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Nebraska’s Growing Budget Problem


Nebraska’s 20 Year Spending Record

Nebraska’s Growing Budget Problem

It was great to see the Huskers turn back the clock 20 years in Santa Clara and feature an interesting football concept….the run.  The game spawned a question in my mind.

What if our ‘Husker’ government decided to create a spending plan similar to the ’95 legislature?  How would our government function? 

Two weeks ago, LIBA leadership (Lincon Independent Business Association) invited Nebraska’s Speaker of the Legislature Galen Hadley (Kearney-Buffalo County) to address our membership on this very topic.  The State budget was the primary conversation.  Full video coverage of his speech can be found on LIBA.org!

The ‘Mile High’ View – Accomplishments & Problems in the Budget

Over the last 20 years our state revenues have risen on average 4.4% a year ($1.8 billion to $4.3 billion).  That is a healthy clip.   Unfortunately, our State Legislature and Governors the past 20 years have presided over the same spending mistakes our national government began to make in greater significance in the 1930’s:  Increasing welfare to individuals.  This dangerous “Living” Constitutional view of Promote the General Welfare has taken root.  ‘Promote’ is yet another word that has been redefined by the Progressive movement.  ‘Promote’ now equals ‘Provide’.  What progress has been made in these areas with our citizens the last 20 years with substantial spending?  That is the question they do not want to answer.  We must transform our belief system.  We must internalize the fact that spending more money AND the institution of government will not be the primary solution to solve our social ills.

The Founders (who I feel wrote the best ‘Bible’ on the topic of civil legislation) knew the definition of “Provide”.  They chose to couple the word “Provide” with the purpose of “Defense” and not “General Welfare”.  This is a monumental difference that goes unnoticed by our elected leaders who have sworn to uphold the Constitution.

I will define the word “Defense” and “General” for the Republicans in a future blog.  (Hint: Think “Less Offense” and forget “Corporate” as the adjective to welfare).

If our government learned the definition of “Promote” vs. “Provide” we would improve this country’s financial situation.  Contrary to progressive beliefs, we would be improving many able bodied lives by freeing them from dependence on the state.  It is like exercise.  Short term pain for long term gain.

This subtle but massive change in our definition of “Promote” has created a staggering national liability that our nation will have trouble repaying.  The same “Provide” fact pattern is threatening our state if we don’t take action today.

Examining the “Husker” Budget

From strictly an accounting point of view, if spending rose less than 4.4% a year in any given category we would be growing our budget in a sustainable fashion.  If we spend less than our rate of revenue growth, we have the ability to do a tax cut.  If we spend less than our rate of revenue growth, we have the ability to fund priority areas in state government that present opportunity/risk to the state.  There are three major categories of state spending; Agency Operations, Aid to Local Governments, and Aid to Individuals.

Since 1995, expenditures in ‘Agency Operations’ have grown by 3.8% a year.  This is lower than the 4.4% growth in revenue.  This category stays in balance.  However, correctional services and the court system are showing cracks at the State level.

Nebraska could still increase spending in Agency Operations and be as efficient as revenue growth.  Less crime, speedier trials (especially out West with increased drug traffic), more state patrol, or cutting taxes are viable priorities in my mind.  I’ll let the citizens be the final judge.

Since 1995, expenditures in ‘State Aid to Local Governments’ have grown by 3.8% a year.  This is more efficient than the 4.4% growth of our treasury.  This category stays in balance.  Local education, homestead exemptions, and aid to local governments are in this area.

Unfunded mandates from state to local government are a large problem. Unfunded mandates from our national government to our state government are a large problem.  Addressing unfunded mandates could be a viable use of redirected funds at BOTH LEVELS!  However, it will probably take a partisan revolt to change this behavior as ‘passing’ the buck is as partisan as it gets.

Since 1995, expenditures in ‘State Aid to Individuals’ have grown by 6.1% a year!  Excessive and perpetual acceleration of individual aid spending is of grave concern.  You can make a difference in this area at home by becoming LOCALLY engaged and taking action.  Please redirect some of your attention focused on the Presidential race (of which your vote will have little consequence) to our state!  Call your Senator.  I know firsthand many are frustrated by the apathy of citizens with state government.  They would welcome your voice and involvement!

Further Analysis of the Macro Budget

‘Agency Operation’ share of the budget has shrunk by 11.2% the last 20 years.  ‘State Aid to Local Government’ share of the budget has shrunk by 10.8% the last 20 years.  However, ‘State Aid to Individuals’ share of the budget has accelerated at 39.2% the last 20 years!  Let that fact sink in. 

Does this spending behavior appear to be a balanced and responsible approach by our state government?  Is this the trend in service we want to see from a state government?


A 20 year perspective will help you understand where our government is trending. Slippery slopes happen each passing year with little fanfare.  The kettle on the range is turned up another degree each passing year to create more government dependence.

Understanding  the primary role of government as framed by our Constitution (both National and State) would help frame a direction for government.  Mercy should be primarily addressed by outside institutions who are exponentially more effective in dealing with societal problems.  George Washington served on a Vestry Board and worked on the Constitution.  He was smart not to combine both efforts in one institution.

If Nebraska continues down this path another 20 years with the same growth rates in revenues and category spending, State Aid to Individuals will be 41.9% of our budgeted expenditures.  Compare this to 22.7% of our expenditures in 1995!

Furthermore, these growth rates do not balance!  Despite our balanced growth in Agency Operations and Aid to Local Governments, we will be running an additional $342 million annual deficit due to accelerated growth in Individual Aid spending if this trend continues!  If we were to control State Aid to Individual spending at a 3.8% growth rate and maintain a 4.4% growth of revenue we would have a surplus of $1.1 billion in 20 years.  That is a $1.44 billion budget difference by controlling spending in aid to individuals at a 3.8% growth rate (compared to the 20 year 6.1% growth rate).  We could address infrastructure, cut taxes, invest in schools, empower local governments, or improve the state Patrol with this money.  However, what do I know?  I’m just an Independent with an unequal vote and voice at the primary ballot box.  I’m way behind in my line of thinking.

We need to set a responsible example to our children and our national government by being a beacon of light with responsible government spending.  Progressive politicians on both sides of the aisle need to wake up and exercise some fiscal constraint and responsibility.  They should not be afraid at challenging the endless empathetic arguments around state aid.  They should be more fearful in the lack of progress in the general welfare of our people due to this misguided approach to government spending.  They let short term cries around “Security” tump action that would provide that same individual long term prosperity.

Nebraska has time on our side to solve spending problems if we act now.  We should not kick the can down the road by talking tough and doing nothing like our national politicians do (seen a plan yet to tackle those unfunded liabilities as promised?)

I’m proud to be the only member to have run with a detailed plan to solve our social security problem with details.  I have solutions in this blog for our state as well.

Speaker Hadley and His Budget Speech

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear the conviction from Speaker Hadley to solve our budget problem during his speech. Below are some of Speaker Hadley’s quotes.  I have referenced the approximate time in the LIBA video for your reference.

Speaker Hadley Video (Will expire soon)

Opening Minute: “Nebraska is a high tax state.”  I agree.  What are your plans for change Speaker? Less rhetoric and substantive plans are needed from all levels of leadership to solve problems and start a conversation in constructive legislation.  Less talk and more walk please.

(5:30) “As a Senator those are hard things to deal with….Anytime you are working with aid to individuals”

A proper perspective in growth of spending and Constitutional intent should make this an easy area to bring to the table.  In my opinion, we need new legislators if cutting spending “Is too hard to deal with”.   He has his PHD in Accounting.  He should know where 6.1% growth trends in spending will take us.  

(11:20) “It is difficult to cut spending…it really is!  You get a lot of special interest groups, rightly so, telling you why their area is important to fund.”

Herein lies the biggest problem with partisan politicians today.  Democrats in general believe in more welfare spending.  Gadley is typical for the GOP…they can’t stand up to lobbyists.  They often take the campaign money and pass the spending bills for special interest.  It is time for change.  

I’ve attached a memorable PSA for advice if you have a hard time acknowledgin an Independent political figure.  It was produced by a moderate Republican.  This PSA will help Republicans and any sensible Democrats in learning how to actually cut spending and deal with those “TOUGH” special interest groups when they offer you a new spending bill.

Just Say No!

(14:00 and 16:25) Credit Speaker Hadley.  He is a very funny guy.  I like him.  This letter is about principled governmental differences and is not personal. He is hilarious!  I’d have lunch with the guy anytime.

Balancing the Budget

In summary, Speaker Hadley’s mile high view to balance the budget doesn’t add up. He wants lower taxes while simultaneously saying it is very hard to make a spending cut. Those positions do not go together to create a balanced budget.  Unfortunately, they garner votes from the simpleton citizen who can’t solve 1 minus 2 and like what they hear.  Independent conservatives like me prefer to do the math.  Like most Republicans, he is preaching more employment and growth in the economy to “Grow” out of this situation.

Friends, have you looked at recent financial statements from the farm?  They are not strong.  I’m very familiar with our farm in Wayne County.  It is not a banner year. Cattle Markets are struggling as well.  Income tax (a big driver of state revenues) from Ag will be down.

Hadley expresses the unemployment RATE is a key stat he watches for income tax growth.  Friends, the unemployment RATE will not get much stronger than present levels. However, net positive migration for jobs and wage growth should aid income tax revenues.

At the end of the day, if you add it all up, you see a headwind coming in revenue. Revenue challenges and lower taxes will not bode well for a balanced budget when it is “Too Hard” to make cuts in spending.  We already have a $100+ million shortfall on our hands.  It is time for action!

In summary, growth is not a be-all end-all answer.  We do need to grow.  However, we must also cut spending!  We must demand a plan by our representatives to make wise decisions for the benefit of both sides of the ledger.  One sided ledger arguments appear to be the primary challenge with both Republicans and Democrats. Both hasten the goal of a balanced budget.  We must balance considerations to create inflow (not raising rates) and stop wasteful outflow.

“What About the Poor Todd? Don’t you care!”

I’m very passionate about ending oppression of the poor.  I’m very passionate about ending endless welfare for the able bodied non working poor. They coexist nicely.  Addressing the Federal Reserve, taking on the financial institution lobby, and reducing endless welfare for the able bodied would be my goals.

The Fed. Our financial system needs to be based on money earned in hard work.  Our financial instruments need to be backed by equity created by labor…not a printing press.  Investment equity needs to primarily come from people, not Wall Street. Change percentage of bank debt to private bonds and watch our economy grow for all.  This will shrink inequality and allow Americans to thrive (albeit at different levels) together by reducing the monetary float from the printing press that works against labor.

Abraham Lincoln knew labor was the superior to capital.  Both parties are slaves to the banking system and will not make necessary changes.  Article I, Section 8, Clause 5.  Learn it.  Understand why we no longer follow the original Constitution.  Income Inequality is a problem.  Structurally designed inequality can be addressed when we tackle the banking system.  Controlling money for the people will enable the poor to get a leg up on purchasing power and savings/investment options.

It doesn’t stop there.  I want even tougher limits placed on the financial institutions.  We should wipe out usury interest from our books.  Payday loans, 18% interest, etc. just prey on our poor.  Rates should not exceed a percentage over prime.  Those businesses usually extend problems for the poor.  They do not solve the problem.  Short term pain for long term gain.  Remember?

Our current financial system is set up to prey on the poor and inflate producing assets to a value that make them unattainable to those offering hard work to produce livelihood out of capital.  Ask yourself how new young farmers who took a mortgage out for land at record prices (no interest printed money inflates prices) are doing?  Do young farmers even exist or have viable options to start a farm?

Second, we need to fight for our poorest workers first before we can fight for these clauses with a straight face.  Count me in with Trump on fighting for work at home.  We need our manufacturing jobs here. It is time the establishment of both parties learn business.  Stop getting schooled in trade.  We need to control our borders from Democrats allowing additional unskilled workers to come into our country.  We need to control our borders from Republicans letting good jobs leave this nation with poor economic policy.  Control the borders should work for business and people.  Adjust national policy accordingly.

Finally, Nebraska (and America) needs to stop “Providing” the General Welfare. People need to be Independent again.  Providing is not the Constitutional perscription and it doesn’t create vibrant citizens that contribute. It is time to relearn the ENTIRE pre 1913 Constitution for the benefit of all citizens.

My Solutions to the Nebraska Budget

As a blogger that offers solutions and not just criticism…here is what I would do differently.

  1.  Stand up to lobbyists. Lobbyists should not be bullying around a Speaker.  Just say NO Speaker Hadley.  Do what needs to be done for the people.
  2. We need to move spending allocations back to historical levels.  Capping all spending at 3.1% growth is not strong enough.  Let’s put a 10/20 year plan in motion to move total percentages in the “Big 3” categories back to 1995 allocation levels.  Aid to Individuals should be reduced as a percentage of budget by .5% a year until the category reaches 22.7% (1995 level).  A return to the Constitution would be a better option.  However, I’m offering a pragmatic approach that is more likely to pass with Democrats and Republicans who find it “Hard” to cut spending and operate in a “What is everyone else doing” progressive environment.
  3. Invest in our young people.  Want growth in income tax?  Train them for good jobs. Leave them less debt to create a business or run a healthier life at home. In-state tuition should drop by offsets in state spending.  Funding of Universities and State Colleges should move up .25% of the total budget for the next 20 years as long as our schools invest in principled education and not elaborate buildings/social engineering/or more overhead administrative jobs.  Hank Bounds/Regents – Are you listening?  Higher Educational Achievement = Higher pay = Higher tax base. Furthermore, make sure our community colleges get their fair share.  We have unfilled high paying jobs that would generate income tax.  We need to help our community colleges “Get the word out” on the opportunities they can create for Nebraskans TOMMOROW.  I’ve spent hours at community colleges from Metro, Milford, Hastings, etc.  We are missing HUGE opportunities for our people!
  4. Address Unfunded Mandates.  At a minimum, unfunded mandates must be capped (Preferably eliminated).  Passing the buck maybe American.  It shouldn’t be Nebraskan.  Don’t cramp our localities ability to make needed local decisions/investments.  Local decisions make a bigger difference.

Nebraska is unfortunately trending the progressive way of National government.  Even Republicans are adopting liberal initiatives at home (See recent votes on Death Penalty, Higher Taxes, More gambling measures that hurt our poor, etc).  Proud conservatives in this state should recognize they have let the welfare state (as a percentage of the total budget) grow by 39% the last 20 years while our spending in our 2 main areas have declined 10%. Is that conservative legislation from a conservative state?

Our state legislature has made a poor statement about our future by dropping our total spend on our University/College system from 19% to 14% of our budget!  This would not be my message to the next generation and Nebraska to grow a brighter future.  My suggestion would be to gradually return to 1995 levels in education in the form of tuition reduction.  Our University system is a governmental charge to address in our charter.

Unfortunately, our state budget is a reflection of the growing belief in progressive philosophy within both parties.  It is time for common sense and fiscal discipline!

We have the brainpower to get this done.  We just need to witness more courage from our delegation.  Leadership starts at the top!

I hope you benefited from my “State” blog for the week.  I will return to National issues soon. I wanted to make a contribution to the dialogue at the state level for the New Year.  I’m grateful for the service of our Nebraska State Representatives for their hard work and little pay to make Nebraska a better place.  I’m happy to say that many of you have become trusted peers the past two years!  I value your relationship.  Thanks for what you do.  I believe in and am counting on you to make this right for my four kids and many other Nebraskans this year.  Let’s ensure the Good Life for the next 20 years!

God Bless! Have a Great 2016 Session! …And Believe in the Run!


Please follow my ongoing twitter feed at @watsonforsenate and my facebook page ‘Watson for Senate’ for the latest blogs.  Please share my material to help educate your friends!

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So You Want the EPA to Control Our Water?

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Political RINOs? How About Political COBRAs?

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So You Want the EPA to Control Our Water?

Wall Street Journal – “Mine Busters at the EPA” Aug 11, 2015

The Accident

The EPA is now THE cause in millions of gallons of river water being polluted.  It gets worse……

The EPA could not figure out in the first week what happened with their latest disaster in Colorado.  While they spent the week scratching their heads to figure out what was transpiring, “An approximate 3 million gallons of TOXIC, mustard-tinted sludge” (WSJ – August 11th) continued to feed into the river and travel downstream through Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

‘Environmental Protection’ at its finest.

The Reaction

Showing a sense of urgency the federal government is known for, the Administrator of the EPA decided to visit the site ONE WEEK LATER after pressure began to mount from inaction.  Call me crazy, but if I had one of the largest disasters in my agencies history–I would be onsite that day to lead the situation.

I’m curious….was she  demonstrating the example modeled by our President?  The Commander and Chief significantly delayed a trip to Tennessee after a terrorist murdered 5 soldiers UNDER HIS COMMAND on domestic soil.  Hmmmm….I digress.

How are we to believe the EPA can  oversee dry ditches when they pollute 3 million gallons of river water?   It is a bad sign when oversight (how hard is this?) turns into malfunction!

The EPA – Slow and Insufficient

When a ranking Democrat says the EPA’s response has been “Slow and Insufficient” — you know it’s bad!  The Colorado Democrat may have just learned why the EPA is not one to trust with local water.  Possessing a title of “Environmental” doesn’t equate to offering effectiveness on the subject.

The Solution and Praise of Nebraska Servants

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, hats off to our NRD boards who receive very little adoration and respect they deserve.  Keep up the good work!

The readings in the Aquifer and water levels around this state speak for themselves when you compare to Kansas/Oklahoma.  We have maintained water levels that California and Texas only dream of.

We have real Nebraska conservatives like Mark Christensen and Tom Carlson who have built evolved plans to secure Nebraska water for the next generation.  Let’s move MORE of these plans forward into action!   No need to recreate the wheel to advance our water situation.  Thank you Tom, Mark, and NRD board members for your dedicated service to the next generation!

What Our Nebraska Legislature IS Prioritizing 

Unfortunately, today’s dominant Republican legislature (>70%) would rather sing “We are the World” and change the death penalty in unity with Democrats.

I have a suggestion for my partisan friends on both sides of the aisle.  Divert your energy and show some unity in securing our water for the long term.  This water will secure life for millions of people through agriculture.  Securing water resources will achieve your joint goal in keeping people alive!  (We can sing ‘Kumbaya’ together for that achievement!)

OUR state needs to continue to push forward OUR plan (Read: Carlson/Christensen plans).  NO plan often equals THEIR plan.  INACTION equates to BAD action.

How to Enhance Your Learning About a Resource Nebraska Values

To those “Global Environmental Citizens” who think Nebraska ‘doesn’t care’ or ‘know how to steward’ our water, drive out to Dawson County to begin your education.

Drive east from Lexington and start plotting the prices of different parcels of land.  Next, return to Dawson County, drive west and plot the prices of land.  You may want to plot out “Dry” vs. “Irrigated” (I’ll give you that clue to help you figure out what we value) to explain some chief variations of values in each geographical region.  Ask yourself why the prices are so different after you complete the exercise.  An awakening will occur on what matters to Nebraskans for their life, wealth and livelihood.

If you still have not figured out the mythical valued resource, go south and see a ranch in Texas that suffered drought.  On your return trip, drive through the Sandhills.  You will find it difficult to find Crops that need an increased supply of this resource.  However, you will find many prosperous ranches!  You will have to figure out why Nebraska cattle thrived and Texas cattle died.

Granted, we have a few selfish people who care more about themselves today then the farmers/ranchers/citizens of the next generation…but they are in the vast minority.

Most of us are byproducts of our grandparents’ generation that sacrificed.  We WILL pay it forward.  Most Nebraskans use what they need (which maybe more in a given year).  Most Nebraskans let resources replenish in excess (like this year) when rain is plentiful.  Running irrigation costs money.  No reason to use, if you do not need.

Global environmental citizens should take the time to tour the latest variable drip irrigation management systems the ‘evil industry empire’ built to more efficiently manage and use valued resources.  They will be appalled at the humanity of ingenuity!

The Nebraska Track Record and Action Plans

Nebraska has the track record to show we care about maintaining this water for future farmers/ranchers/citizens.  To be fair to the environmentalists, there are states in this union who have shown they cannot manage their water well.  Pay attention California/Texas, Nebraska is ready to educate so the EPA does not dominate.

We should continue to take action in our state.  We have brilliant LOCAL people with a plan and a purpose.  LET THEM LEAD!  They just need accurate/honest information to make informed decisions. IF there is a need for federal funds, let’s follow the Constitution.  Our Constitution charges the government to promote science.  This could be done through an allocation to the States who in-turn could invest in Universities, NRD boards, etc.  If our Universities invest the money in science and not luxury dorms to spoil kids on unearned living standards that exceed their parents….we can develop methods or reporting tools to make better local decisions to manage/retain Nebraska water.

Todd is Off to Protest / A Topic to “Save the Grandkids”

I’m off to protest the EPA with environmentalists.  Will the environmentalists show up?  Will they be stuck in ‘camp’ at the Central Business District?  They may still be at the “Save our Grandkids/Carbon Emissions” rally sponsored by the EPA and Obama.

I may try to convince the protesters that if the President wanted to save our grandkids, he AND the Republicans would not duck the question of dealing with our National Budget/Debt and Social Security/Medicare solvency issues.

Dealing with massive financial issues CAN HELP SAVE their future.

The Environmental Debate

For more on my environmental philosophies/positions I would urge leaders to adopt, you can watch the debate at UNL on the ‘Watsonforsenate’ Youtube page (I’ve attached part I below).  Dave Domina and Jim Jenkins offered their opinions on the various subjects as well.

The Republican Candidate/College President, now Senator, who 100% accurately identified we have a crisis of civic engagement and participation, did not accept the invitation to engage civic discussion and participate in the debate of issues at UNL.  “We have a responsibility to make sure that families hear us debate more important issues the Nebraska way.”  (Ben Sasse 7-17-14 KHAS).   I’ll leave it at the facts of what he said to those wondering why his opinions on the issues were not expressed or covered by the video.

Warning!  You will not find the coverage of this debate in the main stream media.  They (Especially Omaha owned outlets) were busy covering the Caitlyn Jenner/Lion/Kim Kardashian equivalent story of 2014 that brings important change to Nebraska lives ;).

We made an unedited copy of the debate to educate you on forthright opinions on critical topics.   Our campaign’s anticipation that the media would fail to cover intelligent discussion due to the establishment’s agenda was accurate. Silencing NEBRASKA’s CHOICE and covering K-Street’s paid for opinions was correct.  Watch for Jeb Bush to get more air time and coverage as we push towards the primaries and K-Street makes its push for policies through paid for candidates (Both Hillary and Jeb).  Same song….99th verse.

The ‘coverage’ problem was in large part due to reporters who are like dogs on an old Nebraska dirt road.  They were busy barking about a bus passing through.  Like dogs chasing a bus, they had little to show for their journalistic efforts chasing sideshows without substance.  However, these dogs did show their ability to entertain and distract the kids on the front porch.  Regardless of pointless coverage….the dogs were well fed, praised, and had their bellies scratched by their Masters for doing what they were told.  “News” at the cost of Democracy.  We need a revival of the “Free Press”.

(FYI, PETA/Media…….There were no dogs hurt in this mythical scenario of a dog chasing the bus)

What We are “Against” and “For”

This blog provided solutions not just critiques.  The UNL debate offered proactive “For” approaches and philosophies.  Someday, Nebraskans will demand a “For” plan over being fooled by “Against Sound Bytes”.

A Closing Tangent On How Voters Can Solve Problems in Government

Written below is a mental exercise for a voter.

Followers of both parties consume foolish rhetoric with no substance or plan to back up the statement.  Below, I list everyday rhetoric that rallies most voters but ends up solving nothing.  I will give you the questions to ask to find the “For” plan.

(PS – It is hard for candidates to unveil plans in 1 minute debates.  However, demand the plans be offered on their campaign website.  We need to get to work.)

I will vote to Repeal and Replace Obamacare! (Ask: With ‘what’ plan will you replace?)

I want a Secure Border! (Ask: ‘What’ is your logistical plan to secure the border?)

I Vow to Stop Abortion! (Ask: ‘How’ will you push the majority of Republicans to release tougher legislation out of caucus?) 

I will deal with unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare! (What is your DETAILED plan to solve Social Security and Medicare?)  PS–Trump and Christie are the only one to come close to an actual plan.  Get past your feelings on the plan and clap for people who have developed a solution.  Most plans will evolve in the political process.  However, we need more people to offer CONCRETE starting points for discussion.  That takes guts.  Politicians will pile on later as solutions gain momentum to “Take Credit”.  These are not the leaders we need.

We will balance the budget! (Ask: How will you balance the budget?  Is your plan based on tax hikes/tax cuts?  What specific budget cuts do you propose? How much ‘growth’ from economic progress does your plan count on to balance?  Will you close loopholes to raise the effective rate on corporations?)  

Before you yell at politicians failing to solve problems, remember you elected leaders that offered rhetoric with no plans.  The citizens must shoulder some of the blame for not taking responsibility of their government and vote.

Enjoy the debate as you ponder these questions that will lead to rigorous debate/ideas that solve problems.

Part I of the Unedited UNL Debate



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Documenting the Failure of the GOP with Abortion, Planned Parenthood, and Corporate Welfware

Planned Parenthood defunding stopped, Obamacare removal failed, but corporate handouts succeeded! This is GOP leadership today. I do want to commend our delegates breaking ranks today. They showed me something good in not being obedient to National leadership. The National GOP leaders continued to show me why they are not worth pledging loyalty to. Senator Cruz correctly identifies that the ‘D’ and ‘R’ leaders are a team. This is often true – the funding sources are the same and control the leadership on both sides!

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Our Visit to Kentucky – The Failure of Senator McConnell – Activism in His Backyard



A post on my fine visit to Kentucky last week…..

I was fortunate to be welcomed to Louisville last Tuesday. (I attached the picture of my beautiful wife and average ‘me’ in downtown Louisville)

I wanted to recognize the warm welcome by the beautiful people of Kentucky. Furthermore, I want to personally thank David Patterson, the Libertarian candidate from Kentucky (lost to Senator McConnell) for offering up a fine place to stay with one of his supporters in Louisville. That is genuine southern hospitality! The warm hospitality was appreciated and you can expect the same reception if you visit Nebraska.

Moving on….Kentucky reminds you it is full of “Unbridled Spirit” at the border. Unfortunately, they have a Senator “Bridled” to K-Street and Wall Street interests. He has lost sight of Promoting the General Welfare of the American people. He has focused much of his work on providing the corporate welfare that is not aligned with our Constitution.

Unfortunately, Nebraskans are not without blame. They elect candidates loyal to K-Street. They love the political propaganda ads K-Street pays for with candidates that come from establishment roots.

Even the largest grassroots organizations like “For America” don’t get it. They are accurately frustrated with Senator McConnell. However, they support and fund candidates in our state who have gone on national TV and pledged to be a “Team Player” with Senator McConnell. Why would you support someone pledging to work with a leader you are frustrated with “For America”?

As most of you know I’m an advocate against the Fed that was created in 1913. I believe money belongs to the American people and not Wall Street. However, do you know what other poor institution was created in 1913? The Majority Leader of the Senate! Is it any coincidence we have a Majority Leader promoting the best interest of Wall Street over Main Street?

Grassroots and K-Street can win a $5 million race in Nebraska. However, did you ever ask why K-Street and Wall Street interests will spend upwards of $80 million on a Kentucky race? Simple. Power.

A Majority Leader calls the shots of what legislation, amendments, and resolutions will be allowed to be presented on the floor (Watch Senator Cruz rightfully call out Senator McConnell) to have a chance to become law. A nice grass roots candidate may have good thoughts. Unfortunately, their ideas will not see the floor with a “Majority Leader”. A majority leader controls what is presented. This is why affiliation over view is a superior consideration. This is why the people should be turning away from establishment loyal candidates.

The position of Majority Leader in the Senate is not in the spirit of the Constitution. However, it did answer a need for organization of government work. If I were calling the shots, I’d make a 7 person panel with members to determine what legislation will be introduced to maintain organization but dilute concentration of power. No one person in a large elected body should have that much power over a national agenda.

I appreciated the time in Kentucky. The renovated Embassy Suites was amazing–check it out (It puts the Nashville Embassy to shame). Louisville’s downtown has come a long way. I hope Kentucky politics goes farther then their upgraded downtown. They need to “Sting Like a Bee” against some of their politicians and have courage to elect mental heavyweights like David Patterson.

We need those knowledgeable in the Constitution. Better yet, we need people loyal and considerate to the people. Main stream donor base politicians have been failing America for decades. A police officer walking the walk understands the needs of the people and should be of high consideration.

Thank You Kentucky for your warm welcome and hospitality. You have more than a sizable impact on the direction of our country. I implore you to demand Senator McConnell to Promote the General Welfare of the American people as called for by the Constitution. Provide the Corporate Welfare was never called for by our founders.

We need leadership to create a liberty oriented and fair playing field. We have a crisis with both our President and the Majority Leader. I hope you the people of Kentucky can make the difference and put some pressure on your Senior Senator to change their approach!



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Leadership Starts Here!

Today we disclosed details to solve the social security shortfall of 13 trillion. People don’t know how to respond.  They are still waiting for “R” or “D” drama to play out over Fox News or CNN to craft their emotional opinion.  Todd is about Ideas over demonization.   Discussion over drama.  Problem solving over political grandstanding.


“The “I” is a great place to live.  The media leaves you alone because you don’t give bulletin board material that creates sensationalized journalism to sell ads. They don’t know who to quote from the “other side” to create journalistic tension to sell a story.  Let’s face it–the media has no idea how to cover thoughtful ideas and sell it anymore.  “Fireworks” tends to be what they look for.  Today we put tough decisions to paper to solve social security and they want to talk Dave Domina and legalizing pot.  I was probably dumb and gave them a quote.  Sensationalized journalism over problem solving is their problem.  I wonder if they will ask my competitors what their detailed plan is to solve Social Security so we have some discussion to solve one of the largest financial problems plaguing our nation.  It’s the voters problem they pay attention to all this media.  Come join us and debate solutions.  It’s your choice Nebraska.  It’s up to you to elect a problem solver or keep playing this moronic game of “D” vs. “R”.


Do you think God will give you a high five for voting a lesser evil or what is right?  After all WE are in control right (sarcasm intentional)? You can align with a group motivated by fear of the left, join the group committed to tarnish the image of the right or you can join us and seize the opportunity to fight for a return to constitutional principles.


We believe in ‘We the People’ to make the collective individual decisions to return to “One Nation Under God”.  All are welcome on our bus.  We don’t allow naysayers but we do allow frank and open discussion to solve problems.  We respect difference of opinion but we reserve the right to disagree, WITH respect given to the other individual a requirement in disagreement (a revolutionary thought I know).  You will not be tarnished as a leper in our camp if you have an idea that doesn’t fit into the established leadership mold.  In the Watson camp, we do put a moral code into play when we vote.  You are welcome to disagree with that. We will not hate you, like you may us, because we know what it is like to be discriminated against as an “I”.


We (the Watson campaign team) just want you to be fully informed on how Todd will vote. We believe in full disclosure for educational voting.  However, unlike other groups we will not demonize non-believers or others with different trains of thought.  We realize we are imperfect as well.   Furthermore, we welcome new thoughts to find a better answer.   We realize truth lies in the different experiences and talents given by God to different people.


I maybe the first candidate that have close supporters from both sides fearful of me splitting their vote.  Why?  Because we each share some valid points.  Wall Street and Washington are the centers of greed and power.  Both structures are full of sin.  When you seek to build up one and degrade the other you are only half right.  The reality is we still need a strong government AND Wall Street but we need both operating the founding guidance of the Constitution.  We need to return to the framework to where checks and balances were placed on BOTH institutions to protect the union and liberty of the people.  Truth is embodied in that document.   Everything else is a compromise of American civil truth.


It is up to the voter to pick compromise to a lesser evil IN A PERCEPTION to win or vote truth and guarantee their personal win.  Evil still remains in a “lesser evil” scenario and I would look for the winner’s institutions of choice to further degrade America with their victory (Wall Street and the Republicans or Government and the Democrats).  The reality is each side fears the dominant faction of the other side as opposed to realizing both are dangerous to Individual Liberty and freedom.


The sad thing is the voter maybe fooled to buy the propaganda yet again paid for by the crooks on Wall Street or the honest but unfortunate failed policies of big government bankrupting our country.  Change must start now.  The choice starts with you contemplating your personal vote.  Block out the hype, the TV, the media and others.  Take some time and wrestle with ‘right’.  You can live with yourself when you ‘vote’ right.  No one knows your vote in the booth.  You can still thump your chest and proclaim establishment sayings to keep your friends in your circle if you need that collective majority acceptance.


You might be surprised to find many agree with us but are still building up the courage to stand strongly in a new direction.  Courage to stand apart from the group is as hard for adults as it is kids.  The alternative option is to beat yourself up when you violate your conscious and let yourself down to help the lesser evil choice win.  Think of it as not having to pick the Red Sox or the Yankees as a lesser evil in the playoffs.  You don’t have to pretend to the majority of loud people in the sports bar that you are OK with either Boston or New York.
Deep down most of can’t stand these clubs and really want the Royals to win (apologies to my Red Sox and Yankees fans 😉 Let’s go Blue!

Join us!  The feeling of speaking truth, solving problems without drama, and encouraging each other in debate will improve the situation.   We are not obsessed with winning like partisans.  They still think they have control over this world.  PS–Have you ever contemplated America got the leadership we deserved as opposed to what we voted for?  Changing leadership probably starts at changing hearts at the individual level.

Instead, we are interested in finding ‘right’ for the sake of liberty for ourselves and future generations.  We realize everyone else is just operating under the emotion of fear and or the desire for control.  The only thing we need to fear is fear itself and we realize God is still in control.   We are just exercising our convictions in voting for him to view before we act.  We exercise our free will and he exercises the outcome.  Ask yourself if your followers are the “grumblers” in the desert or the leaders?  He will determine the outcome.  Join us in the problem solving camp.  Vote for Todd Watson for United States Senate in Nebraska.  It is time for Constitutional Independent Leadership!

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