Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team

Leadership Starts Here!

Today we disclosed details to solve the social security shortfall of 13 trillion. People don’t know how to respond.  They are still waiting for “R” or “D” drama to play out over Fox News or CNN to craft their emotional opinion.  Todd is about Ideas over demonization.   Discussion over drama.  Problem solving over political grandstanding.


“The “I” is a great place to live.  The media leaves you alone because you don’t give bulletin board material that creates sensationalized journalism to sell ads. They don’t know who to quote from the “other side” to create journalistic tension to sell a story.  Let’s face it–the media has no idea how to cover thoughtful ideas and sell it anymore.  “Fireworks” tends to be what they look for.  Today we put tough decisions to paper to solve social security and they want to talk Dave Domina and legalizing pot.  I was probably dumb and gave them a quote.  Sensationalized journalism over problem solving is their problem.  I wonder if they will ask my competitors what their detailed plan is to solve Social Security so we have some discussion to solve one of the largest financial problems plaguing our nation.  It’s the voters problem they pay attention to all this media.  Come join us and debate solutions.  It’s your choice Nebraska.  It’s up to you to elect a problem solver or keep playing this moronic game of “D” vs. “R”.


Do you think God will give you a high five for voting a lesser evil or what is right?  After all WE are in control right (sarcasm intentional)? You can align with a group motivated by fear of the left, join the group committed to tarnish the image of the right or you can join us and seize the opportunity to fight for a return to constitutional principles.


We believe in ‘We the People’ to make the collective individual decisions to return to “One Nation Under God”.  All are welcome on our bus.  We don’t allow naysayers but we do allow frank and open discussion to solve problems.  We respect difference of opinion but we reserve the right to disagree, WITH respect given to the other individual a requirement in disagreement (a revolutionary thought I know).  You will not be tarnished as a leper in our camp if you have an idea that doesn’t fit into the established leadership mold.  In the Watson camp, we do put a moral code into play when we vote.  You are welcome to disagree with that. We will not hate you, like you may us, because we know what it is like to be discriminated against as an “I”.


We (the Watson campaign team) just want you to be fully informed on how Todd will vote. We believe in full disclosure for educational voting.  However, unlike other groups we will not demonize non-believers or others with different trains of thought.  We realize we are imperfect as well.   Furthermore, we welcome new thoughts to find a better answer.   We realize truth lies in the different experiences and talents given by God to different people.


I maybe the first candidate that have close supporters from both sides fearful of me splitting their vote.  Why?  Because we each share some valid points.  Wall Street and Washington are the centers of greed and power.  Both structures are full of sin.  When you seek to build up one and degrade the other you are only half right.  The reality is we still need a strong government AND Wall Street but we need both operating the founding guidance of the Constitution.  We need to return to the framework to where checks and balances were placed on BOTH institutions to protect the union and liberty of the people.  Truth is embodied in that document.   Everything else is a compromise of American civil truth.


It is up to the voter to pick compromise to a lesser evil IN A PERCEPTION to win or vote truth and guarantee their personal win.  Evil still remains in a “lesser evil” scenario and I would look for the winner’s institutions of choice to further degrade America with their victory (Wall Street and the Republicans or Government and the Democrats).  The reality is each side fears the dominant faction of the other side as opposed to realizing both are dangerous to Individual Liberty and freedom.


The sad thing is the voter maybe fooled to buy the propaganda yet again paid for by the crooks on Wall Street or the honest but unfortunate failed policies of big government bankrupting our country.  Change must start now.  The choice starts with you contemplating your personal vote.  Block out the hype, the TV, the media and others.  Take some time and wrestle with ‘right’.  You can live with yourself when you ‘vote’ right.  No one knows your vote in the booth.  You can still thump your chest and proclaim establishment sayings to keep your friends in your circle if you need that collective majority acceptance.


You might be surprised to find many agree with us but are still building up the courage to stand strongly in a new direction.  Courage to stand apart from the group is as hard for adults as it is kids.  The alternative option is to beat yourself up when you violate your conscious and let yourself down to help the lesser evil choice win.  Think of it as not having to pick the Red Sox or the Yankees as a lesser evil in the playoffs.  You don’t have to pretend to the majority of loud people in the sports bar that you are OK with either Boston or New York.
Deep down most of can’t stand these clubs and really want the Royals to win (apologies to my Red Sox and Yankees fans 😉 Let’s go Blue!

Join us!  The feeling of speaking truth, solving problems without drama, and encouraging each other in debate will improve the situation.   We are not obsessed with winning like partisans.  They still think they have control over this world.  PS–Have you ever contemplated America got the leadership we deserved as opposed to what we voted for?  Changing leadership probably starts at changing hearts at the individual level.

Instead, we are interested in finding ‘right’ for the sake of liberty for ourselves and future generations.  We realize everyone else is just operating under the emotion of fear and or the desire for control.  The only thing we need to fear is fear itself and we realize God is still in control.   We are just exercising our convictions in voting for him to view before we act.  We exercise our free will and he exercises the outcome.  Ask yourself if your followers are the “grumblers” in the desert or the leaders?  He will determine the outcome.  Join us in the problem solving camp.  Vote for Todd Watson for United States Senate in Nebraska.  It is time for Constitutional Independent Leadership!

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I’m solving Social Security. They are not. My plan.


I have a complete plan to solve Social Security.

It is unacceptable that Washington put this program in jeopardy.  I’m the only candidate taking specific positions to solve the problem.  Some talk a nice game but have no details.  My competitors want to have the discussion later.  We are having the discussion now.  It is time for them to catch up to an Independent taking the lead on tough issues.

America, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Make the change in 2014 or own the failure.  Vote free from party this November to solve problems and bury the politics destroying our country.

Here is the best worksheet (photos below) I’ve seen to help people make a decision. These sheets were created by AARP.   Ignore your feelings on AARP.  This is a math problem they have put together in a spreadsheet to aid discussion.  Do not jump to the conclusion I’m for or against the AARP.  I just found their material helpful to frame the discussion.  I’m flexible in how we deal with social security but I’m not flexible in not making an adjustment.

Our most elderly citizens deserve solvency of a plan.  Here is the path I see to 100% solvency of Social Security.  Raise the retirement age to 70 by 2040 (this solves 44% of the problem). Increase the payroll tax cap to $215,000 (this solves 36% of the problem).  Trim the benefits for the top earning 25% (this solves 7% of the problem).  I am a CPA and I realize this only solves 87% of the problem.  I see an additional two options to find the last 13% or more.

The first is easy.  Cut down on fraud!  Senator Coburn (R) of Oklahoma is pursuing very real plans to cut down on Social Security fraud and I’m very likely to support his bills to deal with this problem.

Second, one very real solution I don’t see on this page is to create a stronger criteria to obtain social security.  This is a trust fund created by and for the working.  It is not a right of all people who do not work.

As of now you earn up to 4 credits a year, one credit for each $1,200 made.  You can earn your maximum credits for the year (4) by making $4,800 of income.  40 credits (10 years) and you have full social security.  I think we can improve the gap and limit social security to those putting in at least 25 hours a week on minimum wage.  I would raise the credit level to $2,300.  I would move the full credit criteria to $9,200 for the year and I would make full social security eligibility 60 credits (15 years).  There is no corresponding percentage number on this but I believe it would be significant.  I would have the CBO crunch the numbers to insure that my plan would solve 100% of the problem.

We need access to social security to be higher than $48,000 of lifetime earnings.  Moving lifetime earnings to $138,000 makes more sense to me.  We are requiring people making at least $9,200 a year as opposed to $4,800 to be eligible for social security.  Furthermore, we are talking about working a full 15 years as opposed to only 10 years to be eligible to draw from the system.   I think this would easily solve the remaining 13% of the problem.  The overage could be applied to making one of the other categories less significant of a cut and/or improve the COLA adjustment for seniors to better deal with inflation.

Make sure all the naysayers including my competitors give you a plan that solves the plan 100% before they throw stones.  I’m not accepting criticism on this plan.  I am accepting alternative scenarios you see that equates to 100% and puts social security back on solid ground.  All problem solvers are welcome to the debate.  All complainers with no plan will not be listened to. Feel free to post your solution below and add to the debate.  Critics with no solution can blog on a Party Politician’s site.

Solutions not sound bites is our mantra.  We are Independent Problem Solvers.  We are tired of the popularity contest parties with no backbone.  I don’t need your adoration, I just need our seniors and kids to see a bright future.

As a last point I’ve heard, “I earned that money. I deserve that money.”  I understand the frustration.  You did earn that money.  Keep in mind I did not spend your money or create this problem.

I’m trying to solve the problem created by the previous generational leadership in Washington.  I’m trying to insure there is something left for everyone in the long-term.  I want to make sure our eldest seniors are well taken care of and our children are not bankrupted by the financial irresponsibility of the previous Washington leadership.

I am the only candidate to put a detailed plan out there.  I am here to get things done and bury the political talk.  No one else will give you straight talk like Todd Watson for US Senate.  I am not allowing passing the buck anymore.  We are going to deal with our problems and pass a better future to the next generation.  It is our Constitutional duty.  Please like, share, and debate with your friends.


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Arming Syrian Rebels

The Senate is not a place for the weak.  A Senator has to debate and answer the very toughest of questions.  Nebraska deserves to know how their leader will lead on the floor and address the tough issues.

The question on Sunday night at the Hastings debate was, “Do you support arming the Syrian rebels?”  A tough question that deserved an honest answer.

I cited that I was happy that this support was debated in Congress.  Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 is the part of the Constitution that talks about Congress granting letters of marque and reprisal.  These clauses are designed to empower other bodies to carry the fight in war.  I was happy to see that Congress was debating this approval.  This is the proper course of action and should be applauded as proper engagement rules designed by the Constitution.  These rules have historically been ignored by our Presidents and delegated by a passive Congress unable to lead a tough call.  Well done on engaging the Constitutional debate!

However, I strongly disagreed with arming the Syrian rebels.  I agree with Lee Terry’s dissent with his party on supporting this bill. Nebraskans, these rebels are out of control and we should not be arming these individuals.  We should stick to aligning or funding offensive efforts of organized governments against IS in the region.  We have too many examples of arming rebels backfiring on our country and killing our own citizens.  I do not support arming rebels.

At least you know where I stand on the question.  I’m not afraid to answer or debate the tough questions in Hastings or D.C.  Do you know where your candidate stands?  I’m ready to serve Nebraska.


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Rural Healthcare. It is important to a Conservative Like Me.


Pete Ricketts, Chuck Hassebrook, Dave Domina, Jim Jenkins and myself sat down with the Rural Healthcare Association to discuss, debate, and solve rural healthcare problems last Thursday.  Hospitals are being squeezed by the ACA and the cutting of Medicaid.

Three ideas I proposed to improve the medical system (we only had a 1 min on this topic)

Short Term – Price Transparency from Hospitals and “Skin in the game” for all patients.  Did you know that 10% of Medicare patients that are responsible for some sort of payment utilize the services 63% less?  Patients need to have personal buy in for every procedure.  Hospitals need to display cost and quality ratings for good consumer choice.

Medium Term – Improve coordination and communication to eliminate double procedures, coordinate wellness between providers, and eliminate waste.  The ACO model in healthcare will incent these activities.  In addition, tort reform will lower costs.

Long Term – We must change our culture and fitness level.  Kearney leads the state (child level) and has reduced obesity/weight issues by 22% in their population in schools since 2006.  Changing our culture will change our health.  We must learn to incorporate healthier choices and more fitness to improve our health.  This will reduce long term health cost.

I was happy to listen to the Nebraska Nurses (only candidate to attend and listen) in Omaha, Nebraska and the hospital administrators in Kearney, etc.  Unfortunately, the Nebraska Medical Association did not want to invite Independents to their forum.  I realize this decision does not reflect every Doctor but it does reflect the leadership of the organization.

Discrimination of Independents continue, but the rising acceptance of other organizations like Rural Health are applauded.  People are changing.  The support since the television debate has been outstanding.  The people’s voice is starting to rise.

I’ve been balanced in my criticism and praise.  I want the Independents and members of all parties with an “Independent Mind” to PAY MORE ATTENTION to the good organizations making progress in politics with free speech.

Support these organizations and let them know you appreciate their non-bias in dealing with people.  Eat beef, start a business, thank a nurse, congratulate a hospital administrator, support the League of Women Voters, visit Hastings, watch NET, etc.  These are the organizations/towns committed to fairness, free speech, and listening to all people.

As a last point, you will notice Jim, Dave and myself posing at the conference.  We all have different approaches to problems but we care about listening to the Nebraska people to construct better policy.  I’m happy to be the conservative in the group but I’m thankful we have developed a working camaraderie this year.  I will seek to be that bridge in Washington that will not compromise philosophical principles but will treat everyone with kindness and respect to move the debate forward.  I’m happy to be the only conservative (as well as Pete Ricketts) taking on all the debates this year.  Debate in instrumental on the floor in D.C. and we are ready for the challenge!  Take some time and watch the NET debate and decide for yourself.  Become confident in standing for what is right!

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McCook vs. Sidney

McCook vs. Sidney is why we need to keep fighting to ensure the blessings of liberty for the next generation.

I had the treat to watch one of the best football games on Friday night. Kids from McCook and Sidney both showed me we still have what it takes to be a great nation.

McCook took an early lead. Sidney took a few body shots in the first half. However, how would Sidney respond? Life can be tough but a response from a man is what you are looking for to gauge the toughness of a man. Let’s say toughness was on full display.

Sidney fought back the entire game and took the lead 19-10 early in the 4th quarter. The fight back showed you a lot of what the kids and their collective teamwork is made of. McCook was fighting hard, but Sidney looked to be the winner on the night with 12 minutes to go.

However, it was McCook’s turn for gut check time. They reorganized/galvanized and put back to back scoring drives together in the fourth quarter to take the lead 20-19 with only a few minutes to go. McCook looked to be the winner on the night at this stage of the game. The Sidney fans looked deflated after McCook took the lead. However, the kids did not sink under their shoulder pads. Like solid Nebraska kids they went back to work. The resiliency of both sets of kids last night was inspiring.

Sidney marched down the field making clutch play after clutch play. The QB slipped some sure tackles and “willed” his team down the field. The execution was outstanding, the hitting was tough but fair, and the intensity was second to none. Sidney set up the game winning field goal with 20 seconds to go. McCook made a great play on the line and blocked the kick.

I know it’s a cheesy line but it is true. There were no losers on Friday night. I saw two sets of kids who played their guts out. I saw two teams down big at three different times and never quit. I saw teamwork and toughness from both sides when the deck was stacked against them. Yes, one team lost on the scoreboard. We have to get past this “everybody wins” culture. That is part of growing up and spurs one on to get better and achieve new heights. I bet this will be the case with the Sidney kids. They will come back with more fight.

However, when I looked at character, resilience, toughness and guts I undoubtedly saw two of the best teams in the state last night. Those kids from both theam WILL BE leaders because they don’t quit like other Americans. They keep fighting.

I’d like to see more of this attitude in America and Nebraska. I see too many people throwing in the towel as if there is nothing we can do about the situation in this country. They throw in the towel to two parties who have not cut federal outlays in 50 years, failure to secure the border in 28 years, and a failure to pass a budget for 5 years. Giving in to the power seems to be the course of action. We need to take our country back. I am looking to reignite the fight for our country from the powers of the parties that have achieved very little.

Let’s thank God our founder’s didn’t quit when they sized up the British. Failing to go after too big of a task should not be in the American DNA. I want to see more Sidney and McCook fighters out there that want to change this country.

I expect to see people not quitting and fighting to change the outcome of the game. We need the doers to step up and the whiners to sit down. Let’s get to work! Thanks players for demonstrating toughness, grit, and a no quit attitude to the fans last night. I’ll do my part and fight for your future because I want to see what each of you will do in the real world. You obviously have the foundations of hard work, toughness, and a no quit attitude to achieve AMAZING.

Thanks for a great Friday night. We were lucky to see these future leaders play! – Todd

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