Allen West Voices My Concern On the Iran Deal

August 9, 2015|Posted in: Constitution, Foreign Policy, National Defense, Obama, Tea Party

I’ve posted enough opinions on Iran. I thought I would let a great speech carry the latest opinion.

I took to pen 2 weeks before Senator Cotton wrote his ‘Controversial’ letter (February WatsonforSenate Blog) and months before movements like these created steam. Allen West articulates my latest emotion on this deal. It is amazing this guy was voted out by his people because he is not “Main Stream”.

Thank God for those who served like Allen West. Only courageous lions likeĀ Allen go into liberal NYC and speak their mind in Times Square. He is not one afraid to share his faith as well.

May Nebraskans grow in comfort in living their faith and speaking truth. Enjoy!

Allen West Speaks His Mind in Times Square on Iran