The 2 Factions of Conservatives

The American Conservative Article

Spot on article from the American Conservative


“Were this Britain or France, the GOP would have long ago split between its open-borders, globalist, war party wing, and its populist, patriotic, social conservative wing.

The latter would be demanding a timeout on immigration, secure borders, no amnesty, no more needless wars, and a trade policy dictated by what was best for America, not Davos or Dubai.”


In a nutshell…this is why I left the GOP. They push the populists to the side. Those of us who want to secure the border, avoid endless war (FUTURE entanglements), and create trade policies in the interest of America are not allowed.

The donor interests who simultaneously own the media will push open-borders, globalization, and war (most ties back to money).

The patriotic, social conservative, populists, and liberty leaning candidates like me are not allowed an equal microphone at the table within the party.

I’m all in with Carson and Trump for my finalists in the GOP (PS–I like some third party candidates as well). I wish Trump had stronger social convictions and I wish Carson was not so duped into non constitutional crony trade treaties (most medical people struggle with economics). This is why I can’t pick a winner yet and need to hear more debate.

They are the last chances we have to keep those controlled by the money out. I’m OK with Cruz. Cruz is probably the most balanced on social and economic issues. However, he appears to have sold out with his attempted hiding of money from Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and inviting K-Street candidates to campaign for him. I don’t know if he has the real courage to overcome the donor class.

Rubio supported amnesty before border security (just a fact that he has changed–just like his religion–FOUR flips!). The US Chamber supports open-borders. Now, we have a rising Nebraska conservative candidate that can’t get a border bill to the desk (despite being in the inner circle of Homeland Security), is endorsed by the chamber (fighting hard for open border), and campaigns for Rubio.

On pro-life we have ringing endorsements from Wells Fargo (have you moved your money yet?), Bank of America, and Fannie Mae. These entites continue to support our conservative candidates AND actively fund Planned Parenthood.

Somehow Republican Nebraska can’t figure out why 100 day pledges on key Pro-Life bills go unfilled, a border bill cannot be put on the desk by the Republican majority, and the general welfare of the American people continues to slip. However, they can figure out how to share the latest and greatest speech and continue to preach accountability wihout really demanding any from their own. To put the cherry on top, many Nebraskans think our candidates giving the President fast track authority are out to defend the Constitution. This isn’t even a stretch to understand giving ANY executive authority at the request of this President is likely to be UNconstitutional. Don’t be a Democrat. However, don’t be Republican either if you really believe in the Constitution.

As we move into 2016, the media is slaming Rubio/Hillary down our throats and demonizing their opponents in an attempt to sway the average voter who needs to identify with popular acceptance in their environment. They need to find the courage to stand alone and join a smaller (but quickly growing) movement to stand for principles. Both larger movements are controlled by the money.

As far as Rubio goes, Santorum (who endorsed Rubio) and Jeb who pledged Rubio to be VP can’t name ONE accomplishment of Rubio in the Senate. I would argue the same can be said about our establishment candidates at home. Yet people are falling in love with the speeches and ignoring the same donors behind the scenes that have run the show for years for both sides. The majority of Americans would demand God let Aaron, not Moses, lead them through the desert because he could talk better.

Times need to change before we start making rookie federal officials American stars. What happened to the ball player that had to be a 30/30 or 40/40 guy before they were awarded the MVP?

Maybe you will start to understand the identity of the party and realize the social conservative, closed border, populist has no room in the GOP at the microphone.

We can be brothers and sisters when the GOP joins us on the second amendment, seeks to secure this nation, defends religious liberty, and pushes for less regulation. However, we need to defend the Constitution and promote the general welfare of We the People first. These are the principles forgotten by both main stream establishment parties.

Have a good weekend … read my thoughts on King David/Moses and Corporate Hog Farming to be posted later this weekend.

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Holding Ben Sasse Accountable

“I am urging conservatives to hold every candidate accountable to keeping their word so that we uphold the Constitution’s system of checks and balances,” – Senator Ben Sasse’s statement on holding Donald Trump Accountable.
No problem Senator Sasse.
I completely agree with Ben’s leadership on this key topic. Let’s start with keeping Ben who decided to throw the first stone at Trump and demand answers to HIS questions on Trump’s character and civil positions.
Should a Senator who refused to answer fair civil questions before his election have the moral grounds to demand answers to his questions from another candidate? (See “Fair Questions for Sasse” July 28, 2014 blog)
Should a Senator who missed the final TEN debates in the Nebraska general election be leading a mission ‘To Revive Debate’ in the US Senate?
Should a candidate who worked for the President, Homeland Security, the DoJ, and Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill self declare that he is the “Anti-Establishment Washington Outsider” candidate?
Should a Senator who made a 100 day pledge to sponsor key pro-life bills (a singular act in his control) and fail to follow through on his ‘pledge’ be held accountable?
Should a Senator serving on the Committee of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that fails to lead consensus with Republicans on a border security bill be held accountable after adamantly declaring the border must be secured?
Benjamin Franklin – “Well done is better than Well Said”
It is a shame we have more talkers then doers on both sides of the aisle.
I hate “going there”…but people leading the charge on holding people accountable need to be held accountable themselves.
Lets dig deeper into the subject in the video! Let’s realize every candidate is running into Constitutional problems in their statements. (I would love to hear Sasse’s Constitutional argument on the TPP bill).
Let’s determine who is responsible for checking Unconstitutional behavior and which side of the “Establishment” ledger has the larger Constitutional problem. Let’s be proactive and help Conservatives in a frenzy on who is going to be King (I mean POTUS) realize their is a team of imperfect people that have stepped forward that should work together to build America.

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Our Salute To Dr. King! Pictures Across the South Studying Civil Disobedience!

Part I: Remembering Dr. King

Part II: The Similarities to the “Non Establishment” Movement

Part III: Lessons from Dr. King to All Activists

Part IV: Discrimination in Nebraska

Part V: Observed and Noted Discrimination – A Good Sign that Justice is at Work!

Part VI: Pastors Must Become Bolder

Part VI: In Summary

Part VII: My Favorite Sermon from TD Jakes

Todd Watson’s Speech from Montgomery Alabama

Downtown Pensacola, FL monument to Dr. King.  Amazing Quote! "Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation.  The foundation of such a method is love."

Downtown Pensacola, FL monument to Dr. King. Amazing Quote!
“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”

Part I: Remembering Dr. King

Today, we celebrate and remember Dr. King.  I was fortunate this past summer to travel across the Southeast and learn about the approach to civil disobedience employed during the civil rights era.  I appreciated the discussion with many Independent Conservative and Constitutional Candidates during our travels. The passionate talk about how, what, and when we will advocate to create change to overcome two parties acting unconstitutionally was an energizing experience.  I was happy to hear the same themes in the South as I have heard in the Midwest.

We are fast approaching a dangerous liberty limiting era in American history.  Our people are clamoring for a government they see in other nations!  We have Biblical precedence on what happens to citizens when they become jealous for other government forms that offer less freedom then they are currently blessed to live under! People desiring government leadership over their lives is nothing new for groups of people (even the religious) that have drifted in their faith and trust in God.

Civil disobedience training is needed for our people to prepare themselves for a government organized by individuals and parties willing to violate their Constitutional oath.  Constitutional education is needed more than ever for every American to know their rights of what they are obligated to accept and reject!

I had studied Dr. King through the textbooks, but the visual tours added so much more detail and depth to his movement.  I encourage you to visit the Southeast with your family.  Alabama is the best state to really digest, feel, and learn civil disobedience in American history.  The triangle of Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham is loaded with American history.

Your kids (if you have them) will feel and learn the power of movements that begin in God’s Church.  I cherished my moment in prayer at the churches central to the civil rights movement.  To picture/comprehend/feel God’s strong message he delivered at these locations through these historical leaders was very powerful.  I tried to empathize with the depth of rage and corresponding strength/commitment to the non-violent cause one must have dealt with after church bombings claimed children from people of faith, caring for neighbors beaten with clubs, or losing friends to murder from hostile organizations.  Our brothers and sisters in Charleston, South Carolina demonstrated the response the people of the South had to display in those times.  Thanks for reawakening a solid testimony Charleston!  It is a sad to continue to see this level of hate across our land.

My visit reinvigorated me to continue my  protest to those abusing their power in Washington at the cost of the people.  It inspired me to continue to teach our population (especially children) on how to be difference makers in their community through the church.  We need these movements born in the church demonstrated to our kids again.  I’m talking to you Pastors!  Are you training your followers (especially youth) to be bolder for truth and the betterment of others?

Dr. King walked the walk.  He didn’t just talk the talk.

We have politicians talking the talk today to capitalize on the “Non Establishment” movement.  Unlike Dr. King, they don’t walk the walk.  Why?  They have not gone through the trials and steps as highlighted in TJ Jakes sermon that most leaders go through (See bottom of blog) to become a leader of people.  They have not been convicted with the true message and the desire for their citizens to prosper.

Many of our main stream politicians have walked a walk of continual popularity, no trials, and public praise.  They are literally addicted to the adoration of others.  They have not gone through the trials Dr. King and others have that usually correlate to leading a movement of justice for the benefit of the people.

Many of these politicians have had personal trials.  They are human.  However, many in the popular position have not had the political trials that promote standing for truth over party/donor interest.   Many have not gone through the trials of standing for right at the cost of standing with the majority.  This is why our Republic is dying.  A government filled with individuals consumed with being popular with the ‘majority’ is not the design of the original Constitutional Republic!

Dr. King was the figurehead of the civil rights movement.  However, there were many more spiritual and civil rights leaders making the difference on the ground that did not garner attention.  Each of them internalized the righteous anger that came from social injustice.  Each of them made a difference for the betterment of others.

With Dr. King as the backdrop to each story, I hope you enjoy my blog. Please read the captions in the pictures for many of the thoughts I had from my travels across the South (I was in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky).  Thank God for an American example like Dr. King to show how to fight from the pulpit, advocate for social justice, and demonstrate non-violent courage in the face of power.  People armed with pen, camera, or club that seek to silent free speech around issues of justice are very real.  Dr. King taught us how to respond!

Pensacola Lunch Counter Sit-Ins.  707 Days of Boycotts!  Would a Coffee Loving Christian Even Boycott Starbucks 707 days for Funding Planned Parenthood?  Would the Pastor stop pulling out the Wells Fargo card donating to PP?  Many don't evenly proactively show up to march for life.  Somehow conservatives have now let progressives define who shows up for social justice issues.  Christians have become 'soft' in standing up for justice.  We need toughness.  We have examples from people of faith in the South.  When would you boycott organizations denying life and liberty?  When will you stand?  I've redirected my coffee buzz.  Find companies (NOT JUST YOUR GOVERNMENT!) promoting organizations that support groups ending life/liberty and boycott.  Ending life is a far superior standard then boycotting groups who may "Disagree" with you on an inferior issue.  (I know drink lattes from a progressive coffee shop owned by a Nebraska neighbor despite our differences on many issues -- PS they don't support PP!).

Pensacola Lunch Counter Sit-Ins. 707 Days of Boycotts! Would a Coffee Loving Christian Even Boycott Starbucks 707 days for Funding Planned Parenthood? Will the Pastor/Citizen stop pulling out the Wells Fargo card that donates to PP? Many don’t evenly proactively show up to march for life. People of Faith have now let progressives define who shows up for social justice issues. Christians have become ‘soft’. We need to awaken a spirit of toughness in the faith community. We have examples from people of faith in the South. When would you boycott organizations denying life and liberty? I’ve redirected my coffee buzz to a new shop.  I’ve changed my banking provider…so can you!  Find companies (NOT JUST YOUR GOVERNMENT!) promoting organizations that end life and liberty…then boycott. Ending life is a far superior standard then boycotting groups who may “Disagree” with you on an inferior issue. (I know drink lattes from a progressive coffee shop owned by a Nebraska neighbor despite our differences on many issues — PS they don’t support PP!).

What I Learned During My Year of Advocating for the Modern Day “Non Establishment” Movement

During the Senate campaign, I was the only conservative to show up and debate in North Omaha.  North Omaha is a predominant African-American community in Omaha for the benefit of my national readers.

North Omaha is home to one of the worst violence rates in America.  Many politicians (like the Republicans in my race who would not attend) are afraid to make a visit and discuss issues with people that are not similar to ‘their circle’.  Fear, political irrelevance, racism, disrespect…whatever the reason….they are afraid to speak in North Omaha.   Speaking to the North Omaha community was very important to me.  It was my privilege to speak to all citizens across this state in 2014.  I had a new Constitutional message of hope that had to be delivered to all people despite their background or political persuasion.  The Constitution offers hope to many popular themes (income equality, justice, etc.) in North Omaha.

I also had a message of rebuke to deliver to local pastors in Omaha passively accepting platforms of “Pro-Choice” and other non family oriented policies in an effort to compromise for politicians seeking aid for the local area.    It was not just a “Be Cool” mission I had in attending North Omaha.  I had a rebuking mission as well for Pastors flowing in the wind against the solid guidance of God’s word.

Playing favorites to particular groups of people is not my belief set as evidenced in my message, my donors, and my conduct.  The conduct of my other “Conservative” Republican rivals is self-evident.

I debated Domina, Ashford, Jenkins, and Crawford (All Democrat and One Former Democrat, now Independent Candidate).  All questions were posed by members of Nebraska’s North Omaha community.  Did I take some heckling for some of my conservative answers?  Of course.  However, the vast majority welcomed my appearance.  We had a great night of shared dialogue!  Those that gave me a hug/handshake for being a pioneering conservative to finally show up to their political forum fueled my spirit.  Thanks for your encouragement!  Your encouragement, welcoming, and fellowship meant more to me then you know.   I’m happy to stand with and not be ashamed of Pastors no matter where they live.  However, I was clear to be in full support of the Pro-Life Bible Believing Pastors of the community.  Community betterment were mutually shared goals.  A shared philosophy of whom makes betterment possible made it easier to stand together. (Of course, I respected the views and beliefs of the other Pastors as a good American will observe).

Senator Sasse, Representative Fortenberry, and then Representative Terry did not show to debate, listen, or speak.  This may sound like 1950 behavior, but in fact this is 2015 GOP behavior in Nebraska.  I know the GOP doesn’t like hearing me preach to them.  However like Dr. King, truth must be spoken to power despite their disgust (See LBJ/Dr. King examples)!

Not debating, not showing up, not listening…..these are the actions that contribute to GOP perception of bias and ignorance of specific citizens whether that be in South Sioux City and the Latin community or North Omaha and the African American Community.   These actions are not well received.

Dr. King through his actions taught me how different and bold change agents must be.  (My attendance is not that bold by the way).  The advocating of Non Established conservatism and Constitutional views for the people can take time for adoption…especially when money from the people you speak for is not plentiful to fund ads.  The problem is compounded when money from the ruling class takes out ads broadcasting “Populist Promises” to the people.  Trust is hard to decipher in 2016 Partisan America.

My followers represented the rank and file hard working conservative. Like TD Jakes teaches, many of my followers abandoned me “To Win” the vote and beat the liberal at the end.  I have no hard feelings.  However, I’ll keep sharpening my “Caleb and Joshua” sermon for these followers.  They really don’t believe God is in control of the situation.  Deep down they still believe they are in control.  Our “Free Will” is just on display before he acts (My belief).

In the end, I’m happy to report progress for the Non Establishment movement!  You have 3 real options with both parties today that you did not have in ’12.  Unfortunately, Sanders believes in government control. At least he is honest and not deceitful in his Socialist opinions.  He is clearly outside the party will as the Democratic party continues to solicit a Hillary bid.

The ‘Non Establishment’ movements we see from main stream parties ARE related to those of us who courageously spoke truth across this land? (All of us who walked arm in arm for this cause lost by the way).

Where do you think this division of ‘Establishment’ versus ‘Non Establishment’ came from in 2016?  The parties are hearing our message backed by a growing number of citizens.  ‘Inside’ Candidates found courage to go vocal with the message delivered by us bolder ‘Outsiders’.  However, the main stream party is still rejecting the message.  They still don’t believe people like Sanders, Trump, or Carson really have a chance to win because they don’t hear their names echoed by ‘their circles’.  Newsflash: ‘Establishment Circles’ don’t mingle with ‘Outside Circles’ (See North Omaha).  You are not hearing the beat on the street.  I have walked with both circles and I assure you the sentiment is real and is motivated by citizen justice.

MLK's Home While Pastor in Montgomery, Alabama.  The King's porch was Detonated in either an attempt to murder or intimidate the Kings.  Numerous "Black" Church's were destroyed in Acts of "Hate" .  MLK remained committed to non violent protest.

MLK’s Home While Pastor in Montgomery, Alabama. The King’s porch was Detonated in either an attempt to murder or intimidate the Kings. Several”Black” Church’s were destroyed in acts of hate in the area . MLK remained committed to non violent protest.

Lessons from Dr. King to ‘Activists’

Dr. King stood alone.  He often fought the battles within his movement.  The average Joe will believe that most of the people throwing rocks will be external threats—the ‘Goliaths’ of the world.  However, detractors often come from inside a movement.  TD Jakes cites this reality in the civil rights movement in the sermon below.  Secular driven opponents maybe surprised that many of my detractors were Evangelical Republicans.  Surely God is Loyal Republican!

Dr. Carson is learning this message first hand as he works his own “Non Establishment” faith based campaign.  He has internal detractors as well.  They are abandoning him as Dr. King was abandoned.  However, he spoke truth to power and is why he has garnered so many faith based followers.  His statements on liberty/justice resonate in the heart.  He is a modern day Dr. King that many are abandoning on the inside and outside as they seek out a more “Popular and Zesty” candidate.  He shouldn’t worry about the herd.  He should keep preaching truth.   I keep praying for Dr. Carson to stay strong.

These fact patterns of rejection from the inside are similar to the line of King David.  We learn in 1st and 2nd Samuel challenges most change agents like David will face.  Most people have an obvious ‘enemy’ similar to Goliath.  The average citizen ‘Herd’ will identify Goliath as Trump for the GOP Establishment/Democrats or Hillary/Obama for Republicans.  The establishment has a way of building a “Goliath” in the media for their enemies.  However, I promise you the vast majority of the herd will be blind to the ‘Sauls’ that are working against the modern day ‘Davids’ as they take on the real Goliath of the people (Government and Corporate Oligarchs).

Most ordinary followers will clamor for their leader to battle Goliath.  They will look for a valiant fighter, a man with great armor, or an established leader to engage the fight.  Most followers will think a Shepherd boy is not one to look for to defeat a big enemy like Goliath.

Friends, God is the real hope.  He will use the inexperienced, the young, the ill equipped in earthly armor, and the ones with GREAT FAITH to fight his battles for justice.  Don’t forget David’s brothers’ views of David before the fight.  People close to you will abandon you too!  Acceptance/Popularity/Winning will always be the herds crutch.  Herd dying a figurative death in the desert has often been their outcome as well.

Once an earthly battle is secured, the powerful elite often will turn against their army/warriors to consolidate the power and glory for their benefit (See Donors/Party/Saul).  In fact, some ‘Kings’ you fight for will often pursue you to a level that you run to your former enemy to survive!  (See David fleeing Saul to live with the Philistines whom he once killed!)

Rookies know Goliath is the enemy.  Amateurs know Saul (whom David fought for) was the King to pursue David’s death after he beat Goliath for the sake of his benefit.  Savants know Saul pursued David to a level that David was forced to live with the Philistines– his original enemy!  Loving your enemy is a real lesson God teaches us.  David gives us one solid reason on why! Lesson:  Most rookies are familiar with Goliath but blind to the threats Saul or Kings they fight for will present to the warriors of truth!

We should be leery of Kings.  Better yet, we should learn from Samuel that our clamor for a King is wrong in the first place.

God ordained government.  Our founders looked to his guide to design civil structure.  In my opinion, free will IS in his design.   Freedom of religion IS our cause for all people.  Like us, God will not deny himself the pleasure of being selected by another free thinking human being for love (my opinion).  We have the freedom of religion.  We have the choice to choose God.

The lessons don’t stop there!  ‘Davids’ will often take on more than one enemy at the same time to create positive change for their people.  Let that be a lesson from this blog.  ‘Davids’ will have to take on battles for the people and flee being pursued by leadership he fights on behalf of. We need to teach leaders how to battle two enemies at once and gain a perspective that does not fixate on one threat only.  Please see a real modern day preacher in the spirit of MLK below.  We need more TD Jakes.  Minutes 50 to 60 are great on this very subject!


Discrimination in Nebraska

You really don’t know what it is like to be discriminated against until you go through it.  I do not know what racial discrimination feels like.  I do know what political discrimination feels like.

I had a contextual historical understanding of discrimination from textbooks.  However, living it was a way different experience.   I praise God for it.  It has made me a better/stronger/more empathetic leader.

I felt the movement by the ‘establishment’ first hand as I directly spoke truth to power.

It is not just the Establishment. The population will run too.  They desire and need ‘acceptance’ more than nourishment of truth.  Most will overlook the truth for the benefit of a majority identity.  They often need to see confirmation with others or on TV.  One or two political identities gives our majority a feeling of acceptance.  The feeling is exemplified and confirmed by various friendly outlets that exist for both persuasions.

Dr. King teaches us many of individuals, religious denominations, and support circles will abandon us too when we advocate for a new message that is unfamiliar to the masses.  Many followed and deserted Dr. King as his movement ebbed and flowed in popularity over time.  After his victory, everyone was “Onboard” and believed in his cause from the start.  (They like to win).  The reality is his movement had stiff resistance before it succeeded.

‘Free Institutions’ like The Omaha World Herald were the Chief Discriminators.  They would not cover my message. They refused to put our campaign in print because I didn’t have the money and establishment/party following ‘real’ candidates have.  They actually had a “Fundraising Threshold.”  Furthermore, their leadership in the political department had “Subjective” rules they employed that warranted coverage.  That “Subjective” judgment was a continual moving target.  Being on the ballot was an original standard that came and went.  It is no secret our campaign clashed on topics that are heralded in the agenda of the main stream political media.   Since when does the institution of journalism set the rules for participating and coverage of an election?  Guess who else didn’t cover North Omaha the night of the debate?

Most in Omaha still don’t even know I exist because of OWH and KFAB’s first hand discrimination against covering my voice placed there by the Nebraskan citizens.  Signatures from 89 of the 93 counties was not resolute enough for these outlets!  They would attend little to no events where Mr. Sasse was not present.  The citizen voice put on the ballot by Nebraska was not being covered.  What made our campaign more astounding is our ballots were 100% volunteer based.  We did not pay volunteers to seek out signatures.  The free press not covering a citizen initiative should present real fear to the average American.  Look outside these sources for independent/non controlled information.  God bless those journalists who actually understand their call and have ethics to match their work.

The Lincoln Journal Star refused to cover my message as well.  For my national readers, the OWH and LJS control/own most of the content across the state.  To the LJS,  I was a “Religious Candidate” that was only worth a brief mention. A person of faith can’t be capable of solid civil views was their unspoken message from the editorial and leadership board.  The one voice in Omaha who did allow my voice “Becka” had this same attitude with me as well due to my beliefs.  Full credit to Tom, he still had me on to speak (or argue with) despite his disgust from my openness with my faith.

Advocates against Free Speech and Debate came out against me as well.  I was refused by the National Federation of Independent Business (even though I own two companies with 85 employees), The Nebraska Medical Association, the Independent Insurance Association (even though I purchase from “Independent Agents”), and many more from participating in the Senate candidate forums despite the Secretary of State declaring I was a qualified candidate on the ballot.  I know Jim and I have opened the door for others in the future based on the blow back they received.  I forgive, but I have not forgotten the attitudes and belief system of many of their leaders.

This political discrimination is in on our blood in Nebraska for the benefit of contextual understanding of my national readers.  Non-partisans (despite our reputation as a Non Partisan state) are given different ballots to vote in the primary.  We are denied votes for specific offices. We don’t have the same voice in our primary as partisans do.  Again, 1950 is alive and well in Nebraska.

My cause of religious liberty (now mainstream), Constitutional designed economic justice (becoming main stream), and citizen liberty (still fringe with more Libertarian candidates) were being pushed against by the powers at be.  I was even denied to speak at a political club in my own church run by older establishment Republicans. Rejection by “Main Stream” followers is very common if you start a new cause.  Get ready activists.  Discrimination will come your way.  Embrace it!  Don’t attempt change if you need popular acceptance to survive!

To top it all off, I was discriminated against by organizations I have been a long time voice “For”.   I was evaluated as having a higher “Pro-Life” score then many of my political opponents.  However, I was not endorsed by the most influential Pro-Life group because I was an “I” and not an “R”.   Dr. King would have thrilled to know I was being judged by the letter behind my name and not the content of my character.

You know what?  I praise God for all the discrimination!  My depth of empathy grew leaps and bounds.  My eyes were awakened to Institutional and herd behavior. My leadership ability and my dependence on God began to thrive.  I learned how to walk alone (although my key circle of volunteers, wife, and key people in my faith circle gave me the encouragement and nurture an activist must have).  I’m grateful for the experience.  I’m eternally grateful for the support structure that walked with me through my toughest trial to date.

Friends, Rejoice!  Much was achieved for God in our campaign!  Our voice was not silenced, although not widely heard.  The letters I have received from many of you encouraged my soul.  Lives were changed.  My key volunteers did not drift.  God did not abandon me.  We got the money we needed to travel and speak our message.   We got many news outlets to cover the Citizen message.  Praise God for what happened!  New followers are now hearing the message in the mainstream.  Praise God for those around the country that sacrificed for the same message.  Praise God for Dr. King.  His encyclopedia of life experience helped give me a road map to navigate a culture working against a message (more my “I” identity) that was new and radical to old ears.

Like Dr. King, we had our supporters and our people who bucked the trend.  Many people believe in fairness, equal opportunity, and free speech.  The Cattlemen’s, The Nebraska Chamber, NET, Americans for Corporate Growth, UNL, Concordia, the citizens of Stanton/Seward, media like KRVN, etc. rose up and offered a platform for the citizen voice.  God bless them!

As for Omaha, KETV was the only televised news station in Omaha to put me on the airwaves.  However, Jenkins (the other “I”) and I had to split 10 minutes while each partisan candidate was given their own private 30 minute episode in the same time slot.  Progress in Omaha…Yes.  Equality….NO!  ….and KETV was the strongest TV voice for Independents!  I really appreciate their Independent approach to issues.

This is establishment and partisan Nebraska.  Our state likes those handouts given by the government for our businesses too.  Nebraska GOP free markets usually equate to farmer hand outs.  Getting insurance coverage was big progress and sacrifice for many around the state.  We as a state are in the initial stages of divorcing business from government.  Baby Steps!  For my national readers this maybe one of the most establishment states in the union.  Business handouts have been a way of life for many.  It is no surprise our base is slow to drift from those who have put a check in the mailbox.

I encourage every citizen to find and watch the NET debate online.  This was the only televised debate in this state.  (1950 I know).  You will see why I was called the “Constitutional” candidate by Scottsbluff media.  I was called a Reagan candidate by the Kearney Hub.  Most of you didn’t even know I or the message existed!

I’m not saying I was the only Constitutional candidate.  I can say I was the only one who offered a Constitutional debate with the eventual winner.  That debate was declined.   Let’s just say David challenged the Goliath of the donor class to the Constitutional debate.  Goliath would not show.   Goliath refused three times to meet and discuss platform stances.  My 50k rock was willing to go to battle against the $5 million voice.  The battle was declined so our message was not heard by many in the public square.

State Sponsored Action Against People.  We have a history of governments moving against the citizens of this country.  It can happen again!  LBJ passed laws in 1959 to stop political speech from the pulpit.  As only God can do, LBJ would the first to sign legislation that was led by numerous pastors from the pulpit (not just MLK) across the landscape.  Many pastors are too intimidated today by Unconstitutional laws limiting free speech.  Many believe in 501(c)(3) laws are the key to their provisions.  They need to relearn God is.  Learn from MLK--speak truth!  The politicians of today will drift in the wind to popular opinion (See current establishment gurus now preaching "Anti-Establishment" to keep power.  Follow actions...not words.  This opinion needs to be led with TRUTH.  Transcendent Laws cannot be denied by human laws--whether that be Nazi Germany, the US Constitution on slavery, or the Movements Against Religious Liberty/Expression/Exercise today.

State Sponsored Action Against People. We have a history of governments moving against the citizens of this country. It can happen again! LBJ passed laws in 1959 to stop political speech from the pulpit. As only God can do, LBJ would be the first to sign legislation that was led by numerous pastors from the pulpit (not just MLK) across the landscape. Many pastors are too intimidated today by Unconstitutional laws limiting free speech. Many believe in 501(c)(3) laws are the key to their provisions. They need to relearn God is. Learn from MLK–speak truth! The politicians of today will drift in the wind to popular opinion (See current establishment gurus now preaching “Anti-Establishment” to keep power. Follow actions…not words. This opinion needs to be led with TRUTH. Transcendent Laws cannot be denied by human laws–whether that be Nazi Germany, the US Constitution on slavery, or the Movements Against Religious Liberty/Expression/Exercise today.

Discrimination by Powerful Institutions Are ‘First Signs’ that Justice is at Work

More intense and deliberate discrimination is the evidence of a true movement for citizen justice.

The media is often controlled or act in a way to maintain access to the current “Power” structure.  They did with Dr. King.  They are doing it again today.

See media control against King, Gandhi, the Iranian Prime Minister of the 50’s and on and on.  The mainstream media/the institutions of power (becoming one) have always silenced progress.  Larger threats of Individual justice have usually coincided with the centralization of money, media, and political figures into a limited circle.  This is happening in 2016 America.  This is definitely Nebraska.

Unfortunately, our country now believes the candidate that skipped 10+ debates is going to be the key figure to pioneer a renewal of debate in the Senate.  Journalists continue to overlook the 10+ Senate debates he missed to substantiate the conduct behind this claim!  Why does the Nebraska media fail to ask a basic and obvious question?

Watch our historically document debates at WatsonforSenate if you want to see who originated the promotion of ‘Vigorous debate in the Senate’ idea.  Watch our debates on WatsonforSenate to see who did not debate the other candidates 10 plus times when every other candidate was present.

I don’t believe the genuineness of his statements.  I’m fearful his donors are trying to own this non establishment message for their benefit.  Scripts and speeches are his mode.  Off the cuff talks from the heart are not his specialty.  Prepared lines and speeches is Donor Party 101.  Donors owning a popular message for their power is not a new practice.  It is rooted in the history of the world.

I hope I’m wrong.

Furthermore, does the citizen really believe the “Anti-Establishment Washington Outsider” claim as well?  Examine his background of his life.  If I worked for President Bush, was Chief of Staff in the House, attended Ivy League and Oxford……I would not call myself an “Anti Establishment Washington Outsider”. Citizens must get better at watching the walk and ignoring the talk.  I have more points…but you get the trend.

I’m glad Senator Sasse is now talking a good game.  However, the walk when the votes actually win will be his true test.  Part of my role maybe speaking uncomfortable truth into his job and reminding him people are actually watching what he does over what he says.  Let this paragraph be a message of accountability and encouragement to Ben.  As a point of clarity, I was told by his Chief of Staff to not call him directly.  I’m honoring that wish or I’d correct him directly instead of going public as I demonstrated during the election.  My best advice to Senator Sasse is that he needs people around him to hold him accountable and not just sing his praises.  I’m afraid he has more of the later and less of the former in his inner circle.

I do like much of his message.  It is similar to mine.  I hope parts of it win for the sake of the people.  However, I know it takes true conviction and courage to see citizen justice through.  I know he struggles with citizen/party/donor balance.  He needs encouragement to follow the will of the people.  Therein lies his success and legacy.  Therein lies the temptation in failure to make a difference.

I know it takes the journey of trials like TD Jakes illustrates to see a cause thru.

To his credit, I know he has passed personal trials that far surpass mine (His medical battles with his wife surely built his character).  I really admire him for this battle.  However, I have yet to see political trials come his way.   I pray he experiences political trials so he can grow to win the bigger issues for the people.  Stump speeches on unattended topics are inspiring but the progress is in the details on the bills that hit the floor.  I believe he can be the answer if he surrounds himself with the right people to hold him accountable.  I love Ben, despite the appearance of this section.  I really do.  I know we share the same Savior.  I wish him well.  However, I will hold him continue to hold him accountable to what he says and does.  For the sake of our faith and his work, I would implore him to have his walk begin to match his talk.

Standing at the corner of Dr. King's church.  Just left of the sign is the state house of Alabama two blocks away.  The bus boycotts were organized here.  There is no better real life picture of truth spoken from the pulpit to the state.  This happened here.  Where has social disobedience from the church gone when inalienable rights have been violated.  May people of faith grow in strength and show the courage and nonviolent nature in protesting violations of human rights for freedom of expression and exercise.

Standing at the corner of Dr. King’s church. Just left of the sign is the state house of Alabama two blocks away. The bus boycotts were organized here. There is no better real life picture of truth spoken from the pulpit to the state. This political movement started in this church! Where has social disobedience from the church gone when inalienable rights have been violated? May people of faith grow in strength and demonstrate courage/nonviolence in protesting violations of basic human rights.

Our Pastors Must Become Bolder

Pastors must become bolder too.  See TD Jakes sermon at the bottom for a good example.  (PS—watch these sermons North Omaha if we want to rebuild a strong church to retake North Omaha for ‘good’.  Soft pastors that go along with pro-abortion need some time with God.)

Our American founding was ripe with pastors speaking truth against laws that violated “Transcendent Laws”.  America prevailed over the tyranny of the day.  Not ironically, the majority of ‘Declaration’ signers had Seminary degrees.  There is a reason the majority of our Founders were grounded in teachings of God’s word as they designed a liberty oriented government for the benefit of We the People.

Fast forward to Nazi Germany for Pastoral failure.  Pastors seeking ‘to be left alone’ or turning the other way in Germany were far too common.  They mistakenly removed their eye from the public square.  When the war ended, the legal defense of many Nazi’s was –‘We were just following the law’.  Christians claimed this defense as well.

This defense did not hold up in International court.  The citation of the court was profound and flies into the face of modern day America.  Transcendent law is superior to human law!  The Verdict of Nuremberg is Clear.  ‘Life’ is a Transcendent law.  They are valid claims against American law today.

Rewind to the civil war/civil rights era.  Our brilliant Constitution was flawed.  It was laced with thorough and well defined laws protecting slavery and unequal rights at the ballot box.  The Constitutional arguments were very clear, concise, and complete to keep these practices alive and well.  The Constitution would not have passed without these citations.  However, the Constitutional laws around slavery could not and would not hold.  Why?

Transcendent laws are superior to human laws designed in the Constitution.  Inalienable rights given to us by our Creator are superior to human constructed (slavery) laws.  In my opinion, Transcendent laws will find a way to win in the end.  Why?  I believe they are the laws ordained by our Creator.  Get on board or get out of the way!

All arguments of the Confederacy were not wrong by the way.  The South had good arguments for state control (non-slavery based) over federal laws.  This was a superior Constitutional argument they made.  They had concerns over liberty over the capture of those rights to the national level.  They were just and right in many of these points.

Unfortunately, they married a superior cause (Individual Liberty/States’ Rights) with an inferior cause (Slavery).  Good arguments like States’ rights fail when married to inferior laws that fly in the face of Transcendent laws.  That was the mistake of the Confederacy.  Their Constitutional arguments were solid.  Their understanding of Transcendent Laws went missing.

Friends, good laws lose when coupled with laws that are not just.

This is the lesson the GOP is starting to wake up to.  These are the root of actions that have failed the GOP for years (a big reason why I left).  They are losing ‘good’ positions by advocating for unjust ‘bad’ laws for donors.  They pass it off as ‘the way it is’ in Washington.  Newsflash: ‘The Way It Is’ doesn’t work either.

Most importantly for the righteous, remember Transcendent laws!  They are superior to human laws.  Compliance officers will follow any law.  We have many compliance officers in Church.  We have Compliance officers in our military.  Both groups need to be reminded that they are to obey ‘Lawful’ orders that are consistent with the Constitution.

We need to empower people of faith. They are Constitutionally empowered to disobey Unconstitutional Law!  They need to walk a road between Selma and Montgomery to embrace what a civil disobedience walk against powers of the state might feel like.

Furthermore, we need to see protestants show up to the abortion protests.  Conservatives have let Progressives dominate Constitutional rights to Protest!  We must lock arms with our Catholic brothers and sisters already doing the work in key areas like abortion!

We must empower ALL people of faith with the truth that God’s Transcendent laws are superior to Human laws!  We must fight for laws consistent with God’s design.  Life is a Transcendent Law as recognized in the International courts.  We must empower Pro-Lifers that are afraid to ‘lose’ with the knowledge that God wins in the end.  The convictions of our heart are in full view of God.  We must ignore what man thinks! We must express our Constitutional rights!  We must express and exercise our religious rights!  We must advocate for truth in our civil laws!

In Summary

Fast forward to today.

We have numerous human laws being written, affirmed, and upheld by our government.  More dangerously, we have numerous “Orders”, “Rulings”, “Laws” that are being imposed in an Unconstitutional spirit on the people.

Don’t go pointing the fingers only at Obama GOP (He is a horrendous offender).  The first calling of the Constitution is to Establish Justice.  Justice IS “Equality Before the Law”.  This is the first digression the GOP makes in building law.  Examine those laws written for donors.  Is this equality before the law for the American citizen?

We have a Constitutional right to ignore laws/rulings that violate the Constitution.  You can ignore GOP claims that their #1 job is to protect this country.  You can remind them that their #1 job is to defend the Constitution of which they are not doing.  Physical Defense is a subset to their primary mission of defending the Constitution.  It is a modern day message built in popularity that speaks to the “Security Need” of the masses but demonstrates the Constitutional ignorance of their oath.

Democrats, your President is as Unconstitutional as they go.  Your silence is not forgotten either.

Unfortunately, we have many pastors soft in speech leading the sheep to a ‘soft’ cloud.  They do not know the Constitution. They want you to read the Bible but many have failed to read the Constitution.  Please remind them of their dual citizenship!

Many pastors remain silent on issues in the Bible germane to THEIR government!  They lie in intimidation to governmental laws in contrast to God’s Transcendent Laws and American Constitutional law.  We need your voices Spiritual Leaders for the benefit of this country!

Many spiritual leaders fear the 501 (c) (3) threats.  Be like Dr. King!  Ignore LBJ threats over your rights to YOUR pulpit, to YOUR speech given to you by GOD, to YOUR responsibility from God to lead your sheep on issues of mercy AND justice.  Dr. King overcame LBJ.  You shall too!  LBJ’s human laws have fallen to Dr. Kings advocating of Transcendent Laws already!  Speak!  Be Constitutional!

Have you lost faith on who provides for your church?  Does the 501(c)(3) make mana rain down from heaven?  Do your sheep know where their provision comes from?  Your sheep are watching your lead!

Do they believe they have a voice because you have yours?  Do they believe human action is needed for their provision?  Do your sheep believe their speech has to be limited and contained?  What message from God are you communicating to the sheep?  We don’t need a civil voice leading the sheep.  However, we may need a kick in the butt from a civil voice to the spiritual voices to wake up!  The correction can go both ways in times like these!

Will Pastors continue to be silent like the pastors of Germany with serious sin that will condemn any nation?  Will spiritual leaders lead their people like Moses did out of an oppressive Egyptian government?  Will spiritual leaders preach truth to government like Moses did?  Will Pastors teach them the lessons of David?  Will Pastors teach their sheep they should expect attacks by internal and external forces for movements of justice?  Will pastors recognize these detractors inside their church walls?  Pastors sleep too.

Our founding father pastors were not silent.  Bonhoffer was not silent.  MLK was not silent.  We should not be either.

Transcendent laws shall reign!  Transcendent laws need a voice!  We need your voice Spiritual Leaders of America to shape our civil laws for our Republic.


TD Jake’s Spot On Sermon — Leadership

Friends, I want to close with a sermon from a preacher I admire.  In my opinion, TD Jakes is cut from the powerful influential cloth that Dr. King was cut from.  I’m as white as they come.  I dance white.  I laugh white.  I really jump white.  However, I like a soul church when I need to just “let the word go”.  TD is one of my favorites when I need a good sermon from the soul.  I love TD.  He is not perfect.  However, that is not the standard God has for either of us!

This attached sermon is on “Leadership”.  I present it to future leaders when I see potential.  If you are a true leader you will resonate with the truth in his message. I think this message on leadership will exponentially resonate with the activist.  We have ‘been there’ if you have fought a real battle for pioneering progress.

TD in minute 1 hits the primary problem of Americans and where they look for leaders.  His speech at minute 37 to 38 will tell you the reality of the problem of being “Popular”, being a true leader, and being held captive to fear.  Minutes 46 to 48 will teach you to be a leader and be comfortable with controversy (“Which means minority position among “Herd” followers).  Watch why people will ditch you at minute 1:16 in your cause.  He will teach you to identify all types of people and how they can help or work against you.

Minutes 50 to 58 will teach you to fight people on two fronts (Like David, Dr. King, etc.).  Don’t forget Dr. King was dumped by his denomination as well because he was controversial and didn’t speak establishment values held by the majority of his denomination.  I resonate with that as an ex Republican!

Remember, the Denomination came back to Dr. King in the end after his rejection!  The message from “Main Stream” GOP is coming back to true Constitutional leaders as we speak.  It is unfortunate many former party members like myself had to abandon the party to preach and stand for truth against the wishes of the Ivory Tower.  God be the glory.  I’m glad many of us did!

Read their message in ’16 and our message from ’14.  Note their similarity.  ‘THE’ message is being adopted by the establishment as we speak.  Just today I heard my own representative preach a new message of transparency in medical prices, a need for rebirth of American manufacturing, and a renewal of civic institutions to breed unity.  Where did you first hear that message Watson followers?

My alarm remains. Are these speeches crafted by the establishment?  Are they not authentic?  Is this being preached to consolidate power?  We must crusade on.  WE MUST SEE NON ESTABLISHMENT PEOPLE IN OFFICE to see this Constitutional mission through for the people!  Activists—keep rocking the boat!

Taking on the establishment, speaking truth, outlaying what real justice looks like, treating all people with respect like those in North Omaha, was a “boat” I was called to rock.   I’m happy to do my part.  All God’s children need love despite what they believe.  All God’s children need to do their part to serve his creation.

In the end, I praise God for how I was treated.  It was part of my journey into maturity.   I tried to knock over the money changers contaminating the temple of the church and government.  I’m glad I did!  They distort justice in our Constitution!

I encourage you to be courageous like Dr. King in ‘Your’ movement.  This is America.  We need the talent God created in you exercised!  Don’t follow the herd.  Be true to God’s word and follow his path he gave you to walk to serve others!  Don’t worry about popularity!  Don’t worry about winning!  Worry about being a genuine advocate for truth.  Worry about exercising the gifts he entrusted in you!  I promise you that your gifts if exercised under God’s thumb will grow!  Mine did.

Sinful?  Made mistakes?  So have I.  So did Dr. King.  So have you.  God uses the average and imperfect like us.  Rise up and be used for his purpose.  God Bless Dr. King and God bless you.  We got work to do!  Happy MLK day!  Learn from one of America’s great leaders!

Love You Nebraska!  Love You TD!


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Nebraska’s Growing Budget Problem


Nebraska’s 20 Year Spending Record

Nebraska’s Growing Budget Problem

It was great to see the Huskers turn back the clock 20 years in Santa Clara and feature an interesting football concept….the run.  The game spawned a question in my mind.

What if our ‘Husker’ government decided to create a spending plan similar to the ’95 legislature?  How would our government function? 

Two weeks ago, LIBA leadership (Lincon Independent Business Association) invited Nebraska’s Speaker of the Legislature Galen Hadley (Kearney-Buffalo County) to address our membership on this very topic.  The State budget was the primary conversation.  Full video coverage of his speech can be found on!

The ‘Mile High’ View – Accomplishments & Problems in the Budget

Over the last 20 years our state revenues have risen on average 4.4% a year ($1.8 billion to $4.3 billion).  That is a healthy clip.   Unfortunately, our State Legislature and Governors the past 20 years have presided over the same spending mistakes our national government began to make in greater significance in the 1930’s:  Increasing welfare to individuals.  This dangerous “Living” Constitutional view of Promote the General Welfare has taken root.  ‘Promote’ is yet another word that has been redefined by the Progressive movement.  ‘Promote’ now equals ‘Provide’.  What progress has been made in these areas with our citizens the last 20 years with substantial spending?  That is the question they do not want to answer.  We must transform our belief system.  We must internalize the fact that spending more money AND the institution of government will not be the primary solution to solve our social ills.

The Founders (who I feel wrote the best ‘Bible’ on the topic of civil legislation) knew the definition of “Provide”.  They chose to couple the word “Provide” with the purpose of “Defense” and not “General Welfare”.  This is a monumental difference that goes unnoticed by our elected leaders who have sworn to uphold the Constitution.

I will define the word “Defense” and “General” for the Republicans in a future blog.  (Hint: Think “Less Offense” and forget “Corporate” as the adjective to welfare).

If our government learned the definition of “Promote” vs. “Provide” we would improve this country’s financial situation.  Contrary to progressive beliefs, we would be improving many able bodied lives by freeing them from dependence on the state.  It is like exercise.  Short term pain for long term gain.

This subtle but massive change in our definition of “Promote” has created a staggering national liability that our nation will have trouble repaying.  The same “Provide” fact pattern is threatening our state if we don’t take action today.

Examining the “Husker” Budget

From strictly an accounting point of view, if spending rose less than 4.4% a year in any given category we would be growing our budget in a sustainable fashion.  If we spend less than our rate of revenue growth, we have the ability to do a tax cut.  If we spend less than our rate of revenue growth, we have the ability to fund priority areas in state government that present opportunity/risk to the state.  There are three major categories of state spending; Agency Operations, Aid to Local Governments, and Aid to Individuals.

Since 1995, expenditures in ‘Agency Operations’ have grown by 3.8% a year.  This is lower than the 4.4% growth in revenue.  This category stays in balance.  However, correctional services and the court system are showing cracks at the State level.

Nebraska could still increase spending in Agency Operations and be as efficient as revenue growth.  Less crime, speedier trials (especially out West with increased drug traffic), more state patrol, or cutting taxes are viable priorities in my mind.  I’ll let the citizens be the final judge.

Since 1995, expenditures in ‘State Aid to Local Governments’ have grown by 3.8% a year.  This is more efficient than the 4.4% growth of our treasury.  This category stays in balance.  Local education, homestead exemptions, and aid to local governments are in this area.

Unfunded mandates from state to local government are a large problem. Unfunded mandates from our national government to our state government are a large problem.  Addressing unfunded mandates could be a viable use of redirected funds at BOTH LEVELS!  However, it will probably take a partisan revolt to change this behavior as ‘passing’ the buck is as partisan as it gets.

Since 1995, expenditures in ‘State Aid to Individuals’ have grown by 6.1% a year!  Excessive and perpetual acceleration of individual aid spending is of grave concern.  You can make a difference in this area at home by becoming LOCALLY engaged and taking action.  Please redirect some of your attention focused on the Presidential race (of which your vote will have little consequence) to our state!  Call your Senator.  I know firsthand many are frustrated by the apathy of citizens with state government.  They would welcome your voice and involvement!

Further Analysis of the Macro Budget

‘Agency Operation’ share of the budget has shrunk by 11.2% the last 20 years.  ‘State Aid to Local Government’ share of the budget has shrunk by 10.8% the last 20 years.  However, ‘State Aid to Individuals’ share of the budget has accelerated at 39.2% the last 20 years!  Let that fact sink in. 

Does this spending behavior appear to be a balanced and responsible approach by our state government?  Is this the trend in service we want to see from a state government?


A 20 year perspective will help you understand where our government is trending. Slippery slopes happen each passing year with little fanfare.  The kettle on the range is turned up another degree each passing year to create more government dependence.

Understanding  the primary role of government as framed by our Constitution (both National and State) would help frame a direction for government.  Mercy should be primarily addressed by outside institutions who are exponentially more effective in dealing with societal problems.  George Washington served on a Vestry Board and worked on the Constitution.  He was smart not to combine both efforts in one institution.

If Nebraska continues down this path another 20 years with the same growth rates in revenues and category spending, State Aid to Individuals will be 41.9% of our budgeted expenditures.  Compare this to 22.7% of our expenditures in 1995!

Furthermore, these growth rates do not balance!  Despite our balanced growth in Agency Operations and Aid to Local Governments, we will be running an additional $342 million annual deficit due to accelerated growth in Individual Aid spending if this trend continues!  If we were to control State Aid to Individual spending at a 3.8% growth rate and maintain a 4.4% growth of revenue we would have a surplus of $1.1 billion in 20 years.  That is a $1.44 billion budget difference by controlling spending in aid to individuals at a 3.8% growth rate (compared to the 20 year 6.1% growth rate).  We could address infrastructure, cut taxes, invest in schools, empower local governments, or improve the state Patrol with this money.  However, what do I know?  I’m just an Independent with an unequal vote and voice at the primary ballot box.  I’m way behind in my line of thinking.

We need to set a responsible example to our children and our national government by being a beacon of light with responsible government spending.  Progressive politicians on both sides of the aisle need to wake up and exercise some fiscal constraint and responsibility.  They should not be afraid at challenging the endless empathetic arguments around state aid.  They should be more fearful in the lack of progress in the general welfare of our people due to this misguided approach to government spending.  They let short term cries around “Security” tump action that would provide that same individual long term prosperity.

Nebraska has time on our side to solve spending problems if we act now.  We should not kick the can down the road by talking tough and doing nothing like our national politicians do (seen a plan yet to tackle those unfunded liabilities as promised?)

I’m proud to be the only member to have run with a detailed plan to solve our social security problem with details.  I have solutions in this blog for our state as well.

Speaker Hadley and His Budget Speech

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear the conviction from Speaker Hadley to solve our budget problem during his speech. Below are some of Speaker Hadley’s quotes.  I have referenced the approximate time in the LIBA video for your reference.

Speaker Hadley Video (Will expire soon)

Opening Minute: “Nebraska is a high tax state.”  I agree.  What are your plans for change Speaker? Less rhetoric and substantive plans are needed from all levels of leadership to solve problems and start a conversation in constructive legislation.  Less talk and more walk please.

(5:30) “As a Senator those are hard things to deal with….Anytime you are working with aid to individuals”

A proper perspective in growth of spending and Constitutional intent should make this an easy area to bring to the table.  In my opinion, we need new legislators if cutting spending “Is too hard to deal with”.   He has his PHD in Accounting.  He should know where 6.1% growth trends in spending will take us.  

(11:20) “It is difficult to cut spending…it really is!  You get a lot of special interest groups, rightly so, telling you why their area is important to fund.”

Herein lies the biggest problem with partisan politicians today.  Democrats in general believe in more welfare spending.  Gadley is typical for the GOP…they can’t stand up to lobbyists.  They often take the campaign money and pass the spending bills for special interest.  It is time for change.  

I’ve attached a memorable PSA for advice if you have a hard time acknowledgin an Independent political figure.  It was produced by a moderate Republican.  This PSA will help Republicans and any sensible Democrats in learning how to actually cut spending and deal with those “TOUGH” special interest groups when they offer you a new spending bill.

Just Say No!

(14:00 and 16:25) Credit Speaker Hadley.  He is a very funny guy.  I like him.  This letter is about principled governmental differences and is not personal. He is hilarious!  I’d have lunch with the guy anytime.

Balancing the Budget

In summary, Speaker Hadley’s mile high view to balance the budget doesn’t add up. He wants lower taxes while simultaneously saying it is very hard to make a spending cut. Those positions do not go together to create a balanced budget.  Unfortunately, they garner votes from the simpleton citizen who can’t solve 1 minus 2 and like what they hear.  Independent conservatives like me prefer to do the math.  Like most Republicans, he is preaching more employment and growth in the economy to “Grow” out of this situation.

Friends, have you looked at recent financial statements from the farm?  They are not strong.  I’m very familiar with our farm in Wayne County.  It is not a banner year. Cattle Markets are struggling as well.  Income tax (a big driver of state revenues) from Ag will be down.

Hadley expresses the unemployment RATE is a key stat he watches for income tax growth.  Friends, the unemployment RATE will not get much stronger than present levels. However, net positive migration for jobs and wage growth should aid income tax revenues.

At the end of the day, if you add it all up, you see a headwind coming in revenue. Revenue challenges and lower taxes will not bode well for a balanced budget when it is “Too Hard” to make cuts in spending.  We already have a $100+ million shortfall on our hands.  It is time for action!

In summary, growth is not a be-all end-all answer.  We do need to grow.  However, we must also cut spending!  We must demand a plan by our representatives to make wise decisions for the benefit of both sides of the ledger.  One sided ledger arguments appear to be the primary challenge with both Republicans and Democrats. Both hasten the goal of a balanced budget.  We must balance considerations to create inflow (not raising rates) and stop wasteful outflow.

“What About the Poor Todd? Don’t you care!”

I’m very passionate about ending oppression of the poor.  I’m very passionate about ending endless welfare for the able bodied non working poor. They coexist nicely.  Addressing the Federal Reserve, taking on the financial institution lobby, and reducing endless welfare for the able bodied would be my goals.

The Fed. Our financial system needs to be based on money earned in hard work.  Our financial instruments need to be backed by equity created by labor…not a printing press.  Investment equity needs to primarily come from people, not Wall Street. Change percentage of bank debt to private bonds and watch our economy grow for all.  This will shrink inequality and allow Americans to thrive (albeit at different levels) together by reducing the monetary float from the printing press that works against labor.

Abraham Lincoln knew labor was the superior to capital.  Both parties are slaves to the banking system and will not make necessary changes.  Article I, Section 8, Clause 5.  Learn it.  Understand why we no longer follow the original Constitution.  Income Inequality is a problem.  Structurally designed inequality can be addressed when we tackle the banking system.  Controlling money for the people will enable the poor to get a leg up on purchasing power and savings/investment options.

It doesn’t stop there.  I want even tougher limits placed on the financial institutions.  We should wipe out usury interest from our books.  Payday loans, 18% interest, etc. just prey on our poor.  Rates should not exceed a percentage over prime.  Those businesses usually extend problems for the poor.  They do not solve the problem.  Short term pain for long term gain.  Remember?

Our current financial system is set up to prey on the poor and inflate producing assets to a value that make them unattainable to those offering hard work to produce livelihood out of capital.  Ask yourself how new young farmers who took a mortgage out for land at record prices (no interest printed money inflates prices) are doing?  Do young farmers even exist or have viable options to start a farm?

Second, we need to fight for our poorest workers first before we can fight for these clauses with a straight face.  Count me in with Trump on fighting for work at home.  We need our manufacturing jobs here. It is time the establishment of both parties learn business.  Stop getting schooled in trade.  We need to control our borders from Democrats allowing additional unskilled workers to come into our country.  We need to control our borders from Republicans letting good jobs leave this nation with poor economic policy.  Control the borders should work for business and people.  Adjust national policy accordingly.

Finally, Nebraska (and America) needs to stop “Providing” the General Welfare. People need to be Independent again.  Providing is not the Constitutional perscription and it doesn’t create vibrant citizens that contribute. It is time to relearn the ENTIRE pre 1913 Constitution for the benefit of all citizens.

My Solutions to the Nebraska Budget

As a blogger that offers solutions and not just criticism…here is what I would do differently.

  1.  Stand up to lobbyists. Lobbyists should not be bullying around a Speaker.  Just say NO Speaker Hadley.  Do what needs to be done for the people.
  2. We need to move spending allocations back to historical levels.  Capping all spending at 3.1% growth is not strong enough.  Let’s put a 10/20 year plan in motion to move total percentages in the “Big 3” categories back to 1995 allocation levels.  Aid to Individuals should be reduced as a percentage of budget by .5% a year until the category reaches 22.7% (1995 level).  A return to the Constitution would be a better option.  However, I’m offering a pragmatic approach that is more likely to pass with Democrats and Republicans who find it “Hard” to cut spending and operate in a “What is everyone else doing” progressive environment.
  3. Invest in our young people.  Want growth in income tax?  Train them for good jobs. Leave them less debt to create a business or run a healthier life at home. In-state tuition should drop by offsets in state spending.  Funding of Universities and State Colleges should move up .25% of the total budget for the next 20 years as long as our schools invest in principled education and not elaborate buildings/social engineering/or more overhead administrative jobs.  Hank Bounds/Regents – Are you listening?  Higher Educational Achievement = Higher pay = Higher tax base. Furthermore, make sure our community colleges get their fair share.  We have unfilled high paying jobs that would generate income tax.  We need to help our community colleges “Get the word out” on the opportunities they can create for Nebraskans TOMMOROW.  I’ve spent hours at community colleges from Metro, Milford, Hastings, etc.  We are missing HUGE opportunities for our people!
  4. Address Unfunded Mandates.  At a minimum, unfunded mandates must be capped (Preferably eliminated).  Passing the buck maybe American.  It shouldn’t be Nebraskan.  Don’t cramp our localities ability to make needed local decisions/investments.  Local decisions make a bigger difference.

Nebraska is unfortunately trending the progressive way of National government.  Even Republicans are adopting liberal initiatives at home (See recent votes on Death Penalty, Higher Taxes, More gambling measures that hurt our poor, etc).  Proud conservatives in this state should recognize they have let the welfare state (as a percentage of the total budget) grow by 39% the last 20 years while our spending in our 2 main areas have declined 10%. Is that conservative legislation from a conservative state?

Our state legislature has made a poor statement about our future by dropping our total spend on our University/College system from 19% to 14% of our budget!  This would not be my message to the next generation and Nebraska to grow a brighter future.  My suggestion would be to gradually return to 1995 levels in education in the form of tuition reduction.  Our University system is a governmental charge to address in our charter.

Unfortunately, our state budget is a reflection of the growing belief in progressive philosophy within both parties.  It is time for common sense and fiscal discipline!

We have the brainpower to get this done.  We just need to witness more courage from our delegation.  Leadership starts at the top!

I hope you benefited from my “State” blog for the week.  I will return to National issues soon. I wanted to make a contribution to the dialogue at the state level for the New Year.  I’m grateful for the service of our Nebraska State Representatives for their hard work and little pay to make Nebraska a better place.  I’m happy to say that many of you have become trusted peers the past two years!  I value your relationship.  Thanks for what you do.  I believe in and am counting on you to make this right for my four kids and many other Nebraskans this year.  Let’s ensure the Good Life for the next 20 years!

God Bless! Have a Great 2016 Session! …And Believe in the Run!


Please follow my ongoing twitter feed at @watsonforsenate and my facebook page ‘Watson for Senate’ for the latest blogs.  Please share my material to help educate your friends!

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Senator Fischer…Troubling (In)Action on National Security

Does it bother you when elected officials play the ‘blame game’ but are participatory in the cause of the problem?  Does it bother you when Senators are silent when platform issues are being debated on the floor of the US Senate?  It bothers me.

In recent weeks, Senator Fischer’s criticisms of POTUS (President of the United States) have grown in frequency and intensity.  It is time to set the record straight and hold Nebraska’s elected officials accountable for their role in foreign policy failure.

Senator Fischer continues to badger Obama on his failed Syrian rebel strategy.  I will avoid the severity of personal attacks she employs.  I will keep my criticism to the facts of foreign policy failure and silence.

Senator Fischer is responsible for poor decisions on national security.  She APPROVED the failed Syrian Rebel strategy she is currently mocking.  She is not alone.  Every Republican in Nebraska authorized Obama’s Syrian strategy except one.  Former Representative Terry and I were the only conservatives to go on the record and say “No” to Obama’s Syrian strategy.

To make it worse, Senator Fischer and other Republicans are passive in taking legislative action to stop the Iranian treaty after MATERIAL “Side Deals” have emerged and remain undisclosed by the President.  This is not the courage we sorely need in 2015.

Furthermore, “Self-Imposed Moratoriums of Silence” on the floor of the US Senate in the face of evil is self-evident.

King, Lincoln, Kennedy, Netanyahu, and my personal favorite Bonhoeffer warned us against silence we are now witnessing.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer — ‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.’

Let’s examine the votes and multiple instances of silence-

The Factual Record on Syria

During the 2014 US Senate debates, the three debating Senate candidates (Domina, Jenkins, and I) answered fair, honest, and tough questions.

There were two questions we were consistently asked in September 2014.

Do you support the President’s air strikes?

Do you support arming the Syrian rebels?

All three debating candidates supported the air strikes. However, candidate Domina and I were the only candidates who went on the record and objected to arming the Syrian rebels.

Speaking for myself, I objected because my contextual historical knowledge understood that arming third party rebels was a dangerous and ineffective strategy.

Senator Sasse did not debate the question.  Silence.

Senator Fischer voted “Yes” to Obama’s Syrian strategy to arm, fund, and train Syrian rebels to fight this growing conflict.

Unfortunately, the popular and winning ‘Yes’ position would turn tragic for America and the Syrian people.  We must learn from and correct the lessons of history if we are going to move America forward.

OWH – Story on Unilateral Approval of Arming Syrian Rebels (Except Lee Terry)

The “Great Debate” in Hastings. Minutes 44 thru 52 Highlight the Syrian Rebel Position

What Has Been the Result of a “Yes” Vote For Syrian Rebel Support?

  • Many Syrians have been slaughtered or have fled their homeland
  • There are now an estimated 9 million displaced Syrian refugees
  • The number of refugees is at a crisis level across Europe and the Middle East
  • Washington must now address immigration/refugee status on displaced Syrians
  • ISIS has maintained their funding by continued control of oil wells
  • The Russian aggression into Syria is filling a vacuum of leadership
  • Putin is now the lead “Alpha Dog” in Syria

Senator Fischer would like you to believe this is entirely Obama’s fault.  However, the record is very clear.  Senator Fischer authorized and blessed this disastrous Presidential strategy on the floor of the US Senate to deal with the problems in Syria.  The authorization and choice of an inadequate strategy has lead to an epic crisis America must confront.

This is a massive failure in discernment and strategy by our current delegation. Obama’s perpetual failure of plans in the Middle East should have brought skepticism into authorizing an additional “Obama” strategy. Even Dave Domina, the most liberal candidate from Nebraska, knew this was a bad strategy from the President. Although I seldom agreed with Domina during the debates, you can see my visual affirmation of his position in Hastings at the time of our initial disclosures.  This was an important decision of magnitude.  Unity for National Security was displayed.

My “NO” to the Syrian rebel decision is a very different on the record position between me and other conservatives like Senator Fischer.

Senator Sasse did not debate or take a position.  His silence was a foreshadowing of his conduct his first year.  Key issues to his platform (abortion, border security, Obamacare) went unaddressed as well with a “self-imposed moratorium” of silence. Monumental debates on the floor of the US Senate came and went without a peep.  Pledges of 100 day legislation went idle.  Nebraska observed this conduct of silence first hand and overwhelming approved of this behavior in their vote.

Senator Sasse and Silence – LJS 10/07/2015

Culpability belongs to the media who filled the silence with endless stories of adoration.  They “swoon” to those receiving national media coverage.   Journalistic action for policy disclosure should have been the aim.  To make it worse, the media proactively silenced the bold and vocal voice put on the ballot by the Nebraska people because I continually mentioned a profane 3 letter word in the media “G-O-D.”  The mere fact spiritual people can have intelligent opinions on civil issues is still a concept that is hard to comprehend in the secular media driven world.

Moving on, Senator Fischer stated the consensus opinion after the vote. “Doing nothing in the face of a growing threat is simply not an option. It’s important for Congress and the president to show the world that the United States will stand up and lead.”

‘Leading’ is the last word to describe American action in Syria.  America’s ‘shoot from the hip’ conflict strategy authorized by the US Senate was a horrendous approach.

The wisdom and consequences of that first monumental decision to have LARGE and immediate ramifications are now on the record for America and Nebraska to examine.   The astronomical consequences of these actions are visible throughout the world.   

America currently supports 4 to 5 armed rebels!  What a strategy!  How about the Huskers play defense with 4 players? How about the Huskers give Pierson-El to the Gophers to play against us this weekend?

Senator Fischer’s Formal Statement on Arming Rebels

This specific recruitment of rebels only garnered 60 recruits.  Of the 60 recruits garnered by this strategy, only 4 or 5 rebels remain as expressed by our military leaders.  5 Syrian rebels…ISIS must be trembling!  Is this the “Peace through Strength” strategy authorized by Republicans?  Let the “5 Rebel Strength Fact” (or 60 if you want to give full credit) sink in to understand how poor of a strategy this was.

Unfortunately, the situation has grown worse.  Ben Swann and other respected journalists cite that our equipment, training, etc. from this authorization is now being utilized by ISIS against our interests.  This was my ultimate fear of what would happen!

Lives are now dying over this decision.

If Democrats could spell responsibility they would turn on Obama.  If Republicans really acted with accountability, they would hold Senator Fischer and every other Republican responsible for their authorization of a horrendous Syrian rebel strategy.

Instead, we will be stuck with two failing parties whose strategy is to point at each other and assign failure for the Middle East to gain a “Default” vote for their party.  Problem solvers remain missing.

Senator Fischer’s Statement on “4 to 5” Rebels

The Truth of the Middle East – 2 Videos to Educate the Average Voter


The above link is the best narrative from a REAL journalist on what is going on in the Middle East.  (Warning: It is not what the media normally spins).

The link below is probably the best “Top Level View” of what is currently going on in Syria.  Most Americans are confused (understandable) with all the different groups, names, and allies in the region.  I think this piece will help you better understand the situation and different parties at play.

Furthermore, most of the American people are conditioned to think about wars within the context of nations.  America must relearn sectarian vocabulary. Understanding the Shia and Suni difference is more relevant to understanding Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and IS.

The video below was created by “VOX”. Despite many of VOX’s beliefs, I still believe it narrates the basic story accurately for the average viewer.

I hope these two stories help clarify the situation for those that are confused.

The Modern Day Story of Syria (Read Daniel for one of the Ancient Stories)

What Americans Need to Learn.  My Proactive Recommendations to Our Problems.

1.  America started the problems in the Middle East by drifting from our defined Constitution.  Stop drifting!

America has lost focus of DOMESTIC Tranquility and Providing the Common DEFENSE.  America should have stayed out of Iraq.  Our Constitution was designed to save our blood, money, and toil for the betterment of Americans.  America needs to practice self-control.  America needs to ignore the wishes of large military complex donors that profit from engagements.  The American people should focus on Providing the Common Defense and Not Providing the Common Offense.

Observe the Constitution!

2.  America’s problem is compounded by our foreign policy being dictated by ‘Big Oil’.   Foreign oil resources need to be formally removed as a ‘national interest’ motive in foreign policy.  There is a reason the media will broadcast endless propaganda on Iraq and downplay massive genocide in Rwanda.  We need to ignore oil interests who benefit from overseas wells.  We need 100% North American sourced oil and remove ourselves from blood money that is stained in Mid-East oil.   We need to ignore Republican donors’ large interests in Mid-East oil.  We need to overcome Democratic attempts to stop domestic production.  Let’s start drilling and stop importing!

3.  The Military Complex profits from “Double Sales” with the confiscation of our weapons by third party fighting forces.  The follow up sale is reselling more goods to our government to defeat third party forces armed with our weapons.  This “Double Sale” cycle is a habitual pattern for the US government.  We give weapons to Bin Laden, Saddam, Contras, and the list goes on through covert government action.  This policy often requires us to fund larger military machines to destroy opponents who possess arms WE SUPPLIED!  We must recognize the military complex (donors) create conflict of interest in our elected members decision making process.  We need our representatives to think Constitutional defense before donor base!

Furthermore, a costly mega war is brewing.  This potential war will be more costly in needs because our government has now enabled a well funded Iran through horrendous diplomatic action.  I’m convinced Iran will be using the $100 billion+ of additional inflows for research and the purchase of strategic weapons.

Ask yourself, would America need a larger or smaller defense budget if ISIS didn’t have the equipment/training America provided the Rebels through the Syrian authorization?  Would we need a larger military force if American diplomatic action did not free $100 billion+ to flow to the Iranian government?  We need to stop allowing our enemies access to large scale resources to purchase weapons! Senator Fischer needs a larger defense budget because she is enacting or failing to act diplomatically in foreign policy.  More on this later…

4.  Our legislative branch has to debate what wars we engage in.  We have a soft legislative branch that defers to the President to dictate military engagements.   The Constitution authorizes our legislative branch to declare a war.  1941 was the last time Congress had the guts to own a declaration.  We have lacked Congressional leadership with regards to military engagements for over 70 years.  We need to demand Congress authorize our engagements….not the President!

Furthermore, the power of the purse (the true power of Congress) can dictate the size and scope of how our President will fight.  Instead, we have numerous puppies in Congress led by horrendous leaders laying down their Constitutionally assigned roles.  They habitually defer to the President on issues the Constitution says are germane to the legislative branch.  Both parties have deferred to Republican and Democrat Presidents on engagement/war declarations.  They have been followers and not leaders.  We need our elected legislative leaders to follow the Constitution.

5.  I cited a different mindset that needs to be incorporated in my blog on September 7, 2015 featuring an insightful TED talk on the mentality of insurgents. Check it out. We are going to have to work together with different mindsets and skills to improve the situation in the Middle East. Defeating the enemy is not enough.  Filling the vacuum must be solved to bring a stronger sense of stability in the Middle East.

6. Look for leaders not afraid to debate.  Lindsey Graham (not my candidate for the record) is the only leader to offer a specific war strategy with specific details in the GOP Presidential debates.

Most of the other candidates are ducking the details of their war strategy.   One of the most important questions in a Presidential debate is how they would organize and win a war.  If you are unable to show leadership in debate on this topic….you will not show decisive leadership as Commander In Chief.

We need leaders.  Inept leadership is exactly what we are witnessing when a Presidential candidate has no strategy to lead an engagement/war.  We must demand our next President outlay their strategy before they are elected.

Understanding the Presidential candidate conflict strategy will give voters a “Yes” or “No” option.  Subsequently, their Congressional candidates will have a black/white option on if they will declare the war AND fund the strategy outlined by their preferred Presidential candidate.  The voter should have the choice in picking a strategy to WAGE a WAR.  The voter should have a choice with their Congressional representatives to DECLARE AND FUND THE WAR.  This is how we will achieve representative government.

7.  We need to elect decisive and strong leaders.  Period.


This is the crux of the accountability report.  I have written more for your benefit to maximize the money I’ve been given to spend on Facebook to educate Nebraska.  If you wish to read further (I realize this is not brief),  I am blogging on these additional related topics:

1. President Trump cites caution in future offensive engagements

2. Senator Fischer’s Passivity in Budget Compromise.

3.  Is Senator Fischer Conservative?

4. Iran Tests Precision Missile. The Similar Fact Pattern to Nazi Germany

5. Russian Aggression.  Putin is Providing the Leadership Lacking From Our President and Congress

6. The Consequences of Being Afraid to debate

7. Funding Defense

8. Closing thoughts as a Civil Independent

Presidential Candidate Trump Now Cites Caution in Future Engagements

It is great to hear Presidential Candidate Trump echo an approach Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and I advocate for.  We need more defense and less offense.

America’s “Proneness to Offense” lies in our sensitivity to evil dictators portrayed by the media.  Americans love to pin their anger on one face (cue Media Evil Dictator Picture) and engage an offensive war.  Americans need to evolve and focus on defense.  In my personal opinion, foreign policy needs to return to focusing on a balance of power in a region.  I believe we need to do a better job in understanding the chaos America creates when we disrupt existing power by going on offense in an area that does not enhance worthy national interests (please exempt International Oil as an ‘Interest’).

We need to be more sensitive to the greater evil waiting in the wings of an evil dictator.  Our removal of “Organized Evil” creates an environment of chaos where “Non Organized Evil” can thrive and inflict greater damage.  Pick your poison.  “Organized Evil” with a more stable/non-imperialistic history is often the wiser choice in foreign policy when two evil options are at play.

Senator Fischer’s Passivity in Budget Compromise

Senator Fischer is compounding the problem in the Middle East.  SHE WOULD NOT SUPPORT Senator Cruz’s amendment to defund the implementation of the Iranian deal from the continuing operations vote.  Since the originally understood Iran treaty failed to be blocked, NEW AND SUBSTANTIAL CONTRACT LANGUAGE has surfaced that fundamentally changed the agreement as understood by the Senate.

Why has Senator Fischer not taken bold substantive action with the revelations of new self inspection knowledge?  She mistakenly stated “Self-Inspect” was not true at a Chadron town hall in August.  Unfortunately, we have learned the self inspect citations are true as the first samples were turned over by Iranian officials late last month.  Should we not reconsider the ACTUAL treaty being offered with “Self Inspect” language?

President Obama was caught in another lie.  At the passage of the ORIGINAL deal he stated in BOLD fashion, “Iran has agreed to the most robust and intrusive inspections and transparency regimes……This deal is not based on trust, it is based on unprecedented verification.”

I trust these self inspections as much as I trust a “Change in Behavior” proclamation from our 2 political parties.

This deal could not be trusted from the start.  However, based on new “Self-Inspection” language it would be hard for any rational official to back the actual treaty (Not the one they originally voted for based on lies from the administration).

The ACTUAL treaty is clearly not based on, “Robust, intrusive, and transparent inspections.” as promised by the President. We need a new vote based on a fully disclosed treaty to honor the Constitution.

In the wake of this new information, Senator Fischer remained silent in supporting a new amendment to strip enforcing the Iran Deal from the continuing resolution.  In addition, the establishment failed at bringing the NEW TREATY WITH SUBSTANTIAL SIDE DEALS to a vote.  Passivity at its worse.  Our National security interests will suffer as a result.

Based on this passivity in the face of new unprecedented danger and her authorization of a failing Syrian strategy, our national security has been placed in danger.

National Security Aside….Is Senator Fischer Even An Advocate for Conservatism?

Putting National Security aside, is she even an advocate for conservatism by voting for a continuing resolution to run up the debt WITHOUT A SINGLE CUT AND 100% FUNDING of Planned Parenthood?

What proclaimed conservative can support a singular bill that fails national security, social conservatism, and fiscal conservatism at the same time?

I’m entirely fed up with the National Republican Party and their false claims to be advocates of conservatism.

When will Senator Fischer say “No”?  When will she say “Enough”?

We have watched Senator Fischer authorize and fund the Rebels in 2014 that enabled a world crisis.  We watch Senator Fischer vote “Yes” and continue to fund an out of control government and Planned Parenthood in 2015.   We watch Senator Fischer fail to take up the amendment that will withhold funds from a “Self Inspect” Iranian treaty.  We watch as our Senator’s passivity allows $100+ Billion to flow to Iran to fund their initiatives.  I could keep going…..

What will be the travesty in the December continuing resolution?  What will her passivity bring to America’s land in 2016?  What is her lasting contribution to America her first three years that jumps to mind?  What will it take for a continuing resolution to be stopped by Senator Fischer and her Republican Allies?  What is it going to take for her to get tough and stand for principles?  Can she win ONE concession from Democrats in a continuing resolution “Compromise?”

(PS–The Democrats may have the worst “Compromising” behavior in the history of American politics)

Senator Fischer…I will pay you a few compliments to keep this balanced.  You are great taking pictures with the kids.  You are great taking pictures with the Nebraska industry groups that fund your campaign.  Your social graces are much stronger than mine.  You read the scripts crafted by party leadership forcefully on the floor. You articulate accurate frustrations with Obama.  You make the casual Republican comfortable.  You are very friendly and approachable to the public.

However, we are in an era that needs bolder leadership.  The educated conservative knows these actions do not ‘cut it’ in serving our national interest.

I’m encouraging you to put down the passivity and act with convicted and courageous leadership.  One statement against Iran, Planned Parenthood, and overspending is not strong enough.  We need you to fight and bring these critical issues to the floor.  We need  you to put up a strong fight for a REAL compromise with some basic conservative influence in a continuing resolution.

I’m encouraging you to embrace independent wisdom to navigate this country into a stronger future.  We need courageous conviction to stop the measures that fund ideas, philosophies, and positions you were elected to change/fight/reverse.

The evidence clearly demonstrates you only fight for principles when the media is quiet and/or the stakes for the party are low.  Compromising principles for popularity and perceived future power needs to stop!

Nebraskans you need to call your Senator and demand grit.  These continuing resolutions have dire consequences for our nation.  We have a baby dying every 90 seconds, dangerous threats advancing in Iran, American hostages remaining unaddressed in Tehran, and an additional growing $2 billion of debt a day passing to our kids, etc. etc. etc.

We cannot allow this behavior of our government to continue.

The Latest IRANIAN Test Missile and How it Relates to Nazi Germany

If you study the history of Nazi’s testing the “V-2 Rocket”, the situation is eerily similar to the fact pattern happening in IRAN.  Hitler sold his victims a lie.  He was buying time to develop weapons like the V-2 rocket and strengthen his war machine. He would violate his promises and conquer them later after his power was consolidated and his war machine was mature.

90% of the people who knew better remained silent in the face of Hitler’s evil…sound familiar? Knowledge without courage is dead.

With this ‘context’ in mind, Iran continues to chant Death to America and test longer ranged precision missiles AFTER the agreement.  America, don’t be stupid with formal Iranian promises.  Don’t believe their lies and ignore the popular rhetoric behind the scenes (or in the ‘open’ on Twitter). Don’t ignore the testing of new precision missiles.

Unfortunately, Senator Fischer is laying down her gun.  She lays Nebraska’s vote and America’s purse on the table.  To compound the problem, Senator Sasse remains quiet on the floor of the US Senate until November in a self imposed moratorium of silence.

They both should know better.  We need bold action now.

Iran Tests Missile

Putin and Russian Aggression.  His Leadership.  Our Passivity.

In addition to trumpeting Syrian rebel failures, Senator Fischer is sounding the alarm on Putin and Russian Aggression. However, take note America.  Putin is showing 100 times the leadership and gumption then both our legislative branch and POTUS COMBINED.  He is leading the action in Syria.  He is fighting “Our Funded 4 Rebels” as well as those that defected to ISIS leadership.  We would be in massive conflict and trouble with Russia if their aggression with our “Funded Rebels” was against a legitimate opposing force America actually believed in.

Meanwhile, our President continues to execute a disastrous policy in the Middle East.  To our President’s credit, our legislative branch doesn’t even have a plan.  Their plan is to blame POTUS for his.  This is a broken theme by the GOP in healthcare, border control, Syria, healthcare, and on and on.

I know Obama is failing.  I knew that before the 855th Facebook post of the year pointing to this fact.  My concern is and has always been…What are the Republicans going to do about it?  The answer has been nothing.

Republican power in 2016 at the cost of leadership in 2015 for the GOP is the perpetual answer.

Compromising principle for power is and always will be embarrassing.  Historical ‘context’ tells us that control of all 3 branches does not translate into proper use of power (see turn of the century).  Demand action today.

The Consequence of Being Afraid to Debate

To make it worse, the Republican voters continue to elect people that are afraid to debate.  What do Nebraskans expect to happen on the floor of the US Senate when they elect people that will not DEBATE Pre-Election to an audience of Nebraskans asking tough and fair questions?  The voters perpetuate a lack of courage in Congress with their complicit voting record.  They vote for those practicing ‘silence’ they witnessed firsthand.

We need a new POTUS.  We need a new legislative branch that will lead. America’s future hangs in the balance.  Principled platforms of border security, pro-life, and national security cannot endure silence when the subject matter presents itself for vote on the floor of the Senate.

Unfortunately, these (in)actions have now extended another year after the 2014 election where my volunteers and I offered principled change to the status quo.  We’ve continued to move backwards in 2015 with a vacuum of no leadership in the Senate.

Courage…not knowledge…not connections…not campaign war chests… is what we need in Washington at this very hour to save our Country and Constitutional way of life.  Unfortunately, our best hope AT THIS VERY HOUR is Senator Fischer and Senator Sasse.  Despite my warranted frustration, I encourage you to join me in their encouragement.  America needs their action today for a better tomorrow for our children.  Call them to take action.  They need encouragement to avoid the passivity of their party and the misguided intentions of their leaders.  However, hold them accountable for their (in)action in 2018/2020.  This country can no longer afford poor and passive leadership from individuals with conservative and constitutional knowledge.

Funding the Military

Senator Fischer now is harping on the President/Democrats for their inability to adequately fund the military.  Senator Fischer is right. We do need a strong defense.

However, our defense budget would not have to be that large if Senator Fischer and friends made the right decisions from the start.

Would we need as much money in defense if we didn’t have to battle ISIS ARMED WITH OUR EQUIPMENT that Senator Fischer’s authorization to the Rebels provided?  Would we have to stock a larger force to deal with the potential threats Iran poses with weapons purchased with billions from an evolving Iran treaty Senator Fischer will not readdress?

Finally (the part that is not Senator Fischer’s fault), we would not need this level of defensive funds if our country learned to keep our eyes on our own business. We need Americans to trust the Constitution and ignore the media narrative for more world police engagements against “Bad Guys” in a country with even “More Bad Guys” waiting in the wings.

A change in discernment to arm the correct third parties, prohibit the releasing of funds to arm our enemies, and controlling our desire for future world conflict is needed to reestablish Constitutional wisdom for our Republic.

My Closing Thoughts as a Civil Independent

As an Independent, I have a minority opinion both parties could learn from.

Democrats need to stop importing the world to America. Republicans need to stoop trying to export America to the world.  We need to focus on America FOR America. 

How do we solve these problems created by entrenched parties and their donors?  We need a full understanding of the Constitution.  We need voters to value courage and principles over connections to greed, knowledge, and media approval.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid change is not coming as rapid as it needs to (although public pressure on our representatives is starting to change civil behavior).  The study by KU is right.  41% of people will vote for “Their Party” even if they believe their ideas or candidates are not worthy of support.  The conclusion of the study?  Winning is more important than right.

In my opinion, “Not Losing” is more important than winning to the voter.  I find too many conservative Nebraskans are motivated by fear of failure.  Fear of losing trumps advocating for a candidate with an ACTIVE, CLEAR, and VOCAL Constitutional vision. Fear never accomplished anything.  Fear is failing us now.

We will reap what we sew as Caleb and Joshua taught us when we vote for ‘winning’ over ‘right’.  America is unable to stop evil advancing from either side of the aisle when we vote “Not to Lose”, enable passivity, and empower leaders that demonstrate silence.

It is time this losing streak ends.  Please call our representatives and demand they get tough.  THEY HAVE TO CHANGE TO IMPROVE AMERICA!

What is on the line?

A baby will be terminated every 90 seconds.  Our kids debt will rise by $2 billion each day.  Iran will gain time to deploy $100 billion to fund their reign of terror.

We cannot afford another day of passivity and silence from our Representatives. Demand action now!







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