than I have in this campaign. I’m honored to take on this fight while seeing my family most nights. He is sacrificing so much more. I’m fighting for you to get you home to your wife and kids. Your role as a husband/dad/defender of freedom is more important that supervising tanker after tanker of oil traveling next to Iran. Your loyalty to the cause of freedom is there. My job is to define what your cause should be.  It’s not the supervision of foreign oil transport in the world.

I’m happy to support all forms of domestic energy so you don’t have to support your sons and daughters protecting minerals in the ground and their transportation around the world for the well-being of the second largest donor base in American politics.  Let those entities pay to protect their own interests and keep their money out of our elections.  Stay conservative–ditch the major driver of Republican power–Oil Companies. It’s about liberty of all citizens, not power of parties and donor bases. God Bless America!

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The First General Election Debate is Online!




Take some time to educate yourself on the candidates. The Senate debate follows an update from our Legislative leaders. Our debate kicks off around 1:21 of the video. The questions were unknown ahead of time so everyone had to be spontaneous in their responses.

One thing I would like to correct in my presentation is my word “Enemy” as opposed to the intended word of “Ally” (I gasped the first time I watched it–oh well good way to stay humble). This was clearly a slip of the tongue as viewed in the context of what I was discussing. Nonetheless, I wanted to be clear on that point.

A few primary points we want to be firm on.

- We are not interested in raising taxes. Revenue growth in taxes is good when created from new and additional employment.  Revenue growth from raising rates is bad. We have the revenue we need. We need to prioritize what we are spending on and begin thinking about a plan to not only eliminate the deficit but attack the debt. Our kids deserve a better future.  The balance sheet needs liability reduction first.

- This country was able to balance the budget on duties, excise taxes, and tariffs alone pre 1913. The income tax was passed the same year as the Federal Reserve was created.  Income tax is as high as I will let it go if I vote.  Poor monetary policy has more to do with our economic conditions, income tax requirement, well-being of the poor, insolvency of Social Security/Medicare and stagnation of our economy then anyone knows.  Yet, the Fed is a topic that few understand.  If you want to balance the budget you need to take away the keys.  The keys is the control of the Fed over dictating the creation of money for ambition in the White House.  Please do your homework on The Federal Reserve ACT that has caused so much grief in this country.  I will not align with banking institutions that own the Fed like the other conservative in this race.

- I’m the only one that would discuss Spiritual issues.  It is highly uncomfortable for people to engage the topic.  However, it must be done.  Only 18% of our population attends regular worship service.  We have a spiritually ignorant and weak country. This is contrary to our historical roots.  People are not being fed in traditional places and I will encourage individuals to reengage with their spiritual roots for the well-being of the people and country.  We must realize General Welfare has a relationship to our Spiritual Welfare.  We remain committed to not establishing or coercion (this works against the cause).  However, we will speak, exercise, and express a message of encouragement for individuals to engage the topic.   We will continue to fight for the Religious Freedom for ALL people. Living out your individual conscious as long as it does not endanger public safety is everyone’s Constitutional right.

Finally, in an effort to find common ground:

- Jim and I agree to debating issues.  We must work together on civil issues to find solutions.

- Ben and I agree that religious liberty is paramount and must be protected

- Dave and I agree that Anti-Trust Law must be pursued to create a robust marketplace.

Enjoy the debate and take some time to listen to your current leaders at the beginning of the video.  Limiting the damage the EPA and regulators are causing is VERY important.  At the same time, I hope our leaders heard the priority of getting our budget fixed.  Protecting our farmers and ranchers is a homerun topic for all of us.  We all want our ranchers and farmers to be free to grow this economy.

However, tough topics like budget cuts needs attention.  We are in the middle of campaign season and the voters are very clear—they want a balanced budget!  Priority one needs some focus from our current bodies of Legislators.  I appreciated the divergent view of Representative Fortenberry on this topic.  It is time to address the major issues that are tough topics.  Speaking a ‘popular’ message is the easy thing to do but we need some urgency and action on major issues.

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Liberty Is A Superior Position to “Anti-Big Government”

Conservatives need to change their mindset from Anti-Big Government to Pro-Liberty.

Big Government is really a subset to a bigger crisis of Anti-Liberty Institutions.

Thomas Jefferson -When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

This is the statement that makes Republicans “Giddy”. The fear of government over the people is the battle cry for Republicans.  I hate to burst the bubble, but this is an incomplete view on liberty destruction.  Let’s look at the other side of the coin.

Large Banking Institutions are also a crisis to Pro Liberty and the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies (Let that sink in). If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all their property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Jefferson argued against Big Government AND Big Banks!  Your Republican friends will not promote the later cause.  (Psst..it hurts their largest donor base).  The reality is money is a bank’s business.  It must be “Free Market” because it involves money …. right?   Wrong.  You need to decide if you are pro liberty, become educated on the subject, and vote accordingly.

Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5 -

The Congress shall have power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures

Republicans take their largest share of donations from these banking institutions. They have their followers focus on “Anti-Big Government”.  Most Republicans you talk to emphasize the problems of Big Government and Obama with little cognizance that this is just a subset of a bigger problem “Anti-Liberty”. “Anti-Big Government” and “Anti-Obama” is what their party preaches to get their supporters worked up on TV, in Town Halls, and through media outlets. One of the biggest differences between a Conservative Independent like me and a Conservative Republican is the realization of an ADDITIONAL danger to liberty…. big banks.  Acceptance of banking donations drives legislation to empower Big Banks, destroys our liberty, and threatens our capital markets (explore the $340 trillion derivative SWAP market and pray for a country whose entire GDP is $17 trillion. Pray the trade doesn’t bust like 2007).

When you talk against “Big Banks”, Republicans often label you as “Anti-Capitalism” as they look at these institutions as Free Market.  Maybe we should elect business professionals as opposed to lawyers, etc. who actually understand the roots of money to clear up this Washington misperception.  Big Banks have the ability to be free market but are not.  Banks would compete for your business on rates as opposed to who can be the “Best Friend” of the borrower if they were really competing.  Banks should work hard and earn money by organizing and protecting capital in the marketplace.  However, lazy is easy.  Creating capital by visiting the low cost “Free Print” banking window of the Fed wins every time.  Organizing capital is hard.  Multiplying capital by 33 is easy.

Pro Capitalism is really the truth when you speak against “Big Banks”.

“Anti-Big Banks (we are talking the largest)” is just a statement of Anti-Greed and Anti-Market Control. The problem is knowledge. Hosea 4:2 rings loudly. Less than 1% really knows how the Fed works.  The Fed controls our entire monetary and banking system and thus the systems that run many of our lives (Money).

If they examined the structure (this is your “Wake-Up” call to do that) and corresponding disruptions to the poor and marketplace alike–they would leave the Republican Party who advocate for their banking policies 24/7 on the Hill.  The “Fear of the Democrat” (as your Republican propaganda will support) will keep many Republicans from doing this.  This is really a failure in a belief of voter’s control over God’s control when exercising their conscious when voting.  Many question why I work endless hours on a campaign when the “Polls” say I can’t win.  It is simple.  My job is to declare the conscious of what I believe is right to so many people.  It is the job of the people to vote their conscious and accept the consequences of their vote.  I think the “Big Man” has more of the say of the outcome than individuals.

I trust the “Big Man” is in control of the final outcome…not the people.  I believe voting for what we believe is right determines our individual outcome….not voting what wins.  (See Caleb and Joshua)   The freedom to speak truth as I see it is overwhelming.  I don’t let winning control my behaviors or emotions.  I already know who wins and desire to be on the “right” side of the complete argument.  I believe this is the winning side in the long run regardless of November’s outcome.

Winning or losing the election is only temporary.  Republicans and Democrats are both fools to think they are in control.  Their “Free Will” exercise and their willingness to “Compromise” truth in legislation for power should scare them more than losing an election.  It is time our representatives put power politics aside and focus on “right” legislation for all.

Back to the economy, when 70% of our financial assets are controlled by .2% of the people–you have a command economy.  Can you think of other societies where .2% controls 70% of the wealth AND the engine of the economy? Hint….it is not a Democracy.

The Democrats also take money from banking institutions and have their followers focus on the evil of “Big Corporations”. Big Corporations are just second in line to the Big Banks that have the credit capital they need to grow their influence. Big Corporations are often not evil. Many have the right passions and cause to improve society through the marketplace. How they capitalize their business can be the problem. However, most in corporate life are blind to the damage they cause by how they capitalize their business (I am guilty of this so don’t think I’m judging).  I’m playing the capitalistic game as constructed now but would like the game to change for the well-being of all people.   My businesses are free from debt but my investments and home are not for full disclosure (We are working on it!).

I believe most do not understand the harm they cause with their capitalization structures by taking money not based on capital created by people (hard work, good ideas, success in the marketplace, good allocation of capital), but take money based on credit that is sourced from money created out of thin air by their banks (33 lending dollars can be created by one true dollar).   The awakening of our conscious may have us move in a new direction without bank debt (at least higher capitalization ratios–a first step).  However, ”Keeping up” in a system they can’t control can be tough and requires competitive behavior using the mechanisms in the market.  As a person that offers alternative solutions–explore bonds backed by people.  Let people not Wall Street banks succeed with your success in business.  We can grow business and shrink the class divide when people are participating with business success (much like the Pre Federal Reserve Era).

The volume of money created by the Fed and their banks cause inflation (spare me the lies of this number published by the government) and hurts the purchasing power of average citizens.  I’m still waiting for their new inflation number that takes out air, water, food, shelter, oil, etc.  Studying the Fed takes time and most people allocate that time to focus on earning more money, taking direction from the ads, or buy into talking heads financed by these corrupt institutions.  Civic research and work….the agony!!!!

The “Rat Race” of the political power loyalists is obvious to those who know the cycle of the system. They focus on bank statements (what does the number say), 401k balances (what does the number say), wage levels (what does the number say), and GDP and inflation (what does the number say).  “What the numbers say” is usually the course of action of Republicans and Democrats.  We need to evolve and focus on increasing purchasing power (how much can my number buy), improvements in standard of living, and increased freedom of time that should be the true determination of “World” wealth.

Most Pro Liberty people have already left the Democratic Party due to a belief in individual liberty over government. However, I know there are good hearted Democrats.  If they understood helping the poor takes actions against the Fed, and not redistribution that creates human dependency, we could reignite a belief in the merits of capitalism again.  However, this capitalism has to be free from Fed control who control volume of money and interest rates.  Endless creation of money is destroying the value of hard work.  This destruction of the value of hard work should be the alarm bell for Conservatives to unite behind those (like myself) free from the Republican Party controlled by the Banking Institutions that also own the Fed.  Supply and demand of labor is not rapidly changing.  Supply and demand of dollars is.  Herein, lies the disaster.

Both conservatives and liberals need to realize that hard work is being replaced by printing of dollars out of thin air by banks and the Treasury. These institutions are eroding the dollar (which should be created by good ideas or hard work) and replacing it by the creation of money without a backbone in commodities or labor.

Think about it, if laboring harder “worked” (It helps but is an incomplete answer) -Two incomes should have solved the problems over one primary income earner when women entered the work place in force during the mid-1900′s. The problem was the Fed eroded the purchasing power of the dollar (volume of money was increased) so that two incomes could only buy what one income used to. The result was the enslavement of one more person to work (for money) to meet basic needs. Standard of living temporarily spiked as it usually does with more work but was quickly replaced by rising asset prices caused by increases in the monetary supply.  Think of it as ”Fools Gold” to get ahead.

Today, two incomes can barely make it (when kids are involved) if those jobs are at minimum wage.  We are seeing more people stop having kids due to the inability to provide.  2.1 kids per family is key to sustaining the growth of society but we have fallen below 2 as selfishness and an inability to provide has altered pro creation factors (as well as other influencing factors to be discussed another time).  Meanwhile, the welfare class, who often receive benefits without work, have a much larger birth rate.  Free time creates other opportunities—I digress.

Proper healthcare, education, filling up the car with gas, and grocery bills are quickly rising with inflation created by “Big Banks” and the Fed. Common sense people can feel that it is harder to make a living but can’t figure out the puzzle.

I’m working hard, but hard labor isn’t working?  How am I going to afford education for my kids?  Answer: Enslave them to bank debt to get that education. How do I afford healthcare?  Answer: Enslave our liberty to government healthcare or enslave ourselves to bank debt for healthcare procedures (Medical Costs are the Biggest Cause of Bankruptcy).  Both losing options

PS – I fight out of control special interest healthcare.  Note: the #3 raiser of Republican funds is Big Pharma.  Pharmaceuticals are not addressed in Ben’s healthcare plan.  However, they have contributed to the campaign.  I know you are shocked.

We need MARKET BASED healthcare reform and we need it quickly.  Loyalty to big money in healthcare to get the party elected is no position to be in if we are serious about private healthcare THAT WORKS for the people!  This is no time for power politics.  Our people need private affordable healthcare and they need it quickly.

Bottom line, the prices of the same goods you need are raised by having more money compete for the same supplies. “Tragedy of the Commons” is the biggest mistake we make in government policy.  We need to increase the value of work by increasing the purchasing power it creates.  Lower reserve ratios. Incent these banks to seek and pay for capital from the people again.  It is time for the Fed window, at a minimum, to be controlled by the halls of Congress.

Our goal as a country should be to free up one more individual to work in our community and not in our marketplace WITH NO public assistance. We need to strive to where one income can make it work (this may take a lifetime but it is worth the fight).  Individuals, not government are needed to solve problems in our community.  Working with our children, volunteering in not for profit work, helping at the church, assisting the teacher at school, assisting the elderly, helping the widow, serving the parent whose spouse is away at war, etc. has been the loss to society.  If we can free up more people to work on the “Fabric” of this country we can rebuild our strength.  This requires a rising standard of living with less required for profit work (again $$$ focus).  Work is good in and of itself but can be allocated to “Non-Revenue Generating” activities.  I know this definition makes my Republican pro-business people cringe.

This complicated, yet understandable, “Domino Theory” starts with taking back control of printing money to the people as guided by our founding fathers in the Constitution.  Creating “Keep up with the Jones” games by controlling the system of money and credit needs to stop.  Awakening our citizenry to examine the Fed and its perpetual control of the monetary system is needed.  Try turning off pre-season football or Facebook for 2 hours and figure it out before you vote.  I’ve posted a great movie to educate you on my YouTube channel.

“You Built That” is true if you made it without bank debt.  “You Built That” is also not entirely true when you used debt created out of thin air.  You and the money created from nothing built that.  Not bad–it can be better (PS-I’ve probably done this in my life more than you).  “You Built That” with assistance from a bank partner who never used money “earned” to create that business/house has its negative after effects.  “You Built That” starts with using capital created out of labor and not “Freely Printed” money.  “You Built That” comes with even greater pride when you have not contributed to inflating the price of products to the poor and created jobs that actually feed a family for hard work.  These businesses get my unparalleled support.  They are creating the increases in standard of living, providing jobs, and create no backdraft damage from creating money through use of low reserve bank debt.

“You Built That” has the ability to be incredibly satisfying or incredibly empty (See Solomon).   “You Built That” resonates with Nebraskans who inherited their land, do not borrow money, and created their own businesses.  “You Built That” Washington is created by using loans from banks who created the money supply out of thin air.  Building the framework of our capitalism the right way can go a long way to changing the level of satisfaction of our entrepreneurs and improving the life of all citizens.

This control of our monetary policy starts by removing and avoiding politicians who take contributions from financial institutions directly or indirectly through the party (Big Banks, Big Oil, etc–those on top of the money pyramid).

Read Ron Paul’s commentary, if you rather listen to a Conservative Republican, and you will be enlightened to the role the Fed has played in controlling our country, government and running our lives.

I’m conservative but I refuse to align with these banking organizations as my conservative opponent has per the Omaha.com article on June 5th. Furthermore, understand the Fed was created by Banking and Oil interests through the passage of the Federal Reserve Act by Woodrow Wilson – An Ex-University President. History continues to repeat itself.  The alignment of those entities is uncanny in this race.   These entities have been behind the bad news in government policy for private enterprise and the poor alike since 1913.

The Watson campaign is about Pro Liberty. Big Government is just a subset to a bigger problem.  We will address the bigger problem of monetary policy and then deal with the problem of Big Government.  We need a complete solution.  A temporary band aid of Big Government spending cuts does not eliminate the source of overspending.  We need to limite the access of Washington to recreate these problems in the future.

The reality of the situation is few are reading (I’m glad you are!) as they are focused on the sound bites paid for by the banks in the media. Republics takes civic work by the people. We must reawaken, think, and take back our country. People must press further and take the Biblical courage to vote for what is right–not the lesser evil or “What Wins” as Caleb and Joshua taught us in the Bible.

Our problem is people still think they are in control.  The reality is they are just exercising their free will in front of God as he has control over the final outcome (if you are a believer). Pass this article on to your friends.  Don’t commit the mistake of consuming for yourself and avoid passing the “Good News” on.  Congratulations if you are understanding the problem. I pray it moves you to action over a boastful claim of enlightenment.  Consumption for “me” over “sharing” is yet another attitude we need to fix.

Nebraska, you have a better choice to express your conscious this November.  It’s just not paid for by liberty limiting institutions with millions to support their interests.  It’s not compromised to beliefs that run contrary to a Biblical moral code.  It is conservative and it is populist based like my petition. Free will exercise of the awakened Nebraskans who signed my petition enabled this choice in November.  We made it to November with less than a 150k in funds to ensure the people, not the banks and oil companies, are represented with conservative values in Washington.

At the end of the day, I’m for liberty. Big Government and Big Wall Street are really subsets of one universal liberty limiting source – The Fed. The Fed enables the destruction of our liberties by enslaving us to debt. Enabling big government expenditures, advocating more debt in the economy (how they win), and adding volume of money in the marketplace are harmful practices.  We need to help the poor, savers, and seniors on fixed income.  Inflation is destroying the assets they worked hard to create.

Your life is being controlled by your money in New York AND the halls of your government in Washington.  Big Government is an incomplete view on the limits of our liberty.  We all want solutions overnight but it is going to take reversing course and taking pragmatic steps of progress over time to regain our country again.

People are awakening and emphasizing the crisis of Big Government because this control is newer to their senses.  Whereas, debt and inflation has been established as “normal” in our culture.  True freedom and liberty is turning away the power of Big Government AND Big Banking control of the money and economy.  Corporate Fascism and Socialism both have their roots in institutional control of the people.  Join me in the fight for true liberty.

Our Constitution got it right. “Constitutional Recovery” politicians will require Republicans to stand up to their largest donor bases and Democrats to reawaken to a Constitution that called for “Promoting (not providing) the General Welfare”.  I’ve asked Ben for his position on the Federal Reserve and Big Banks with no answer.  Policy disclosure to voters MUST happen.   I’ve read the Democrats arguments for redistribution strategies (AKA welfare).  Welfare without work does not work if you are able bodied.  This creates burdens on those stewarding the liberty they were given.  Neither Party will get us to the Promised Land of Liberty with a reliance on Big Banks OR Big Government.

Remember one thing in the argument of the Fed. The purchasing power of the $1 was the same in 1792 as it was in 1910 (Wikipedia). The value of the dollar has been eroded to 5 cents from 1913 (the creation of the Fed) to today. Everything else is details. The Fed has hampered the economy, hurt the poor by destroying the value of the dollar earned from labor, and manipulated the economy by controlling interest rates and the supply of money.

I’m calling Conservatives to join me and be “Pro Liberty”. Pro is better than Anti.  Big Government is not the problem–it is a subset issue to “Anti-Liberty”.

I’m calling Liberals to join me in helping the poor. Let’s realize eroding the value of the dollar (inflation) created by hard work is the problem. Top line wage growth is easily destroyed by volume of money created by the banks and leads to the destruction of free market jobs.  We’ve experimented in wage growth and the situation has worsened.

Big Banks, the printing presses, and the control of the volume of money are the real problem for poor and capitalists alike.

Employers are not the enemy–they are the solution.

Conservatives, let’s realize 2 full time incomes has to get the job done–but does not. Inflation is eroding the ability of the working poor to afford basic needs. Liberals must realize consumers spending problems contribute to the problem.  We must unite together to fight the Fed WHO IS inflation and educate the poor to make better spending decisions.

Liberals must understand most (not all) companies do not desire struggling workers. This is not in their best interest. Most companies like mine want successful workers.

Employers are competing in a market place controlled by the policies (most promoted by Politicians) of the largest banks. This is where the attention needs to turn. Capitalists are playing to win a game that needs to be altered to eliminate the external harm caused by “Free Money Creation” lenders that are the backbone of our current (not former) capitalistic system.

Wage levels are band aids. Let’s go after the cause.  Inflation by the Fed and policies that allow International Companies to export jobs around the world are our issues. Multi Nationals are not loyal to America, our politicians should be.

International trade is good when we are exporting our products. International trade is poor when we are exporting our jobs.  This doesn’t make me pro-union.  This makes me pro hard work.  I’ll put our food up against their gadgets any day of the week in trade.  I know which country wins when stomachs are hungry.

Let’s grow GDP by creating more of what we consume.  Growing GDP by devaluing our dollar is bad.  Bottom line, trade policies that promote true growth of jobs at home is a good thing and Nebraska is ripe with the products the world needs.

Remember, Big Government and Big Banks are the result of enabling unlimited spending and “Free Money Capital” created by the Fed (as opposed free capital created by labor and good business).

Reducing spending is their first step.  Taking away the keys of spending is mine.  We can rebuild this country.  The answer is in the Constitution, a reawakening of the people to civic issues, and an allegiance to the word “American” over “Republican” and “Democrat”.

Support Todd Watson, Independent for US Senate-Nebraska. You have a better option that is not obliged to Anti-Liberty Institutions.  More on this topic can be read on Todd Watson’s Early August Blogs.

(PS-forgive the few grammar and spelling issues.  This is free form from a trained CPA–not an English major)

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