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Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

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CoOportunity is Broke!

Co Opportunity 2

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Part I: The people continue to elect leaders who cannot govern

Part II:  The fight between the fascist and socialist healthcare parties

An Educated Citizen Speaks Up for the People

One of the great citizens of Nebraska who voted for me relayed this sheet she obtained (see picture above that was sent to me–it’s small–I summarize the biggest points below) outlining the government contributions and signups to cooperatives (“Co-Ops”) across the country.  She is a champion for private enterprise and has a heart for the well-being of the people.  She wants people to wake up and know what is going on at the government level in healthcare insurance.  In this case she highlights the Co-Ops around the country and the situation with CoOportunity that just failed in Iowa and Nebraska.  I like her.  She thinks.  She doesn’t take her cues from either Fox News or CNN on how to think.  She can process for herself.  Good material like this is often beyond comprehension or investigative reach of Nebraska reporting news media outlets like the World Herald or Journal Star.  She thought we could bring some investigative journalism and light into the fold to educate the citizen who seeks solid information outside the paid for main stream media.  We are happy to pass on your great piece!

At a mile high view you can see the government could not allocate a dollar much less $2.5 billion to Co-Ops fairly if they wanted to. When you analyze the sheet you realize how inept the government allocates money (ignore how you feel about the healthcare policy for now).  CoOportunity health was funded with $145 million ($2.5 billion was given to various Co-Ops) and had an enrollment of 114,000.  All the Co-Op sign ups around the country garnered 549,000 members combined.  What this means is that CoOportunity Health had 20.8% of the enrollment numbers of all co-ops but only received 5.8% of the funds allocated.  This breaks down to $1,275 of support for each CoOportunity member.  This is a small cushion of reserves to start a health care insurance fund.

Compare these numbers to the Co-Op in Connecticut (It’s nice when you are in the Wall Street District of Hedge Funds and large donors).  HealthyCT (Connecticut) received $180 million for 6,094 members that signed up.  This breaks down to $29,537 of capital backup per member.  They had 1.1% of those enrolled in Co-Ops but received 7.2% of the Co-Op funding.

Chicago is another political Co-Op power play and takes care of Obama’s old stomping ground.  Land of Lincoln Health was given over $160 million for 3,428 sign ups. They received $47,720 per member sign up.  Did anyone even pay a premium with that subsidy? Ever think about a reallocation D.C.?

Reallocation would make too much sense but would also mean the demise of the Republican’s plan for a failure like CoOportunity to show the failure of the system.  At the same time, this doesn’t excuse Co-Opportunity for poor pricing from the start. Regardless, few new insurance providers are prepared with few actuarial numbers on what preexisting conditions would do to a plan.

What do you think makes a better backstop for an insurance company that needs reserves?  $48,000 per member in Illinois, $30,000 in Connecticut, or $1,200 in Iowa and Nebraska?  Where are our federal reps in Iowa and Nebraska making sure a proper allocation was written into law for their citizens (too busy smoozing lobbyists–including established insurance companies– for contributions)?  They set up 120,000 people, their businesses, and their reps for an insurance earthquake that distracted 120,000 away from work productivity.  They led 120,000 into a frenzy of worry, anticipation, and additional work to transfer plans.  Of course 95% of the 120k probably voted for these two parties.  Congratulations 120,000 – Ce la vie.  Not only did you get what you pay for.  You got what you voted for too.

These are your leaders you continue to elect America.  I don’t know about you but my 1st grader could allocate better then these bureaucrats in Washington.  Poor reserves is one of the five main pillars of the CoOportunity financial failure.  Poor pricing, unknown costs of preexisting conditions, low deductibles, and out of control inflation to take care of special interests supposed “Costs” are the other four.

If you cannot do the math you may want to go work in DC.  They hire people who are unable to do a basic allocation formula and fail in basic 1 minus 2 calculations.  If you can count backwards to minus $70 trillion you are on the fast track to Sr. Management at the Fed.  Furthermore, they follow it up with lawyers who write laws that cannot do basic allocation of funds based on use.  I feel bad for our people but I don’t.  We get what we deserve by continuing to construct a government with two basic parties who have not been able to count the last 35 years.  I still weep at some of the pain our people go through.  Unfortunately, they sew their own seeds with their civic or lack thereof conduct.

Our people are still out of their mind to think these national parties represent us, much less will change and fix things.  If you think people who create $70 trillion in the hole can do basic monetary allocations–you may want to rethink your logic.  The people continue to reap what they sew with promoting these parties.  There are bright stars in these parties.   However, those sitting on top and in control of the party— well—they are not.  They maybe bright but the heart motivations are for power and get the answers wrong most of the time.  Unfortunately, they control their party members who don’t have the confidence to stand apart from the crowd and need the purse strings and party approval from the top for their ad campaign, power, and emotional approval.

Premium Pricing Problems

The second problem in the formula is the premiums.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you charge dramatically less than competitors with good actuarial numbers,  cut the deductible in half, expand the coverage, and add in preexisting conditions that the insurance pool is not going to fare so well.  Basic math says that will not work.  Of course the Democrats have never understood basic math in healthcare.  Obamacare was suppose to be “Affordable”– double premiums anyone?

Don’t worry Dems, the Republicans have not understood basic math and discipline in paying for a world wide police force.  Don’t worry Dems or Republicans, the electorate is not without blame.  They don’t look for people who count.  They watch the TV to determine who they like better and take action based on who the TV tells them they should be afraid of more.  Counting is not even a skill consideration when people vote.  Whoever can make the one side fear the other side the most still works.  Fear trumps old concepts like character evaluation, skill set, and listening to the constituent over the money.   Don’t worry party members–many don’t vote.  They believe in giving up on their civic duty or that they will not make a difference in government (sadly they are partly true–see previous posts).  I digress…..

Overall, people were happy with the service CoOportunity provided.  The coverage was good.  However, premiums did not cover the out of control costs in today’s healthcare world.  Friends, cost is the problem and neither the Fascist party (GOP) pulling legislation for the hospitals, AMA, pharmaceuticals, and Doctors OR the Socialist party (Dems) who believe in archaic concepts like price-controls and utopia of free healthcare for all will work in America.  We already have Medicare which is a Socialist system and it is bankrupt.  This is an everlasting burden on our kids.  We don’t need more evidence that Obamacare should not be retained. Granted Socialism works in Sweeden, but let’s respect other cultures and realize this system runs against the culture of our country and more importantly violates the intent of “Promote” (Not Provide) the General Welfare in our Constitution that every Senator supposedly took an oath to defend.

We need the Constitution to guide us again at a time when neither of these current parties existed.   Neither party is advocating true free markets.  That is what we need.  Make no mistake we have not had free markets and competition in healthcare.  Republicans need to wake up to quit protectionism and price setting for their large donors in the healthcare industry.  If they want to price set they can focus on Doctors, Hospitals, and Drug Companies setting their prices on their website.  That would be nice “Price Setting”.  Socialism is more of a backlash to this Fascism system that was created by the GOP in the first place.  It is sad to hear Democrats say private healthcare doesn’t work.  If only they knew they are not experiencing private care.  They are experiencing Fascist dictated care.

All sides are culpable in the out of control healthcare situation.  (Watch my debate with fellow 2014 Senate Candidate Dave Domina on this topic in Northeast Nebraska on my Youtube channel).  The Constitution can lead us back.

The ACA is not socialism.  The ACA is a Socialist/Fascist System

I’m going to blog more next week on the 60 minutes special on Healthcare that recently aired.  It was one of the better journalistic attempts at what is really going on in healthcare.  Most conservatives believe they are fighting for private healthcare if they beat Obamacare.  This isn’t true.  They are going to end up fighting for Fascist healthcare care where the hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and Doctors (Doctors are the small one in that pie) keep their part of the pie at the continued cost to the taxpayer. Of course it is the citizen who still elects the candidates on commercials those entities buy.  We need true Patriots to step up and put down both attempts at Socialism and Fascism that are failing the people.   Both systems should be feared because both are failing the American people who often fail themselves at the booth and the treadmill.

Granted many of the local health care professionals will be private but most have tie-in’s to the hospitals, peddle big pharmaceuticals, and live off insurance companies which run public policy AND REVENUE at the top.   Not all Doctors are winners in this game but those on top of the pyramid structure usually are.  Those that support the system that feeds the top usually do well.

The only worse thing then Socialism in healthcare for America is an attempt at a combination of Socialism/Fascism (the real Obamacare).  Socialism would be better than a combo of the two. Private Markets beat both hands down.  For the record, we have not had free markets since the 60′s in healthcare.

The government bureaucrats win, the providers win, but the taxpayer takes a massive hit in either of these non-free market systems.  The next 10-15% of the American population to fall from the being able to provide for themselves just happened.  Another 15% has been happening for some time (even pre-Obama) because the healthcare industry and government has consumed more of the economy (through a non-competitive marketplace) from the people.   Constant GDP allocations to each segment are good targets but graphs of healthcare and government consumption show the ever increasing dominant consumption of wages.  This has to change.  Growing the pie is part of that equation for workers.  However, cost controls that competitive markets create should be our first step.  Don’t listen to their speeches on free markets or choice–watch their votes and actions towards Socialism and/or Special Interest Control.

Finally, the average American needs to get off their duff and get in shape (I’m in that boat and working at it–so don’t take offense).  Not “all” the problem is healthcare.  Like voting, a lack of citizen engagement in health is bogging down the individual.  After all, who has time for voting, exercise, or parenting when making a buck, watching TV, and having fun consumes one’s time?

I think Co-Opportunity is the first domino to fall in the “Co-Ops” and ultimately the ACA.

In the latest government bailout passed jointly by Obama AND 100% Senate Republicans, they put the citizen back on the hook for Wall Street risky decisions (FDIC insurance for their very dangerous bets), eliminated legislation to reengage derivatives that can take down the economy (you bailed this out in 2007 America), and recreated 3% down home mortgages (of which I warned you) which took bail out money to fix the last time, and more bank goodies that will continue to hurts the American worker whose purchasing power has been eroded by quantitative easing.  Fighting stagnate wages with more healthcare premiums is already bad enough!

Die hard Republicans who think this is good policy to stimulate housing should study commercial reserve lending legislation passed at the same time.  They raised commercial reserves to make it harder to buy commercial real estate.  Why Lower Housing Reserves and Raise Commercial Reserves?

Commercial institutions own the Federal Reserve–literally.  They also own commercial real estate but do not own houses (they just own the mortgages).  They reduced competition and expansion in Commercial but created expansion in Housing and Mortgages. They are going to put you the taxpayer on the hook again if 3% equity fails the next house price swing.  When private companies do not have to pay for the “Moral Hazard” they created–they will do it again.  Obama and the GOP are reauthorizing it.  See Florida/Arizona/Las Vegas 2005-2007.  Get educated on the stockholders (Wall St) of the Federal Reserve and learn they work for themselves and do not represent the American people.  Yes there are good staff members at the Fed. However, don’t ever forget the banks own the Fed and they have a small board (the staff reports to this board) that meets in private with no public visitation.  Most of the staff and all of the American citizens have no clue what is discussed in that room.

We need a Constitutional Recovery to get our monetary system back.  We need to get our people back to an honest economy where hard work advances with dependable purchasing power for the hard work.

How does this “Fed Talk” relate to healthcare Todd?

Guess what the legislators who helped out Wall Street didn’t do for CoOportunity and the 120,000 members in the same bill that passed in December?

They didn’t fund the money to get Co-Opportunity additional funds they were anticipating.  Consequently, 120,000 lost their non Wall Street provider in health insurance.  However, Wall Street got what they needed for the insurance providers and the banks who are really in control of this government.  Welcome to America.  Citizen needs take a back seat to Wall Street needs.

It just perturbs me what Conservative Republicans do to the label “Conservative”.  It even bothers me more when they talk “Constitution” but don’t even understand the “Constitutional” framework of the monetary system that runs more of our lives then the government does.  All the other good things will be attacked with “Conservative” when you continue to pull for a Wall Street THAT WILL FAIL US.  Learn your ideology Republicans.  The legal and actual owners of the Central Bank (The Federal Reserve) is Wall Street.  It is not a Federal Institution America–Its owned  by Wall Street Stockholders.

A Central Bank is Key Plank #5 to Communism (#5–Read Marx–Google it).  If you are an Independent and you get yelled at for talking to Socialists (Democrats)–just tell them you would rather talk to proponents of Socialism then those who advocate for planks of Communism –the GOP–Wall Street–the owners of The American Central Bank–The Federal Reserve. Wall Street calls the shots of the GOP and a significant portion of the Democrats. This is the #1 reason they don’t represent the citizens over the corporations.  Their power is really held by these corporations because they respond to the money (power) and not the people.

Most people will have a deer in a headlights look because they don’t know a Central Bank is a key component to Communism.  Most DO know that the GOP is tied to Wall Street.  Most Don’t know Wall Street literally owns the Federal Reserve.  Most don’t know the Federal Reserve is not a government branch.  Watch the light bulb turn on after explaining to them the facts.  Some start to change and ask questions.  Some pass and give a statement, “That is just the way it is”.   Let them say that to God in their prayers a few times and ask them to get back to you.  Have them visualizing God knocking over the money changing tables in a fury.  Give them a WWJD bracelet and then love on them.  It takes time for others.  Central Banks are pillars to Communism and is enough of a reason of why this system should be rejected.

There are some Republicans who do understand the dangers of Wall Street.  My contributions as well as others carrying the flag on education are starting to open eyes.   Some Republicans disagree with Wall Street but still support the party. They still believe hope is in the “Change” of the party.  It reminds me of the women abused for decades who think their man is going to change “the next time” regardless of a 35 year track record.   I hope they are right and I’m wrong (Deep Down I think I’m right).  I’m just happy my conscious is not compromised to either at the current time.

The seeds of 2007 were just replanted in the latest federal extension in December (Ironically just after I warned you before the election). The GOP and Obama will be responsible for the next Wall Street collapse caused by these planted seeds.  Most will scream at the government or other people during the next collapse.  I’m going to look squarely in the eye of those who voted these parties.  Most just need to look in the mirror since they support a government control or corporate control backed party.  Most of these same people are extremely controlled by their pocketbooks.  God tends to mock the gods that fail people by highlighting their failure.   I think its coming in our monetary system and its not going to be funny when the money god of America is mocked by the real God.

Citizens should be supporting a citizen backed politician sooner rather than later.  They are going to have to look for them. Socialism and Fascism control the media in their ideologies.  They have achieved that (especially the larger media outlets) and the citizen is only going to find a citizen candidate through research or in a true “Free Press” which doesn’t exist under Fascism or Socialism.

The reality is your lives were not meant to be run by government or money.  When both parties are controlled by the same money and manipulate each side with fear of the “Other” side — they keep us in a battle that doesn’t attack the problem.  If Citizens just played with the concept that the fight with the other side is by design to keep your eyes off the agenda of the large money–it may open your eyes.  There are big differences on many of the “Value” fronts but the very top know money is power.  As long as we fight against each other on issues not related to “money” then they will retain the power.

Both die hard liberals and conservatives should try to solve why Obama and the Republicans walked in lock step on the latest federal budget extension?  Follow the campaign money and get back to me.  You may learn the money and not the party will get their way.  Furthermore, when Tea Party advocates who truly understand the Constitution and Die Hard Liberals join hands to stop Wall Street provisions in the latest government extension–you can see why we have more to be united on then divided.  The majority just do not understand the monetary system. They do not understand why it is the problem to help income inequality and stimulate the economy.  Predominantly many do not know how it violates the Constitution at the same time.

Your enemy is not your American neighbor.  Most likely your neighbor needs education to believe in the Constitution again.  Most have not even read the Constitution.  Quit fighting and look at the power on top.  You could easily spend a week on the document and just scratch the surface (I’m still learning) of the true intent of our founders.  Try spending two hours.  Read a discourse on just 1 item.  It will change your perspective.

Cost Remains the Problem in Healthcare

A focus on costs and building competitive markets so healthcare becomes more affordable is where we need to go.  A reformation of Medicare and Social Security that doesn’t leave people out to dry but ultimately can go away in 75 years should be our goal.  Trusting in government or corporations to take care of us will fail.  Social Security/Medicare is Socialism and it is a financial failure with costs dictated by Fascists on top that prosper with an out of control inflation curve.  Americans did better pre-1960′s on a GDP basis.  Our healthcare has advanced dramatically, but it has outpaced progress in other important areas of American life.    We must learn from history and slowly reverse financial course.  We need dramatic adjustments to start the process.  If Senator Fischer or Senator Sasse will honor their pledge and make the first step to work towards solvency of Medicare–their terms would be a success for taking on the biggest financial problem of our day.  Although this pledge has been recited for years by endless GOP candidates with no action–I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt for their term.  I will hold them accountable if they don’t take it on as they pledged.  I don’t even care if their bill passes.  I will be shocked to see it presented due to “Team Player” attitude in the party and knowing the course of these leaders “Actions” for some time.  Of course the electorate knows their actions too and have been hoping it will be different the last 30 years.   I hope I’m wrong–I really do.  I want to see the guts to propose and fight for the legislation for the sake of our kids and liberty of this country for generations to come. Ignoring the problem is not an answer.

With regards to CoOportunity we can see the harm in losing competition in the marketplace.  In December, renewals were taking place and Blue Cross/Coventry/United treated CoOportunity like a competitor.  Quoted premiums for a family Gold plan were around $1,400.  After the Department of Insurance announced people should move to a new provider–companies had to rebid.  Overnight the premiums for healthcare went up to $1,700 for the same plan.  Nothing changed but a lack of competition overnight. The consumer lost.

Competition matters.  Republicans will celebrate the failure of the plan.  That is fine.  Where is your solution?  In a day where the largest mature industries are huge and can destroy small entrants easier–we need to solve capitalization and anti-trust hurdles.  What is your plan to create more competitors in the marketplace Republicans?  What is your plan to create a competitor with significant reserves needed to challenge these Big Boys who can raise prices 20% overnight with less competition?  Why is an exchange a bad idea that offers individuals choice?  Marketplaces with more competition and choice is what we need.  Start-ups to sell chicken on the corner is one thing.  Start-ups to offer health insurance with AAA rating reserves as a backdrop is another.

Don’t Trust Lobbies or Government With Healthcare

The government and the big lobbies in healthcare are not the taxpayers and citizens friends.  However, we have an electorate that still buys the messages they buy on TV.  They are going to have to become more savvy and think of a third option rooted in Constitutional history.

Thank You to Those in Healthcare Who Were Blessed With the Gift of Healing And Help People.

As a last point–I’m thankful for my Doctors and healthcare providers.  I’m truly blessed to have great people who God truly gave the gift of healing.  They work tirelessly to use their God Given abilities to improve lives.  I love the service but frankly a $25,000  bill for a normal birth (a life process that has happened since the beginning of time) of my 4th child was the only part that didn’t give me a warm glow.  It got me motivated to fight on.  Life is a basic building block and philosophy of mine.  We need more life.  25k hospital bills for a routine life process does not incent LIFE to happen.  Our birth rate is at a dangerous level in this country (learn from the mistakes of Europe).  $25k birthing bills is part of that problem.

I choose to think of the great Nurses and Doctors that gave us great care.  My family has been touched by many of these providers.  I would be remised to categorize all in this ‘greed’ boat (especially Nurses).  Most are good providers.  However, most of the “Good” do not have the courage to speak truth to the system hanging over them.  Frankly many don’t even try to understand it.  They are programmed to live under current conditions and never question the conditions they live under.  Many of these providers deep down care for their patients.  If they really care in a holistic approach–fight the powers obstructing healthcare (lobbies and government).  Help create a system that truly serves the people in a solvent matter.

I want to continue to implore these individuals on the inside to raise a voice at these ivory towers (biz) and government (easily done for Nebraskans) for JUST change .  Healthcare needs to find a balance in American life again with the patient economically prospering when they take accountability for their own health and are responsible in obtaining and paying for reasonable healthcare.  Those who think this system is or was Capitalism needs to wake up.  Socialist countries manage healthcare costs in the low teens of GDP.  Our country is heading to over 20% of GDP.  Socialism rarely beats capitalism in cost.  In healthcare the Socialists are DESTROYING the American Capitalists in cost to the consumer.  This is probably the best proof that our system is not Capitalistic but Socialistic (Medicare)/Fascist (The Rest of the System).  This was easily the case before “Obamacare” as well.  No one would be running to Socialism or proposing Obamacare if our medical GDP was less than Socialist countries–we could afford it at this rate.  If I’m speaking to conservatives I tell them eliminating Obamacare doesn’t even come close to solving the problem.  Standing up to your lobbying firms that feed your campaigns are.  We would need both to go to achieve low costs again.

If you win the healthcare fight Republicans you better get to work real quick on competition to get our costs inline.  The US needs to beat Socialist country GDP percentages of healthcare consumption to prove you are right.  We are not here to pay for R&D for the rest of the world to meet the Globalist agenda.   Frankly, the Socialists have a better argument then the so called “Capitalists” in providing cheaper healthcare.  We were well in excess of 140% in costs of GDP of Socialist countries before Obamacare was on the radar.  This is unacceptable.

I don’t run out the door when I talk to Socialists.  They have some ideas.  If you can achieve better healthcare stats at 66% of the American costs–I’m going to listen–regardless of what government system you participate in.  I don’t believe in the ideology myself but frankly Fascism can be much worse.  If the Republicans want to really beat Socialism they can clean up their own party first and stand for a true free market.  Fascism doesn’t have a chance at beating Socialism in healthcare costs.   True free markets is the only chance to beat a solid Socialist healthcare plan.

Citizens have a responsibility too.  We should aim to improve our health on our own to those in Socialist countries.  Quit worrying about the money the Fascists want you to make to flow up hill.  Get outside and exercise.   Your family needs your long term presence in old age more than a corporate fat cat needs the money you can make for the system tomorrow.


As a last disclaimer, I received more then a few comments for supporting pre-existing conditions.  I still support this clause.  I don’t think markets solve pre-existing conditions and they need a solution.  I think they are best served in their own ‘High Risk Pool’ where they pay a rate on par with most Americans with a highly subsidized contribution from the government.  We need a dedicated focus on those with pre-existing conditions to ensure they have the service they need but are not given a free pass to be unhealthy in other areas.  ”Born With” conditions have my greatest sympathy because no one picks their condition at birth.  Insurance companies do not work for pre-existing conditions and we just discourage hard work in the private sector with these outrageous new premiums to workers to bare the cost of pre-existing coverage.

Second, many of these people criticizing my attempt at pre-existing conditions are Die Hard “World Free Market” Republicans who take exception to my policy.  I’m not a global free market guy but a United States Free market guy.

I like to challenge the global free market guys (90% Republican).  If your party is so free market–why doesn’t your party allow medicine to be bought from around the globe where it is often one-half to a third of the price in this market?  These products are like commodities based on modern day packaging and tampering laws.  There is no good reason the rest of the World can obtain these drugs at half to a third of the price as Americans pay.  Let free trade reign in purchasing drugs for health around the world if that is your mantra.  That can help people receive what they need for less.

Free markets don’t exist in this country for healthcare.  (PS–Did you know an MRI can be $2,500 in Lincoln but $700 in Kearney?) Many will drive to Omaha for cheaper airfare–why not Kearney for an MRI?  Healthcare can be cheaper when we make educated purchases.   It is time for printed prices!  Have no fear Doctors.  Americans will pay more for good service!

Fascism dictates what markets are free and which are closed.  May domestic competition  thrive again for the sake of America.  Have a good weekend! Todd.  Please “Share” on your pages to expand the readership.  We need your support!

Upcoming Public Speeches

I will be speaking this week on the 29th to CMBC in Lincoln.  I will be giving a speech on business and my personal testimony.  We are going to keep the focus on God and business.  I will not overly focus on politics, but will talk about my experience in this election.  You are cordially invited to listen and I’d be happy to dialogue with you after the event.  Write for Details.

Upcoming Blog Topics and Previews:

Oil:  Quit thinking Boom and Bust.  This is Socialism/Fascism.  Think Collection of Supply Then Running Up The Price.  Prices are manipulated by governments; not markets.  We are making ourselves dependent on Foreign Oil Again!  We will also explore the obvious “Cartel” in oil and laugh at how we don’t see what the world sees; The American “Cartel” on interest rates.

The Latest Federal Budget Extension: Planting the seeds that destroyed the economy in 2007.  The 7 year cycle warning I gave in 2014 is coming to fruition.

Our Souls Desire a Master:  Some choose God.  Some choose Government.  Some choose Work.  Some choose Money.   All people have faith.   It is what people put their faith into that determines their beliefs and actions.  Fascism is often the result of those with belief in self or money and not God (Think Hitler and Big Money Germany in 40′s).  Socialism or Communism is often the culture of those who believe in the state and not God.  Our Constitution was designed with an emphasis on a belief in the Individual Under God.  Varying beliefs often dictate the government they choose to believe in.  We will explore these concepts and will tread lightly without making 100% overarching assumptions (like all conservatives are Republicans–enough already ;) ).


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Republicans Still Think They Have a Voice In Party?

Like Ronald Reagan like me? The clip is on this link RNC  He does not become President with these new rules.  This is your party Conservatives.  Scroll down to see the Democrats do the same thing.  Americans need to wake up and think “People” have a say with either party.

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Democrats Still Think They Have a Voice in the Party?

Happy New Year Nebraska!  I hope each of you had an amazing holiday and are staying warm at the start of this frigid New Year.  I had some great downtime with my family and it was great to just focus on my immediate family – especially my wife and kids and take in the Christmas season and be thankful.

A lot has changed since the election and I’ll seek to aim to open more eyes this month of January.  We have some landmark legislation going on in the latest federal government extension that Obama and the Republicans passed together (Go Corporate Control!).  We have a situation in the oil “markets” (if you still foolishly believe we have free markets at the top) that have many happy at the pump but the situation is going to cause large geopolitical ramifications and pain to American business.   Lastly, my own companies’ health insurance provider was just declared in financial distress and we were encouraged by the state to shop elsewhere—the first domino has fallen in “Co-Op’s” designed by our government.  46% premium increases are my best option for 2015.  I’ll cover these topics later this month.

Let’s kick off the New Year with education of all those who actually think their voice matters with their party by sharing this brilliant piece of journalism.  The average American doesn’t vote because they don’t think their vote counts.  They are partly right.  It doesn’t count with the party.  Watch the clip below if you are Democrat.  Watch the next clip if you are a Republican.  Watch both if you care about being educated.

We must continue to encourage individuals to wake up to what is going on.  I wanted to share this piece from the DNC and the next post from the RNC.

“Just keep going – let them do what they are going to do” – was the command from those in authority of the Democratic Party to the puppet on stage in a supposed vote for the “Democratic” platform.  Many of these politicians think they are speaking for truth but watch how they read the script or do what those in authority “Orchestrating the Party” tell them to do.  These script readers move up the ranks but they are really puppets for those actually in power.  However, these politicians know who feeds them and their approval (they crave) and their political security comes from what the larger body (and their money) can do for them and not what they can do for the American people.

Their identity is being a part of the group.  The failure is many American voters do not understand or digest what the Constitution, Democracy and America is all about.  Some do understand the Constitution very well and those that do sell out the Constitution for self and/or power (Obama is a Constitutional lawyer who must have forgot due process for Americans).  Regardless, watch the American People’s will of “their” party completely disregarded.

The lure of the next higher position has them fall into line of the party plan which is corrupted by the money.  Many politicians fall in line and represent the party bosses to be “The next guy up”.  What they should be worrying about is the will of the people.  However, the people have given their will to the parties with their time and money.  They are more at fault then politicians because they perpetuate this behavior.  Most know their party doesn’t work but still believe it is the way to go to “Defeat the other side”.  The reality is fear is part of the bigger plan to continue to congest their consent to only two voices.  They should be more afraid of giving their power to a small ruling group.

Of course not all of these politicians fall in line.  I’m one that left.  There are others in the party who speak out.  Many have a thesis they can “change it” from within.  Just watch how well that works this next two years.  Watch how campaign promises die for a career in the party.  Of course watch how well it worked the last 20 years.  As a last laugh watch how people are foolishly convinced the next guy from “within” the party will be different and make the same mistake.

There is a challenge for the Speaker of the House in process.   As disgusted as Republicans were at McConnell–do you hear any dissenters now (he won Majority in unanimous consent—congrats Big Banks—and GOP dissenters)?  How about the frustration with Pelosi or worse yet Reid from the Democrats?  Where is the dissent?  If there is dissent—watch how far it goes.  The money at the top is going to get their way.

“Just keep going – let them do what they are going to do” – This was the instruction from the powers at be at the DNC in this video.  Ignore the topic and the result but focus on the Democratic process.  Do you think 2/3rd agreed with that motion based on the sound?   As I meet these “politically involved” citizens and delegates – they still think they have a voice and direction in the country.  Yet, most have their identities in the party and couldn’t dissent based on what is may “cost them”.

Deep down I believe they instinctively know their influence is not there if they disagree.  Most gravitate their opinions from what they see on TV which is not ironically owned and operated at the board level that make up the same people influencing these parties.

This video is about as much proof as you can see as most of these decisions are made by very few behind closed doors.  We are lucky this was for everyone to see.  We are lucky God gave us two obvious slips by both parties to really illustrate the problem.  We are lucky journalists like Ben have the guts to be a journalist and different.  (Newsflash—he is no longer with a main street affiliate).

This is why we have 2 established parties with seemingly only 2 opinions to choose from. The consent of the majority who are primarily motivated by a “Fear of the other side” and a few who actually believe their opinions are represented by the top of these parties are the way to go.

Their members justify their power but the will of the members is not there to justify the party (watch video).  However, the key to keeping the members is “fear” of the other side.  I’m not too afraid of others on either side.  Most are my neighbors.  We learn to live in peace while disagreeing.  That is what the Constitution is all about.

In fact, most are made to be in a tug of war to keep the powers at be in charge.  The fruit of the fear of God is knowledge.  The fear of things outside God is seldom productive.  However, we fear many things we shouldn’t–including people in political power.  I can assure you the “Fear” of the other side is pushing more votes then a belief in what they are “for” can accomplish.

Most events (especially political) to create “Fear” will cause individuals to give up what is right so as not to lose to or what they are afraid of/from.  This is the real orchestration of the American people at play.  Americans feel compelled to agree to a lesser evil because they are afraid of what the other side will do.  The results is Americans have conceded their rights (both parties) to prevent the perceived “larger evil” from accomplishing their plan.  What they don’t every think is—“Maybe this is the plan of the bigger picture.”

We can agree and disagree on what is right but in general many Americans (a smaller amount each day) think a Democratic vote is a way to settle differences of opinion.  However, we have made the Constitution as our bedrock with Constitutional amendments as the only way to change our charter.  It is time to wake up and claim our rights God gave us and protected by our Constitution, not our government.

This is why I’m not part of a party.  Here is a great journalist (harder to find these days) that I think documents the proof quite well that illustrates how even the most loyal party politicians and party delegates are not in control of their party.  Fox News highlighted this piece but of course they didn’t cover the Republicans doing the same thing.  We will put his story on that topic next.  Both parties do it.  The reality is two small groups control the direction of policy right now—majority will is irrelevant.  The sad thing is most don’t care as well as “things are going good for them”.  You should care if you care about preserving what our forefather fought to preserve for you.

Who controls the two small groups?  That is the question you should be answering.  You may be shocked often times they are the same people at the top of the same organizations.  Think of the board of directors of most large MNC’s.  You may be shocked to find the same people sit on different boards of very different industries with the same people.

You may be shocked many of these entities play both sides.  Banks love both sides.  They love Obama, Clinton, and Bush.  Like Ronald Regan?  Watch the next clip.  Regan does not get elected with the rule they passed at the RNC.  You would not have had Reagan and that should make conservatives (and many non-conservatives) cringe.  Unfortunately, this is what Republicans agreed to by supporting their party.   Of course many Republicans are not conservative.

Finally, you need to get in the game.  If you like my material please contribute, post, share.  I invest my time to educate people but there are way too many “consumers” out there.  This is party how you have been conditioned, but it has time to become involved.  Do your part!  I need your help!  Have a great 2015.  I have optimism because I know how people are built and not how their government is.  We just need more education and action to make a change.  Take Care! Click on link to view video DNC

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The Morning After

This is unedited friends–so forgive the grammar and spelling from a paper written 6 hours after the party.

The Morning After

Nebraskans — what an amazing journey!  Usually analysis the day after the election is not wise.  However, we have known since we started the journey we were getting ourselves into a monumental undertaking.  I’ll break down the sections of learning so people going forward can learn from my journey.  I still think we will be in a dangerous tug of war for some time.  In my opinion, Americans will have to figure out how to take back our liberty from either corporations or government. Do they even want liberty anymore?  Do they know how to define it?

The Obvious

First things first, I have to accept the facts.  Independents did not make the dent at the polls this year in Nebraska.  This is probably the hardest statement to take.  It is very obvious the state is very polarized and voting for the extremes of two sides.  People are conditioned to be either Democrat or Republican and ultimately WIN.

This election was a landslide statement against Obama.  I don’t think the message was against Independents this year.  The message was we can’t risk anyone that even associates with a Democrat.


Money still wins.  Our state set two precedents that will hurt us in the future.  Nebraska is a low campaign funding state.  The out of state money and interests are able to buy the election by being 70%+ of the funding.  It definitely appears we do have a corporate fascist state and a socialistic state as the tug of war option between two parties.  One side working for the corporate interests and the other side for more government control.  What I have learned is people are running to either money to protect them from government or government to protect them from corporations.  No one stops and asks if we need a third direction?  We continually put our trust in things that are not lasting.  It is unfortunate a lack of faith and knowledge of the Constitution is unable to protect us from both options.

I still see both sides as poor options.  Nebraskans will need to accept the results of this economy being controlled by those on top.  There should be no complaining on economic conditions by Republican Nebraskans the next six years.  The corporations on top of this economy paid for this election.  GOP Farmers need to hold their tongue for the next 6 years.  Don’t think for one minute that the institutions paying for this election have not dictated the plight of our rural towns.  They need big.  They need small to consolidate.

The Message

The message was not rejected like one might think.  Let’s look at the money spent in the race (as of 10/15) and the corresponding results.  I spent 34k (most of you probably did not know I spent so little–part of my cause).  Jim, the other independent, spent 300k.  Dave spent 846k.  Ben spent 4.4 million.  This does not include PAC money (this dramatically changes results) or the expenditures the last 3 weeks of the campaign.  When you break down the price per vote Dave spent $5.19/vote.  I spent $5.55/vote.  Ben spent $13.03/vote.  Jim spent $19.35 a vote.   I think a better message can win but I think you are seeing at least $5.5o to $6 vote is needed–MINIMUM.  It should be noted that Dave did receive the most votes for the money he spent.  I think most can observe that Dave is very articulate, his command of the law is exceptional, and many people appreciated his message.  My message of Complete Constitution, Spiritual Heritage, and Conservative values without the donor dictation was popular as well for the few that heard it.  It just wasn’t popular at the top for the people with money who benefit by being closer to the party sources.

With roughly 525k votes this election and 51% needed to win, you can calculate you need at least $1.5 million to have a shot in a mid-term election.  However I caution many to look at Kentucky.  When the banks like their candidate, you cannot outspend them.  They literally have a license to print money!   Would it not be nice if the banks repaid the American people for the regressive tax they placed on the American public for the bail out as opposed to invest in campaigns?

We were rejected early by key people (where the real race was lost) in the beginning to financially support a message of spiritual strength and the Constitution.  Courage is still not there to be different for most Americans.  They are still afraid to step out of the herd.  Many actually liked the message but believe “R” is more important because that is what was needed to beat Obama. Many do not see the dangers of both sides.  They line up against the worst danger in their mind.  On a separate note, it is amazing how Christians will treat other Christians when winning is on the line.  That was a wake-up call for me.  I was shocked which side of the aisle treated me better.  I’m not switching my views but I felt first hand who likes to judge and who is more compassionate.  That will stick with me for sometime.   Again, this is not a 100% thing.  I had so many amazing christian conservatives be the most amazing and loving souls but the Pharisee became more evident to me this time.

I didn’t back down though.  I was called to speak.  I was raised to not quit.  The journey needed to go on.  That is what I did.   I still standby the warning of spiritual decline.  I still believe putting faith in government or the corporation over individuals is dangerous and against the backbone of our country.

We are happy with what we accomplished based on the money we were given.  Our best result was receiving 15% of the vote of the 20k kids that voted in Lincoln.  As you know, we did not purchase TV/Print advertising this election based on our funding levels. We only did radio the very last weekend before the election.  The kids responded to our message with no advertising!  I’m really pleased about the 3k kids that liked my message best with no propaganda reinforcing their vote.  I’m excited to continue serving them in the Leadership Lincoln groups going forward.  The future obviously heard a Constitutional message that resonated enough to not vote for the candidates on their TV or the choice of their parents.  The future looks bright with kids that can think outside a label.


Jim (the other Independent) and I have different opinions on money and message.  Jim emphasized the need for money.  I emphasized the need for organization.  The reality is you need both.  Most did not know that I did not have a campaign marketing group.  The leader of that group I almost hired dictated I would not talk about God in the campaign.  That was not going to happen. We parted ways and I called most of the shots this election.  Obviously, I’m not a campaign pro but we did not do that bad with most of our money going into basic operations.

I was blessed to have a full time volunteer for a campaign manager.  In addition, we were lucky to have people around the state to work the petition.  Jim had the resources to pay people to collect signatures.  God gave me the people I needed to get a message out.   We were pleased with the volunteer work we received to make the message possible.

The organizational structure for Independents is a big problem.  The D’s and R’s have a great county structure that have organizations that mobilize the micro details in a macro campaign.  They offer the party candidate 3 distinct advantages.

One, they have worked on their base around their county quite extensively for some time.  The counties know who owns the land in key traffic areas to display signs and have recruited the citizens of the county for years.  Signs in key locations are very influential.  I did not have money for signs until the last month.  When we did obtain signs — they helped.

Two, the state offices are great with the media.  The journalists love them as they prepare and feed them the information they need.  Reporters that chase stories in politics are dying.  A few like Mike Tobias and Nate Christopher still exist.  However, most expect you to call them with info and educate them on what is happening in the area.  They don’t call you to work on a story to educate their citizens anymore.  When you put all the party candidates in one room–the media flocks.  The smaller parties have to learn to band together despite differences.  We are stronger together than apart.  Stronger Americans do like debate and I think it would be wise for 3rd party candidates to hold their own debates–especially in primary season to maintain exposure.

Three, county leadership organize events for their candidate to come and speak.  Many of their members are key leaders in the civic organizations.  We did not have places to speak when we traveled around the state.  Our campaigning on the road was done at the State Fair, on campuses, in coffee shops, etc.  However, the key group that votes is over 50.  They are not at many of these places to listen to opinions. Senior Centers were nice stops but you can only reach so many people.

The key stops to build momentum to your message are dedicated gatherings where 20 to 50 gather for an hour to listen to your platform and you can answer their questions.  We did well in the handful we had.  We had converts at these events.  However, we needed many more stops. Events like the Hastings Debate and forums take a lot of work and organization at the grass roots level.  We are grateful for their work but you need these people in each county making this happen to expose your message to the citizens passionate about politics.  They spread the word to their friends.

You need at least two of these speaking events a day for 5 days a week to build momentum early.  An Independent platform struggles because they don’t know what you stand for.  Therefore, they have to talk with you.  They like you (at least they did me) once they know who you are are and your platform.  That takes a citizen engaging your material for at least 30 minutes.  That is 30 minutes many will not invest much less seek out.  Right now the majority are influenced by main stream media or friends.  Very few educate themselves from the source.

You need these converts early as well to have “First Mover” advantage and capture loyalty before a person has made a commitment.  I give Ben full credit on this.  His ground game in the spring was huge.  He was first on the TV and he made a bigger ground commitment before the primary that paid huge dividends.   We wanted to make these moves but there are no organized functions created for Independents to speak.  This is a huge disadvantage that Independents need to solve.  To be successful as an Independent or a third party—I think you need this organizational structure on the ground.  Meeting 1 to 5 people at a time is no way to win a state wide race.


I don’t need to harp on this too much as I have spent a lot of time on this topic in this election.  The media is owned by a smaller subset of people each election.  The owners and their selected studio leaders have a lot of say in what is presented and what is not.  You can even see the consolidation on TV this year in the state.  The balance of coverage is not there.  What is worse?  When these publications print “Educational Election Guides” and do not put choices that citizens of Nebraska signed to put on the ballot.  This is inexcusable.  When the Omaha World Herald who owns many of the papers across the state will not print you in the guide—you don’t have a free press or a democracy.  You have controlled media.  On a positive note, stations like KETV and KOLN and the Lincoln Journal Start put together a very informative web site for reference.  These are investments of time and they should be commended for their work.

The forums (we need more debates) were everything to Independents this year to get our message out.  We can compete and did on message in these mediums.  The feedback and support I received after the Nebraska Chamber, State Fair, and The NET debates was outstanding.  Unfortunately, 10/11 pulled their TV coverage at the State Fair for a drama show (we see American priorities these days).  The NET debate went up against Sunday Night Football, and the chamber debate was not televised.  The eyeballs were not there on the forums and the numbers of views on my You Tube channel show people take little time to educate themselves on all candidates.

To make it worse, the local media were present to watch Sasse present but frequently did not show if he was not in the forum.  I was astounded by the poor coverage when Jim, Dave, and I presented and debated.  This is worth an investigation in and of itself.  We all received converts when we debated.  In a decision that I think will haunt him for some time, Sasse elected to not participate after the TV debate where he struggled.  If we have lost debate in America — we have lost a pillar of Democracy.

Strategically, I get the decision.  They were losing voters and had nothing to gain by showing up.  This is where the decision of ‘right’ by a candidate needs to come in.   The fact Nebraska is sending the message that it is OK not to debate the issues in front of the Nebraska citizens will hurt this state and democracy for some time to come.  They have OK’d to the party that you do not need to debate issues to win our vote.

It was disturbing to see candidates of less prominent positions follow suit in their races.  ”R” + Money + No Debate is the new formula to win in Nebraska.  That is so dangerous.  What is more dangerous is the voter gave this conduct a stamp of approval.  What is worse is Ben will have no credibility to call out others to debate in Washington.

I will never understand why the Sasse campaign offered up a ‘scheduling conflict’ excuse for 8+ events. Why the Nebraskan citizen bought it or is OK with this excuse is beyond me.  Just tell the truth, Ben was not going to debate.

I admire Dave Domina hopping on Sean Hannity and dealing with that grilling.  There is something to say about a man willing to face the fire.  I disagreed with Dave a lot (watch the 1 on 1 Watson vs Domina debate) but he let’s you know exactly where he stands. I have no problem with a man that tells you the truth and you respectfully disagree.

Short term thinking to win has created long term precedents that will plague Nebraskan Democracy for years.  Republicans decision to give executive authority to Bush to hide info is what Obama has used to cover up Benghazi and other disasters.  This precedent of big money and no debate will win in Nebraska will hurt this state for sometime.

A lack of an open mind and a lack of commitment to cover a significant political race was monumental by media dedicated to cover the Senate race.  The seekers of information are drying up.  The same is true for the citizen.  They don’t seek to learn.  They are conditioned to be fed information. Jim told me only 40% of voters knew he existed based on polling research.  I don’t know what that means for me spending a tenth of his money (It can’t be good).  My biggest problem is people did not know I existed.  This is another reason I wouldn’t read too much into a rejection of the message.  The vast majority did not know who I was to begin with and many were voting straight party line based on national frustrations in DC.  I received so many messages the week of the election from people who did not know I was in the race.

I want to make sure I give balance to the media complaints before I end this topic.  I found NET outstanding.  I found groups like Bluffs Broadcasting, the radio networks steered by KRVN, Tom Becka (even though we got into it), 10/11 (web format only), and KETV made the effort to show some balance.  Well done.  However, groups like KLKN, KNOP, Omaha World Herald, and KFAB have damaged their credibility.  Their bias was obvious.

Going Forward

You have to take your lumps and move on.  I did it in sports.  I’ve done it in business.  I’ll do it here.  We accomplished our goal.  We changed the debate, challenged numerous voters to think, opened many eyes, and changed a few lives.  We did not achieve the results WE wanted in the end game but I rest assured we accomplished the original mission.

If we were to do this again—we must have the money.  I’m a poor fundraiser by the mere fact I hate asking other people for money.  I’ll need that fundraiser or I will have to change.

I’m unwilling to sell out my positions to compromise to entities of greed to be elected.  This may keep me on the sideline but I can live with myself as I know the price the citizen will pay.  I don’t want to be a part of that.

If we were to do this again– the organizational structure both internally and externally needs to be solid.  We need a better framework internally (need funds for people) and a state wide structure that supports gatherings to discuss issues.

If we were to do this again– the citizens will have to show they are ready for a new choice.  More pain is likely in store from either government control or corporate control over their lives.  The next 5 to 10 percent of the population will find it harder to make it and they are not going to know why.  They will be told to yell at the other party but they just need to look at monetary policy. However, they seem content with either of these options right now thinking things will get better once ‘my party’ is in charge.   It appears the pain meter will have to grow before they change.

I’ll have to be comfortable in my own minority skin until then.

Finally, God is a tough subject for a lot of people to listen too.  Only 17% attend church regularly now.  They don’t want to hear the topic on Sunday much less in a political speech.  Regardless of its diminishing emphasis in the lives of our people I will hold to my beliefs.  Popularity doesn’t matter to me.  We need a spiritual backbone.  Most of you know by now I do not get hung up on denominations and I support freedom of religion for all.  However, I still express my beliefs because we need a moral fiber back in this country.

The people that profess belief in this state still struggle with dependence on money over Him.  I think God will make it a point that we can’t put our faith in money when this American Century is all said and done. I think our collapse of money will happen from people who love money.  They craft policy in favor of those with the most money and these policies are failing in balanced economic growth that will keep the American fabric tough.  Unconstitutionally structured capitalism will falter.  Capitalism structured in a Constitutional format is the best path for the long term.  Make citizens and not NYC the backbone of our credit markets to business and it will transform the commitment, the fiber, and the growth of our communities.

Thank you to all who stood with me this election!  I want to give a shout out to Alan Kaiser.  Many know my face but he gave an equal amount of his time and effort to this message.  I want to thank my lovely wife Kelly for enduring a very strenuous election season.  I want to thank volunteers like Jake Tollman, Beva Stroud, and all the volunteers around Nebraska who gave a few hours of their time for the cause.

God Bless you Nebraska.  Please take accountability for your vote this year.  There are no excuses to be had by the Republicans.  We must demand Ben and Deb honor their words.  They have made an emphasis on entitlement reform and balanced budgets.  I expect nothing less.  We need our leaders to make a difference for the future and not those with the money.  There is no room for blaming the President now.  They have the votes in their term.

Furthermore, the art of diplomacy is negotiation to achieve results.  Fighting the President or Diplomacy with the Democrats are two options all candidates have to achieve results.  The GOP needs to learn fighting 24/7 doesn’t solve much.  The first failure I will be looking for is the jockeying for power positions over working.  That was their first failure the last time they had control with the Contract with America and achieved nothing.  The first failure of the GOP is the desire for more power.  Watch for more infighting as a sign things have not changed.  I hope and pray I’m wrong.

Senators are accountable for the strategy they deploy.  Blaming is the order of the day for the citizen, but accountability needs to become the norm again.  I’ll be praying for these leaders as I’m instructed.  Many conservatives are grateful that Dave and Jim were defeated this election so their voice was not in Washington.  I’m more thankful I made two new friends.  I hope to stay in touch with all the candidates this season as I have grown to respect and enjoy the company of all my peers even through disagreement.  I’m truly blessed to still have great close friends and amazing new peers from both sides of the aisle.

Thanks for sharing your lives with me this year Nebraska.  I’m truly lucky to have met so many great people across this state and am truly captured how beautiful God created our land!

Take Care and God Bless – Todd

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Verses to Pray Over This Sunday Before the Election

Hi Friends,

Here are some verses to pray over before you decide to vote on Tuesday.  Please spare the, “Todd, you think you are better/holier than us” comments.  I’m imperfect like you.  Here is some great guidance the Lord gave us.  Many of these verses apply to government.  It’s time to pray and use our rights these next two days.  Come Wednesday we need to honor those in authority.  Let’s make the changes and exercise our rights to work FOR our country before it is too late!

Proverbs 11:11

Proverbs 11:14

Proverbs 25:5

Proverbs 29:2

Proverbs 29:4

Luke 16:13

Exodus 23: 7-8

2 Corinthians 7:14

Exodus 18:21-22

Romans 13:1-2

Romans 13:6-7

1 Peter 2:13-17

I Timothy 2:1-3

Jeremiah 29:7

1 Thessalonians 5:11-14

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