Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

Thanks for your support!

The Watson Campaign Team

The Fear of Splitting the Vote of Mr. Domina and Mr. Sasse


– Letter and Statement from Domina Supporters

– Statements from Sasse Supporters

– The argument for the Constitution

– The argument for Unity

Here is a letter we received this week from a Domina supporter in Cortland, NE who have heard the arguments.  I omitted the middle part of the letter that was around issues and not the crux of their point on “Splitting the Vote”.

I really like the message Todd is sending, but he knows he will not win.  Can we count on him to do the right thing and put all his support behind Domina?  We can’t afford to pull votes away from Domina and let the Republican candidate win.  

……We do need him (Domina) to win!!!  Please consider your family and the future of Nebraska and drop out and push all your supporters to Domina.  …..Please pass this to Todd.  His strength is to help spread God’s word, but please encourage him to drop out and be the hero of Nebraska sending votes to Domina.

Larry Vilda of Lincoln, “You are wasting time, you little guys just split of votes with not a chance to win and it is sad…we end up with Republicans winning every time and that is really sad.”

The Republicans feel the same.  Scott Clausen from Norfolk writes, “We will see if Domina wins because of you!”

David Pennington writes, “While Mr. Watson is undoubtedly a fine fellow, at the national level, we have a two party system, with no place at the table for anyone else. . …I hope he doesn’t draw enough votes away from the Republican candidate that we send a Democrat, who will not represent the majority of Nebraskans.”

These are just the comments this week.  If people who think “I can’t win” voted for me.  I may win.  I feel second place for the entire state but the best option where everyone is happy but not overjoyed (this is usually the sign of a good deal).  We have time to grow courage and change “Second” to “First”.  Educating the voter that both sides feel the same way helps.   Do people realize our pure Constitutional message appeals to both sides?  If we realize that our biggest need is for a full observance of the Constitution and unity — I’m your best candidate.

I can and will represent everyone.  I have spoken honesty and truth across this state.  They know where I stand and have not ducked the tough questions.  We have rallied the message that God is unity and he does love all his creation.  His creation should be treated accordingly!  We are trying to set the example.  People have seen I will be honest in disagreement but spend some time genuinely demonstrating a caring spirit to that person.  We have rallied the message that the Constitution IS for everyone and we can rally behind it!

Personally, I feel like Abraham Lincoln who joined a new third party (Republican).   Being a spokesman for two parties supporting Pro-Slavery in the platform was the wrong answer for Abe.  He had to speak a third platform that was consistent to his full views.

We need a new third option serious about a full Constitution, fiscal control, and solving problems.  Changing the tone of the public square to honesty, people honoring debate, and caring towards all people even in disagreement is what this campaign is all about.   That is not happening with two parties taking care of their donors or programs in law or the tax code at the cost of the public treasury.  The further demonizing of people not like yourself definitely needs to die.  These tactics may win. I’d rather lose and have nothing to do with this tatic.  Facts are one thing.  Lies are another.  Caring for people is paramount to mercy as an individual.  Keeping solid law on the books is about doing the job of justice government is called to do.

Both sides “fearful” of what I’m doing to “their” vote speaks to the wisdom of the platform. The opportunity for better unity in November is here.  Or you can perpetuate the crisis that will continue with partisanship that does not represent a majority of the people.  We are the right answer because we are not the perfect answer for both extremes that compromise the Constitution to win.  The complete Constitution is a winning argument.  Pulling people together is the right answer because a house divided cannot stand.

Most conservatives are blind to their Constitutional violations.  Establishing Justice is the first job of government in the preamble. “Equality Before the Law” (the definition of justice) is the first thing the GOP breaks for their donors by giving them special treatment in the code based on the size of their contributions.  Two, their largest donors are Wall Street banks who operate in violation of Article I, Section 8, Clause 5.  “That is the way it is” are embarrassing arguments by both party loyalists when it flies in the face of the Constitution.  Republicans who believe their party advocates for free markets and fiscal balance are not paying attention to the facts.

The President and his subordinates (Democrats) in power positions breaking the Constitution is obvious with unprecedented 9-0 decisions by the Supreme Court “Checking” the Executive Branch.  We need to stand up to those who cannot uphold their oath of office to defend the Constitution.  The President and his party leaders are acting out of line with the Constitution.  I have talked to plenty of Democrats.  They are embarassed by the violations but sulk privately.

People are attracted to a complete Constitutional argument because it was an inspired document that the entirety of the country haggled over and agreed to push forward as our guiding beacon of light.  Both sides are angry because of what fundamentally comes down to violations of the Constitution from excessive government (Republicans) or corporate control (Democrats) that received their power from fundamental violations of the structural intent of the Constitution.

Furthermore, treating all Nebraskans with respect and giving them a listening ear is the right answer.  Preaching to a choir of people who only speak your language does not build unity.  Independents are the only candidates who have made themselves available to both party gatherings to listen.  Most of these party loyalists have no comprehension of the reasonableness of those on each side.  They do not talk to each other (politically) and are motivated by TV channels geared to prey on their worst fears of the “evil people” on the other side.  Turn the TV off and go talk to your neighbor that is different from you.

People by in large are good in Nebraska.  If a Republican neighbor’s house burnt down–their Democrat/Independent neighbor would bring them food.  If a Democrat’s home was destroyed by a tornado-their Republican/Independent neighbor would offer their place to sleep.  This is Nebraska.  We must bring this togetherness to politics in Nebraska and send it to Washington.

…..Study how a bill is passed. You will learn one dominant truth.  There are roughly 35 chances for any decision in the halls of Congress to kill a bill.  You need to jump through ALL these hoops to pass legislation.  A reasonable person understands it will take compromise for a bill to avoid death through 35 hoops.  Extreme stances will not get through.  Hence, nothing will be done.  The problem is, “When nothing happens…something happens.”

A Constitutionalist will note, nothing being done is the design for NEW legislation. Only the very best ideas are meant to pass. However, we have five primary roles of government that NEED to be done.  This is the problem with parties.  We have NEEDED government functions failing because they WILL NOT compromise.  We need these functions.  A judicary system administering justice with sound judges….need.  Defense of the border…need.  Settling what role our government should have in the Middle East….need.  Dealing with infrastructure deficiency that promotes the General Welfare….need.  An energy policy for the General Welfare….need.

Yes, I start from a conservative frame of mind.  However, many conservatives are reasonable people (especially Independent Conservatives).  I have pledged to not violate the Constitution.  In my particular case, I will not violate a Biblical moral code (10 commandments being a guide).  After that, everything is negotiable.  I believe this pertains to 80% of legislation.

I’m a college football guy but I believe the NFL gets it right.  11-5 can win a championship.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”, said Abe Lincoln.  Abe Lincoln was just proclaiming the wisdom God gave us in Mark 3:25 to the country.  We need a sense of urgency to unify.  I’m working very hard at how I treat and respect all people.  Part of fair treatment is honesty.  We do not agree all of the time.  However, they know I care for them and I will be straightforward.  I’m interested in rising the tide of all people whether they agree with my methods or not.

God, America, and Respect bind the vast majority of us.  We need two things to happen and we can win the election on Tuesday.  One, people change to vote “For” what they think is right and quit being motivated by “Fear of losing” to the other side. I believe the current “Party” votes are wobbling.  They are wrestling with “Fear” and “Right” as we speak.  Encourage these people to pray over their vote.  Two—people need to grow some courage and talk.  This lie of “Do not talk politics and religion” needs to disappear.  I would just advise not talking about it with those on the extremes.  They are the ones that become beligerent.  We must learn to chat about these topics in a civil way (See the Historical Nebraska Wesleyan Debates on the Todd Watson You Tube Channel for a ‘New American Way’ of debate.  3 of the 4 candidates demonstrated proper civil engagement with disagreement).

We have rejected PAC money and party.  We have the highest percentage of money from Nebraska.  We are the only candidate that can represent you without outside bias.  This is what Nebraskans want – honest and forthright representation.  We have Nebraskans that like our arguments best.  However, the lack of propaganda confirming their decision makes them afraid.  Friends, the answer is simple.  The money buying the propaganda is what will hurt you.  Our country was not designed to trend to a socialistic or a corporate fascist state.  The propaganda is from the corporations that want control.  Reject it as much as money advocating for government control of your lives.

If you have followed my arguments, I continually point to God’s word.  If you believe this is “One Nation Under God” you should spend some time in Numbers 13.  Clearly you will see God is in control.  We are not.  An individualistic nation obsessed with winning has a hard time recognizing God’s sovereignty.  (My video outside of Grand Island on this topic for people who still believe this is One Nation UNDER God)


I believe God takes his cues on how he will treat people based on the convictions of thier heart, their vote, their intentions with God, and their plans of how they will treat others.  We need to drop being obsessed with winning.  We need to be obsessed with finding “Right”.  They can be one in the same.  “Not the victory but the Action” was our guiding inscription at UNL and in Memorial Stadium if you prefer a secular message.  Focus on the right action.  I believe ‘Victory’ is up to God in the end based on our actions.  His timing and definition of ‘Victory’ is very different then ours.

The mere fact I’m a candidate that both sides are gravitated to is probably a wise answer in a divided country.  Progress through disagreement is so needed to keep America great.

You have a big decision on Tuesday.  Have some courage or accept the consequences of trending to the imperfect outcomes growing from Wall Street AND Big Government.  These dangerous outcomes and/or the failure of government doing its assigned duties from dysfunctional parties unwilling to change will continue to happen.

Maybe change will happen?  Maybe we will win?  Either way, it will take a powerful message from the voter on Tuesday to force change.  Doing the same thing over and over is insanity.  There is no incentive for parties to change if insanity works at becoming elected.

At the end of the day, these Parties are currently controlled by money and motivated by power.  This is not what the Constitution was created to protect.  We NEED the 5 main functions of government to be performed well.  Let’s get to work!

Vote for Todd Watson, Independent for Unites States Senate – Nebraska.

God Bless – Todd

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Mike Huckabee – Figuring Out Republican is Bad…Conservative is Good



We would welcome you with open arms to the Independent Conservative movement! Our following is dedicated to ‘right’ over ‘popular’ for power. Caleb and Joshua (Numbers 13) is the inspiration of many of our followers. We understand the danger of compromising ‘right’ to ‘win’. Most Republicans have not figured that out yet. It sounds like you are taking a stand with your principled approach. We took this stand several years ago. Many don’t understand Independent is not in the middle. What Independent does mean is that your voice is not controlled by a party (see definition). You listen to the arguments and make your own decision. Parties do not make the decision for you. It is a very freeing club to be in. You own your identity and can keep your views pure in front of God as opposed to compromised for power.

Mike, you are discovering what many of us knew long ago. Leadership is lost in the National Republican party. Many of us do not believe in compromising to a lesser evil to win, but standing for right (Ten Commandments being a strong basis to build from) regardless of popularity. They are about power and not principles anymore. Nebraska’s Republican candidate pledged to be a “Team Player” on election night. Mike, you know how dangerous this compromise to the power of the party is on a national level. The result of your election speaks to treasuring the candidate with the money over principled values more than any other at the GOP level. Contributing to their power is not much better than contributing to Democrats for power. There are very few Republicans who will not compromise principles to obtain power. You are one of the remaining few.

The others are still blind to the corruption. They need to review Caleb and Joshua and understand proper conduct for a believer who still proclaims this is “One Nation Under God”.  A relative statement of better than Democrat is lame. Furthermore, we have forgotten the teaching of when good people compromise to poor leadership or principles. How dangerous this is to the group. People mistakenly pick people but ignore partnerships.  Partnerships in the Bible teach us the upside and downside when we compromise principles in our teams.  We have forgotten that lesson.  We will still have to compromise on legislation but “pledges” of support and “oaths” bind and must be approached with caution.  If only the people writing the checks and promoting the GOP candidates knew the complete platfrom (I’m sure this is read like the Constitution is read these days) they are supporting.  Let me add some fuel to your fire and hopefully bring you over to our side.

George Bush (my leader when I was a Republican) said Christians and Muslims all pray to the same God. Sounds like great leadership to follow! I wonder if our Lion’s Den or Fiery Furnace warriors were given the, “He had to say that” excuse.

We can talk about Gay Marriage but how about Pro-Life? This is a dominant issue for most believers. Mitt Romney was pro-choice his entire life but suddenly “switched” to Pro-Life for the Presidency. You know the genuineness of that belief all too well. Hmmmm–another worthy leader for a faith based Christian to follow?

Moving on, the Republican Party has not reduced federal outlays once in 50 years. They grew the Department of Ed to its highest staffing levels under Bush and brought in “No Child Left Behind.” George Bush adopted UN Standards which became “Common Core”. Conservatives love it (I’m being sarcastic). More brilliant leadership to support.

Mike, you will love the fact that the majority of GOP Presidential nominees are in Vegas courting the casinos for their money and obtaining it to the tune of $100+ million dollars. You know what concessions are going to be made for that money. The GOP and gambling–Great progress for the American family (Look for internet gaming in your homes the next election cycle)!

Finally, it is OK to overlook entities of greed and protectionism if they are the largest donors of the Party? Exempting banks from the free market by letting them set interest rates. Promoting price fixing in Medicare for Pharmaceuticals. Giving oil companies subsidies and tax breaks because they are donors. Bail Outs on Wall Street because this is the single best donor source. These are not right Mike.

Republicans may drive even more Democrats to hate capitalism because they don’t allow free markets for donors that will do the most good for all people. How can you preach free markets when you don’t enact these clauses for your top donors?  This form of capitalism we have is not really capitalism.  We have the government involved in so many industries. We have Republicans passing favors for their donor industries.  Both are wrong.  Many are blind to the fact that this protectionism for the health care industry combined with government guarantees of providing the general welfare created this disaster in healthcare and pushed people to socialized medicine. High prices are partly to blame for protectionism of the medical professions, hospitals, drugs, etc.  I’ve given the GOP candidate in this race 3 months to go on the record on many of these anti-competitive practices on these topics but he has refused to address the concerns.

We must fight for free markets that benefit the most people. Our donors are OK with free markets for their own businesses. They are not afraid of competition. This is why they are strong Independent conservatives and ready to lead. Competition & Debate– Independent Conservatives say, “Anywhere, Anytime.” Republican conservatives say, “Does this help me profit or win?”

Now in the midst of crying about Senator Harry Reid’s lack of debate of bills, they are OK with Representative and Speaker of the House Boehner not bringing passed bills to the floor to debate. Ah yes, compromising to the least common denominator as opposed to leading with principles. In our state, Republican candidates are not debating their opponents. I’m sure you understand the definition of Hypocrisy. The Republicans do not have one leg to stand on with Senator Harry Reid if they don’t have the guts to debate themselves. Furthermore, they fight and testify to continue to limit my voting rights as an Independent at the ballot box in our state legislature. What a way to fight for free speech and Democracy for 42% of the American public (a smaller subset in Nebraska).

More importantly, I’m the only Nebraska conservative in the major races carrying the conservative arguments in the public square (apologies to Lee Terry and Pete Ricketts) because Republicans are not strong enough to deliver a conservative platform speech in the Senate race. Many Republican leaders feel it will cost them votes delivering the message outside their “Holy Huddle”. If you think believers can’t talk God outside the church, come to the Republican Party in Nebraska where they can’t talk conservative values in a room of people that have different ideologies.  It is inspiring new numbers to the movement (sarcasm).  Again, full apologies to the 2nd district and the governor’s race where Republicans have “Manned Up” and debated their opponents. I’m frankly tired of both conservatives and believers that speak loud all day in their safe environment but coward in the corner when it is time to speak values in public. “Popular” over “Right” wins all day long. The fear of what the others may say or speak keeps most silent. Trust me, it is a blast speaking conservative principles when Domina supporters are bussed in for the statewide debate. Full credit to the Domina supporters though. They have been very supportive of letting me speak. I wish conservatives would show the same level of respect to those with different views.  Instead, Republicans (as a whole) try to control speech on the floor of the House and the public square of democratic elections. I know this first hand.

The lack of confidence to stand for conservative values in the public square is a national crisis. I’m frankly tired of their preaching to their crowd, and folding when you need a conservative voice carried in the PUBLIC square. How in the world are you going to convert anyone when you only speak to like-minded people at like-minded gatherings who mostly rally behind statements of “Fear” of Obama? Preaching to the choir is easy. Rallying a crowd on “Fear” is not leadership. The only thing we need to Fear is God–not Obama. Some of us are comfortable in standing “For” something.  Rallying people around fear have created some of the most toxic world events in history. People need leaders not fear mongers.  People need answers to their tough questions before they vote.

Furthermore, we can push new agenda items that Democrats believe in but Republicans are clueless on because they have not taken the time to study the structure. The oppression of the poor continues to be the result by advocating for Wall Street Banks ownership of the Federal Reserve and our monetary system. The argument should have nothing to do with how much money they have. The argument has everything to do with how unconstitutional the system is. We are not talking about reallocation of money or handouts. What we are talking about is a system that fundamentally oppresses the poor and devalues work in favor of capital. Abraham Lincoln always believed “Labor was Superior to Capital”. Now we have Capital superior to Labor in the Republican Party of which he was a founding influence. We have a compromise to capital over the Constitution (will not agree to Article I, Section 8, Clause 5) because it is funding the propaganda on TV, signs, buses, and shirts. This statement has nothing to do with Unions. This has everything to do with valuing hard work over money created out of thin air via fiat in New York City.

Christ threw over the “Money Changing” tables for a reason. Why are we hugging them? Pro-Capitalism must be set up with a Constitutional framework that does not give favors to donors (those with capital). If we fixed our monetary system to a Constitutional format we can help those that work hard and diminish this unjust class divide created by a system in favor of those who have access to capital over those that work hard. This does not mean income equality. It means the system is just and promotes the values of hard work again.

Mike, the great thing is Democrats (at least in Nebraska) are jumping on board with this purer Constitutional view. They know I care for them the same. They know I’m looking to create a fair framework for all citizens. The rejection of PAC money has actually been liberating. They know I’m shooting them straight and not pulling donor lines.

On the whole, democrats fundamentally care for the poor and they think the Republicans do not do that. Frankly, they are often right. They know I care for the very least in our society. They know it’s genuine. We still disagree in how to care, but they are listening. At the end of the day, leaders in government should be leading the “Justice” for the poor–especially in the courts where Biblical guidance is clear. We should be demonstrating care for the poor at the personal level outside of government. Some do that, but some do not. Clearly, this is not leadership by example with many in the the GOP or Democratic Party (although I know more of it exists as many try to observe Biblical privacy doctrine–I can relate).

We don’t agree on “providing” the general welfare (Liberals vs. Conservatives), but I have found common ground with many in “workfare” for the able bodied. In fact, work isn’t really a hand out. We spend money on civil services on work every day. Is giving an individual a job to work on our infrastructure really a handout? I think it is hard work and a worthy pay check for a much needed service. As we crank our economy back to full tilt when we get our monetary system right, we can fill this employment gap with work for infrastructure and eliminate able bodied welfare handouts. Many, not all, Democrats are jumping on board with hard work for help. They are rejecting handouts as they know the oppression this system is really creating on the people. They are looking for a different avenue to help. We are offering an alternative instead of no solution. This makes sense to people on both sides of the aisle.

I have found many Democrats on board when we fight for “Establishing Justice” and “Equality Under the Law” and quit passing favors for large donors that create this inequality. The Constitution is still treasured by both sides of the isle (especially moderate Democrats and many Republicans who still don’t understand or will face up to the corruption of the power base of the National Party). Many Nebraska Democrats believe in pro-life, justice, and a fair opportunity for the poor. Many of these values should not be labeled with “Conservative”. These are beliefs that unite people. Conservative and liberal have connotations that many revolt from.

Mike, you are welcome here. We would love to add your voice to Biblically based Independents who realize both NATIONAL parties have no rudders, are corrupt, and lost. You don’t have to agree with everything an individual says that is an Independent. We still have different views on many civil issues but Biblical Independents agree on so called “Conservative” fundamentals. You are free to own your own opinion. I’m personally on board with a Biblical standard. We have not found this to be unanimously loved by either Republican or Democrat. There is a large group of Republicans who believe in civil liberties with no limitations of a moral code that is foundational to our Common Law system. Ironically enough it was Obama who said, “Law IS the codification of morality”. It is just a question of what standard of morality that is. Many believe in the Biblical standard.

We have too many Christian’s who are OK to compromise right to win. It is all about power. They believe ‘win’ creates results. The reality is God owns the results based on the declaration of our vote (if 25% of believers even show up and vote) and exercise of our conscious before we act.  Many Democrats and Republicans have lost the belief that God is in control. They believe the parties in charge are. You can provide leadership on that topic.

There is a crisis in the Republican party of people more concerned with money/power then right. We know we can rebuild ‘conservative’ values when we don’t tolerate injustice and promote values of truth as opposed to compromising positions for money and power. I know you stand for right before God per your conscious. You understand the “Fear of God” and the account we will have to give to God. I believe this motivates you more than short term power positions.

Standing for right is what we are trying to do as God fearing Independents. I will tell you we try to avoid the word “Conservative” and “Liberal” at the door. We call it a Biblical view. Some views are incomplete but many have a solid intent.  I’m sure you can add to this discussion.  Yes, many of those views are conservative but there are topics like oppression, justice, etc. that have not been advocated for very well by ‘conservatives’.

A strong Biblical view is welcome. The party does a poor job of representing moral values. The label pushes many God fearing Democrats away. There are many Democrats labeled by birth then by belief. They are welcome here. All are welcome here. Furthermore, we avoid demonizing dissenters. We don’t feel this will win a person over. We try to lead sheep– Not beat sheep as the saying goes. We are united and push this agenda of Biblical values.

A word of caution though, you will be discriminated against as an Independent. Be prepared. Talking God outside of Republican is a foreign concept for many. Many believers (in the midwest) are entrenched Republicans. I’m not welcome on Christian radio because they are concerned on “winning” even though I’m the only one that has said the word “Jesus” in public debates. I haven’t had my ideology questioned by believers but many are publically interested in Republicans winning.  To be more accurate, they are concerned with Democrats losing.

Many faith based organizations will not stand by you.  I’ve given my time in marches, made my declarations but endorsements do not come based on your stated positions.  They are nervous this would split the Republican vote.  Many of these organizations will blanket support Republicans on key stances.  They no longer endorse based on charachter of the person but they endorse based on the interests of winning.  They believe winning is what determines outcomes.  Independents require further evaluation and stated positions are often not trusted due to the “Fear of Obama” as I’m learning.

Standing for values is only welcome if it helps “their” party.  Again, this is not a value shared by all Republicans but is believed by many card carrying members.  We have had outstanding people of faith that are die hard Republicans support this campaign.  We have had people of faith that are Democrats and support this campaign.  There are a great deal of people who still evaluate you based on merit of what you stand for.  This is our emphasis.  We need people to start evaluatiing people on stances and charachter and not on labels.  These people will stand and support you if they like what you say.  They are the party people we treasure because they believe in “Encouragement” – another lost value in many circles.  However, I want you to be prepared that several people of faith will desert you because you publically do not endorse the “R”.  This is Biblical as well too.  Labels over belief were important back then too.

Furthermore, you will need large amounts of private money to get your message out.  A large chunk of the power brokers in money/media are tied to the party. They have several avenues of the media sewed up. Many members of the media will not cover you unless you buy ads, AND if you do not pose a danger to accomplishing winning of ‘their candidate.  They have their opinions too they like to promote. That happens both ways (“R” vs. “D”). We are still working on the joint venture between Fox and CNN for the Independent Channel 😉

The belief in civic coverage is not there anymore for many outlets. They believe you need to pay for all media coverage before you are covered. This is not true of all outlets. I’ve been fortunate to have been covered by many outlets who believe in civic coverage and debate. I’m very thankful for their work. I want to make sure I don’t “lump” all of them into this unfair label. I’ve been truly blessed with fair and independent coverage in the media across my state.  I will always be grateful for these people that are dedicated to covering content and debate to educate their consumers. If I win, I know who I will be conversing with first to communicate my message.

Mike, you are a large domino that needs to fall to weaken a corrupt party or bring a wake up call. It may be a ‘better’ option but I don’t think God cares too much for an institution that is “less bad”.   It is time we have a new movement grounded in the Constitution, God’s guidance for his entire creation to flourish, and justice of which Romans 13 calls us to create in government. The challenge is to destroy the stigma that this it does not act in the best interest of all people.  We need to trumpet Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice, when the wicked rule, the people grumble.”

I, Todd Watson, Independent Candidate for US Senate would appreciate your support this election. There is already a large base of conservative Independents standing for God. We would welcome your voice to a fast growing group! You could provide many with a God fearing compass, and worthy national leadership to follow.

I assure you this Independent God fearing group is multiplying. More believers are right there and ready to follow. They have talked to me. They are just scared to “jump”. They are fighting their own conscious. ‘Winning’ versus ‘right’ is a tough American concept. They are scared to follow ‘Right’ for what ‘They Believe’ this may cost them. The powder keg is ready to be lit Mike. A national leader changing like you would be monumental. It may not bring you power but I think God is ready to bless a big change of loyalty from poor leadership to God fearing leaders. I know he is hungry for leaders to be loyal to him first. I believe he is ready for those who have not put their trust in money over him. I believe he is ready for leaders who put their trust in God before “Chariots” and “Horses”. I believe he is ready for those who put their faith in him before government and before self.

I know he has taken care of me in a miraculous way this year. We are winning, but not ‘winning’. People are sorry for me because of poll numbers.  However, we have identified the strong ready to stand firm. I actually feel lucky to be called to this work. I feel even more blessed by the amazing followers who volunteer for free because they support the cause.  I feel sorrier for those willing to compromise. I truly believe that a compromised vote is going to have consequences this time around. They have choices they have not had in the past. They don’t need to feel sorry for me. I know what Big Government, Big Money, and lost leadership will do for them.

I know God has my back. This doesn’t mean everything is always pleasant (quite the opposite), but it does bring contentment. Unfortunately, I see people who have faith in parties or candidates pledged to money and bad leadership. Many Republicans are good but we forget who we align with can determine their outcome. That is the blind spot. The partnerships of these candidates are there to be discoverd but that would take more work then the average voter is willing to give.  Thank you for bringing to light the compromising of one of the partnerships–the National Party.  We could use your help to set them free from poor leadership! I implore you to take the final step Mike. My phone line is open. Todd

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The Royals Win and My Message for Nebraska in October

Summary Outline

Royals are awesome

People have a need to be popular

We need people to care about ‘right’

Why I’m Not a Republican but “Conservative” (a label you may relate to)

God’s danger story of “One Nation UNDER God” – voting for popular over right (Caleb and Joshua)


Full Story

The Need for Success

Be honest…how many of you counted out the Royals in the 8th, the 9th, the 12th?  Down four late–many gave up.

Not us … not the Royals.

Furthermore, who put their faith in March in the money?  How about $200 million with the Yankees, $180 million in Philly, $163 million in Boston?  Where are they now?  Money doesn’t buy camaraderie, values, or championships.  It does buy votes from people whose faith is in money and the propaganda (media) it impresses.

Money should be a tool.  Unfortunately, it has become an object to control votes and our Democracy.   Both sides get this wrong.  People are between government and property.  We should not let government dictate political control of property.  At the same time, we should not let property dictate the actions of government.  Both government and property should belong to and be directed by the people.  Government should not instill obligated beliefs into individually owned property.  Property should not instill beliefs into the government.  People are the “Go Between” of both entities.  Another reason I’m Independent as both parties do not see people as a “Go Between” that separate each entity. Keep government out of corporate policy and keep corporate policy out of government.  Both belong to the people.

Many people emotionally need to be part of a winner, belong to a group of popularity, etc.  This is why the top selling jerseys are those of “World Winners”.  I cringe seeing our kids in jerseys of those doing wrong in society.  Conversely, I am happy when they wear jerseys of players we respect and do ‘good’ off the field (Go Bengals and Rex).  Like adults, many kids wear the jerseys of winners and ignore if they do right or wrong off the field.  It’s about being identified as a winner on the big stage.

Adults are no different than kids.  They need to be part of success, popularity, and money to “feel good”.  They are willing to overlook lies, corrupted money, etc. to win. They want to be associated with winners at all costs.  This is why many don’t stand with right…they stand with big and popular.  They look to the wrong people for acceptance to win.  This needs to change.


The fact that ‘poor’ payroll is now in the final 8 in baseball is awesome.  Many did not think the Royals would get this far because they didn’t have the money to compete.  Many didn’t think ‘we’ would get this far without Big Money.  Surprise!   Although the Royals are still there, so are the Big Money/Big Media Dodgers. We are still here but so is the big money from NYC, Washington, Houston, and LA.  We have an uphill battle and we need your help so you will be served.

Let’s push to be the final ‘one’ to rock the world of baseball and politics.  Let’s not forget we will be content if we don’t win.  Unlike the belief of many in the majority, we know God is in control….not the Republicans or Democrats.  Contentment will be our reward.  Nervous apprehension will be the gift of those who compromise right.  I believe a ‘believer’s’ job is to industriously work and declare what we believe is truth.  God actually determines the outcome.  Most believers don’t believe that anymore.  That is why they focus on winning.  I’m all about winning but let’s get “right” prioritized first.

Ditch the money and join the team united in a cause for victory.  We must overcome this money that doesn’t speak for Nebraska.  Donors control politicians for more money in their coffers and offer popularity and perceived power in return to the politician.  More importantly, the money steals representation from the Nebraska citizen and their voice in the republic.  This is unacceptable.

You have the ability to vote for New York, Houston, LA, and Boston.  You also have the ability to vote for someone not bought by the money to work for Nebraskans WITH conservative values.  Have all heard about me…no.  Is the word out about me…yes.  Are they talking about my ideas…a few.  Are more talking about splitting the vote because they are obsessed with winning…yes.

‘Right’ is off the radar, ‘Winning’ is on, of most in the discussion.  My coffers struggle because of this perception of winning.  The volume of people don’t commit to giving to a capital campaign until it is close to the finish line.  They like to win.  The key givers are principled people early who have a vision for right.  Maybe it’s my fault I didn’t inspire the principled people from the start.  My problem was that I couldn’t overcome their fear of the Democrat early perpetuated by the propaganda and the media preaching primary candidates in the Spring.  I don’t have a media outlet preaching fear of the liberal to drive people into my net.  They do.

Many think I’m right but don’t believe “I can win”.  This hinders many to support.  However, I also know they are wresting with their conscious.  However, I’ve been blessed with what I need.  I wanted an army of 30,000.  However, I was given an army of 300.  I’m thankful for who God did give me.  I think I have found the true difference makers across Nebraska ready to fight for “right” in the long term.  I’m finding out who floats in the wind for ‘popular’ at the same time.

The missed contributions do come from those obsessed with winning.  This traces back to the belief “We” are in control and therefore winning is paramount.  “We” are in control to the degree of how we express our beliefs through voting or expression of the heart.  However, our exercise of free will (voting is part of that) is what I believe determines our outcome that I believe God orchestrates.  To be fair to the electorate most of this belief from the electorate was established before the sell out to the Big Banks and the change of heart to support McConnell as oppose to call for stronger leadership.  The facts have changed.

I’m interested in changing more people then judging or condemning their beliefs.  Changed hearts will be key before results.  My lack of yelling doesn’t mean I’m agreeing.  It just means I believe yelling isn’t going to convert anyone new to the cause.

Media and Spreading of Knowledge

The focus by the large media is unfortunate.  We have and will continue to add new and real ideas to the debate.  The irony was Tom Becka did absolutely what I knew he would do before the interview last night.  I declared on Facebook BEFORE the live interview the likely agenda he would lead.  Most of the media does the same.  He followed the script to a “T”.  He is not prepared on all the candidates.  He is focused on candidates in the parties.  I’m just filler for the show.  The media in Nebraska by in large is no-where to listen to find new ideas.  Sensationalized journalism before discussion of ideas is the norm of the day.  Read my post and listen to the interview and you would have thought I wrote the piece before the live interview happened.  Dig on the net to find pioneering thought.  Listen to Fox News, CNN, or read the Washington Post or New York times if you want to hear the agenda of the local airwaves.  You can discover their agenda before they do.

Credit to Tom though…he, KETV, KLIN are the only media outlets in Omaha/Lincoln have the guts to cover an Independent with any substantive coverage.  I do love him.  He is more courageous because he allows freedom of thought of all people.  I admire that.  Credit to Tom….he is open to all persuasions and lets them speak.  Credit to Tom…he does better than most to move the debate forward.  I’m thankful for his inclusion on his show.  I would just like to spend more time on ideas that will change Nebraskan lives than the traditional mantra of “Here comes the God guy” or “What do you think about Dave legalizing pot?” discussion.  Ideas to solve big problems is a lost art in a world concerned with 20 second sound bites that drive attention.  Maybe this is why our country struggles.  We have popularity contests based on a game that believes in sound bites and not principled leaders ready to solve problems.  We have politicians that move to sound bites over solving problems.  The problem of unresolved health care, immigration, ISIS strategy lies in the wake as we move from media crisis to media crisis without resolving the previous problems.

Personal Responsibility

Are you spreading the word or keeping it to yourself?  My guess it is the later.  This is not just a problem in American Democracy, it is the problem in American Ministry.  It is easier to fly around the world in the name of ministry then look over their fence like “Wilson” and say the word “God” much less “Jesus” (hurry duck for cover).   We should be doing both.  Of course it doesn’t help when people in ministry are mute on politics.  When we perpetuate singular focused behavior we encourage citizens to narrowly focus on what their interest is.  This is no different for spiritual leaders as it is for an 80 hour a week businessmen.

The reality is WE ARE ALL citizens of a Republic.  We are all going to have our areas of focus and expertise.  However, singular focus must become extinct.  We are Americans and are called to steward more than just our specialty.  This applies to business professionals, teachers, stay at home parents, and yes…spiritual leaders.  Americans are called to steward families, money, government, jobs, etc.  One hat is not good enough.  The Bible talks about all subjects and so should our spiritual leaders.  We should not be teaching ignorance by refusing to discuss government in church.  This doesn’t mean preaching candidates and parties.  It does mean we need to start preaching about principles being exercised in government.  I have news to the church.  Cesar is now “We the People”.  The government is sitting in your pews and not Washington if you read the Constitution.   There is currently no separation between the two by definition or appearance.

What is it that keeps the silence on the people on things like politics and religion that is central to our way of life?  This is a land of freedom of speech…is it not?  Republics need vibrant discussion in all disciplines.  America has always moved forward in disagreement.  This needs to continue.

Constitutional Revival

We need a complete revival of the Constitution.  Not a half way revival of the document that will continue to protect donors from banking clauses.  Money does control our lives as much as government.  Unfortunately, the voter continues to ignore the history of what happens when this same historical money is in play in the race.  In fact, I think the candidate is blind to this fact or openly accepting this as a means to an end (I don’t know which it is).  He should observe history of those who believed this means to an end thinking as well.  Woodrow Wilson, the last college President to lead in office, highly regretted the legislation he passed for banks (Morgan) and oil (Rockefeller).   However, their money was a means to an end for his power.  He was the first to give capitalism the largest black eye that would stain its functioning from 1913 forward (both Federal Reserve and the Income Tax passed).  Let’s not repeat history and live with regrets like Woodrow Wilson did.  Ditch the big banks and oil companies.

The money from these entities are not supporting fiscal cuts, free markets, or the Constitution.  I pray I’m wrong, but history proves I’m right when someone is motivated by power and the belief in the logic of gathering more donor money from those who historically push for contrary principles to free markets and the Constitution.  Supporting the degradation of the Constitution should be an embarassment to every class A shareholder of the Federal Reserve.  Their money in politics is filthy.

I’m not fooled anymore.  Many Nebraskans are not either.

I get questioned if I’m conservative because I’m an “I”. It is time we start questioning “R” if they are conservative.  It is time we question both parties if they will defend their oath of the Constitution from threats foreign and domestic.  We need a full Constitutional revival.

We need free/fair/just domestic markets, financial cuts, border security, and a spiritual backbone that guided firm values of this country.

With no reduction in federal outlays since 1965—why are Republicans fiscally conservative and Democrats are not?  They are both massive failures.  I like the description of Democrat-Lite for Republican fiscal policy.

When Republicans allow banks to set their own interest rates as opposed to the market, big oil to price fix alternative fuel at the pump, drug companies to fix prices in Medicare, bail out failing companies who donate to the party on the backs of taxpayers, and on and on…does any of this scream Republicans believe in Free Markets???  They would embrace and fight for free domestic markets for their donors if a solid belief in “free markets” was the case.

When all three House Republicans on the Presidential Budget Commission (Paul Ryan being the leader of the three and aligned with Ben in this election) vote against Simpson-Bowles that would have reduced our national debt from 65% to 25% of GDP by 2040, but agree with Patty Murray on a disastrous budget…I’m to believe they will lead us to fiscal balance?

Border security was passed in 1986 under Republican leadership.  Yet the border was not secured the next 6 Republican Presidential years.  28 years later we have an unsecured border by both parties!!!  I’m to now trust it is going to be different this time?  Is executing the law suddenly going to start to happen with the parties now?

When my last Republican president tells me I pray to the same God as a Muslim (My Muslim peers don’t even believe this), I’m to support and follow GOP leadership?  Spare me.  I know of men who did not deny their God and were thrown to the lions or in a fiery furnace.  These are courageous leaders.  Thomas Jefferson knew a man with courage was a majority.  I’m ready to follow these guys.

Next, I have to buy a line from the next Presidential candidate that was Pro-Choice his whole life is now magically a Pro-Life guy at the election.  Am I sucker for this change for political purposes?  Is this the leadership God wants me to follow?  Maybe this is the way it is, not for me.  I’m only following leaders worthy of following.  Obama, Romney, Bush, Clinton…no thanks.  This is why I like being Independent.  I pray for all of them out of obedience.  I’ll be honest it sometimes is hard to make that prayer.  However, I trust God’s wisdom in praying for these people.

When we conservatives cry about Harry Reid not allowing debate but give free passes to Republicans not willing to debate the other candidates in this state (my apologies to Lee Terry and Pete Ricketts…well done guys)…..how do conservatives not see unjust hypocrisy in a call against Democrats to bring debate and legislation to the floor?   We want ‘afraid to debate’ from Nebraska to represent us?  Or worse yet…maybe he is taking cues from Washington leadership to not debate anymore and shows we have lost our candidate already.  Could it be any more obvious Nebraskans have already lost control of their representative!  When you personally call for more debates…you better follow thru.  Your word is important and I can’t think of any better statement of caution to the Nebraska voter.  I personally believe Ben wants to debate but his entourage and party is calling the shots.

We need conservative in Washington but we are yearning for better leadership first.   Nebraskans you pick, which option is a worse statement in ducking two debates?  Fear or party control?  PS- the organizer of the Hastings debate is a staunch Republican.  He offered to move that debate well in advance to accomodate Sasse.  I was not asked if this would fit into my schedule.  I missed my kids game that day.  We moved camping to the following weekend to serve the people of Hastings.   This is part of what I signed up for.

Both sides should know better.  People need debate, public service, and representation.  Frankly, our electorate should know.  However, this squinting to see what they want to see is an electorate problem.   God forbid an “I” could be the right solution to stand up against unconstituional “D’s” in Washington.  However, the fear od “D” to build “R” reigns.  You can block Washington but beware of the blind side hit from New York.  The good news to the Nebraska people… there is still time to change.

It’s time for no party.  It is time for a 100% Nebraskan voice.  Hello Independent Conservative.

Do these honest criticisms of Republicans make me a Democrat?  Absolutely not.  It makes me a conservative that believes in practicing what I preach.  It makes me a conservative that realizes the National Republican Party is as lost as the National Democratic Party.  It makes me a believer that understands I will only vote for leadership worthy to be followed and will continue to pray for whoever does lead this country as a matter of obedience over desire.

Does this “Conservative” title mean I hate Democrats?  Absolutely not.  I actually hate titles.  “Conservative” is just a word people relate to that gives people a reference point.  That has been the biggest problem with the label “Independent”.  I like to think I’m more about Common Sense, God’s word, and the Constitution.

I realize God loves all people as much as “I”.  “I” should treat all people accordingly and “I” will.  Chalk up non demonization of the other side as a distinguishing trait from a Republican Conservative to me as an Independent Conservative.  Demonizing other people has done absolutely zero in converting individuals to ‘their’ side.  Unfortunately they both do it.  It is ironic in a land obsessed with “bullying” of kids that adults demonstrate the same values in public (just go on the twitter feed from supporters).  This is the problem with Democrats and Republicans. This leadership thru demonization of the other side is toxic to our country.  Most every day citizens of which I’m one are sick of this behavior and want to see some unity and results to move America forward.

The glaring ‘continuation of power’ problem for a Republican is if you go to a GOP function it is usually full of older people.  Few young people are showing up.  This is recipe for death.  The young are not being won over by the party.  When you go to a Democrat function you see a lot of young people.  Why?  They are preached an “I believe” message.  The Republicans preach an “I don’t believe” message that reminds the young they have lost their work ethic, values and ‘they’ are doomed.  If you ever stop and listen to an educated youngster like I have they are upset with the old for spending all their money.  There is half-truth in all of these statements and this is why we need forgiveness and reconciliation.   I need to mend these fences between young and old and re-instill an American belief and relationship between the generations as well as the parties.  I have a two-fold challenge if elected.  I think my age in the middle of these generations is a large asset to a body so disconnected with the young.

On a positive note, I’m excited at the young people involved from both sides of the aisle in our race.  We have had an awesome time around UNL, UNK, UNO, Concordia, etc. this year.  We preach a positive belief in our kids and demonstrate self-determination.  I’ve enjoyed visits to the nursing home.  I was given a big smile in Bassett Nebraska and an “Atta Boy” from one still full of life and optimism in their old age.

Conservative can win when we instill faith in our kids and demonstrate and teach hard work.  We need more adults mentoring kids with these beliefs.  This requires balance and a prioritizing the future over working late for the next buck.  Add mentoring kids to the list of needed duties to be performed in a Republic.  Add caring for our elders as a Biblical responsibility that we have unfortunately delegated to government.

Do I think Democrats are right on the majority of issues?  No.  Do I think they are right on a few issues because they have better gifts in certain areas?  Yes.  Do I have faith in Republicans that get conservative principles right?  Absolutely.  I will stand 100% with Republicans when they are right on the issues and 100% against them when they are passing unconstitutional favors and protectionism to pay off their donors.  The first role of government is to establish justice or “Equality before the law”.  This is the first Constitutional duty these parties break for their donors and elected officials in the party.

Where Should We Go

I still believe if you combined Democrat compassion with Republican logic you would obtain a better outcome.  I know I’ll get push back on that comment…so be it.

Conservatives, please stop drinking the Republican Kool-Aid.  Separate until this party gets a clue and lives out their values.  Look for growth in the young before you hop back on.  This has been a party on the decline for good reason.  Instilling fear in your followers to win is a long term recipe for disaster.  People cannot operate in fear that long before they collapse.

Ben is half right.  He proclaims the party of no ideas loses to a party of bad ideas every time.  This line of thinking helps.  Although I think this is a true statement, I’d suggest as an ex-Republican the main problem is they don’t practice what they preach.  Their Achilles heel is always compromising principles for power.  In particular, the free market and the constitutional are overlooked for large donors to obtain temporary power.  Our budget and people have suffered for it.

Cut a budget, empower the free market for all people, follow the Constitution and focus on defense instead of offense every administration.  That is what I’m doing and believe in.

Lebron returned to Cleveland.  I could return to the GOP (I will not the first 6 years if elected—you have my word).  However, I need to see a commitment to principles and championships again.  I need to see, hear, and feel belief in the future again.  This living for today needs to stop.  I need to see long term tough decisions to ensure our elderly do not experience a bankrupt social security and medicare system.  I need to see long term tough decisions so our kids have a bright future they can go achieve for themselves.

I hope I’m wrong but I’m convinced they will not do what they say.  Read the Contract with America and Pledge to America and review the results.  The optimism was just as high when these words were declared.  Follow through was a different story.  Compromising for power is, continues to be, and will always be the culprit.   Avoiding the money, and staying free from the power is the best way I can demonstrate I will not sell out.  There is nothing to sell out to.

Like healthcare, they are destroying the free market and a belief in capitalism for the people by allowing banks to operate under an unconstitutional charter and exempting free markets for their donors.  They are causing the counter response as people suffer from unjust laws created in a manipulated market.  This manipulation is what liberals scream at as if this is the product of “Capitalism”.  The problems are not capitalism.  The problems come from unconstitutional practices and manipulated markets that distort capitalism and give it an unfair black eye.  Yes, perfect capitalism has not been perfect.  That is why we need labor laws.  However, it is the best system we have had to improve the most lives in America in a fallen world.  Both parties have abandoned their beliefs in “Free” domestic markets.  Preaching and enacting are two very different things.

Caleb and Joshua

I get questioned if I’m conservative because I’m an “I”. It is time we start questioning “R’s” if they are Conservative.  “RHINOS” are more of a problem then myself.  You know what you get with me.

You can vote for a lesser evil if you believe in winning.  I’ll stick to voting for what is right.  The story of Caleb and Joshua in Numbers is too powerful to do anything but vote for ‘right’ if a person believes this is “One Nation UNDER God”.  Unfortunately, we are a dying breed even amongst believers.  Granted we are no Israel, but we are no Iran either.  This is a special place given to us by our creator.

Republicans voting a majority–beware if you still believe this is “One Nation UNDER God” and vote for what you think wins over what you think is right.  Dying in the desert was the victory trophy of God followers who made the more popular but incorrect vote.  Congratulations on winning the vote Majority!

It will be too late to correct later once the vote is made.  Trying to correct the mistake after it was too late brought sudden failure—see Caleb and Joshua, Jeremiah, etc.  That is why it is imperative to get our actions right, the first time.  We have the warning shots from 9/11, the Wall Street meltdown in 2007, and now this monstrosity of federal debt created by violating the Constitution and believing in “Providing” the General Welfare.   All three have serious ramifications.  Ditch the short term memory and singular focus.  We have a decade that screams for complete recovery, and 35 years of a growing national debt that is the result of excessive warfare and welfare that need to be addressed.

I’m looking for Wall Street to bring that pain with Republicans or Big Government to bring that pain with Democrats.  It is time to stand against both and return to Constitutional principles and obedience to avoid the pain.  Individuals need to start reacting with a belief and follow through that this is “One Nation UNDER God”.  Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.  Focus on yourself.  We have plenty of room for spiritual growth for individuals on or willing to come on the boat.

It is time believers who truly ‘believe’ demonstrate a conviction that God is in control.  Winning or losing a vote has very little to do with your personal final outcome if you trust in his word.  God has that in his hands. You just get to express the will in your heart before he acts.

I believe you have a monumental choice and opportunity this November.  Please like, share, and e-mail to your friends—or be silent.  Silence has been the centuries old problem of people alike.  Bonhoeffer, Lincoln, King, have all warned you throughout time on silence.

It is your choice.  My team worked hard under God to give you the option this year to free your conscious with your vote.  People will be accountable this year for the outcome.  Blaming maybe heard, but the heart will instinctively know the truth after 2014 if we do not change.  Let’s begin to get this right in November or accept the consequences when our liberties and way of life are destroyed by Wall Street and/or Big Government.  November will be the start.  This is a long, arduous, but worthy path to take. I need your contributions to help get the word out before November.  Please consider giving.  God bless each of you—believers and unbelievers alike.  Have a good day – Todd

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Leadership Starts Here!

Today we disclosed details to solve the social security shortfall of 13 trillion. People don’t know how to respond.  They are still waiting for “R” or “D” drama to play out over Fox News or CNN to craft their emotional opinion.  Todd is about Ideas over demonization.   Discussion over drama.  Problem solving over political grandstanding.


“The “I” is a great place to live.  The media leaves you alone because you don’t give bulletin board material that creates sensationalized journalism to sell ads. They don’t know who to quote from the “other side” to create journalistic tension to sell a story.  Let’s face it–the media has no idea how to cover thoughtful ideas and sell it anymore.  “Fireworks” tends to be what they look for.  Today we put tough decisions to paper to solve social security and they want to talk Dave Domina and legalizing pot.  I was probably dumb and gave them a quote.  Sensationalized journalism over problem solving is their problem.  I wonder if they will ask my competitors what their detailed plan is to solve Social Security so we have some discussion to solve one of the largest financial problems plaguing our nation.  It’s the voters problem they pay attention to all this media.  Come join us and debate solutions.  It’s your choice Nebraska.  It’s up to you to elect a problem solver or keep playing this moronic game of “D” vs. “R”.


Do you think God will give you a high five for voting a lesser evil or what is right?  After all WE are in control right (sarcasm intentional)? You can align with a group motivated by fear of the left, join the group committed to tarnish the image of the right or you can join us and seize the opportunity to fight for a return to constitutional principles.


We believe in ‘We the People’ to make the collective individual decisions to return to “One Nation Under God”.  All are welcome on our bus.  We don’t allow naysayers but we do allow frank and open discussion to solve problems.  We respect difference of opinion but we reserve the right to disagree, WITH respect given to the other individual a requirement in disagreement (a revolutionary thought I know).  You will not be tarnished as a leper in our camp if you have an idea that doesn’t fit into the established leadership mold.  In the Watson camp, we do put a moral code into play when we vote.  You are welcome to disagree with that. We will not hate you, like you may us, because we know what it is like to be discriminated against as an “I”.


We (the Watson campaign team) just want you to be fully informed on how Todd will vote. We believe in full disclosure for educational voting.  However, unlike other groups we will not demonize non-believers or others with different trains of thought.  We realize we are imperfect as well.   Furthermore, we welcome new thoughts to find a better answer.   We realize truth lies in the different experiences and talents given by God to different people.


I maybe the first candidate that have close supporters from both sides fearful of me splitting their vote.  Why?  Because we each share some valid points.  Wall Street and Washington are the centers of greed and power.  Both structures are full of sin.  When you seek to build up one and degrade the other you are only half right.  The reality is we still need a strong government AND Wall Street but we need both operating the founding guidance of the Constitution.  We need to return to the framework to where checks and balances were placed on BOTH institutions to protect the union and liberty of the people.  Truth is embodied in that document.   Everything else is a compromise of American civil truth.


It is up to the voter to pick compromise to a lesser evil IN A PERCEPTION to win or vote truth and guarantee their personal win.  Evil still remains in a “lesser evil” scenario and I would look for the winner’s institutions of choice to further degrade America with their victory (Wall Street and the Republicans or Government and the Democrats).  The reality is each side fears the dominant faction of the other side as opposed to realizing both are dangerous to Individual Liberty and freedom.


The sad thing is the voter maybe fooled to buy the propaganda yet again paid for by the crooks on Wall Street or the honest but unfortunate failed policies of big government bankrupting our country.  Change must start now.  The choice starts with you contemplating your personal vote.  Block out the hype, the TV, the media and others.  Take some time and wrestle with ‘right’.  You can live with yourself when you ‘vote’ right.  No one knows your vote in the booth.  You can still thump your chest and proclaim establishment sayings to keep your friends in your circle if you need that collective majority acceptance.


You might be surprised to find many agree with us but are still building up the courage to stand strongly in a new direction.  Courage to stand apart from the group is as hard for adults as it is kids.  The alternative option is to beat yourself up when you violate your conscious and let yourself down to help the lesser evil choice win.  Think of it as not having to pick the Red Sox or the Yankees as a lesser evil in the playoffs.  You don’t have to pretend to the majority of loud people in the sports bar that you are OK with either Boston or New York.
Deep down most of can’t stand these clubs and really want the Royals to win (apologies to my Red Sox and Yankees fans 😉 Let’s go Blue!

Join us!  The feeling of speaking truth, solving problems without drama, and encouraging each other in debate will improve the situation.   We are not obsessed with winning like partisans.  They still think they have control over this world.  PS–Have you ever contemplated America got the leadership we deserved as opposed to what we voted for?  Changing leadership probably starts at changing hearts at the individual level.

Instead, we are interested in finding ‘right’ for the sake of liberty for ourselves and future generations.  We realize everyone else is just operating under the emotion of fear and or the desire for control.  The only thing we need to fear is fear itself and we realize God is still in control.   We are just exercising our convictions in voting for him to view before we act.  We exercise our free will and he exercises the outcome.  Ask yourself if your followers are the “grumblers” in the desert or the leaders?  He will determine the outcome.  Join us in the problem solving camp.  Vote for Todd Watson for United States Senate in Nebraska.  It is time for Constitutional Independent Leadership!

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Liberty Is A Superior Position to “Anti-Big Government”

Conservatives need to change their mindset from Anti-Big Government to Pro-Liberty.

Big Government is really a subset to a bigger crisis of Anti-Liberty Institutions.

Thomas Jefferson –When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

This is the statement that makes Republicans “Giddy”. The fear of government over the people is the battle cry for Republicans.  I hate to burst the bubble, but this is an incomplete view on liberty destruction.  Let’s look at the other side of the coin.

Large Banking Institutions are also a crisis to Pro Liberty and the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies (Let that sink in). If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all their property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Jefferson argued against Big Government AND Big Banks!  Your Republican friends will not promote the later cause.  (Psst..it hurts their largest donor base).  The reality is money is a bank’s business.  It must be “Free Market” because it involves money …. right?   Wrong.  You need to decide if you are pro liberty, become educated on the subject, and vote accordingly.

Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5 –

The Congress shall have power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures

Republicans take their largest share of donations from these banking institutions. They have their followers focus on “Anti-Big Government”.  Most Republicans you talk to emphasize the problems of Big Government and Obama with little cognizance that this is just a subset of a bigger problem “Anti-Liberty”. “Anti-Big Government” and “Anti-Obama” is what their party preaches to get their supporters worked up on TV, in Town Halls, and through media outlets. One of the biggest differences between a Conservative Independent like me and a Conservative Republican is the realization of an ADDITIONAL danger to liberty…. big banks.  Acceptance of banking donations drives legislation to empower Big Banks, destroys our liberty, and threatens our capital markets (explore the $340 trillion derivative SWAP market and pray for a country whose entire GDP is $17 trillion. Pray the trade doesn’t bust like 2007).

When you talk against “Big Banks”, Republicans often label you as “Anti-Capitalism” as they look at these institutions as Free Market.  Maybe we should elect business professionals as opposed to lawyers, etc. who actually understand the roots of money to clear up this Washington misperception.  Big Banks have the ability to be free market but are not.  Banks would compete for your business on rates as opposed to who can be the “Best Friend” of the borrower if they were really competing.  Banks should work hard and earn money by organizing and protecting capital in the marketplace.  However, lazy is easy.  Creating capital by visiting the low cost “Free Print” banking window of the Fed wins every time.  Organizing capital is hard.  Multiplying capital by 33 is easy.

Pro Capitalism is really the truth when you speak against “Big Banks”.

“Anti-Big Banks (we are talking the largest)” is just a statement of Anti-Greed and Anti-Market Control. The problem is knowledge. Hosea 4:2 rings loudly. Less than 1% really knows how the Fed works.  The Fed controls our entire monetary and banking system and thus the systems that run many of our lives (Money).

If they examined the structure (this is your “Wake-Up” call to do that) and corresponding disruptions to the poor and marketplace alike–they would leave the Republican Party who advocate for their banking policies 24/7 on the Hill.  The “Fear of the Democrat” (as your Republican propaganda will support) will keep many Republicans from doing this.  This is really a failure in a belief of voter’s control over God’s control when exercising their conscious when voting.  Many question why I work endless hours on a campaign when the “Polls” say I can’t win.  It is simple.  My job is to declare the conscious of what I believe is right to so many people.  It is the job of the people to vote their conscious and accept the consequences of their vote.  I think the “Big Man” has more of the say of the outcome than individuals.

I trust the “Big Man” is in control of the final outcome…not the people.  I believe voting for what we believe is right determines our individual outcome….not voting what wins.  (See Caleb and Joshua)   The freedom to speak truth as I see it is overwhelming.  I don’t let winning control my behaviors or emotions.  I already know who wins and desire to be on the “right” side of the complete argument.  I believe this is the winning side in the long run regardless of November’s outcome.

Winning or losing the election is only temporary.  Republicans and Democrats are both fools to think they are in control.  Their “Free Will” exercise and their willingness to “Compromise” truth in legislation for power should scare them more than losing an election.  It is time our representatives put power politics aside and focus on “right” legislation for all.

Back to the economy, when 70% of our financial assets are controlled by .2% of the people–you have a command economy.  Can you think of other societies where .2% controls 70% of the wealth AND the engine of the economy? Hint….it is not a Democracy.

The Democrats also take money from banking institutions and have their followers focus on the evil of “Big Corporations”. Big Corporations are just second in line to the Big Banks that have the credit capital they need to grow their influence. Big Corporations are often not evil. Many have the right passions and cause to improve society through the marketplace. How they capitalize their business can be the problem. However, most in corporate life are blind to the damage they cause by how they capitalize their business (I am guilty of this so don’t think I’m judging).  I’m playing the capitalistic game as constructed now but would like the game to change for the well-being of all people.   My businesses are free from debt but my investments and home are not for full disclosure (We are working on it!).

I believe most do not understand the harm they cause with their capitalization structures by taking money not based on capital created by people (hard work, good ideas, success in the marketplace, good allocation of capital), but take money based on credit that is sourced from money created out of thin air by their banks (33 lending dollars can be created by one true dollar).   The awakening of our conscious may have us move in a new direction without bank debt (at least higher capitalization ratios–a first step).  However, “Keeping up” in a system they can’t control can be tough and requires competitive behavior using the mechanisms in the market.  As a person that offers alternative solutions–explore bonds backed by people.  Let people not Wall Street banks succeed with your success in business.  We can grow business and shrink the class divide when people are participating with business success (much like the Pre Federal Reserve Era).

The volume of money created by the Fed and their banks cause inflation (spare me the lies of this number published by the government) and hurts the purchasing power of average citizens.  I’m still waiting for their new inflation number that takes out air, water, food, shelter, oil, etc.  Studying the Fed takes time and most people allocate that time to focus on earning more money, taking direction from the ads, or buy into talking heads financed by these corrupt institutions.  Civic research and work….the agony!!!!

The “Rat Race” of the political power loyalists is obvious to those who know the cycle of the system. They focus on bank statements (what does the number say), 401k balances (what does the number say), wage levels (what does the number say), and GDP and inflation (what does the number say).  “What the numbers say” is usually the course of action of Republicans and Democrats.  We need to evolve and focus on increasing purchasing power (how much can my number buy), improvements in standard of living, and increased freedom of time that should be the true determination of “World” wealth.

Most Pro Liberty people have already left the Democratic Party due to a belief in individual liberty over government. However, I know there are good hearted Democrats.  If they understood helping the poor takes actions against the Fed, and not redistribution that creates human dependency, we could reignite a belief in the merits of capitalism again.  However, this capitalism has to be free from Fed control who control volume of money and interest rates.  Endless creation of money is destroying the value of hard work.  This destruction of the value of hard work should be the alarm bell for Conservatives to unite behind those (like myself) free from the Republican Party controlled by the Banking Institutions that also own the Fed.  Supply and demand of labor is not rapidly changing.  Supply and demand of dollars is.  Herein, lies the disaster.

Both conservatives and liberals need to realize that hard work is being replaced by printing of dollars out of thin air by banks and the Treasury. These institutions are eroding the dollar (which should be created by good ideas or hard work) and replacing it by the creation of money without a backbone in commodities or labor.

Think about it, if laboring harder “worked” (It helps but is an incomplete answer) -Two incomes should have solved the problems over one primary income earner when women entered the work place in force during the mid-1900’s. The problem was the Fed eroded the purchasing power of the dollar (volume of money was increased) so that two incomes could only buy what one income used to. The result was the enslavement of one more person to work (for money) to meet basic needs. Standard of living temporarily spiked as it usually does with more work but was quickly replaced by rising asset prices caused by increases in the monetary supply.  Think of it as “Fools Gold” to get ahead.

Today, two incomes can barely make it (when kids are involved) if those jobs are at minimum wage.  We are seeing more people stop having kids due to the inability to provide.  2.1 kids per family is key to sustaining the growth of society but we have fallen below 2 as selfishness and an inability to provide has altered pro creation factors (as well as other influencing factors to be discussed another time).  Meanwhile, the welfare class, who often receive benefits without work, have a much larger birth rate.  Free time creates other opportunities—I digress.

Proper healthcare, education, filling up the car with gas, and grocery bills are quickly rising with inflation created by “Big Banks” and the Fed. Common sense people can feel that it is harder to make a living but can’t figure out the puzzle.

I’m working hard, but hard labor isn’t working?  How am I going to afford education for my kids?  Answer: Enslave them to bank debt to get that education. How do I afford healthcare?  Answer: Enslave our liberty to government healthcare or enslave ourselves to bank debt for healthcare procedures (Medical Costs are the Biggest Cause of Bankruptcy).  Both losing options

PS – I fight out of control special interest healthcare.  Note: the #3 raiser of Republican funds is Big Pharma.  Pharmaceuticals are not addressed in Ben’s healthcare plan.  However, they have contributed to the campaign.  I know you are shocked.

We need MARKET BASED healthcare reform and we need it quickly.  Loyalty to big money in healthcare to get the party elected is no position to be in if we are serious about private healthcare THAT WORKS for the people!  This is no time for power politics.  Our people need private affordable healthcare and they need it quickly.

Bottom line, the prices of the same goods you need are raised by having more money compete for the same supplies. “Tragedy of the Commons” is the biggest mistake we make in government policy.  We need to increase the value of work by increasing the purchasing power it creates.  Lower reserve ratios. Incent these banks to seek and pay for capital from the people again.  It is time for the Fed window, at a minimum, to be controlled by the halls of Congress.

Our goal as a country should be to free up one more individual to work in our community and not in our marketplace WITH NO public assistance. We need to strive to where one income can make it work (this may take a lifetime but it is worth the fight).  Individuals, not government are needed to solve problems in our community.  Working with our children, volunteering in not for profit work, helping at the church, assisting the teacher at school, assisting the elderly, helping the widow, serving the parent whose spouse is away at war, etc. has been the loss to society.  If we can free up more people to work on the “Fabric” of this country we can rebuild our strength.  This requires a rising standard of living with less required for profit work (again $$$ focus).  Work is good in and of itself but can be allocated to “Non-Revenue Generating” activities.  I know this definition makes my Republican pro-business people cringe.

This complicated, yet understandable, “Domino Theory” starts with taking back control of printing money to the people as guided by our founding fathers in the Constitution.  Creating “Keep up with the Jones” games by controlling the system of money and credit needs to stop.  Awakening our citizenry to examine the Fed and its perpetual control of the monetary system is needed.  Try turning off pre-season football or Facebook for 2 hours and figure it out before you vote.  I’ve posted a great movie to educate you on my YouTube channel.

“You Built That” is true if you made it without bank debt.  “You Built That” is also not entirely true when you used debt created out of thin air.  You and the money created from nothing built that.  Not bad–it can be better (PS-I’ve probably done this in my life more than you).  “You Built That” with assistance from a bank partner who never used money “earned” to create that business/house has its negative after effects.  “You Built That” starts with using capital created out of labor and not “Freely Printed” money.  “You Built That” comes with even greater pride when you have not contributed to inflating the price of products to the poor and created jobs that actually feed a family for hard work.  These businesses get my unparalleled support.  They are creating the increases in standard of living, providing jobs, and create no backdraft damage from creating money through use of low reserve bank debt.

“You Built That” has the ability to be incredibly satisfying or incredibly empty (See Solomon).   “You Built That” resonates with Nebraskans who inherited their land, do not borrow money, and created their own businesses.  “You Built That” Washington is created by using loans from banks who created the money supply out of thin air.  Building the framework of our capitalism the right way can go a long way to changing the level of satisfaction of our entrepreneurs and improving the life of all citizens.

This control of our monetary policy starts by removing and avoiding politicians who take contributions from financial institutions directly or indirectly through the party (Big Banks, Big Oil, etc–those on top of the money pyramid).

Read Ron Paul’s commentary, if you rather listen to a Conservative Republican, and you will be enlightened to the role the Fed has played in controlling our country, government and running our lives.

I’m conservative but I refuse to align with these banking organizations as my conservative opponent has per the Omaha.com article on June 5th. Furthermore, understand the Fed was created by Banking and Oil interests through the passage of the Federal Reserve Act by Woodrow Wilson – An Ex-University President. History continues to repeat itself.  The alignment of those entities is uncanny in this race.   These entities have been behind the bad news in government policy for private enterprise and the poor alike since 1913.

The Watson campaign is about Pro Liberty. Big Government is just a subset to a bigger problem.  We will address the bigger problem of monetary policy and then deal with the problem of Big Government.  We need a complete solution.  A temporary band aid of Big Government spending cuts does not eliminate the source of overspending.  We need to limite the access of Washington to recreate these problems in the future.

The reality of the situation is few are reading (I’m glad you are!) as they are focused on the sound bites paid for by the banks in the media. Republics takes civic work by the people. We must reawaken, think, and take back our country. People must press further and take the Biblical courage to vote for what is right–not the lesser evil or “What Wins” as Caleb and Joshua taught us in the Bible.

Our problem is people still think they are in control.  The reality is they are just exercising their free will in front of God as he has control over the final outcome (if you are a believer). Pass this article on to your friends.  Don’t commit the mistake of consuming for yourself and avoid passing the “Good News” on.  Congratulations if you are understanding the problem. I pray it moves you to action over a boastful claim of enlightenment.  Consumption for “me” over “sharing” is yet another attitude we need to fix.

Nebraska, you have a better choice to express your conscious this November.  It’s just not paid for by liberty limiting institutions with millions to support their interests.  It’s not compromised to beliefs that run contrary to a Biblical moral code.  It is conservative and it is populist based like my petition. Free will exercise of the awakened Nebraskans who signed my petition enabled this choice in November.  We made it to November with less than a 150k in funds to ensure the people, not the banks and oil companies, are represented with conservative values in Washington.

At the end of the day, I’m for liberty. Big Government and Big Wall Street are really subsets of one universal liberty limiting source – The Fed. The Fed enables the destruction of our liberties by enslaving us to debt. Enabling big government expenditures, advocating more debt in the economy (how they win), and adding volume of money in the marketplace are harmful practices.  We need to help the poor, savers, and seniors on fixed income.  Inflation is destroying the assets they worked hard to create.

Your life is being controlled by your money in New York AND the halls of your government in Washington.  Big Government is an incomplete view on the limits of our liberty.  We all want solutions overnight but it is going to take reversing course and taking pragmatic steps of progress over time to regain our country again.

People are awakening and emphasizing the crisis of Big Government because this control is newer to their senses.  Whereas, debt and inflation has been established as “normal” in our culture.  True freedom and liberty is turning away the power of Big Government AND Big Banking control of the money and economy.  Corporate Fascism and Socialism both have their roots in institutional control of the people.  Join me in the fight for true liberty.

Our Constitution got it right. “Constitutional Recovery” politicians will require Republicans to stand up to their largest donor bases and Democrats to reawaken to a Constitution that called for “Promoting (not providing) the General Welfare”.  I’ve asked Ben for his position on the Federal Reserve and Big Banks with no answer.  Policy disclosure to voters MUST happen.   I’ve read the Democrats arguments for redistribution strategies (AKA welfare).  Welfare without work does not work if you are able bodied.  This creates burdens on those stewarding the liberty they were given.  Neither Party will get us to the Promised Land of Liberty with a reliance on Big Banks OR Big Government.

Remember one thing in the argument of the Fed. The purchasing power of the $1 was the same in 1792 as it was in 1910 (Wikipedia). The value of the dollar has been eroded to 5 cents from 1913 (the creation of the Fed) to today. Everything else is details. The Fed has hampered the economy, hurt the poor by destroying the value of the dollar earned from labor, and manipulated the economy by controlling interest rates and the supply of money.

I’m calling Conservatives to join me and be “Pro Liberty”. Pro is better than Anti.  Big Government is not the problem–it is a subset issue to “Anti-Liberty”.

I’m calling Liberals to join me in helping the poor. Let’s realize eroding the value of the dollar (inflation) created by hard work is the problem. Top line wage growth is easily destroyed by volume of money created by the banks and leads to the destruction of free market jobs.  We’ve experimented in wage growth and the situation has worsened.

Big Banks, the printing presses, and the control of the volume of money are the real problem for poor and capitalists alike.

Employers are not the enemy–they are the solution.

Conservatives, let’s realize 2 full time incomes has to get the job done–but does not. Inflation is eroding the ability of the working poor to afford basic needs. Liberals must realize consumers spending problems contribute to the problem.  We must unite together to fight the Fed WHO IS inflation and educate the poor to make better spending decisions.

Liberals must understand most (not all) companies do not desire struggling workers. This is not in their best interest. Most companies like mine want successful workers.

Employers are competing in a market place controlled by the policies (most promoted by Politicians) of the largest banks. This is where the attention needs to turn. Capitalists are playing to win a game that needs to be altered to eliminate the external harm caused by “Free Money Creation” lenders that are the backbone of our current (not former) capitalistic system.

Wage levels are band aids. Let’s go after the cause.  Inflation by the Fed and policies that allow International Companies to export jobs around the world are our issues. Multi Nationals are not loyal to America, our politicians should be.

International trade is good when we are exporting our products. International trade is poor when we are exporting our jobs.  This doesn’t make me pro-union.  This makes me pro hard work.  I’ll put our food up against their gadgets any day of the week in trade.  I know which country wins when stomachs are hungry.

Let’s grow GDP by creating more of what we consume.  Growing GDP by devaluing our dollar is bad.  Bottom line, trade policies that promote true growth of jobs at home is a good thing and Nebraska is ripe with the products the world needs.

Remember, Big Government and Big Banks are the result of enabling unlimited spending and “Free Money Capital” created by the Fed (as opposed free capital created by labor and good business).

Reducing spending is their first step.  Taking away the keys of spending is mine.  We can rebuild this country.  The answer is in the Constitution, a reawakening of the people to civic issues, and an allegiance to the word “American” over “Republican” and “Democrat”.

Support Todd Watson, Independent for US Senate-Nebraska. You have a better option that is not obliged to Anti-Liberty Institutions.  More on this topic can be read on Todd Watson’s Early August Blogs.

(PS-forgive the few grammar and spelling issues.  This is free form from a trained CPA–not an English major)

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