Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team

In a Nutshell……The Story of America

(Refer to WatsonforSenate Facebook Post for Video 8/21/2015)

In a Nutshell……

This is the story of the American Founding.
This is the story of our government trying to force Socialism on us.
This is the story of the International Corporate World trying to promote/provide THEIR common good in US government AT THE COST of our Constitution and American general welfare.
This is the story of a big government with guns over nonviolent protesters trying to seek equal rights in the South.
This the story of the big bad British government coming to confiscate the “Little Guy’s Guns”
This is the story of today’s media narrative trying to be imposed on our culture/lives/little ones.
This is the story of my 6 year old playing “Nebraska Football” with the 10 year olds in the neighborhood.
This is the agenda of International bodies and elites trying to dictate to parents the material they want forced upon OUR kids in school
This is the story of our rejection of the establishment trying to squat on our lives/lands/livelihoods and OUR Constitution.
This is the story of Planned Parenthood trying to dictate the “life” of a smaller one.
This is the story of the minority of Pro-Lifers who have the guts not to sit in silence out of fear.
This is the story of my campaign taking on “Big” Government/ “Big” K-Street paid for candidates, and “Big” media for the sake of the average guy. (We’re still fightin’)
This is story of the Battle of Midway when the world witnessed a larger military force confronting a smaller force in the Pacific called the American military.
This is the story of what happens when big government acting unconstitutionally takes on an American acting with conviction, principles, and liberties given to them by God.
This is the story of an American citizen fed up with a Supreme Court and Congress that can’t ‘man up’/interpret the law/solve problems/or enforce the Constitution.
This is the story of small business who have had enough of big business setting the rules of government in their favor through both parties.
This is the story of what citizens need to do to leaders with big money from both parties.
This is the story of big government regulators over our farms/ranches/businesses.
This is the lesson of what big government/big money/big institutions will do when determined individuals act with conviction, courage, and faith.
This is how to respond when “Big” wins a battle.
This is how “Big” loses the war
This is David and Goliath
This is what America needs to relearn…..

Long Live the Constitution!
It’s time to Act like Americans again!
Get your conviction back and quit letting “Big” push you around.

God Bless!
Your Servant Todd


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So You Want the EPA to Control Our Water?

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Planned Parenthood Part I – People of Faith Need to Change Their Behavior

Allen West Voices My Concern on Iran

Our Visit to Kentucky and the Failure of Senator McConnell

Political RINOs? How About Political COBRAs?

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So You Want the EPA to Control Our Water?

Wall Street Journal – “Mine Busters at the EPA” Aug 11, 2015

The Accident

The EPA is now THE cause in millions of gallons of river water being polluted.  It gets worse……

The EPA could not figure out in the first week what happened with their latest disaster in Colorado.  While they spent the week scratching their heads to figure out what was transpiring, “An approximate 3 million gallons of TOXIC, mustard-tinted sludge” (WSJ – August 11th) continued to feed into the river and travel downstream through Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

‘Environmental Protection’ at its finest.

The Reaction

Showing a sense of urgency the federal government is known for, the Administrator of the EPA decided to visit the site ONE WEEK LATER after pressure began to mount from inaction.  Call me crazy, but if I had one of the largest disasters in my agencies history–I would be onsite that day to lead the situation.

I’m curious….was she  demonstrating the example modeled by our President?  The Commander and Chief significantly delayed a trip to Tennessee after a terrorist murdered 5 soldiers UNDER HIS COMMAND on domestic soil.  Hmmmm….I digress.

How are we to believe the EPA can  oversee dry ditches when they pollute 3 million gallons of river water?   It is a bad sign when oversight (how hard is this?) turns into malfunction!

The EPA – Slow and Insufficient

When a ranking Democrat says the EPA’s response has been “Slow and Insufficient” — you know it’s bad!  The Colorado Democrat may have just learned why the EPA is not one to trust with local water.  Possessing a title of “Environmental” doesn’t equate to offering effectiveness on the subject.

The Solution and Praise of Nebraska Servants

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, hats off to our NRD boards who receive very little adoration and respect they deserve.  Keep up the good work!

The readings in the Aquifer and water levels around this state speak for themselves when you compare to Kansas/Oklahoma.  We have maintained water levels that California and Texas only dream of.

We have real Nebraska conservatives like Mark Christensen and Tom Carlson who have built evolved plans to secure Nebraska water for the next generation.  Let’s move MORE of these plans forward into action!   No need to recreate the wheel to advance our water situation.  Thank you Tom, Mark, and NRD board members for your dedicated service to the next generation!

What Our Nebraska Legislature IS Prioritizing 

Unfortunately, today’s dominant Republican legislature (>70%) would rather sing “We are the World” and change the death penalty in unity with Democrats.

I have a suggestion for my partisan friends on both sides of the aisle.  Divert your energy and show some unity in securing our water for the long term.  This water will secure life for millions of people through agriculture.  Securing water resources will achieve your joint goal in keeping people alive!  (We can sing ‘Kumbaya’ together for that achievement!)

OUR state needs to continue to push forward OUR plan (Read: Carlson/Christensen plans).  NO plan often equals THEIR plan.  INACTION equates to BAD action.

How to Enhance Your Learning About a Resource Nebraska Values

To those “Global Environmental Citizens” who think Nebraska ‘doesn’t care’ or ‘know how to steward’ our water, drive out to Dawson County to begin your education.

Drive east from Lexington and start plotting the prices of different parcels of land.  Next, return to Dawson County, drive west and plot the prices of land.  You may want to plot out “Dry” vs. “Irrigated” (I’ll give you that clue to help you figure out what we value) to explain some chief variations of values in each geographical region.  Ask yourself why the prices are so different after you complete the exercise.  An awakening will occur on what matters to Nebraskans for their life, wealth and livelihood.

If you still have not figured out the mythical valued resource, go south and see a ranch in Texas that suffered drought.  On your return trip, drive through the Sandhills.  You will find it difficult to find Crops that need an increased supply of this resource.  However, you will find many prosperous ranches!  You will have to figure out why Nebraska cattle thrived and Texas cattle died.

Granted, we have a few selfish people who care more about themselves today then the farmers/ranchers/citizens of the next generation…but they are in the vast minority.

Most of us are byproducts of our grandparents’ generation that sacrificed.  We WILL pay it forward.  Most Nebraskans use what they need (which maybe more in a given year).  Most Nebraskans let resources replenish in excess (like this year) when rain is plentiful.  Running irrigation costs money.  No reason to use, if you do not need.

Global environmental citizens should take the time to tour the latest variable drip irrigation management systems the ‘evil industry empire’ built to more efficiently manage and use valued resources.  They will be appalled at the humanity of ingenuity!

The Nebraska Track Record and Action Plans

Nebraska has the track record to show we care about maintaining this water for future farmers/ranchers/citizens.  To be fair to the environmentalists, there are states in this union who have shown they cannot manage their water well.  Pay attention California/Texas, Nebraska is ready to educate so the EPA does not dominate.

We should continue to take action in our state.  We have brilliant LOCAL people with a plan and a purpose.  LET THEM LEAD!  They just need accurate/honest information to make informed decisions. IF there is a need for federal funds, let’s follow the Constitution.  Our Constitution charges the government to promote science.  This could be done through an allocation to the States who in-turn could invest in Universities, NRD boards, etc.  If our Universities invest the money in science and not luxury dorms to spoil kids on unearned living standards that exceed their parents….we can develop methods or reporting tools to make better local decisions to manage/retain Nebraska water.

Todd is Off to Protest / A Topic to “Save the Grandkids”

I’m off to protest the EPA with environmentalists.  Will the environmentalists show up?  Will they be stuck in ‘camp’ at the Central Business District?  They may still be at the “Save our Grandkids/Carbon Emissions” rally sponsored by the EPA and Obama.

I may try to convince the protesters that if the President wanted to save our grandkids, he AND the Republicans would not duck the question of dealing with our National Budget/Debt and Social Security/Medicare solvency issues.

Dealing with massive financial issues CAN HELP SAVE their future.

The Environmental Debate

For more on my environmental philosophies/positions I would urge leaders to adopt, you can watch the debate at UNL on the ‘Watsonforsenate’ Youtube page (I’ve attached part I below).  Dave Domina and Jim Jenkins offered their opinions on the various subjects as well.

The Republican Candidate/College President, now Senator, who 100% accurately identified we have a crisis of civic engagement and participation, did not accept the invitation to engage civic discussion and participate in the debate of issues at UNL.  “We have a responsibility to make sure that families hear us debate more important issues the Nebraska way.”  (Ben Sasse 7-17-14 KHAS).   I’ll leave it at the facts of what he said to those wondering why his opinions on the issues were not expressed or covered by the video.

Warning!  You will not find the coverage of this debate in the main stream media.  They (Especially Omaha owned outlets) were busy covering the Caitlyn Jenner/Lion/Kim Kardashian equivalent story of 2014 that brings important change to Nebraska lives ;).

We made an unedited copy of the debate to educate you on forthright opinions on critical topics.   Our campaign’s anticipation that the media would fail to cover intelligent discussion due to the establishment’s agenda was accurate. Silencing NEBRASKA’s CHOICE and covering K-Street’s paid for opinions was correct.  Watch for Jeb Bush to get more air time and coverage as we push towards the primaries and K-Street makes its push for policies through paid for candidates (Both Hillary and Jeb).  Same song….99th verse.

The ‘coverage’ problem was in large part due to reporters who are like dogs on an old Nebraska dirt road.  They were busy barking about a bus passing through.  Like dogs chasing a bus, they had little to show for their journalistic efforts chasing sideshows without substance.  However, these dogs did show their ability to entertain and distract the kids on the front porch.  Regardless of pointless coverage….the dogs were well fed, praised, and had their bellies scratched by their Masters for doing what they were told.  “News” at the cost of Democracy.  We need a revival of the “Free Press”.

(FYI, PETA/Media…….There were no dogs hurt in this mythical scenario of a dog chasing the bus)

What We are “Against” and “For”

This blog provided solutions not just critiques.  The UNL debate offered proactive “For” approaches and philosophies.  Someday, Nebraskans will demand a “For” plan over being fooled by “Against Sound Bytes”.

A Closing Tangent On How Voters Can Solve Problems in Government

Written below is a mental exercise for a voter.

Followers of both parties consume foolish rhetoric with no substance or plan to back up the statement.  Below, I list everyday rhetoric that rallies most voters but ends up solving nothing.  I will give you the questions to ask to find the “For” plan.

(PS – It is hard for candidates to unveil plans in 1 minute debates.  However, demand the plans be offered on their campaign website.  We need to get to work.)

I will vote to Repeal and Replace Obamacare! (Ask: With ‘what’ plan will you replace?)

I want a Secure Border! (Ask: ‘What’ is your logistical plan to secure the border?)

I Vow to Stop Abortion! (Ask: ‘How’ will you push the majority of Republicans to release tougher legislation out of caucus?) 

I will deal with unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare! (What is your DETAILED plan to solve Social Security and Medicare?)  PS–Trump and Christie are the only one to come close to an actual plan.  Get past your feelings on the plan and clap for people who have developed a solution.  Most plans will evolve in the political process.  However, we need more people to offer CONCRETE starting points for discussion.  That takes guts.  Politicians will pile on later as solutions gain momentum to “Take Credit”.  These are not the leaders we need.

We will balance the budget! (Ask: How will you balance the budget?  Is your plan based on tax hikes/tax cuts?  What specific budget cuts do you propose? How much ‘growth’ from economic progress does your plan count on to balance?  Will you close loopholes to raise the effective rate on corporations?)  

Before you yell at politicians failing to solve problems, remember you elected leaders that offered rhetoric with no plans.  The citizens must shoulder some of the blame for not taking responsibility of their government and vote.

Enjoy the debate as you ponder these questions that will lead to rigorous debate/ideas that solve problems.

Part I of the Unedited UNL Debate



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Planned Parenthood Part I – People of Faith Changing Behavior

Planned Parenthood – Our Purchasing Response

This video is a message to the people of Faith who are protesting the government to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Quick summary of the video: 1. Check yourself first 2. Fix your purchasing behavior 3. Keep protesting the government 4. Love people.

I’m 100% behind issues of conscious and religious liberty. However, I’m hearing these words become “Buzz” words and thrown around lightly. Worse yet, I’m seeing people use these words for political purposes but fail to act in a consistent manner to what they preach. Let’s make sure our own actions match our demands.

People of faith, we need to make sure we are doing what we can to save lives. Withholding OUR money in everyday purchases will make a difference in removing financial supply that aids in ending ‘life’. This is more than political difference, this is about humanity, liberty, and rights.

This essay is not about ending your purchases from your neighbor who may have political differences from you. This is normal life in America and is a far cry to the “offense” you may have with your neighbor who holds different political views. This removal of funding is about preventing money from going to places that are funding the end of life of innocent human beings. This is a whole different level of cause and justification.

Here is a link to 77 major companies funding Planned Parenthood (the list was last updated on August 6th).


Most of us are indirectly supporting Planned Parenthood with OUR money. You will be shocked who is sponsoring abortion (Proctor & Gamble who makes Pampers, Walt Disney, Starbucks, Wells Fargo, and many more). We need to change our purchasing behavior first. We must continue to demand our government change. However, this should not be a ‘them’ and ‘not I’ demand.

I’d ask you to pray over your spending decisions. If convicted–step up your game. You may not be able to change the government, but you can change yourself. Spread the word. Pray over convictions with a small group, co-workers, family, and friends.

As a point of reference in your ‘internal’ consideration….

Do not forget the top two reasons women cite in obtaining an abortion.

1. An interruption to their normal life
2. Financial hardship (both the medical treatment and raising a child).

Will these be the identical reasons people of faith will not change their purchasing behavior?

How about the politician? Will they give up their donor money from companies sponsoring abortion?

Our Nebraska GOP politicians are thick with K-Street money from companies sponsoring and supporting Planned Parenthood. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc. They love to preach “Pro-Life” but turn around and take money from Planned Parenthood sponsors and pass favorable legislation for their benefit to grow profits….and yes grow contributions to Planned Parenthood. You can’t serve two masters. Many in Washington have not taken this guidance to heart.

Is the politician nervous about their financial situation? Are they nervous about the interruption to their campaign/party if they were to make a financial sacrifice by giving to charity their political donations received from abortion sponsoring companies? Citizens often demand politicians give away contributions from racists…why don’t we demand politicians give away political contributions from those supporting the termination of life?

At the end of the day, careful who you point the finger at first politician and citizen. We often like to pull out the speck from a neighbor’s eye before we remove the plank from our own. Life interruption and financial risk are identical reasons conservative individuals and politicians do not change.

Ask yourself if a committed heart that has gone financially backwards (in logic) at the offering plate has brought a financial bounty or sacrifice to their/your financial future. Act accordingly. Let’s make sure our walk matches our talk.

A few final words of love to these mothers and women who have already had an abortion. The Bible tells me about Paul and Moses who were involved in the manslaughter of men (at minimum) and became pillars of the faith THAT INSPIRE ME. The Bible tells me about the greatest birth of all — a ‘human’ unplanned pregnancy. I have great love and ambition for these women from these situations. God clearly has done amazing works with people who were involved in an unplanned pregnancy or involved in the death of another. Take Note!

Finally, if you are one that changes your purchasing behavior like me….give some of that money to great programs like The Crisis Pregnancy Center (there are others). Excellent women’s services with a Pro-Life belief need our help! The volunteers are amazing and compassionate. God bless them for their service to our neighbors!

Give yourself grace but not an excuse to stand still. I’m still in the middle of making significant changes with new information. My wife had to deal with losing the bounty towels. My son felt guilty with his Nike glasses that were my fault–not his. I’m probably the worst with my entire real estate brokerage work depending on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans (please address Congress–just not direct spending). This will be a way bigger adjustment then you think America. However, the bigger adjustment is convincing many American people of faith that ‘their comfort’ is not always the plan. Life is worth way more than money and inconvenience.

Enjoy the video–It is 10 minutes unedited (and it shows). I got rolling a little bit as I was fired up. Pardon the few fumbles of the words in a straightforward talk. Keep up the great work Citizens. The greatest political accomplishment of 2015 is not in Washington but with the people. Citizens are not buying (less frequency) the controlled main stream narrative anymore. The opinion polls are not matching the wishes of the establishment that owns and directs your largest media forums. The politicians are responding to you in your frustration. Keep your voice loud! The frustration of the propaganda machines are growing. We are starting to see action from a party whose leadership has an alternative agenda!

Great Job and God Bless!

A real time list of 77 companies involved in Planned Parenthood many purchase from!

Why Women Have Abortions. The Reasons are Similar to Why Many Will Not Change Buying Behavior!



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Documenting the Failure of the GOP with Abortion, Planned Parenthood, and Corporate Welfware

Planned Parenthood defunding stopped, Obamacare removal failed, but corporate handouts succeeded! This is GOP leadership today. I do want to commend our delegates breaking ranks today. They showed me something good in not being obedient to National leadership. The National GOP leaders continued to show me why they are not worth pledging loyalty to. Senator Cruz correctly identifies that the ‘D’ and ‘R’ leaders are a team. This is often true – the funding sources are the same and control the leadership on both sides!

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Allen West Voices My Concern On the Iran Deal

I’ve posted enough opinions on Iran. I thought I would let a great speech carry the latest opinion.

I took to pen 2 weeks before Senator Cotton wrote his ‘Controversial’ letter (February WatsonforSenate Blog) and months before movements like these created steam. Allen West articulates my latest emotion on this deal. It is amazing this guy was voted out by his people because he is not “Main Stream”.

Thank God for those who served like Allen West. Only courageous lions like Allen go into liberal NYC and speak their mind in Times Square. He is not one afraid to share his faith as well.

May Nebraskans grow in comfort in living their faith and speaking truth. Enjoy!

Allen West Speaks His Mind in Times Square on Iran

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