Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team

Simpson Bowles – Party Extremists (Ryan & Obama) Killed Progress

Simpson Bowles was an excellent compromised proposal in 2010.  Obama created the commission.  The group was bipartisan (including the GOP’s up and coming favorite Paul Ryan who served on the commission).

The commission came up with a plan and the CBO estimated our national debt as a percentage of GDP would have fallen from the mid-60% range to the mid-20% range by 2040.  At the end of the day Paul Ryan and Obama both rejected the plan as it didn’t take care of their interests and were content to play party politics instead.  They opted for nothing and settled for the green line below (click link and refer to embedded CBO chart) that is going to take us to a 200% debt level to GDP ratio (if we make it that long).

Fast forward – we have both parties approving the Paul Ryan/Murray (approved by Obama) budget compromise.  Remember history– they did absolutely nothing to attack the debt in 2010.  Instead, they agreed to this budget that solved nothing and want praise for compromise?  Not here.

The middle lost and the extremists won in 2010.  We ended up with the green line instead of the blue line (read chart in attached website below) by failing to adopt Simpson Bowles.  We need to overcome both extremists and reintroduce compromised agreed to plans that were approved by 60% of Congress and met a demand from the American people.  When Senator Coburn and Representative Pelosi agree to budget proposal that lowers our debt to GDP ratio from 65% to 25% (approximate–please refer to chart) in 30 years–you pull that trigger!  Put the politics to bed.

Long-term solvency is a paramount concern for Americans. Let’s put the extremists crafting our budgets to bed and let’s work together towards the fiscal middle and obtain long-term solvency as Simpson and Bowles proposed.  Don’t let party extremists kill progress again!

Vote Todd Watson for United States Senate from Nebraska.  Fiscal compromise is possible!


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Expanded Gambling In Nebraska Introduced by a GOP State Senator????


Again, I’m conservative but not Republican.  This is a sad day as a Republican introduced bill passed the legislature and will be put to popular vote to expand gambling across Nebraska.  I wrote about the gaming industries agenda and donations to the GOP party in a blog on March 18th.  Gambling hurts families and feeds off the poor.  I reject the expansion of legalized gambling 100%.

At the state level it doesn’t hurt when you have a six figure paid lobbyist working this issue.   I’m interested in the disclosure of gaming money in the state campaigns in the near future.

Switching gears to the national level, Presidential hopefuls were in Vegas last month listening to presentations being hosted by a Casino magnate who single handedly gave $100 million to the GOP during the last election cycle.  The agenda is for online gaming to expand and I will stand against these measures 100%.

To be fair there are well-intentioned, family-oriented Democrats and Republicans that fought this bill in Nebraska but they were in the minority.  This is one small example that the GOP party is not united in social conservative values like they would like you to believe (unless you believe expanding gambling is good).  32-15 on this vote—it wasn’t even close!

This party is split at best on social values.  Some Republicans are about the money and jobs at all costs.  We have other Republicans that believe in more money and jobs but there are limits in what the government should sanction (put me in that camp and put a Conservative Independent hat on me instead).  I personally believe we will have more money and jobs when the actions of our government are just and upright.

I took the last step and left the party as I have felt the national party have sold their convictions for the campaign donations long ago.  However, not all Republicans has sold out their beliefs so don’t read that as a 100% statement.  I still stand with many local Republicans as they continue to advocate what I would call traditional social conservative values.

I’m for money and jobs but never at the expense of corrupting what I believe is good law.   It is troubling in a state that believes they are conservative that they cannot stand up against gambling interests.  I’m in the minority on this issue, but happy to be so.  Gambling is a severely destructive habit for select individuals and our government should not be in the business of expanding these destructive vices in the name of “Jobs” or worse yet “Agriculture” (horses) as was cited in the commentary in this bill.

Social conservatives are not the dominant force anymore in the party.  Incredibly large donations from the gaming industry at the national level in the GOP accompanied by meetings with GOP Presidential hopefuls should cause one who declares they are socially conservative to stand back and examine this party.   Be independent like me! Stay conservative but don’t compromise your convictions.  We need a third option and not a less bad option.

Furthermore, passing a Constitutional Amendment to be voted by the Nebraska people is disturbing.  I may be behind the times in institutionalized gambling but I’m happy to be so.   Join me in standing for what is right and just–regardless of your party affiliation—stand against the expansion of gambling.  Vote “No” on this constitutional amendment.  I believe we do not want our government aiding any destructive habits for select people.

Finally, enjoy your card games of “pitch” and “poker” at home.  “Shoot the Moon!” for fun and not for your piggy bank.  This commentary is about fighting poverty and not enjoying a little competitive recreation in your private home.  All the best-Todd

PS – Here is a list of State Senators that voted “For” and “Against” the Presentation of the Constitutional Amendment to the Nebraska people to expand gambling.  I encourage you to hold the “Yes” Senators accountable and call with words of encouragement to those who stood for “No” on this bill.


Voting in the affirmative, 32:


Ashford Dubas Janssen McGill Seiler

Bolz Gloor Johnson Mello Sullivan

Campbell Haar, K. Karpisek Murante Wallman

Coash Hadley Kolowski Nordquist Wightman

Conrad Hansen Larson Scheer

Cook Harr, B. Lathrop Schilz

Davis Howard Lautenbaugh Schumacher


Voting in the negative, 15:


Adams Brasch Christensen Kintner Pirsch

Avery Carlson Garrett McCoy Smith

Bloomfield Chambers Harms Nelson Watermeier


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We Will Not Turn Our Back On Our Veterans…Period!


Thankful for the men and women who keep a vigilant eye on terrorism.  Protecting life at all costs is the mission they proudly execute every day.  There is a price to defend freedom and the least we can do is honor our promises to those who lay it on the line.

The one cut both political parties agreed to in the last budget was cutting Veteran benefits???  Did they think of cutting their own benefits first???  How about cutting the operating budget of both parties across the board???  Veteran Benefits….Really???

I would have cut almost everywhere else BUT Veteran benefits.  They tend to get things backwards in Washington. Thankful Congress woke up and restored these benefits but it should never have gotten to that point.  Cuts are important but you can’t sacrifice those who sacrifice their life or their way of life for your freedom.  God Bless our military!  I’ve got your back because you have mine!

Please Vote Todd Watson – An Independent American/Nebraskan for United States Senate.  We can’t afford allegiances to either party who will cut Veteran benefits.

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