Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team

Independence Day Part X: A Must Read Book

I believe this book will life Nebraskan eyes out of the everyday civil world. This book will help Christians and Non Christians alike gain perspective of the times we are in. Those who do not believe in God will be enlightened to understand why Christians like myself see a dangerous path that violates the rights of Christians and non Christians alike. You may identify with dangerous belief codes you have started to adopt.

We are repeating history in dangerous fashion. We are not learning from the past.

This book will help awaken many. Propaganda of modern day thought is based on propaganda techniques learned from Nazi time. Many will sharpen their game or their faith when they realize they are subjects enslaved to modern day propaganda and agendas rooted in the past. They will be challenged to see if they will to stand tall. They will be disappointed to learn how weak the main stream faith can be in trying times.

I could write a novel on this book. I’ll leave it at this. Every page is full of rich and timeless wisdom on history. It is a must read.When a Nation Forgets God by Erwin Lutzer

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Independence Day Part IX..The Constitution, Education, Closing Thoughts On Charleston

In Closing…The Constitution/Trust Your Education

It is time to defend the Constitution.  I have a different frame of reference this Independence Day.  I’m surrounded by those indoctrinated against independence in political identity.  Do Americans have the guts to declare their own Independence?  Do they really believe the Constitution is worth defending?  Do they really believe in pledging allegiance to either party willing to trample on the Constitution?  Will they be soft like the Germans under Nazi rule and succeed their rights to a government in the wrong?  Freedom is fading.  I’ve stood up and spoken.  Dr. Youssef has spoken.  Will you speak?

In my next post, I’m recommending a book to all that call themselves a Committed Christian. I’m equally recommending the book to non-committed Christians.  I want eyes to be open to DETAILED Nazi history in Germany.  There is a valuable education in the details.

When a Nation Forgets God is on my list of Top 5 books.  Like Dr. Youssef, Dr. Lutzer (author of the book) was born outside the United States (Canada).  He too became a citizen of the United States.

Do you find their history interesting?

Wisdom and Biblical guidance is now being exported TO America…not FROM America.  Times have changed.

Our so called intellectual institutions like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford are the sources of “American Leadership” throughout America’s most important institutions.  Many of these institutions were once founded and led by the religious leaders of the day.  This has changed.  As I mentioned earlier…we are importing Biblical wisdom now.

The indoctrination of leaders of BOTH parties are primarily from the same educational institutions. Yet we think both parties led by leaders coming from the same institutions of indoctrination believe in radically different agendas?

These institutions by in large are failing America.  They are creating leaders with distorted Constitutional, Religious, and World Views.  Their thoughts are embedded in leaders on both sides of the aisle.  Many of these “Views” are not based in the Constitution or truth.  However, leaders indoctrinated by these institutions are convinced they have a Constitutional and more enlightened view.

I assure you there is more wisdom “Down on the Farm” bred in hard work and real life experience.   “Down on the Farm” just needs some enlightenment on the propaganda techniques being employed.  “Down on the Farm” needs to realize they have more courage and wisdom then Capitol Hill.  We need to move past reacting and understand the playbook that is at play.  Daily direction from the controlled media is seldom random.  Ask yourself, why do over 1,000 stations repeat the same irrelevant stories at nauseum?  I believe we are Walking on Thin Ice America.  Let US get back on track together by helping each other.  I would like to unite with all of you willing to make a change for the better.  We all need ongoing heart transformation.

Please read “When a Nation Forgets God”.  More on this book in my next post.

A Closing Thought on the Charleston Shootings

I wanted to recognize the amazing family members of those slain in South Carolina.  I was moved to tears on their demonstrations of forgiveness.  There is no doubt God’s glory was on display in their response.  Their reactions strengthened my faith.  I imagine their demonstrations of forgiveness brought people to the faith.  Thank you for being the ‘real deal’.

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Independence Day Part VIII…Government Mandates or Religious Liberty

Government Mandates or Religious Liberty?

Both government mandates and violating religious liberty are bad.  However, we have mandates already (taxes).  Religious liberty was my primary issue in 2014 because religious liberty erosion is the larger issue.  Overcoming government mandates was their primary calling card.  (You can see this dichotomy of views in the State Fair Debate on ‘one’ thing we would change in Obamacare).

I thought we would have a few years before religious liberty suffered additional monumental setbacks.  I’m amazed it only took a few months.   However, the revelations of this disturbing trend have been readily apparent to those who were “Awake” the past decade.

Why Republicans lament the liberal agenda being passed, they must realize judges who were approved and nominated by their own party were the difference in these rulings. Republicans could have prevented both movements if they did not unanimously approve of specific judges.  Be careful where you point the finger.

Do not be with the parties (see my previous blog on current GOP “Conservative” mistakes) with an unconstitutional agenda or a history of a lack of discernment when selecting Constitutional “Leaders”.  Whether the Bench, the Congress, or the President…we are losing the Constitution from both sides.

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Independence Day Part VII..Christians Need To Change Approach to Public Square

Christians Need to Change Their Approach to the Public Square

Part VII: Christians Need to Change Their Approach to the Public Square

I now hear Christians screaming “RELIGIOUS LIBERTY” on Facebook.  They were the same Christians who stated I was “Too Vocal” last year and thought a leader with more civil fervor was a better choice.  Deep down most evangelicals feel the GOP is a synonym for Christian.  It is funny to watch them change their emphasis from Obamacare to Religious Liberty in 2015.

Their opinions sway in the wind as much as Hillary and Obama on “Gay Marriage”.  I will continue to educate and speak out in the civil sphere.  I’m glad they are changing their tune to religious liberty.  I apologize for my chiding but people need to know both sides are prone to swaying in the wind.  They need to see the bigger agenda of one movement at play.

My hope is I can help Christians and Non-Christians travel further down the road in where we are headed at a civil level.  I don’t have ALL the knowledge but I do have insights others do not have.  I feel part of my role is to push Nebraskans past a “One Day” mentality in politics.  In my own election, I watched them sway from healthcare, to immigration, and then to ISIS.  They achieved absolutely nothing in Washington in 2014 with each gear shift.

Both parties were achieving nothing of note in Washington because they were too busy shifting gears to match the rhetoric coming out of the media.  We need leadership with a commitment to see problems through against a current of politicians following the microphone.

Christians need to develop a 10 year/30 year vision in the civil arena.  Too many sway in the wind with the controlled media.  They are just as prone to argue what topics are presented in “People”, The “News”, and what Bruce Jenner means to Christianity.

Some of this immediacy is important, but where is the long term plan and backbone to see through solutions?

Biblically based Christians need to unite and set an agenda that is clearly Christian centric.  This should be outside the civil arena but have elements on how they will engage the civil arena.  They need a plan to promote civil servants that are well tested and Independent of world influence.

Christians do not need or want church in state.  However, we do need people of the church involved with the state.  Christians would be wise to understand how God defines civil servants compared to pastoral servants in Romans 13 (Hint: It is the same).  We must develop Christian servants in medicine, law, politics, Hollywood, etc as well.

Conservative Christians ‘yell’ at political topics being presented by the controlled media.  They yell at the TV just like the family uncle does watching a Nebraska football game.  They are both fixated on the media and think they can change the outcome by yelling. Why are they setting your agenda of discussion in the first place?

They need to realize they cannot change the world or Nebraska football by yelling at the TV.

You are seldom going to see good leadership in your main stream media. You are going to see leaders on TV who have pledged allegiance to the biggest institutions obliged to a World system.  Get ready for Monarchy III in Bush or Monarchy II in Clinton if you want to know what the establishment with money wants you to see on TV that promotes their monetary interest which keeps all people under control.  It is the world game of Heads I Win, Tails You Lose.

We need Christians to turn their focus to Constitutional Liberty and away from the agenda being presented by the main stream.  Liberty is paramount. Our Constitution calls us to ensure liberty for the next generation.  This includes Religious Liberty.  We must be grounded in the word and our Constitution so we recognize truth and justice when we see it.

Who will answer the call?  Who will answer when it inconveniences their reputation, their party, their pocketbook, or their time?  We need more prayer, work, and people to step forward.

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Independence Day Part VI..We are a Republic and not a Democracy

We are a Republic and not a Democracy

Many Republicans and Democrats alike still preach Democracy. The largest voting bloc wins!  Newsflash!  We are a Republic and not a Democracy. Yes,  we have democratic elections to settle issues on direction.

We are to protect the Constitution which insures protections for the minority over the majority.  Basic rights are not up to majority, government, or corporate rule.

Furthermore, we do not need an additional democratic law to clarify the first amendment Republicans.  New legislation subjects a solid amendment to new interpretation.  We need an understanding we are a Republic with laws already in place to ensure Religious Liberty.  The 1st amendment is sufficient and clear.  We need people to defend the Constitution.

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