Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team

What the Huskers Taught Todd Watson

Huskers David

What the Huskers Taught Todd Watson

When I was a kid I had my heart broken.  I was in love with the Scoring Explosion and the ’83 Huskers.  The night of the Orange Bowl was devastating to me.  Why did Coach Osborne not kick the extra point?  ‘We’ just needed a tie to call ourselves the best team in the land.  Coach Osborne didn’t see it that way……

I like most Lincoln kids went down to Memorial Stadium game after game to see the Huskers.  The stadium did not have the perfect looking façade back then.  It had solid cement foundational columns with engravings on the top of each corner of the stadium.  One engraving states, “Not the victory but the action.  Not the goal but the game.  In the deed the glory.”   This statement did not make much sense to me after losing title chance after title chance as a kid.  The opposite seemed true with a victory focus.

“Not the action but the victory.  Not the game but the goal.  In glory the deed.”  This is how the statement should be written with my heart’s desire to win the Orange Bowl.  The opposite MUST BE TRUE if you want the real victory and the goal of the National Title.

As years passed, I always felt bad for Coach Osborne not winning the title. However, I grew to appreciate his decision to go for two.  Coach did what was right.  He earned a high degree of respect for that decision.  We have always looked to coaches for leadership including Coach Osborne.  However, he always had a different aura—even before the titles.  I began to realize the true meaning of that phrase over time.  The original phrase was correct and grounding for a person surrounded by the world preaching contrary claims.  Not the victory but the action was Coach Osborne.  Coach Osborne cared about how the game was played—not the goal (outcome).  In the deed was Coach Osborne’s glory.

As I talked to other people I learned how much admiration Tom Osborne earned around the country for that decision.  Coach Osborne was not afraid to lose.  Coach was willing to take a risk to win.  Is that courage gone? Does Coach Osborne only choose the right action over victory?

Today, I hear ‘I’m afraid to lose’ in the voice of the voter.  Losing to a ‘deemed’ greater evil is driving their decision and they continue to respond to the fear mongering of their favorite media outlet.  Fear and money are the driving forces for voter opinions and candidates.

Are we looking for fear driven actions and who has the most money from Non-Nebraskans to be the voice of the Nebraska people?  Is refusing to be examined by the Nebraska people by avoiding debates and surveys the right action or the right decision for victory?  What human emotion is driving the decision to avoid participation?  Are we focused on the outcome or the game? Should the ‘game’ still be played on the Nebraska field?

I’m too “Old School”.   Changing a mind is hard, but many are doing that each day as they learn the truth about the conduct of “the team”, the money, and ability of each candidate.  This week we had our first committee interview by the York GOP party.  Each member in attendance listened to the platforms of myself and the GOP candidate.  They unanimously endorsed our campaign on an individual basis.  Are you evaluating the message from the source or the media?  Do you depend on the media for factual information if you have access to the source?

In their soul, Nebraskans know right and wrong.  People want victory–but are they examining the actions?  The true American outcome is still in God’s hands based on our hearts and actions—not who wins the vote.  I believe we should keep that in mind.

Victory has become more important than the action.  Glory has become more important than the deed.  A goal has become more important than the integrity of the game.

I go back to God’s word for guidance and I read Caleb and Joshua for continual inspiration.  The action was more important than the victory in the vote for Caleb and Joshua.   In the deed was God’s glory.  God had victory planned for Caleb and Joshua in 40 years.  In the case of Caleb and Joshua the victory came with the action and not the victory of the vote.

As we enter these final days, we need to remember our roots in Nebraska.  It is an understatement to say that Memorial Stadium is part of our make-up and our culture.  Part of what we embody is on the four corners of that stadium.

“In Commemoration of the men of Nebraska who served and fell in the Nation’s Wars.”  We honor and care for those who served.

“Courage; Generosity; Fairness; Honor; In these are the true awards of manly sport.”  Are you electing a candidate that demonstrates courage?  How about generosity of their time? Do you see fairness in debate? How about a conduct worthy of honor?

“Their Lives they held their country’s trust; They kept its faith; They died its heroes.”  “Memorial” is priceless and should never change.

These are the four corners of OUR stadium.  Those corners are significant to this campaign. More importantly, the people inside that stadium need representation.  Nebraskans need one of their own who has not sold the will of our people to Washington or Wall Street.

Maybe courage, fairness, honor, and the joint voice of standing for “There is no place like Nebraska” is fading.  I hope not — it is my home.  We need to remember our Spiritual Heritage, our Constitutional Heritage, and our Nebraska Heritage.  Washington needs 100% Nebraskan to change this country.

I’m happy to represent those with courage to stand apart from political parties.  The Constitution is our framework.  I care about the actions of our elected officials not the victory they seek for themselves and their party/donors rewarded for paying for their seat.  The game needs help from those outside of two groups more interested in controlling the goals (outcome) and total victory.  The outcome has become about the welfare of the donors–“General Welfare” is lost.

We are looking for officials who put the country before party and self.  In this deed is the glory for America and Nebraska.

Enjoy the game with Rutgers. Take some time to look around and reconnect with the soul of the program and its founding values.  The wisdom is calling from all four corners.  They just may guide us back to believing in a choice that believes, “There is No Place Like Nebraska.”   Todd

Todd Watson is an Independent Candidate Running for United States Senate in Nebraska.

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The Only Candidate to Answer ?’s from Right to Life AND League of Women Voters.

I’m the only candidate to answer both the League of Women Voters and the Nebraska Right to Life questionnaire.  I don’t have close to the size of staff they do, but we are able to get the job done.  I feel an obligation to disclose to all Nebraskans an honest response.

Furthermore, I’m not the endorsed candidate for Nebraska Right to Life.  This group blanket endorsed all Republican candidates in the primary because they answered the questions correctly.  They established the precedent to endorse more than one candidate.  However, having members on the board of the Republican Party may help sway the organizations endorsements.  Multiple endorsements are not happening in the General Election even though I’m on the record with strong responses equivalent to other endorsed candidates.

I defended ‘Life’ last night in the debate in Stanton, Nebraska and Monday night in Omaha. Watch for the videos soon. However, I’m not judged by my character.  I’m judged by the letter behind my name. This is common with Nebraska voters too.

To the organization’s defense, at least they published my info.  Nebraskans United for Life did not ask for my opinions or publish my views on life.

I’m penalized from the Non “R’s” that went before me even though I’m not a “D”.  They will let you know that is the reason for their decision.  At least they own their decision.

However, has an “I” let you down before?  I don’t want to divide the movement.  However, I do feel very alienated if I’m honest.  Pro-Life is very important to me.

I think it is a very poor decision and poor statement to make to Independents who share pro-life views.  It needs to be said.  Alienating the movement from the largest growing segment of political believers is not a wise decision.  In a national 50/50 tug of war you should not be alienating the middle.  We are clearly not treated or respected like Republicans in the movement.  Pro-Life Democrats do not have a chance anymore of receiving consideration if you think it is bad for an “I”.

These organizations defending life do not trust the character of an “I” to stand for right over an “R” based on political affiliation.  It is 100% foolishness.  That is on them and not on me.

I’m still committed to the Pro-Life cause despite the lack of human approval.  I will always stand for what I think is right. However, I do challenge these groups.

Who stood up in the public square to defend these values this week?  Who brought the Pro-Life argument to the debates as Dave presented his arguments for Pro-Choice?  Who did not?  Who did it with compassion?  Who stressed adoption, foster care, and loving these women in tough spots?  Who was preaching to a choir of people that already believe the same?  Newsflash: the floor of the Senate is not a place with 100% friendly fire.  Get ready for the Big Leagues.

We answered the bell to defend Life in the Public Square this week.  We will persevere on and do the right thing and not the popular thing.  The difference of standing for right in a challenging environment makes me a stronger candidate.  Even Nebraskans who disagree with me deserve to understand 100% of my positions on the toughest questions.

Most Nebraskans know I care for their future.  They may not agree with my “How”, but they know they can count on me to listen to all Nebraskans regardless of belief.  The League of Women Voters and Nebraska Right to Life know I will take the time to answer their questions.  I’m happy to give of my time to all Nebraskans regardless of belief.  Thanks for listening Nebraska—even if we share a different opinion.  I will continue to protect all people’s right to speak and share their conscious despite differences of opinion.  I am committed to evaluating people on their actions and beliefs – not labels.  I consider it fortunate to be discriminated against this year.  It has really helped me experience and empathize what others go though.   Being judged by labels and not who you are is not fun.  However, it is human life.  We will push on.

God Bless Nebraska – Todd

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Individual Accountability – The Broadening of This Definition

Accountability – “An obligation or willingness to accept responsibility”

Who we are accountable to is key on how we approach issues.  Accountability is a great value that promotes progress in society.   However, this value in conservative circles has been pushed to a dominant money focus.  (Ask yourself what % of the political debate in GOP circles have you heard on non-money issues?).

Matthew 15:18 – “But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart.”  Most questions I field or asked by reporters have to do with the pocketbook–this is the focus of the debate as well.  This is what our hearts care about.

As an Independent I desire to expand the definition so it dictates our approach to a large number of issues — including money.

In addition to our work and money, do we think about our family, our spiritual development, our church, our community, our vote, our schools, our God, our country, when we think accountability?  I do.  We are accountable for a lot — not just our money.

People, not the government, will create change.  However, how accountable are we to our entire being and community?  Is 12 hours working on one’s personal pocketbook accountable?  My personal belief is “no”.  Our imbalance of focus on accountability is causing problems in our society.

Most importantly whom we view to be accountable to dictates our actions.  People who believe they are accountable to themselves will focus only on themselves.  People with views of focus on accountability to their family will take care of themselves and family and so on.   The accountability that has been eroding (in general not person specific) has been a spiritual accountability to our creator, the civic responsibility to our community, and a commitment to our family (put the cell phones down–this takes mental effort).  These dominant political expressions of money as the main goal are dangerous approaches to leadership of people.  The value is good–the narrow approach is not.

I’m an Independent and a Traditionalist.  I believe in being accountable to God, Family, and Country—in that order.  I believe in being accountable to Nebraska–not a party.   I’m committed to a broader view of accountability because society is not 100% about the money and it is definitely not about maintaining power in a small subset of people.   Hard work and business growth IS part of that equation–it is just not the ONLY focus of that equation.

I’m running to be accountable to all Nebraskans and work at returning power to the people and out of the Government.  I’m running to return the accountability of our representatives to the people and not the power of the party.

Todd Watson for US Senate is an Independent that believes in Accountability.  However, as an Independent we must emphasize that Accountability is a broader term that Individuals must exercise with their liberty to create a positive change in ALL areas they are accountable.  We would appreciate your support this election season.

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The New GOP Message – Building the case for Todd Watson for Senate!


I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.  We are getting back into the groove today with our writing and will be hitting the campaign trail again next week.   We are thankful for the incredible numbers we are pulling the last 3 weeks.  We thank you!  Keep the grassroots effort up!

Today’s article continues to build my case and should continue to sway conservatives that the Republican Party is no place to be electing a conservative to represent your values this next year.  Some of my quotes are coming from the print edition as opposed to the online message above.

The percentage of people who express negative feelings towards the party is at a 23 year high of 48%.  Shocking on why the party is in disarray and compromising values to get back to “popular” again.   You can read the article for your own consumption but let me make a few observations on the article.

“The Republican “LEADERS” (again not to beat a dead horse but this is why I can’t go Republican) and their corporate allies have launched an array of efforts aimed at diminishing the clout of the party’s most conservative activists and promoting legislation instead of confrontation next year.  GOP House leaders are taking steps to impose discipline on wavering committee chairmen and tea-party factions.  Meanwhile, major donors and advocacy groups………….are preparing an aggressive effort to groom and support more centrist Republican candidates for Congress in 2014’s midterm elections.”

Translation—if you are not going to pull the centrist party line you will not be placed into powerful positions in the party.  Second, limiting the tea-party faction.  This is a direct assault on the “balanced budget” people.  This message was received in the house and it is why you had roughly 75% of the House supporting the latest budget that did nothing to work us towards balance.  Principles die easy when you value your party power positioning/support over your convictions.  This is why you need to vote candidates with conservative principles outside of the party.

The more you give this party power—the more you are not going to achieve your goals.  Nebraskans are clear—we want a balanced budget.   In my opinion, the Republicans have nothing to give up and that is why the party wants a “centrist” message.  I’m open to compromise on how we get to a balanced budget but I’m not willing to compromise to a message of not balancing the budget.  The reality is this country needs to give on both sides of the isle and sacrifice.  People who are familiar with my material know I’m critical of the party power fighting that goes on.  Let’s look at what John Boehner is threatening his own party members with:

“In the run-up to the budget vote, Mr. Boehner’s deputies warned chairmen who were tempted to oppose the deal that doing so could jeopardize their committee posts.”

Translation—pull the party line of the budget (poor compromise—see previous posts) or be prepared to lose your party power positioning.  Talk about putting party members in a choke hold!  Friends, we need conservatives free from this party to get something done.   Their party is going to erode their positioning to get their new “recast message” out and elected to the White House.

Let’s move on, the next quote is from the print edition of the WSJ on A4.

“Six chairmen had voted against an initial version (see earlier farm bill post where we cite the original bill was better than the second) of a farm bill earlier in the year, causing the legislation to collapse on the House floor.”  It is amazing to me that our farm lobby is continually fooled to support the Republican Party.  Call your trade groups and ask what party they support and why?  Ask them if they are aware of the record of the party leaders with the farm bill. Give them a wake-up call!  The Republican committee leaders killed the farm bill earlier in the year. 

Finally, the rest of the article dives into money issue after money issue.  They have the majority of American’s passions there.  However, I’m comfortable in standing on my own in this issue.  The change in our country is going to happen when we put our emphasis on God and not money.  I’m not saying economic policy is unimportant—it is very important.  We will spend plenty of time debating economic policy but I will not let the message of returning to our spiritual heritage be overshadowed.  Declaring the order of what is important is a statement we need to make and I want to be clear we need God’s strong hand on our country to make this place work.  Again, I can’t control what people believe but I can declare my underlying belief to that message of God dependence.  I can go toe to toe on money as one that has worked in the private sector as an entrepreneur and CPA for my working life.  However, let me be the first to say our return to our spiritual heritage and an ethic of hard work is going to lead us back—not policy.

Friends, you are not going to lose your conservative ideals with me.   You may have candidates that support conservative values but remember their own party is going to be fighting their influence—just read the article for yourself. Please vote for Watson!  This is a vote for principled conservative convictions without the obsession with and freedom from political party power.

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Paul Ryan Agreed To What? Is This How the Republicans Attack the Deficit?


The House BUDGET Committee Chairman, Republican leader Paul Ryan, agreed to a budget with the Democrats yesterday.  The man who would not agree to a “step in the right direction” with Simpson Bowles in 2010 is now claiming he is taking a “step in the right direction” by compromising on a budget.  Politico.com states, “it (the deal) cuts the deficits by $23 billion, sets new higher spending levels for the next two years and replaces automatic spending cuts set to take effect in 2014.”

Are these the goals fiscal conservatives and believers in the Republican Party had in mind?  Is this the way the party comes through on achieving fiscal balance?  The Republican party leader has agreed to “set new higher spending levels” and “replace automatic spending cuts.”  It is preposterous that I have to keep telling conservatives the Republican Party will not have the guts to achieve fiscal balance.  Their 34 year record speaks for itself.  Many of my independent peers are conservative—we just understand political reality and can’t stand with a party that cannot execute any longer.  We welcome conservatives to join us in standing for fiscal balance rooted in political reality.  The Republicans can’t make the tough calls.  Todd Watson will.

The absurd irony is conservatives think by sending more Republican candidates to work UNDER the current Republican leadership of Ryan (the Republican’s last VP candidate) and other party leaders that we will achieve fiscally responsible results.  At what point will the majority of conservatives realize the party cannot make fiscal results happen?  How long will they continue to follow hollow political rhetoric during the election and be disappointed when the heat is on?  Join our campaign.  We have no ties to anyone or any party.  We are under the authority of God and Nebraskans if elected.  We know this state wants fiscal balance and we will work hard to achieve this.

If you want to know why we say, “No Time on Wasteful Party Politics” – this is it.  Here is the quote from the article….”If the budget passes, it sets up a helpful message for Ryan as he considers both his future in the House and the 2016 presidential race — he can claim he is a man in tune with the realities of governing.”  See my blog post on November 29th where I point out the problems in the party.  In 2000 to 2006 the Republicans had dominant control of Washington.  The Republican Achilles heel is they make unwise decisions for power positioning (look at their history) even when they have the keys to the city to pass whatever law they like.  This problem with power is one of the reasons why they could not execute legislation when they had dominant control at the turn of the century.  It will be the same problem if they were to regain control in 2014 or 2016.  This is the latest example of the power play in Republican leadership (this time orchestrating a move for President). This is the same pattern of behavior we see with Ben Sasse going to Washington to meet with Mitch McConnell on leadership positioning of the party (see November 29th Blog) a year before the election even happens.  Republicans are obsessed with power and will do whatever it takes (including compromising budget stances) to obtain power.

Paul Ryan is the leader the Republicans put forth as the Vice Presidential nominee with Romney.  This is the latest example on a long list of powerful National (still like my local leaders) Republican leaders that confirm why I’m Independent (although still conservative).  Make no mistake, these guys own the Republican votes as leaders in the House and as Presidential hopefuls.  These are the leaders that your Republican elected candidates will have to stand behind and support if they run for President.  I will spend my time governing, not pulling the GOP party flag for these hopefuls that cannot execute a conservative agenda.  This failure to execute is why the National Debt has risen dramatically under Republicans as well as Democrats.  You have great political rhetoric from Ryan with “10 year budget deficit elimination” and graphs of the “path to prosperity” that illustrate the elimination of the National Debt.  When it comes down to a deal to get the job done – I rest my case.

Let me go to the defense of Paul Ryan for a few moments.  Paul Ryan understands that there has to be compromise in the budget.  I agree with this assessment.  They do not have the votes to obtain the budget they desire.  However, how long did it take to realize this?  He has been extremely slow to the middle.  Why did it take so long to recognize an extreme position is not feasible (Simpson Bowles was a great “step in the right direction” back in 2010 that he rejected, and he was on the commission)?  Why was he so slow to realize political reality?

Furthermore, Republicans need to wake up.  As I’ve mentioned from the beginning — we need a balanced budget.  I’m the only one that will speak the truth and say we need to make cuts in defense and entitlement spending.  You can’t believe the never ending Republican rhetoric that we just need to get government out of the way and business growth will take care of the budget problem.

We are conservative.  We will get government out of the way.  However, this is not a mathematically complete solution to obtain a balanced budget.  We need cuts and they are going to be tough but necessary decisions in all areas — including areas conservatives historically value.  We will attack liberal positions with authority but it is a politically impossible proposition to go with 100% you and 0% me in budget talks.

I still think we conservatives can succeed in preserving the strength of “conservative” areas, but we are going to have to give a little in defense, entitlements, etc.  If you don’t have a few cards to trade with the Democrats—you don’t have political feasibility to get a balanced budget until you have dominant control of all three branches (and you don’t mess it up like 2000 to 2006).  Let’s have some dialogue on these cuts if you are truly serious about balancing the budget.  I’m open to solutions, not complaining.  We have to find a way to tame this budget.  It is going to take cuts that pain all of us in the short term, but will preserve our freedoms and our ability for prosperity in the long term.

It is time we put the hard hats on–face the problem–and make some tough decisions.  Everyone has to share in the sacrifice (our third platform value).  That is the tough pill few in politics have shown the guts to swallow.  Our campaign will take the tough SPECIFIC stances necessary to secure our future (reducing defense and entitlements) .  Voters can vote for what they like to hear if they want.  I am going to stand for what’s right (shared sacrifice) for the long term future of this country and let the chips fall where they may.  We cannot afford to put our faith in these national parties and the political candidates they control anymore.  Our faith is in God’s direction and I trust Nebraskans can face difficult decisions as we look out at a political landscape that needs some courage, determination, and perseverance.   We need to show some stewardship of the resources we have been given.  Wreckless spending continues to show our uncontentment as a country with the riches we have.

I have great compassion for all of our people in Nebraska.  At the same time I have great confidence in our people to take on tough challenges.  It is in our blood.  I will be honest, forthcoming, bold, but compassionate with you.  We must have the tough talks and work together.  We must make every attempt to preserve the fiscal foothold of this country and we must all own our part of that sacrifice.  We will be straightforward and honest with the difficult decisions we feel we have to make (see my stances and previous posts) for the well being of the next 30 years.

Nebraskans, I know you are tough.  Our state has proven we can sacrifice and make it work.  We have to be honest in this situation.  Please quit listening to political rhetoric.  Observe political party history for the last 34 years and it will teach you neither party has fiscal discipline.  We cannot afford to send another Republican or Democrat to Washington under the direction of national party leaders.  There is a reason that Congress has a 9% approval rating.  The electorate has to awaken and make a shift in voting.  The media must wake up and give attention to new ideas, new candidates, new parties, and not big money candidates preaching the same party message of the last 30 years.   All of us have to cahnge if we are going to solve the problems of this country.

Now is the time to make these budget cuts.  We cannot afford to risk the downgrading of our fiscal health anymore.  Ryan is correct in compromise. Ryan is incorrect to raise spending in compromise.  The compromise should have been strong cuts from both sides of the aisle.  The Republicans HAVE TO be willing to make tough calls in their special interest areas and trade with the Democrats special interest areas so everyone politically wins— LOWER THIS DEFICIT!

Please support Watson for United States Senate.  I am a strong conservative but Independent of party for real progress.  Visit our site at watsonforsenate.com to learn more. 

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