Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team

The Fear of Splitting the Vote of Mr. Domina and Mr. Sasse


– Letter and Statement from Domina Supporters

– Statements from Sasse Supporters

– The argument for the Constitution

– The argument for Unity

Here is a letter we received this week from a Domina supporter in Cortland, NE who have heard the arguments.  I omitted the middle part of the letter that was around issues and not the crux of their point on “Splitting the Vote”.

I really like the message Todd is sending, but he knows he will not win.  Can we count on him to do the right thing and put all his support behind Domina?  We can’t afford to pull votes away from Domina and let the Republican candidate win.  

……We do need him (Domina) to win!!!  Please consider your family and the future of Nebraska and drop out and push all your supporters to Domina.  …..Please pass this to Todd.  His strength is to help spread God’s word, but please encourage him to drop out and be the hero of Nebraska sending votes to Domina.

Larry Vilda of Lincoln, “You are wasting time, you little guys just split of votes with not a chance to win and it is sad…we end up with Republicans winning every time and that is really sad.”

The Republicans feel the same.  Scott Clausen from Norfolk writes, “We will see if Domina wins because of you!”

David Pennington writes, “While Mr. Watson is undoubtedly a fine fellow, at the national level, we have a two party system, with no place at the table for anyone else. . …I hope he doesn’t draw enough votes away from the Republican candidate that we send a Democrat, who will not represent the majority of Nebraskans.”

These are just the comments this week.  If people who think “I can’t win” voted for me.  I may win.  I feel second place for the entire state but the best option where everyone is happy but not overjoyed (this is usually the sign of a good deal).  We have time to grow courage and change “Second” to “First”.  Educating the voter that both sides feel the same way helps.   Do people realize our pure Constitutional message appeals to both sides?  If we realize that our biggest need is for a full observance of the Constitution and unity — I’m your best candidate.

I can and will represent everyone.  I have spoken honesty and truth across this state.  They know where I stand and have not ducked the tough questions.  We have rallied the message that God is unity and he does love all his creation.  His creation should be treated accordingly!  We are trying to set the example.  People have seen I will be honest in disagreement but spend some time genuinely demonstrating a caring spirit to that person.  We have rallied the message that the Constitution IS for everyone and we can rally behind it!

Personally, I feel like Abraham Lincoln who joined a new third party (Republican).   Being a spokesman for two parties supporting Pro-Slavery in the platform was the wrong answer for Abe.  He had to speak a third platform that was consistent to his full views.

We need a new third option serious about a full Constitution, fiscal control, and solving problems.  Changing the tone of the public square to honesty, people honoring debate, and caring towards all people even in disagreement is what this campaign is all about.   That is not happening with two parties taking care of their donors or programs in law or the tax code at the cost of the public treasury.  The further demonizing of people not like yourself definitely needs to die.  These tactics may win. I’d rather lose and have nothing to do with this tatic.  Facts are one thing.  Lies are another.  Caring for people is paramount to mercy as an individual.  Keeping solid law on the books is about doing the job of justice government is called to do.

Both sides “fearful” of what I’m doing to “their” vote speaks to the wisdom of the platform. The opportunity for better unity in November is here.  Or you can perpetuate the crisis that will continue with partisanship that does not represent a majority of the people.  We are the right answer because we are not the perfect answer for both extremes that compromise the Constitution to win.  The complete Constitution is a winning argument.  Pulling people together is the right answer because a house divided cannot stand.

Most conservatives are blind to their Constitutional violations.  Establishing Justice is the first job of government in the preamble. “Equality Before the Law” (the definition of justice) is the first thing the GOP breaks for their donors by giving them special treatment in the code based on the size of their contributions.  Two, their largest donors are Wall Street banks who operate in violation of Article I, Section 8, Clause 5.  “That is the way it is” are embarrassing arguments by both party loyalists when it flies in the face of the Constitution.  Republicans who believe their party advocates for free markets and fiscal balance are not paying attention to the facts.

The President and his subordinates (Democrats) in power positions breaking the Constitution is obvious with unprecedented 9-0 decisions by the Supreme Court “Checking” the Executive Branch.  We need to stand up to those who cannot uphold their oath of office to defend the Constitution.  The President and his party leaders are acting out of line with the Constitution.  I have talked to plenty of Democrats.  They are embarassed by the violations but sulk privately.

People are attracted to a complete Constitutional argument because it was an inspired document that the entirety of the country haggled over and agreed to push forward as our guiding beacon of light.  Both sides are angry because of what fundamentally comes down to violations of the Constitution from excessive government (Republicans) or corporate control (Democrats) that received their power from fundamental violations of the structural intent of the Constitution.

Furthermore, treating all Nebraskans with respect and giving them a listening ear is the right answer.  Preaching to a choir of people who only speak your language does not build unity.  Independents are the only candidates who have made themselves available to both party gatherings to listen.  Most of these party loyalists have no comprehension of the reasonableness of those on each side.  They do not talk to each other (politically) and are motivated by TV channels geared to prey on their worst fears of the “evil people” on the other side.  Turn the TV off and go talk to your neighbor that is different from you.

People by in large are good in Nebraska.  If a Republican neighbor’s house burnt down–their Democrat/Independent neighbor would bring them food.  If a Democrat’s home was destroyed by a tornado-their Republican/Independent neighbor would offer their place to sleep.  This is Nebraska.  We must bring this togetherness to politics in Nebraska and send it to Washington.

…..Study how a bill is passed. You will learn one dominant truth.  There are roughly 35 chances for any decision in the halls of Congress to kill a bill.  You need to jump through ALL these hoops to pass legislation.  A reasonable person understands it will take compromise for a bill to avoid death through 35 hoops.  Extreme stances will not get through.  Hence, nothing will be done.  The problem is, “When nothing happens…something happens.”

A Constitutionalist will note, nothing being done is the design for NEW legislation. Only the very best ideas are meant to pass. However, we have five primary roles of government that NEED to be done.  This is the problem with parties.  We have NEEDED government functions failing because they WILL NOT compromise.  We need these functions.  A judicary system administering justice with sound judges….need.  Defense of the border…need.  Settling what role our government should have in the Middle East….need.  Dealing with infrastructure deficiency that promotes the General Welfare….need.  An energy policy for the General Welfare….need.

Yes, I start from a conservative frame of mind.  However, many conservatives are reasonable people (especially Independent Conservatives).  I have pledged to not violate the Constitution.  In my particular case, I will not violate a Biblical moral code (10 commandments being a guide).  After that, everything is negotiable.  I believe this pertains to 80% of legislation.

I’m a college football guy but I believe the NFL gets it right.  11-5 can win a championship.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”, said Abe Lincoln.  Abe Lincoln was just proclaiming the wisdom God gave us in Mark 3:25 to the country.  We need a sense of urgency to unify.  I’m working very hard at how I treat and respect all people.  Part of fair treatment is honesty.  We do not agree all of the time.  However, they know I care for them and I will be straightforward.  I’m interested in rising the tide of all people whether they agree with my methods or not.

God, America, and Respect bind the vast majority of us.  We need two things to happen and we can win the election on Tuesday.  One, people change to vote “For” what they think is right and quit being motivated by “Fear of losing” to the other side. I believe the current “Party” votes are wobbling.  They are wrestling with “Fear” and “Right” as we speak.  Encourage these people to pray over their vote.  Two—people need to grow some courage and talk.  This lie of “Do not talk politics and religion” needs to disappear.  I would just advise not talking about it with those on the extremes.  They are the ones that become beligerent.  We must learn to chat about these topics in a civil way (See the Historical Nebraska Wesleyan Debates on the Todd Watson You Tube Channel for a ‘New American Way’ of debate.  3 of the 4 candidates demonstrated proper civil engagement with disagreement).

We have rejected PAC money and party.  We have the highest percentage of money from Nebraska.  We are the only candidate that can represent you without outside bias.  This is what Nebraskans want – honest and forthright representation.  We have Nebraskans that like our arguments best.  However, the lack of propaganda confirming their decision makes them afraid.  Friends, the answer is simple.  The money buying the propaganda is what will hurt you.  Our country was not designed to trend to a socialistic or a corporate fascist state.  The propaganda is from the corporations that want control.  Reject it as much as money advocating for government control of your lives.

If you have followed my arguments, I continually point to God’s word.  If you believe this is “One Nation Under God” you should spend some time in Numbers 13.  Clearly you will see God is in control.  We are not.  An individualistic nation obsessed with winning has a hard time recognizing God’s sovereignty.  (My video outside of Grand Island on this topic for people who still believe this is One Nation UNDER God)


I believe God takes his cues on how he will treat people based on the convictions of thier heart, their vote, their intentions with God, and their plans of how they will treat others.  We need to drop being obsessed with winning.  We need to be obsessed with finding “Right”.  They can be one in the same.  “Not the victory but the Action” was our guiding inscription at UNL and in Memorial Stadium if you prefer a secular message.  Focus on the right action.  I believe ‘Victory’ is up to God in the end based on our actions.  His timing and definition of ‘Victory’ is very different then ours.

The mere fact I’m a candidate that both sides are gravitated to is probably a wise answer in a divided country.  Progress through disagreement is so needed to keep America great.

You have a big decision on Tuesday.  Have some courage or accept the consequences of trending to the imperfect outcomes growing from Wall Street AND Big Government.  These dangerous outcomes and/or the failure of government doing its assigned duties from dysfunctional parties unwilling to change will continue to happen.

Maybe change will happen?  Maybe we will win?  Either way, it will take a powerful message from the voter on Tuesday to force change.  Doing the same thing over and over is insanity.  There is no incentive for parties to change if insanity works at becoming elected.

At the end of the day, these Parties are currently controlled by money and motivated by power.  This is not what the Constitution was created to protect.  We NEED the 5 main functions of government to be performed well.  Let’s get to work!

Vote for Todd Watson, Independent for Unites States Senate – Nebraska.

God Bless – Todd

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Our Candid Interview in Columbus, NE with KLIR


This was a great interview.  Unfortunately my voice was digitized to be in the Witness Protection Program around second 30 (an unintentional mistake) ;).

However, the content is good if you are looking to get a feel for me and my positions on a multitude of issues.



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Todd Wins and Creates REAL Progress on Tort Reform Last Night!

Todd Watson, Independent Candidate for US Senate, continues to lead the debate and conversation in the Nebraska US Senate race. Last night in Papillion the panel challenged each candidate running for the United States Senate on how they would lower costs. The Republican opponent missed another debate for more propaganda speeches in Hastings.

Todd specifically challenged Republicans to end price fixing and protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry/device makers absent from Ben Sasse’s and other Republican healthcare plans.

Todd also laid down the gauntlet to overhaul tort reform (Democrat Special Interest) to lower liability insurance for the healthcare industry that will lead to lower costs.

Dave Domina responded by saying in his speech, “Create a new standard of proof. Right now it’s the greater weight of the evidence to win the suit (50% or greater to win the case in court). Make a ‘clear and convincing evidence’ standard (gesturing with a higher hand). Give the Doctor the benefit of the doubt. You will see the lawsuits dry up. All the trial lawyers will think I’m a heretic because I said it. But that is the way to do it.”

Amen. On the record improvement for raising the least common denominator typically in the debate against tort reform (Democrats). The standard of every candidate for tort reform is now improved to lower liability insurance costs in Nebraska.  You are welcome Doctors, Hospitals, and Citizens.

It’s your turn Republicans.  Why don’t you explain how you price fix for Big Pharma in Medicare?  Why don’t we expose this lie of “Free Markets” Republicans like to proclaim?  I want an on the record response.  We want the government to negotiate (A Capitalistic term GOP) the price of drugs for our Seniors!  We can’t afford the protectionism and crony capitalism for your donors!!!!

This is why debate matters. If you are still with the GOP–you have the wrong conservative candidate. Have you taken the time to understand or listen to our candidacy? Did you ever realize no debate is to keep you from hearing the best option? You do realize the ONLY GOP committee to sit down and listen to Ben and I endorsed me 100% as individuals? You know who dodges debate–a most important skill for this job. More importantly, you see who can debate and is creating results through debate BEFORE the election.  I’m sorry you thought I was not worthy to be invited to the Nebraska Medical Association debate. You know I’m one of three to show up to the Rural Healthcare Debate and the ONLY candidate to attend the Nebraska Nurses Association to listen. I’m still fighting for you despite your poor treatment of me NMA. I care about lower healthcare cost. Lower liability rates will help achieve that. Maybe you will wake up and understand an Independent maybe your best friend to help your practice.

The Conservative Independent candidate is not afraid of debate and is creating results in the public square TODAY. The Nebraska citizen needs a proven winner who can debate on the floor of the US Senate without reading a national party prepared, donor sponsored script. The game changes real time in real life my friends. Talking to like-minded people all day is not changing anything. Preaching to the choir does not work on the floor of the US Senate. Wake up Nebraska. You have a better conservative choice this year that can serve all people.

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KFOR Interview

Need more candid discussion from the Independent candidate?  Listen to our interview on KFOR.



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What the Huskers Taught Todd Watson

Huskers David

What the Huskers Taught Todd Watson

When I was a kid I had my heart broken.  I was in love with the Scoring Explosion and the ’83 Huskers.  The night of the Orange Bowl was devastating to me.  Why did Coach Osborne not kick the extra point?  ‘We’ just needed a tie to call ourselves the best team in the land.  Coach Osborne didn’t see it that way……

I like most Lincoln kids went down to Memorial Stadium game after game to see the Huskers.  The stadium did not have the perfect looking façade back then.  It had solid cement foundational columns with engravings on the top of each corner of the stadium.  One engraving states, “Not the victory but the action.  Not the goal but the game.  In the deed the glory.”   This statement did not make much sense to me after losing title chance after title chance as a kid.  The opposite seemed true with a victory focus.

“Not the action but the victory.  Not the game but the goal.  In glory the deed.”  This is how the statement should be written with my heart’s desire to win the Orange Bowl.  The opposite MUST BE TRUE if you want the real victory and the goal of the National Title.

As years passed, I always felt bad for Coach Osborne not winning the title. However, I grew to appreciate his decision to go for two.  Coach did what was right.  He earned a high degree of respect for that decision.  We have always looked to coaches for leadership including Coach Osborne.  However, he always had a different aura—even before the titles.  I began to realize the true meaning of that phrase over time.  The original phrase was correct and grounding for a person surrounded by the world preaching contrary claims.  Not the victory but the action was Coach Osborne.  Coach Osborne cared about how the game was played—not the goal (outcome).  In the deed was Coach Osborne’s glory.

As I talked to other people I learned how much admiration Tom Osborne earned around the country for that decision.  Coach Osborne was not afraid to lose.  Coach was willing to take a risk to win.  Is that courage gone? Does Coach Osborne only choose the right action over victory?

Today, I hear ‘I’m afraid to lose’ in the voice of the voter.  Losing to a ‘deemed’ greater evil is driving their decision and they continue to respond to the fear mongering of their favorite media outlet.  Fear and money are the driving forces for voter opinions and candidates.

Are we looking for fear driven actions and who has the most money from Non-Nebraskans to be the voice of the Nebraska people?  Is refusing to be examined by the Nebraska people by avoiding debates and surveys the right action or the right decision for victory?  What human emotion is driving the decision to avoid participation?  Are we focused on the outcome or the game? Should the ‘game’ still be played on the Nebraska field?

I’m too “Old School”.   Changing a mind is hard, but many are doing that each day as they learn the truth about the conduct of “the team”, the money, and ability of each candidate.  This week we had our first committee interview by the York GOP party.  Each member in attendance listened to the platforms of myself and the GOP candidate.  They unanimously endorsed our campaign on an individual basis.  Are you evaluating the message from the source or the media?  Do you depend on the media for factual information if you have access to the source?

In their soul, Nebraskans know right and wrong.  People want victory–but are they examining the actions?  The true American outcome is still in God’s hands based on our hearts and actions—not who wins the vote.  I believe we should keep that in mind.

Victory has become more important than the action.  Glory has become more important than the deed.  A goal has become more important than the integrity of the game.

I go back to God’s word for guidance and I read Caleb and Joshua for continual inspiration.  The action was more important than the victory in the vote for Caleb and Joshua.   In the deed was God’s glory.  God had victory planned for Caleb and Joshua in 40 years.  In the case of Caleb and Joshua the victory came with the action and not the victory of the vote.

As we enter these final days, we need to remember our roots in Nebraska.  It is an understatement to say that Memorial Stadium is part of our make-up and our culture.  Part of what we embody is on the four corners of that stadium.

“In Commemoration of the men of Nebraska who served and fell in the Nation’s Wars.”  We honor and care for those who served.

“Courage; Generosity; Fairness; Honor; In these are the true awards of manly sport.”  Are you electing a candidate that demonstrates courage?  How about generosity of their time? Do you see fairness in debate? How about a conduct worthy of honor?

“Their Lives they held their country’s trust; They kept its faith; They died its heroes.”  “Memorial” is priceless and should never change.

These are the four corners of OUR stadium.  Those corners are significant to this campaign. More importantly, the people inside that stadium need representation.  Nebraskans need one of their own who has not sold the will of our people to Washington or Wall Street.

Maybe courage, fairness, honor, and the joint voice of standing for “There is no place like Nebraska” is fading.  I hope not — it is my home.  We need to remember our Spiritual Heritage, our Constitutional Heritage, and our Nebraska Heritage.  Washington needs 100% Nebraskan to change this country.

I’m happy to represent those with courage to stand apart from political parties.  The Constitution is our framework.  I care about the actions of our elected officials not the victory they seek for themselves and their party/donors rewarded for paying for their seat.  The game needs help from those outside of two groups more interested in controlling the goals (outcome) and total victory.  The outcome has become about the welfare of the donors–“General Welfare” is lost.

We are looking for officials who put the country before party and self.  In this deed is the glory for America and Nebraska.

Enjoy the game with Rutgers. Take some time to look around and reconnect with the soul of the program and its founding values.  The wisdom is calling from all four corners.  They just may guide us back to believing in a choice that believes, “There is No Place Like Nebraska.”   Todd

Todd Watson is an Independent Candidate Running for United States Senate in Nebraska.

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