Arming Syrian Rebels

September 25, 2014|Posted in: Foreign Policy, Military, National Defense

The Senate is not a place for the weak.  A Senator has to debate and answer the very toughest of questions.  Nebraska deserves to know how their leader will lead on the floor and address the tough issues.

The question on Sunday night at the Hastings debate was, “Do you support arming the Syrian rebels?”  A tough question that deserved an honest answer.

I cited that I was happy that this support was debated in Congress.  Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 is the part of the Constitution that talks about Congress granting letters of marque and reprisal.  These clauses are designed to empower other bodies to carry the fight in war.  I was happy to see that Congress was debating this approval.  This is the proper course of action and should be applauded as proper engagement rules designed by the Constitution.  These rules have historically been ignored by our Presidents and delegated by a passive Congress unable to lead a tough call.  Well done on engaging the Constitutional debate!

However, I strongly disagreed with arming the Syrian rebels.  I agree with Lee Terry’s dissent with his party on supporting this bill. Nebraskans, these rebels are out of control and we should not be arming these individuals.  We should stick to aligning or funding offensive efforts of organized governments against IS in the region.  We have too many examples of arming rebels backfiring on our country and killing our own citizens.  I do not support arming rebels.

At least you know where I stand on the question.  I’m not afraid to answer or debate the tough questions in Hastings or D.C.  Do you know where your candidate stands?  I’m ready to serve Nebraska.


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