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Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

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The Watson Campaign Team

Glenn Beck Leaves Republican Party!

Glenn Beck Leaves the Republican Party!


(see my next post on the great piece he did that got him fired from the fascists running our media — yes they own the conservative channels too)


The momentum train continues to build for conservatives outside the party.  You are welcome to join us!


Glenn Beck realizes those that love the Constitution (like me) are/were just being used by the GOP for the sake of power.


The Tea Partiers are close to realizing they are being used to consolidate GOP power.  They are openly slandered by the GOP leaders with positions stripped out of committees if they do not pull the party line.


The religious individuals are starting to wake up with party platform discussions of removing basic moral planks to attract more people.  Starting the session by failing to push key “Pro-Life” Bills surprised religious GOP loyalists (although I warned you this would happen).  I’m more surprised that the religious followers were surprised.  Why would you put your faith in a party?


It has taken longer for my message of truth to get out, but it is being heard and validated each passing day.  More key people are taking action to stand on their own two feet.  Stay conservative, just ditch the party consolidating your power for the elites running the show.


The only thing keeping people glued together is the GOP party has them so scared of who is on the other side. Frankly, I don’t want to be a part of a group that is easily scared.  I’m looking for bold leaders not scared of other people.  I’m looking for people that will love and seek out other people.


In summary, leadership of Constitutional pursuits does not exist with either of these parties.


Newsflash: Glenn is right.  Republicans are torpedoing the Constitutional too.


A quick point, I still have a lot of friends in the state GOP party.  By in large, there are some nice people, great leaders, and a fine organization for local politics.  However, the national level is a corrupt and rudderless mess.  They continually consolidate our politicians for national interests run by those with the most amount of money.  Our government was created for the liberty of our people and not the power/wealth of the elite.


Better late than never Glenn!  Maybe he would interview non Republican Conservatives now?  Maybe he will discover the true Constitutional lovers in Nebraska are not bowing to K-Street interest groups.  Maybe when key Tea Party candidates quit stumping for Establishment GOP members they will really believe in their cause.  Any GOP loyal to K-Street know those groups fleece our people and worse yet stay in control of a monetary system our Founding Fathers designed us (NOT THEM!) to have control of so we knew true freedom, liberty and free markets that rise the whole tide.  Fascists are as bad as the socialists.  Their roots are the same in believing the “elites” know best for the people.


The Independent conservative movement is gaining steam.  Here are some of my favorite quotes from Glenn’s announcement:


“All this stuff that they said and they ran and they said they were doing all of these great things and they were going to stand against ObamaCare and illegal immigration — they set us up,” Yes…you and the vast majority bought it.


“They set us up. Enough is enough. They’re torpedoing the Constitution and they’re doing it knowingly,”


His words of truth…not mine.


“Four years ago I was with them (the GOP). Four years ago I said ‘work from the inside: Let’s change it. Let’s get new guys in there.’ I think it’s too late.”


You had your chance too Glenn.  You had better Constitutional options to support.  You played the party tune and they let you and so many others down.  It was obvious from a mile away.


The haters will still hate.  I still hear from them.


Them – “You can’t win being Independent Todd”.


Me – “Maybe….but I will not be guilty bringing down the country either”


……….I can still live with myself.  I don’t know if I could live with myself if I was a part of the destruction of this Constitution/Country these parties have equally shared in.


If people ever focused on ‘right’ over ‘winning’ we might actually build a base of people who will stand for the Constitution.  We need people to put some serious study into that document and know “Limited Government” only scratches the surface of that document.

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Meet the Modern Day Joan of Arc

The Speech From An Amazing 12 Year Old Girl

This girl is on point.  Biblically she understands.  She is courageous.  She is smart.  She is eloquent. Only 10% of Americans have any clue on how the banking system works. Of the 10% that understands what is going on…only 10% of that subset will speak out.  90% will accept the monetary system that is unconstitutional because the system benefits themselves or pays for their campaign.  These individuals are in leadership in both parties, make up Nebraska’s national politicians, and our current President.  Why most people fight over differences between parties, the absolute control of each NATIONAL political party is the same.  They both are run by the Wall Street Banks.

The two party system is convenient on squabbles over differing issues as long as it does not affect the one overarching power structure (Banking System) that runs the world.

“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.”

– Rothschild’s Brothers of London 1963 (Owners of the First Banking System)  

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild (Owner of Banking System)

When you understand our politicians and our business leaders are so interested in profits (The Richest) and are dependent on the favors (the politicians who benefit from the banking campaign money), you understand why we have lost bold American leadership and substituted it with party politicians who receive their position with party line approval of pulling donor, not people interest.

When you understand the system oppresses the poor (warning – Isiah 10:1) and you study over Matthew 21 like Victoria did–you easily see the injustice that is happening to God’s creation.  Worse yet, you see your participatory involvement in hurting the economy, hurting the lives of the working poor, and destroying the value of hard work by valuing capital disproportinately to labor.

The vast majority of “Free Market” people of the Republican Party and the few advocates in the Democratic party don’t have a clue what a true constitutional free market would actually look like.  They don’t have the knowledge in the first place of a historical system that created the most glorious economic expansion the world has ever seen.  Like today, the Constitutional system still rewarded ingenuity with great wealth.  However, a Constitutional system will move up the average American as opposed to leaving them behind.  The masses used to be the sources of debt and capital.  Today, that debt is fiat money created by Wall Street.

We created true wealth then.  Today, we are focused on Wall Street wealth created by financing games.  The national debt created for so called “benefit” wipe out REAL economic gains. The taxes people complain about would be solved with Constitutional banking.  The lack of business growth would be understood.   The minimum wage problem would be fixed.  Inflation would be controllable.  Most importantly, Americans lives would improve with real standard of living increases without massaged inflation numbers that are making people poorer.

We continue to ignore our founder’s advice!  Worse yet, we ignore Biblical accuracy in the name of a health and wealth cultural Christian narrative that is misguided while operating under a corrupt Wall Street banking system.  Jesus would kick them out of the temple then.  We should kick them out of government now.

We have people smiling and nodding, prideful in wanting to be viewed as successful.  Some people are successful (at what cost for using debt to build their empire?), but we have massive amounts of people struggling.  Hello Fascism.

However, It is the oppressed own’s fault.  Many of their representatives fight for reallocation and not Constitutional restoration.  Many don’t even speak, much less vote.

We have a body that perishes for a lack of knowledge over what a real constitutional marketplace would look like.  We have a body that doesn’t vote because they walk around uninterested in civics (maybe because they subconsciously know they are not in control). We suffer from people who can only react to what they see as opposed to seek what is possible.

We have become a Biblical and Constitutional illiterate society.

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

– Thomas Jefferson

We have an electorate easily fooled by campaigns with large money from these organizations to buy their victory.  The people will continue to suffer and it is their own fault.  They are kept too busy (by design) to keep up with accurate civic information. Their passiveness in areas of Constitutional understanding, family leadership, religious responsibility, etc. continues to enslave their legacy.

However, this piece is about this amazing girl.  This is a modern day Joan of Arc with the ability to free her people from the modern day institutions of power. She is in the 10% that knows the truth.  She is in the 1% that has the courage to speak.  She is in the .1% to have the truth, courage, and ability to speak.  She is one incredible girl in the eyes of God because she has the truth, the courage, the ability, the eloquence, and she is only 12!

God Bless you Victoria!  May you wake up Canadians!  America needs your message too!  It is great to see the next generation step up to solve the problems the previous generations allowed for the sake of selfish ambition.  It is amazing you posess the truth that is not presented by any main stream party leaders.

May leaders rise where Constitutional truth is restored from both parties dependent on the campaign money the banks create at the cost of the well-being of the citizen. It is the disgrace of the last 100 years of American politics.  Our lives are being controlled more by money then government.  They are meant to be controlled by neither.  Get educated.  Be brave.  Demand our Constitution back.  Reject national parties paid for by those benefiting from altering our Constitution and controlling our politicians for the sake of themselves at the cost of our great people and country. Please Like, Share, and Re-post.  People need to be educated, possess courage, and think for themselves before things change.

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The GOP Following My Call on 2/23/15. The Iran Letter

The Actual Letter From the GOP to Iran

Todd’s Weekend Blog – March 14, 2015

For those of you who follow my blog, I called for the Senate to lead on issues of Foreign Policy on February 23, 2015.  On March 9th, forty-seven Senators (Including Senator Sasse and Senator Fischer) signed on to Senator Cotton’s letter to the Iranian Supreme Leader attempting to demonstrate leadership on Foreign Policy (I applaud a bold move if key people were on board–see below).

As I told you throughout our campaign, you should not listen to the main stream media for your “Educational News”.  Ask yourself if you actually read the letter (the media should communicate factual information) or if you read the narratives of the reaction to the letter created by the media?  Controversy keeps you buying their product.  I’ve attached the actual letter above so you could examine the facts of the letter for yourself.

A few sample words from the “Media” headlines: “Traitor”, “Mutinous”, “Disgraceful”, “Impeachable”, “Outrage”, “Regret”, and the list goes on.  Read the letter for yourself and make your own determination.  I find it brings clarity in reinforcing the Constitution to the Supreme Leader of Iran (Refreshing).  I stand behind taking bolder action, but I will tell you the two large mistakes (if you read my blog from February 23rd calling out the Senate to lead) the GOP is making.

One – Senator Corker (Republican) was not on board with the letter.  They did not sit down and listen to the lead Republican Senator on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  His committee is charged TO LEAD on issues of foreign policy.  If the lead party member on foreign relations is not on board—something is very wrong.  I commented in my blog that I trust his judgment as lead on the foreign relations committee.  I would have sought his advice/approval first.  He is privy to more information then the average Senator or American.

He must have understood the Iran negotiations (this is confidential–the public and myself do not have the exposure of the facts) differently to not have signed.  I think you need to trust his judgment.  His lack of being on board with this letter should have caused a ‘pause’ before ‘action’.

As I mentioned in the campaign, we have to learn to trust subject matter experts.  Senator Corker is the expert in the Senate on foreign relations.  He has the power over the Committee that can lead on foreign relations per the charge of the committee.  He should be the opening player for the party on this issue.

Two – The double standard of the Republican Party.  As I’ve been citing for some time, the Republican Party is about big business and has lost the view of the complete Constitution.  Both should coexist beautifully, but we allow one side to tread on the other.  We need a Congress with backbone.

During the debates before the election I was not OK with unilateral authority to the President on the Trans-Pacific Partnership or other trade agreements.  Giving the President unilateral authority to make any treaty with any foreign country on business is not Constitutional.  How in the world can you argue it is OK for the President to ratify a treaty on trade without seeking approval from Congress, but then say it is not OK to ratify a deal directly with Iran without first seeking the approval of Congress?  Hypocrisy.  Follow the Constitution on both issues.

The right answer is to strip away an endless amendment process to treaties and give the agreements a quick up or down vote to expedite a resolution.  I know our beef lobbyists were strong advocates for giving the President broad ability to approve a deal without going through Congress.  I’m not on board with putting industry over the Constitution.

Did they ever ask themselves how good of a deal will the President sign in the first place?  This administration thinks trading 5 “9/11 terrorists” for 1 American hostage who gave themselves up to the enemy is a good deal.  Ignore your feelings on right or wrong–5 for 1 is a bad negotiation!!!

I would not trust the current President to negotiate a good deal in business.  I don’t think asking the Senate to bless a deal is that cumbersome.  This is where I continue to explain fascism blinds the Republicans to the Constitution.  They don’t know how to stand up to big business — especially Wall Street.  Constitution first.  Business second.  Business will be much stronger, larger, and solid when we get the first process right.

Let’s grow business in a Constitutional way.  The beef guys may still proclaim their desire for unilateral authority to the President to negotiate trade, but they are making a Constitutional mistake.  They should focus on legislation to expedite an up or down vote by Congress without amendments.  This will make the process faster and in line with our Constitution.

I still defend Senator Fischer, Senator Cotton, and Senator Sasse for signing on to take a lead on foreign policy.  They need words of encouragement because a soft electorate not paying attention will not give words of affirmation to our leaders when intimidated by the large media.

God bless Senator Cotton.  We are seeing a new generation start to lead again instead of follow old line thinking that creates no results and allows actions not grounded in the Constitution.  He probably acted to premature, but it is nice to see some bold leadership out of the Senate for once.  There will be a few missteps along the way.  This may have been one of them without the key Republican on board who should be leading direction on foreign policy.  However, no action would have been the wrong answer with a President pursuing confidential negotiations that would violate existing RATIFIED treaties.

I respect a man that has actually participated in war.  Our military can respect bold leadership from a man who actually placed his life on the line for our country.  He knows what he is risking and asking of our military by presenting a bold postion on Iranian relations.  He has respect because he risked his life himself.

We need to continue to stand behind those standing against IRAN despite a dominant main stream press trying to make this letter “Controversial” to give the President more unilateral authority which he is not given by the Constitution.  That being said, we must listen to subject matter experts and congressional assigned committee leadership on foreign policy like Senator Corker.  If he is not on board with the letter we need to ask why and respect his history of strong leadership in this area.

Furthermore, I will continue to rebuke the GOP seeking to give the President unilateral authority to bind the United States in trade treaties.  Follow the Constitution, get to work, and expeditiously give the President an up or down vote on trade treaties.  As we have learned with Iran, you can always do an executive agreement if you want the President to act alone.  We need to follow the Constitution and understand negotiation and ratification should be done by two different bodies as designed by our founding fathers.

Have a Good Weekend and Enjoy the Nice Weather!  It was great seeing many of you at State Basketball the past two weeks!



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The Crusades – Christian History Altered by the ‘Experts’

The Real History of the Crusades

Todd’s Weekend Blog – March 7, 2015

The Past – The Key to Our Future

I’m a person that believes that examining the past is the best way to interpret the future.  I uphold that what we believe determines our thoughts, words, and actions.  To take it a step further, much of what we believe is based on the truth we accept or reject presented to us by others.

The Crusades are an unread/unexplored part of world history by 99.9% of the population. People are prone to accept whatever they are “told” as opposed to examine what is actually the truth narrated by credible scholars (including the attached article) on a variety of topics–including the Crusades.

The general population’s “told” version of the Crusades is not found in the media, but is found in the “Educational” books in our schools and the spoken knowledge from friends or teachers who often repeat the same inaccuracies they were taught in school.  The general explanation of The Crusades is that they were wars for the advancement of respective religious beliefs and the extermination of people who proclaimed a differing religion.  The war is made out to be the war that shows the damage of “Intolerance”.

This article articulates this view as incorrect.  The article proclaims the war waged by Christians was self-defense and self-preservation. Two-Thirds of Christendom fell under Islamic control (the details of the conquests are not pretty). This loss of land and the attempt at killing Christians was the primary reason for REaction to war.

Christians should know their brethren did not kill people out of a lack of ideological tolerance (at least the large majority of them) during the First Crusade.  They battled for defense of the faith, land and the preservation of Christians across Europe and Asia. Furthermore, the article gives us accurate views of Historical Jihad, Christian reaction, and Anti-Semitism during The Crusades.

One side of the war was for religious dominance (Islam).  However, the other side of the first Crusade was for self-defense.  Embodying this truth in history would benefit our modern day world.  Correcting the wrong assumptions of motives by various religious/political groups based on an inaccurate understanding of world history is important.  If we understand the truth in conduct by all parties during the Crusades it will give us insights into how we should respond in thoughts, words and actions to today’s world situation.

Mistakes by the Minority Within the Majority Of the Christian ‘Defensive’ War

It is true – there was atrocious conduct by some affiliated with the Christian Crusaders against other religious minority groups who posed/presented no harm to society.  These Vigilantes were sympathetic to the cause but acted outside the sanctioned will of the majority AND appropriate governing bodies of the day.  They were not sanctioned for the barbarous acts they did (this has some foreshadowing to the 20th Century).  They were condemned for their actions against the Jews.  Even the religious authorities of the day in the Christian church blasted the acts of violence against INNOCENT people of differing religious beliefs then the Crusaders.  This fact of church condemnation is often left out of the cultural narrative told by the main stream.

If two-thirds of America was taken over would we respond? Would we wait until we were extinct?  Would this be an act of aggression or defense trying to preserve two-thirds of the land and the people being murdered?

The Crusades were a response/reaction to an offensive war.  It was a defensive action to preserve belief sets, lives, and land.  It is imperative we know the accurate history of those who defended the faith.

The Change Of Historical Accuracy Has a Lot to Do With The Modern Day Narrative of ‘Intolerance’ (Key Point: World Cultural Definition of Intolerance)

Let’s start this section with an English lesson.  One of the most poorly used words in the English language is “Intolerance”.  People think that “Intolerance” is the opposite of “Tolerance”.  They are similar but have different meanings around acceptance of existence of people and acceptance of beliefs.

I am a tolerant and an intolerant person at the same time.  This sounds like an oxymoron to the average American but is completely consistent with proper English definition.

Tolerance: the ability or willingness to tolerate something or someone, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

Intolerance: unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own.

I’m personally willing to tolerate the existence of people with opinions or behaviors that I do not necessarily agree with.  In fact, I’m able to thrive with people that have opinions or behaviors I do not agree with.  I’m tolerant.  This is most of America.  (This is not a Christian thesis piece of tolerance and intolerance of believers within the same church.  This piece is meant to describe citizens at large)

At the same time, I’m Intolerant.  I’m not personally willing to accept views or beliefs that I do not agree with.  I do not accept beliefs or behaviors of other people.  This is America.  We do not accept all views, beliefs, and opinions of others.   My lack of accepting opposing views or behaviors does not equate to one not being a tolerant person.  This combination of intolerance and tolerance is what I think makes up an average American.

Acceptance of people and acceptance of views/beliefs/behaviors of other people are very different things.

Many are tolerant of my existence and right to believe in Jesus. Yet they are intolerant to accepting my beliefs in Jesus for themselves. The distinction is very important because the dominant main stream forces of the day are trying to make the acts of Intolerance into a lack of Tolerance of people.  It leaves many in a quandary on how to describe their acceptance of people but not their belief set.  They are at a loss for words.  They need to take the English language back and reclaim those words that reflect an acceptance of people but a rejection of differing views/beliefs/behaviors.

If we apply these words to the Crusade story we see that the majority of Christians were tolerant people.  At the same time, they did not tolerate people who acted without tolerance towards Christians.  These acts are self-defense and not a lack of tolerance.   The Crusaders (take out the bad subset apples) were tolerant people who acted in tolerance to peaceful people of differing beliefs.

The level of tolerance all people demonstrate to or receive from others will dictate the level of peace/conflict we see in this world.

I think America struggles with these definitions in today’s culture.  A majority of Americans would agree tolerance is a good thing.  A majority of Americans would agree intolerance is a bad thing.  They are confused on the later statement.  The reason they are confused is the main stream has tried to associate intolerance with actions towards people when in reality intolerance should always be described in reference to the acceptance of belief sets and behavior.

The reason I spent some time on the definitions is the bigger battle at play in today’s ‘culture war’ is over the word “Intolerance”.  If an opposing force can condemn you as an “Intolerant” person you might as well kiss your social life goodbye.  The fear of this loss of social acceptance keeps people silent to observe the “PC” laws of the day. The Crusades is one more period in time where the ‘main stream’ will try to characterize Christian forces as people that are not “Tolerant”. Do not believe them.  Christians need to understand their history to draw strength from to take on the worthy fights of justice.

The focus in the Main Stream will try to redefine the nature of who Christians really are. “Ideological Extremists Who Lack Tolerance” would be a great label they would like to attach to Christians.  The world today will try to label Christians as Intolerant.  Intolerance is true in the purest form of the definition but these forces have tried to parlay this word of Intolerance into a “Proactive” rejection of people.  This is not true.

This lack of tolerance narrative has been “told” for years on The Crusades.  The label of death and destruction caused to differing religious groups by religious fanatics is the dominant understanding of the religious wars.  This is accurate for one-half of the story of the First Crusade.  Accurate understanding of history can correct the view of the past and the belief of the motives of a group in the future.  Christians need to clarify their motives today and hold up this piece of history with pride.  Most can be ashamed of acts they thought Christians were guilty of but should be empowered with motives of justice when a proper review of history is understood.  By no means is the history of the Christian church a perfect story — there have been large blunders.  However, we need an accurate history to be told to know what we have to build on and what we need to correct.   The history of the first Crusades is one to point TO as opposed to hang our heads FROM.

The powers at play are frankly winning in their quest to have people believe Christians lack tolerance.  Relabeling the reasons of the Crusades are just one more example to change historical accuracy to push present day cultural narratives (see Common Core Coda at the end of the article).

Unfortunately, we have a larger Christian church committed to being lions at home/inside the church to defend their beliefs/name but are kitty cats in the public square out of fear being attached with an “Intolerant” label.  Worse yet churches lack the faith in God to preach the truth out of fear of losing their 501(c)(3) status.  This fear is not Constitutional, worst yet is shows a lack of faith by key leaders that God can provide if the tax status is stripped.

I’ve heard endless sermons where preachers go to great 15 minute sessions of trying to distinguish loving people while not being intolerant people (they have the wrong definition and confuse people further).  I think a modern day lesson in English would make the lesson an open and shut case in 1 minute.  I hope to free some of these people with this piece to act freely in their conscious and feel comfortable in their tolerance and intolerance they have embodied for centuries.

It is OK Christians.  The vast majority of you are tolerant people by nature.  You are also intolerant by definition because you will not sway to adopt belief sets you do not agree with.  You still are a tolerant and loving person to humanity.

Christians by in large are afraid to speak up.  They think staying quiet will bring calm and add friends to their lives. In reality the simmering pot their children and selves sit in is being turned up another 5 degrees in their silence.  They mistakenly believe they can preserve this calm state for the next generation by closing their light to the world and staying silent to pursue goals of temporary comfort and harmony where every belief set/behavior/views is OK to adopt.

If those in the main stream find an individual that acts out without tolerance against a “targeted group” you will be sure that all 1,000 media outlets will be all over the story to further attach the label of “No Tolerance” to a large group of people that are tolerant and had nothing to do with this “Loose Cannon(s)” acting in ignorance.

Placing stigmas on people works politically.  However, these “labels” are not accurate for the vast majority of Christians.

A lack of “Tolerance” is a label trying to be placed on everyday Christians, our Founding Fathers, and on Christian Crusaders from 1,000 years ago.  They are correct.  They were intolerant people.  They are incorrect. The vast majority were tolerant people and defenders of the faith.

Obama and Conservatives Agree on This (In Addition to Supporting Wall Street Banks Which Really Have the Power Over Our Lives)

What do Obama and many conservatives have in common?  They both believe laws are the codification of morality.  This is where the tension begins.  Whose morality will be defined as law?  Both sides of an issue where both people claim a lack of tolerance by the opposing side is what makes our current situation full of TNT.  What you have are two sides that are intolerant with different belief and morality sets. Each side wants to see laws of competing morality standards adopted/preserved.  Common law is the basis of our Constitution and is rooted in Biblical law.  This makes up our foundational guidance in our Constitution which all members of our government take an oath to uphold.

A declaration of the codification of morality the country accepts and the tolerance of others with different morality standards are two VERY DIFFERENT things.  We need to reject that coexistence is not possible.

It is important we distinguish the difference between the two words of tolerance and intolerance to continue to preserve peaceful intolerant coexistence that has been the majority of American History. Insuring the Domestic Tranquility has always been a Constitutional goal to govern free people who disagree on a large variety of views/beliefs/behaviors.

A citizen or lawmaker should be careful when the “weaving” of civil positions are blended with criminal positions by wise and crafty policy makers. Affirming one policy of tolerance while admonishing the other policy based on an intolerance of a belief set is a tough path to navigate for any politician.  It is a successful tactic for current policy makers crafting law for today’s modern world.  As a Constitutionalist, I believe we want to affirm tolerance (unilateral acceptance of peaceful individuals) and accept intolerance (It is not OK to mandate the adoption of differing views/beliefs/behaviors).  This has been our history from the very beginning.

Many bills are written as a “Catch 22” with both forms of tolerant and intolerant language in the same bill.  For example, certain members of the Lincoln Public School board used legal language meant to stop all forms of sexual violence against people (we all want this to stop) as a citation to adopt controversial social curriculum to educate elementary kids on non-traditional belief sets. Citing law that promotes tolerance to push an agenda to eliminate opposition to adoption of an alternative behavior set is a poor choice and a poor legal argument (See article on this topic in 2014 on watchdog.org — credit Deena Winter.)

We must understand America was established under a Constitutional charter to ensure the peaceful coexistence of intolerant (those with different belief sets/behaviors) people.

Rewriting the history of the “Majority” is a good way to attach false labels and intimidate Christians from their beliefs and heritage.  This article rejects the lack of tolerance narrative being preached but advances the “Self Defense” narrative that was and is reality today at home and around the world.

The perceptions of who is really “Tolerant” is starting to change across America.  Unfortunately, it has taken the senseless murder of Christians and innocent civilians to change the perception of who really lacks tolerance in the world.  We need a proper understanding of “Self-Defense,” “Tolerance,” “Intolerance,” and “Acceptance” in the English language so Americans really know how we are responding to a host of issues that involve people.  We must strive for a situation where all can live without fear, and practice FULL exercise of individual belief sets where tolerance is observed. We protected free exercise (with a consistent observance of public safety) for all beliefs and emphasized the right to personal privacy (including in one’s home).  That should be the standard today.

What We Believe Will Determine Our Actions

If a believer believes their Christian heritage is a history of persecution, they will not act.  If a believer understands their history is one of fighting for justice, tolerance, and defense of the faith–they will be empowered with truth.  If Christians quit playing not to lose and start playing to win we will make a difference for a stronger world that will be grounded in love and tolerance of people who seek a peaceful life with their neighbor.  Intolerance will always be a normal part of American life and we should not try to mesh the two words together.

What the Crusades show us is that Christians by in large are tolerant, will defend themselves, their lands, and their beliefs.  They will also tolerate those who are different from themselves but only when they are treated in a form of tolerance back.  Force should respond to force before a way of life/belief is exterminated–a true crime to humanity.

We also must understand there are Loose Cannons in every large group with an overall positive mission.  Loose Cannons have stained acts of justice with horrendous acts of inhumanity.  We must stay on the lookout for Loose Cannons within our just body of believers.  They have always existed and they have always damaged the reputation of those living out the Scriptures.

We must look to government to enforce justice — their main function.  We have a cultural narrative today that looks for acts of mercy from government.  We must reverse this trend and look for government to lead and establish justice (the first role of government in the Constitution–read more on Justice in Romans 13).  We must look to the church to lead on issues of mercy.

The individuals persecuting are a much larger force on the other side of the coin of Christianity.  The ones pushing the agenda of ‘Christians as Persecutors who Lack Tolerance’ are usually the persecutors themselves against the religious.

The Crusades give us glimpses into the 1900’s and today.  History tends to repeat itself.  It is Imperative people know the truth of the Crusades.  The anticipated and dependable cycle of history must be corrected or reaffirmed based on outcomes that justify a peaceful humanity.  This is better done when historical truth is understood.  This scholar on medieval studies (a way more rigorous requirement then a teacher who regurgitates what they were taught) does a great job of accurately describing what the Crusades were and were not.

May people start correcting history one truth at a time so we take actions on belief sets that are grounded in truth.  The 1st Crusade is a story of strong Christian heritage.  The Crusades also have elements of a human race that is 100% sinful and makes mistakes causing harm to humanity.  Mistakes should be learned from and not repeated.  Human success should be learned from and should be a source of strength.

The Crusades give us insights into Jihad, Anti-Semitism, and Christian Self-Defense.

Carry on Christians with your proud tolerant traditions and do not back down from being people who do not accept beliefs contrary to Biblical teaching (Intolerance).  Jesus was the example of tolerance and intolerance at the same time.

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*** The Common Core Coda ***

This misperception of what the Crusades were (“Offensive war” vs. “Defensive War”) in our current curriculum is the foreshadowing of the problem Common Core will bring to our schools.  Common Core has some elements that change and rewrite history to meet “Controversial Curriculum” (more on this in a later blog) requirements.  I was fortunate in the campaign to be exposed to new curriculum sanctioned as “Common Core Approved”.  Some of the material is an attempt to rewrite history (Great piece in New York Times on “Truth and Absolutes” disappearing among our youth) and train our youth a narrative that reinforces modern day PC thinking by reinterpreting the historical lens that makes truth ambiguous.

I’ll be writing more on this topic later as we draw near school board elections where “Controversial Curriculum” is accepted without question. Both sides will fight what curriculum should or should not be presented.  The fight should be on the actual policy that facilitates all kinds of curriculum to be presented now and unforeseen curriculum that will be presented later that is “Controversial”.  What is not controversial for elementary school curriculum selection is reading, writing and arithmetic.  That should be the focus we all agree on.

Remember, accurate history is important to navigate a future world.  Actions taken or not taken based on lies created by false narratives are damaging the world.

I hope you enjoy this read from 2005 by a brilliant Scholar.  (Click Link At Top)

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