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About Todd


Todd Watson Facts

* Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska

* Married to a beautiful wife of 13 years

* Devoted Dad of four kids

* Masters Degree in Professional Accounting with an emphasis in taxation

* Entrepreneur – part owner of 2 small businesses with 60 amazing employees.

*  Practiced professional staffing.  Founded and sold a staffing operation in Arizona and Texas

*  Worked as a CPA for KPMG, LLP

* Spent time on Capitol Hill working for a Congressman and a lobbying firm.

* Believes in a healthy level of fear and love of God

* Passionate about serving others

Full Bio – 

Todd was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and graduated from Lincoln Southeast High School.  He grew up breathing business with his parents. He traveled north to the family farm sites outside of Wayne and loved eating at daylight donuts with his grandparents and great uncles who were always talking farming.

He grew up working alongside his dad in the property management/real estate brokerage business.  Painting, cleaning, yard work, was hard work his dad insisted on to learn the business of rental real estate and to develop a strong work ethic.  Todd would return to work in leasing and administration of the rentals during summers in college to round out his apprenticeship of the property management business.  Being a professional landlord – specifically standing between owners and renters teaches one how to navigate the middle and competing interests quite well.

Todd traveled south for college and obtained his Business Administration degree from TCU and his Masters in Professional Accounting, with an emphasis in Taxation from the University of Texas.  Have no fear Nebraska he still hates Longhorn Football!  He was blessed to have an opportunity to take a semester off in college to work for Congressman Jon Christensen from Nebraska in D.C. and followed with a small stint working for a lobbying firm to observe that angle of the system.

After college he practiced as a CPA for 3 years with KPMG, LLP and worked the tax codes for the benefit of high net worth individuals, banking and oil & gas entities.  Many of these experiences have driven his passions for a fairer tax code, a realization of how our policy is aimed to aid banking and oil, and a drive to limit lobbying influence for financial gain in our nation’s capital.

Deep down Todd was raised to be an entrepreneur and left firm life to create businesses, jobs, and a self-determined life for his family and himself. He left KPMG and worked for Robert Half International building a top 12 billable hour practice in the World in Fort Worth for the Management Consulting arm of the business.  He left Robert Half and started his own Staffing firms in Arizona and Texas and sold both operations in 2007. After the sale of his companies he spent a stint in Chicago working in the financial markets and consulted briefly in private equity on business acquisition.  Although enjoyable, Todd knew his roots were in starting businesses and returned to Lincoln in 2009 to reengage his roots.

Upon return to Lincoln he assumed the role of running the property management business he was raised in.  Furthermore, he returned to his entrepreneurial roots and helped create a new technology company with his brother.  The new company has grown to over 20 employees in 2014 and sells their services to over 27 states.  Both businesses directly employ 60 people in the Lincoln area.  Todd feels well qualified to speak to employment growth as he has been in the business of hiring 100’s of people thru headhunting and his own businesses the last decade.

His motivation to move to Nebraska was also fueled by a desire to be closer to family and mold their kids in a value system his wife and him believe in.  He considers himself lucky to be chosen by his beautiful wife, luckier that he was chosen as a child of grace and feels blessed to be able to raise kids in an environment that accepts people with strong religious convictions.  Todd has been married for 13 years to his beautiful wife Kelly who was an accomplished International buyer before choosing to be a full time mother of 4 kids – 2 boys and 2 girls.