Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team

Progress for Independents! Ending Discrimination of Nonpartisans!


What a great day for many Independents across this state!  For a long time we have not been given equal rights at the ballot box during the primary season.  This week changes are being enacted in this state to provide equal rights.

I want to personally congratulate Vince Powers, the Democratic chairman and his party, for opening up the primary system for his party to Independents.  There are many Independents that span the political spectrum.  Our ideologies can disagree but we respect each other’s right in being able to express that opinion and be free from party control.  In general, we believe in adopting the best policy regardless of the side of the aisle.  For several of my Independent colleagues the isle they agree with is usually on the left and they are rejoicing today because they are able to vote for their candidate of choice without compromising their Independence.  This is a very wise move by the Democrats today and they should be given credit.   They have realized equal access to the ballot box is a fundamental right in this country and are acting it out.  Great job Democrats.

It is unfortunate that the Republican Party does not open their primaries up to Independent Conservatives like myself.  My understanding is J.L is a great person but his quote to the World Herald is misguided.  J.L. Spray (State Republican Chairman) said, “You’re inviting people into your primary election who don’t care enough about your party or your party’s values to register.”

This is just not true.  Many Independents care about historic conservative values—we just don’t believe the party (especially nationally) will execute.

Many of us care about the values of the party but realize the party does not get the job done on the national stage.  We care about cuts and a balanced budget, the Republicans will not get it done.  We believe in no more bail outs of large corporations.  The Republicans bailed them out and continue to accept donations from these institutions when they should be giving that money back to the taxpayer for saving their institutions.  We believe in success and failure—not bailouts.

Capitalism continues to be manipulated by special interest (campaign donations by corporations) to benefit those on top at the cost of those below through legislation—we think this is wrong.  We don’t believe in Obamacare but we believe we need a plan to improve the health care system as opposed to just being against a plan.   We believe solutions are needed from conservatives and this is fundamentally different than what has been achieved the last 15 years through the party.  Finally, some of us believe leadership matters and we would like to see leadership in the party who shares beliefs we can believe in.

Furthermore, the discrimination is not just against Independents.  We saw the Tea Party members of the party threatened during the last budget vote and we see Senator Cruz being treated poorly by the party because he did not “fall into line” with the budget compromise. We see the Senator from Tennessee (Alexander) stepping down from his authority position in the Republican Party because his energy plan differs from the one that is supported by oil interests who support most of the party.  We see Senator Mike Johanns reluctant to support a candidate at this stage because he wants to see if they bow to the establishment or special interest.  We see this problem too.  This lack of tolerance of conservatives outside the Republican Party and their inability to stand for conservative values in Washington (ignore what they say and focus on what they do) is our frustration.

On the other hand, I want to be fair and proper when possible.  There are conservatives in this race that say the party needs to do a better job at keeping conservatives engaged in the party.  I agree.  I will not criticize them for political gain because it would be wrong when they are on the record to reengage all conservatives. However, the real test is if they will stand up to their own party (historically will not happen) and vote for what is right and not what preserves power for the establishment or the special interest of the party that is funding their campaign/message/party.

I want to continue to encourage these candidates because they realize exclusion of conservatives outside the establishment is not a winning strategy.  Furthermore, I want to thank Senator Al Davis of Hyannis, a Republican, for introducing legislation on the Nebraska floor that will open up the primary to Independents.   I also want to thank State Senator Cook, Crawford, Dubas, Kolowski, Schumacher, Seiler, Sullivan, and Wallman, for co-sponsoring this bill.  They understand what is just and fair and they are on the record for supporting it.  Well done Senators!

Finally, we will give credit to our opponents in this race.  I know Jim Jenkins (Independent for US Senate) as well as myself have spoken out against this injustice.  Jim has spoken at length on this issue and he deserves credit for supporting this fight as well.  This is a great day (especially if LB 773 passes this session—call your Senator) of progress for one of our shared causes.   Thank you Nebraskans who support equal access to the ballot box.  This is a fundamental need of our Democracy.

God Bless!

Todd Watson

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Religious Liberty, Obama, and the Washington Post

Sometimes you do not need to augment the writer.  Please read this article first –


My only point is that actions speak louder than words.  We need to see more action and less talk out of the current administration if we are to believe his statements.

Obama is quoted in this story –  “History shows that nations that uphold the rights of their people — including the freedom of religion — are ultimately more just and more peaceful and more successful.”

We agree–so let’s start observing religious liberty.  We are thankful our justice system was successful and voted unanimously to reject the administration’s actions against the church.   The mere fact that the decision was unanimous was an encouraging vote from our justice system who understands that the government has no business in the church’s affairs.

We need people speaking up for their rights and not staying silent in an attempt to be left alone.   A good historical study is the change of heart of religious leaders who were once silent but decided to take action during our nation’s founding.  We should learn from history and understand religious liberty is not going to be preserved by staying silent in hopes of “being left alone”.

Todd Watson believes in fighting for religious liberty for all people.  Please support Watson for United States Senate in Nebraska.


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$3.31 Billion is Spent (2012) on Lobbying –

Many people are still evaluating candidates to the peril of evaluating the system they are obliged to.   Lobbying money spent was $1.45 billion in 1998 and rose to $3.55 Billion in 2010.  Do you think organizations would spend $2.1 billion more if the “investments” did not work?  Free yourself.  Support candidates free from the money.  Support Watson for United States Senate in Nebraska or support special interest.  We work for the common welfare of all people – not special interest.

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The XL Pipeline and Energy – Let’s Talk Refining Capacity

I support the XL Pipeline. There is your black and white answer. I’ve been asked to reconsider by a few farmers/ranchers who are affected by this pipeline. I understand their frustration but I thought they deserved an honest answer. However, I told each of them all this could be avoided if we had fixed our environmental laws in the past and spurred on refining capacity. We are going to have another opportunity with vast new oil fields in the Northern Plains to address this situation again.

Friends, I’m more in favor of adding new refining and industrial capacity closer to the source. Vast pipelines would be my second choice if I had complete say. Our friends in South Dakota came close to adding a new refinery. However, the new EPA regulations are too burdensome on refiners to take the financial risk of adding a new refinery. Many citizens do not want a refiner in their back yard, but as a country I think we need to put our energy independence initiatives first. We have enough open lands in the plains that we should be able to locate a refinery far enough away from a large populous base. We will have to build housing close by to meet the working demands (what a great opportunity to create jobs)! We need to reduce the expensive regulations limiting our ability to add refining capacity into our national system. Furthermore, we need to capture our resources for American consumption.

Unfortunately if you are a strict environmentalist, the refining is still happening. The pollution is still occurring, the problem is just where is this activity going to happen and what standards is this happening in other countries. The cold reality is that refining is going to the grandfathered refiners in this country or around the world where they do not have to play by the same standards we currently demand in our laws. Economic forces still prevail and the least common denominator is still winning the business. We should want that business to stay in America and control the level of pollution at home as opposed to leaving that determination to the world at large.

We might as well capture the economic productivity of refining, pollute less on this earth, and obtain a better result in America. Although it is likely too late to add a refinery up North instead of the XL pipeline we need to expand refining in this country again. We can capture North American resources for North American fuel creation. We can lower the cost of inputs of energy to all people including Nebraska farmers and residents. We can limit the pipelines and the cost (financial and environmental) of oil transportation (although you still have transportation costs of fuel) by building a new refinery close to the new sources of oil being discovered. We have this opportunity again with the massive finds in North Dakota and the surrounding regions.

Finally, I’ve conversed with our electricity friends on pollution. They will be the first to admit (off the record) that the introductory EPA measures (old regulations) are cost effective and solve a large part of the pollution problem with coal. However, the new regulations are quite burdensome and do little to improve the cleanliness of coal. The marginal productivity of “green” in the new legislation is low while the cost of new “green” regulations are high. We need coal to generate electricity in this country as it currently stands–coal is a good thing. We have come a long way in improving the output of cleaner coal but the latest steps do not justify the costs (as opposed to the past regulations). New cleaner technology needs to dramatically come down in price before we can justify the new technology to our country.

I do agree with the President that natural gas has large promise to our future. Natural gas can meet many of our energy challenges, create jobs, and pollute less. We should be expanding our use of natural gas quickly. This is a win most Americans can agree on. Cheaper energy, cleaner energy, and more jobs should be an expedited priority.

Todd Watson for US Senate in Nebraska is a problem solver. New solutions like adding refining capacity is just one of many “new solutions” he can offer to solve problems in new ways. Think Independently. Support Watson for United States Senate in Nebraska.

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“Todd–What are the Responsibilities of Government?”

This is a common question I’m asked during the campaign.

My primary response is pointing to the Constitution and citing the “Main 5” in the preamble.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,

1. Establish Justice

2. Insure Domestic Tranquility

3. Provide for the Common Defence

4. Promote the General Welfare, and

5. Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity

do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I want to explore 4 and 5 in greater detail today.  The first three are more obvious in nature.  The last two need further focus.

#4.  Promote the General Welfare.  Promote means to support or actively encourage.  The constitution does not say that government should “provide” the general welfare.  Friends, the general welfare of people was never intended to be met by government by our founders.  That being said we should be concerned in the “how” and the general welfare of all.  We must divorce the general welfare from being provided by government and divorce the meaning as being solely connected with money.  We must understand a holistic view of the “general welfare” and understand how it should be provided for (not in government).

#5  There are two words that we need defining in responsibility number five.

Blessings – “help and approval from God”

Posterity – “all future generations”

Let’s reread #5 with the proper definition.  Secure the help and approval of God for Liberty to Ourselves and all future generations.

If we are to be true to the Constitution we need to promote the general welfare of all.  In order to encourage the general welfare I believe we need a holistic approach to general welfare–not a solely money focused definition.

I believe the system of work needs to be set up to be capitalistic.  We need to reject socialistic tendencies today.  Furthermore, we have to reject special interest capitalism.  Every American rich or poor needs to know that the system is set up to benefit those that further society by hard work or adding new and great ideas to society. We must eliminate the element of the system (special interest) that is set up to benefit those who can afford to manipulate legislation at the cost of the “general welfare” of the common good.

Second, I believe we need to honor our fifth responsibility–literally.  We as a nation should be striving to secure the help and approval of God for our liberty.  As an individual I will continue to encourage our spiritual development in this country.  It is essential to both our general welfare as well as the future of liberty in this country.  Securing the liberty for future generations is a primary role of government in our founding document and is the paramount reason for running this campaign.  Watson and all those who support me will be on the record to future generations.  They will know we were willing to sacrifice, speak truth, stand tall for convictions, would not compromise our campaign positions for money, and were willing to give of ourselves for future generations.  I will not be on the record for compromising the future to special interest or socialism.  I will not give up on the future as a foregone conclusion as so many have with the current system (that has been the most discouraging message I have heard from several Nebraskans–giving up on government–let’s keep fighting for whats right Nebraskans).  My forefathers did the same thing for me as they faced impossible odds in taking on the British, the enemy in WWII, or the Great Depression.   Reread our founding battles with the British if you need inspiration on taking on impossible odds.  I’m proud to pass that heritage on to future generations regardless of the choices others make in today’s world.

The Bible has taught us the results of compromising to win the vote at the cost of voting what is right.  Caleb and Joshua voted their convictions from God and not what won the popular vote.  I’ll let you do your Biblical homework to learn the results of compromising convictions to “win” (hint–you want to be on the Caleb and Joshua team).  Vote for what is right by your convictions–not what is popular.  The seed of change must start with you.  People must start standing for what is right.  Our standing tall for proper convictions is in our American DNA and it is time to return to our Spiritual Heritage.  Reject socialism and special interest capitalism.  Support free markets and a holistic approach to the general welfare of all.

Please Support Watson for United States Senate in Nebraska!





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