Hi I'm Todd Watson, an Independent candidate running for United States Senate.

Our party platform has three key philosophies compared to a traditional campaign agenda. First, we believe that the party system in Washington is broken. Second, we believe in a foundational return to the spiritual heritage of our country. Third, we believe it is time government act selfless and not selfish with the future of this country.

We have great passion to be part of a larger movement under God of real change in this country. Enjoy the site and let’s MOVE! Learn why all individuals who interviewed Todd of the York County GOP leadership committee endorsed Todd Watson for US Senate.

This site is designed to give you the information you need quickly while yet thorough enough to move the dialogue of the debate to “How” from “What”. “Todd’s Stances” has quick positional stances (read the bold if you have no time). Second, we have three Philosophies with quick excerpts to learn more about our beliefs. Finally, we thoroughly blog on any given topic to give those passionate about a subject details they can depend on. The details in these blogs gives you a roadmap to solving problems and details on specific views. You will rarely find disclosure of this level of detail as well as belief structures. Campaigns want to be general to appeal to the most voters. We fundamentally believe in giving specific guidance to move the debate forward and show we are serious about solving problems–not being popular.

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The Watson Campaign Team

The Wisdom of Justice Scalia

“God assumed from the beginning that the wise of the world would view Christians as fools…and he has not been disappointed. Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. Be fools for Christ. And have the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world.” (So Good)
“The Constitution is not a living organism.” (Amen!)
“Context always matters. Let us not forget, however, why context matters: It is a tool for understanding the terms of the law, not an excuse for rewriting them.” (Why ‘Context’ is included in my twitter handle)
Some of us heard these words from Justice Scalia and took them to heart-
This was the Justice appointed by Anti-Establishment/Reagan who beat out Establishment/Bush in 1980.
John Roberts (Republican appointed by the Establishment Republicans/Bush) upheld Obamacare against the adamant words of Scalia.
Chief Justice Roberts and the majority opinion on Obamacare –
“Individual mandate component of the Act could not be upheld under the Commerce Clause, the mandate could be construed as a tax and was therefore ruled to be valid under Congress’s authority to “lay and collect taxes.”
Most conservatives (including me) will call that horrendous Constitutional reasoning. However, most Republicans do not consider that Obamacare taxation (if it is a tax) started in the Senate. True Constitutional candidates understand a bigger legal problem.
Was the ruling even Constitutional on the grounds of where the legislation originated from if it was a tax (The Senate)? Study where revenue bills are Constitutionally designed to originate.  Ask if we have a “Living” interpretation of where taxation bills originate from.
Bottom line: The ruling and Constitutional framework is bad on so many levels…and Scalia knew it.
Establishment views on justice selection matter! This is a critical appointment. We cannot risk paid for politicians ignorant of the Constitution affirming/making the appointment. We have Constitutional defenders who think authorizing Fast Track for the President is Constitutional. I pray we have some Constitutional wisdom fall upon our Senators and the next President.
In the meantime, thank you Justice Scalia for your service and wisdom to our country. Rest in Peace. Thanks for giving us a remarkable American story.

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Why the American Christian Would Not Vote for David or Moses

Why I Believe Christians Would Not Vote for King David or Moses If They Were Alive Today

  1. Introduction
  2. King David
  3. Moses
  4. Insight for America and Conclusion


One of the great internal debates a Christian can have is;

  • Would I have recognized the Messiah in Biblical times while he walked the earth?
  • Would I have believed in his message while he preached real time?’

At a personal level, would I recognize a man not born into the ruling elite as God’s son?  Would I look at a humble carpenter with no formal legal training as God’s chosen one? Would I see a Messiah in a man that had the audacity to reject the money changing tables the spiritual leaders approved of?  These are the questions I have asked myself as a proclaiming Christian.

However, I’d challenge every person of faith to go further. Would we have voted for one of God’s chosen leaders to lead HIS people (If it were up to vote)?

Let’s examine the lives of two great Biblical leaders.  Would we have voted for David or Moses?

King David

King David began his ascent into leadership as a young shepherd boy.  David had a life changing moment early in life.  Saul and the Jewish army were paralyzed with fear against a ruthless fighter/tyrant named Goliath.  David, unlike his brothers and Jewish peers, was not afraid to challenge Goliath. Furthermore, he chose the atypical tools to wage a fight against the most formidable opponent of the day.  He declined the use of armor and the normal weapons to win a battle with his slingshot AND GOD.

Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses.  His people should show a trust in God.  Many forget these spiritual lessons from their youth.

What would we do if we were a witness to the battle between David and Goliath?  Would we follow a young shepherd kid who yielded a slingshot and was not looked at as a leader within his own family?  Would we follow the ruling class and Saul who possessed the great armor, were the dominant forces of leadership, and had the powerful institutions within their control?

Saul, being the victorious ruling party with Goliath’s death, would seek out the death and destruction of David for the benefit of his power.  His jealousy raged against David because he desired to have the adoration of the people.

The situation yields further observations and questions.  Did the average citizen comprehended that David had TWO parties pursuing his life and liberty…Saul AND Goliath?  Did the average citizen (without the prophetic knowledge) have a clue that David was God’s anointed choice to be their next leader?

As history continued to unfold, we would have been presented with more difficult questions to answer. Would we have allowed the persecution of David from the ruling class to be so intense that David had to live with the Philistines (the tribe of Goliath)?  Would we turn our backs on David to be accepted by the majority in control? Would we listen to the judges of the day so burdened with bribes that ‘Biblical Justice’ was outside their grasp?  Would one be a Jonathan and help David survive the “Throwing of Spears” by those in power consumed with retaining popularity, power, and prestige?

After Saul’s death, which divided kingdom would I have supported if I had the choice?  Would I support the old ruling party thru Saul or would I transfer allegiance to David?  Would I really believe in a prolific writer to lead a nation?

Examining the life of David would make the decision to accept David as a leader very difficult.  Would I believe in a man who had 8 wives to be a great leader?  Would I trust a man that had accumulated wealth between $3 and $10 billion by today’s standards as a man that was not greedy?  Could I follow a man that had an affair and conceived a child with a married woman (Bathsheba)?  Could I follow a man who had the husband of Bathsheba AND a loyal servant to David, killed?  Would I recognize that David was a man after God’s own heart with this history?

David would repent of these sins and seek after God.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT ingredient for the progress of David.  However, as an average citizen not close to David, how would I determine David was a man after God’s own heart?  Without direct guidance from God, how would I discern this man was God’s choice to lead His nation?

I am afraid that if I was looking for strong character in an individual to be my leader, I would not have identified David.  I would have followed Saul’s son who came from power, likely provided a similar speech as his father, and pledged allegiance to the historical contextual rulers of the day.  I think I would have been ignorant that David would be God’s choice.  The benefit of hindsight makes this decision obvious.  Analyzing the situation real time would have been difficult if I knew David’s adulterous, murderous, and sinful history.


Would I have recognized Moses as a leader to follow?  Moses grew up in a ruling house (Pharaoh) with great education but little to no influence of his biological dad.  Would I trust a man without the discipline and guidance of a biological father in his teenage years that likely contributed to his violent behavior and temper that prompted him to kill a man?

Could I trust a man that was so uninspiring is his speeches that he had to have his brother deliver his message? Would I stay loyal to a leader when everyone was clamoring for their old comfortable life?  Would I listen to the rationale thoughts of men around me who poked fun at Moses for suggesting a sea could part or that food would miraculously be provided to me in the desert? Would I really believe a guy coming down from the mountain that he had talked to God? Would I accept these “Mountain Laws” for me to follow as I’m surrounded by the majority consumed with affirming sexual sin and/or worshiping the golden calf who were “God’s Chosen People”?

I don’t know if I would trust a man that demonstrated violence in his youth, was by most accounts uninspiring with his tongue, and his primary claim to political fame was standing up to Pharaoh in his court.  If I was Hebrew and heard from my peers that this man killed another, I likely would run from Moses.  I am afraid I would have been ignorant that Moses would be God’s selection for leadership as well.


King David and Moses were chosen to lead God’s people with these characteristics, these shortcomings, and these personal histories.  If you really ponder the lives these men led, I don’t know if any of us “Good People” would have selected them for leadership.  Heck, maybe I would have been foolish and petitioned God to let Aaron lead.  He obviously spoke better than “His Moses Guy”.

In today’s world we play a dangerous game of identity politics.  We look for people that inspire us with their tongue and have lived lives that appear to ‘look like’ our own.  However, Biblical lessons have taught us that God’s leaders are amazingly flawed.  Furthermore, we have seen God’s people led into slavery by inept “Good” leaders.  We have to look no further than the Jewish kingdom who allowed child sacrifice to be practiced inside their own camps.  These historical leaders just sat there and worshiped the same false gods offered by the outside.

Furthermore, If we read our Bible we often learn many leaders that DID NOT follow God were instrumental to Jewish freedom.  We know Xerxes liberated God’s people from slavery.  He worshiped a different god!

Persian, Assyrian, and Babylonian leaders were all orchestrated in God’s plan for HIS nation. We have lost that perspective that “Outsiders” are definitely part of HIS overall orchestrated plan.  Sometimes we should reflect on the current leaders we live under and ask why they are now in power.  The Biblical answer tells us that the leadership that rules over is often placed their by God based on the spiritual condition of his leaders/people. Unfortunately, we have a religious electorate content with yelling at others shortcomings as opposed to an internal evaluation of their conduct (or lack thereof) and heart to improve the situation.

If God elected those behaving like him to lead, he would elect nobody.  Yet many feel obliged to judge others and declare specific individuals are unfit to lead due to personality flaws that are unlike their own (I’ve been guilty as well).  We have a tendency to be a self-righteous people (History Repeats).

I think it is easy to look in hindsight with the benefit of a perfect manual on whose God’s chosen leaders were.  People of God celebrate King David and Moses every day. Yet, I’m confident both King David and Moses would not be the first choice of today’s “God” voter.  Adultery, killing, etc.  Forget about even entering the election.

The difficult part is recognizing flawed men with favor from God to lead.  I remember living in Chicago and seeing the “Great Republican and Christian Leader” (Speaker Hastert) having his name on the Wheaton Business School. Oops..that guy was guilty of child molestation and cover-up!  Even experienced Christian leaders (Wheaton is loaded with “These” people) often judge the character of men wrong after a life-long pursuit of pursuing God.  By the way, Speaker Hastert is still loved by God.  Like David, he will still have to pay a price for his sin.

Christians tend to focus on historical character, speech, and political identification that is widely known and on “Public” display.  God primarily uses a different tool.  He examines the current condition of the heart. God rarely uses the “Obvious” person based on human logic.  He often uses the flawed and weak who have returned to seek God.

People will vote for popular and garner death in the desert.  This is a historical Biblical fact.  Select individuals often discern to vote for what is right, lose the vote, and live to see the Promised Land.  I challenge your heart to discern if you would vote ‘right’ or ‘win’.  I would challenge the Christian that claims Joshua and Caleb failed in their stewardship because they lost the vote (the common argument I have heard against this rationale).

I don’t think the vote of average men has changed much since Biblical times.  The obsession with “Win” continues and is reaffirmed by the political figures and media they follow.  In fact, the media presenting who is “likely to win” is used as powerful perception tool by the media against the believer.

At a personal observation level, wandering in the desert seems like our plight the last 40 years.  “One Nation Under God” just hit 19 trillion in debt!  I would challenge Americans to return to courageous votes that are ‘right’.  These courageous votes and signatures are well represented in the Declaration of Independence.

Greatness may lie in people with shortcomings from a “Religious” world standard but have demonstrated a strong current condition of the heart to serve. I’m not too interested in ‘how long’ and ‘how established’ certain individuals have identified with a main stream religion.  I’m more interested in changed hearts who are on fire to serve.  I’m interested in courageous and changed people like Moses and David to lead a business, community, family, movement or nation.

We possess insights into the lives God selected to lead his nation.  In no way am I saying America is God’s chosen nation (spare me the e-mails).  However, I’m afraid Christians have become intense judges on historical character issues and tone deaf to the current condition of the heart in evaluating leaders for our own nation.  In my opinion, the majority of Christians have become blind to people with flawed histories/personality traits He has used in the past to lead people.

Christians look in all the wrong places for information (media, friends, polls, etc).  Christian tend to be baited by the smooth talkers, the popular, the praised, and those that have their images crafted in the media. Christians rarely look at the person persecuted to live in peace with the former enemy, or attacked by the ruling party/institutions, or a person who needs help in public speaking to be the potential leader of people.

His ways are not our ways.  Christians need to relearn this lesson from their spiritual heritage.

At the end of the day, I’m thankful he is in control.  We should remember to not lean our own understanding and acknowledge him in ALL our ways.  We may just find a historical flawed leader that has the selection of God to lead history and develop his people (Who may or may not follow God).  I’m afraid the world will continue to overlook leaders the world is not worthy of as the book of Hebrews guides us in today’s “Religious” climate.

Today, America is a Republic and not a Theocracy.  However, we do have a Constitutional role to ‘Ensure the BLESSINGS of Liberty for Ourselves and Our Posterity’.   Our own ways have led to $19 trillion in debt, a culture that breeds a dysfunctional family unit that is destroying “Domestic (Latin for Home) Tranquility”, and a state of national security that has rarely seen this level of instability.  Yet, many believe Liberty is a blessing we give ourselves or have decided to scrap Constitutional Liberty altogether.

It is time to review the definition of blessings, understand our Constitutional charge for the next generation, and consider that imperfect people in historical conduct or speech maybe worthy leaders of a movement for God’s Ordained Institution (Government) to govern (this doesn’t always equate to “feel good” progress) his people. Repentant, restored, and obedient hearts remain a key ingredient.

The questions for those who still believe this is “One Nation Under God” are plentiful.  Are we clamoring for our old life, content with wandering in this desert, or brave enough to seek the Promised Land with the obvious appearance of tough obstacles?  Are we willing to evaluate our heart/obedience levels and seek God? Are we brave enough to abandon the majority of “Good” people in the public square motivated with fear by the appearance of danger in the ‘Promised Land’ or consumed with the lure of existing wealth on the safe side of the river?

I think those professing that this is “One Nation Under God” need to reevaluate their ways of identifying leaders, and what heart desires/fears they are exercising in their vote.  There is nothing new under the sun. Clearly His ways are not our ways.  That is guidance worth listening to.

I pray we have the discernment to elect leaders as God identifies them. This can be a difficult task.  As a word of advice, I think we need to walk away from noise and pray in silence.  I pray we can exercise courage in our votes despite the lures/fears/obstacles in front of us.  Finally, I pray we have the perseverance to see our own “Promised Land” with our children. We will have to live/fight through some major battles to give our children the heritage they are deserving of.  It is time we Constitutionally answer the call to ensure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.  Our forefathers taught us how to fight the odds and win.

***Todd Watson was an Independent Candidate for US Senate from Nebraska in 2014. He is a current activist, business owner, school board member, ministry board member, husband, and dad.  He can be reached at todd@watsonforsenate.com.  His FB page is Watson For Senate and his twitter handle is @watsonforsenate ;  Please enjoy the other blogs on the state of the GOP and the plight of Hog Farming in Nebraska this weekend (How is that for diversity!). He invites the secular civil world to “chill-out” with these writings of religious expression and exercise.  He loves you too.

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Our Salute To Dr. King! Pictures Across the South Studying Civil Disobedience!

Part I: Remembering Dr. King

Part II: The Similarities to the “Non Establishment” Movement

Part III: Lessons from Dr. King to All Activists

Part IV: Discrimination in Nebraska

Part V: Observed and Noted Discrimination – A Good Sign that Justice is at Work!

Part VI: Pastors Must Become Bolder

Part VI: In Summary

Part VII: My Favorite Sermon from TD Jakes

Todd Watson’s Speech from Montgomery Alabama

Downtown Pensacola, FL monument to Dr. King.  Amazing Quote! "Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation.  The foundation of such a method is love."

Downtown Pensacola, FL monument to Dr. King. Amazing Quote!
“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”

Part I: Remembering Dr. King

Today, we celebrate and remember Dr. King.  I was fortunate this past summer to travel across the Southeast and learn about the approach to civil disobedience employed during the civil rights era.  I appreciated the discussion with many Independent Conservative and Constitutional Candidates during our travels. The passionate talk about how, what, and when we will advocate to create change to overcome two parties acting unconstitutionally was an energizing experience.  I was happy to hear the same themes in the South as I have heard in the Midwest.

We are fast approaching a dangerous liberty limiting era in American history.  Our people are clamoring for a government they see in other nations!  We have Biblical precedence on what happens to citizens when they become jealous for other government forms that offer less freedom then they are currently blessed to live under! People desiring government leadership over their lives is nothing new for groups of people (even the religious) that have drifted in their faith and trust in God.

Civil disobedience training is needed for our people to prepare themselves for a government organized by individuals and parties willing to violate their Constitutional oath.  Constitutional education is needed more than ever for every American to know their rights of what they are obligated to accept and reject!

I had studied Dr. King through the textbooks, but the visual tours added so much more detail and depth to his movement.  I encourage you to visit the Southeast with your family.  Alabama is the best state to really digest, feel, and learn civil disobedience in American history.  The triangle of Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham is loaded with American history.

Your kids (if you have them) will feel and learn the power of movements that begin in God’s Church.  I cherished my moment in prayer at the churches central to the civil rights movement.  To picture/comprehend/feel God’s strong message he delivered at these locations through these historical leaders was very powerful.  I tried to empathize with the depth of rage and corresponding strength/commitment to the non-violent cause one must have dealt with after church bombings claimed children from people of faith, caring for neighbors beaten with clubs, or losing friends to murder from hostile organizations.  Our brothers and sisters in Charleston, South Carolina demonstrated the response the people of the South had to display in those times.  Thanks for reawakening a solid testimony Charleston!  It is a sad to continue to see this level of hate across our land.

My visit reinvigorated me to continue my  protest to those abusing their power in Washington at the cost of the people.  It inspired me to continue to teach our population (especially children) on how to be difference makers in their community through the church.  We need these movements born in the church demonstrated to our kids again.  I’m talking to you Pastors!  Are you training your followers (especially youth) to be bolder for truth and the betterment of others?

Dr. King walked the walk.  He didn’t just talk the talk.

We have politicians talking the talk today to capitalize on the “Non Establishment” movement.  Unlike Dr. King, they don’t walk the walk.  Why?  They have not gone through the trials and steps as highlighted in TJ Jakes sermon that most leaders go through (See bottom of blog) to become a leader of people.  They have not been convicted with the true message and the desire for their citizens to prosper.

Many of our main stream politicians have walked a walk of continual popularity, no trials, and public praise.  They are literally addicted to the adoration of others.  They have not gone through the trials Dr. King and others have that usually correlate to leading a movement of justice for the benefit of the people.

Many of these politicians have had personal trials.  They are human.  However, many in the popular position have not had the political trials that promote standing for truth over party/donor interest.   Many have not gone through the trials of standing for right at the cost of standing with the majority.  This is why our Republic is dying.  A government filled with individuals consumed with being popular with the ‘majority’ is not the design of the original Constitutional Republic!

Dr. King was the figurehead of the civil rights movement.  However, there were many more spiritual and civil rights leaders making the difference on the ground that did not garner attention.  Each of them internalized the righteous anger that came from social injustice.  Each of them made a difference for the betterment of others.

With Dr. King as the backdrop to each story, I hope you enjoy my blog. Please read the captions in the pictures for many of the thoughts I had from my travels across the South (I was in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and Kentucky).  Thank God for an American example like Dr. King to show how to fight from the pulpit, advocate for social justice, and demonstrate non-violent courage in the face of power.  People armed with pen, camera, or club that seek to silent free speech around issues of justice are very real.  Dr. King taught us how to respond!

Pensacola Lunch Counter Sit-Ins.  707 Days of Boycotts!  Would a Coffee Loving Christian Even Boycott Starbucks 707 days for Funding Planned Parenthood?  Would the Pastor stop pulling out the Wells Fargo card donating to PP?  Many don't evenly proactively show up to march for life.  Somehow conservatives have now let progressives define who shows up for social justice issues.  Christians have become 'soft' in standing up for justice.  We need toughness.  We have examples from people of faith in the South.  When would you boycott organizations denying life and liberty?  When will you stand?  I've redirected my coffee buzz.  Find companies (NOT JUST YOUR GOVERNMENT!) promoting organizations that support groups ending life/liberty and boycott.  Ending life is a far superior standard then boycotting groups who may "Disagree" with you on an inferior issue.  (I know drink lattes from a progressive coffee shop owned by a Nebraska neighbor despite our differences on many issues -- PS they don't support PP!).

Pensacola Lunch Counter Sit-Ins. 707 Days of Boycotts! Would a Coffee Loving Christian Even Boycott Starbucks 707 days for Funding Planned Parenthood? Will the Pastor/Citizen stop pulling out the Wells Fargo card that donates to PP? Many don’t evenly proactively show up to march for life. People of Faith have now let progressives define who shows up for social justice issues. Christians have become ‘soft’. We need to awaken a spirit of toughness in the faith community. We have examples from people of faith in the South. When would you boycott organizations denying life and liberty? I’ve redirected my coffee buzz to a new shop.  I’ve changed my banking provider…so can you!  Find companies (NOT JUST YOUR GOVERNMENT!) promoting organizations that end life and liberty…then boycott. Ending life is a far superior standard then boycotting groups who may “Disagree” with you on an inferior issue. (I know drink lattes from a progressive coffee shop owned by a Nebraska neighbor despite our differences on many issues — PS they don’t support PP!).

What I Learned During My Year of Advocating for the Modern Day “Non Establishment” Movement

During the Senate campaign, I was the only conservative to show up and debate in North Omaha.  North Omaha is a predominant African-American community in Omaha for the benefit of my national readers.

North Omaha is home to one of the worst violence rates in America.  Many politicians (like the Republicans in my race who would not attend) are afraid to make a visit and discuss issues with people that are not similar to ‘their circle’.  Fear, political irrelevance, racism, disrespect…whatever the reason….they are afraid to speak in North Omaha.   Speaking to the North Omaha community was very important to me.  It was my privilege to speak to all citizens across this state in 2014.  I had a new Constitutional message of hope that had to be delivered to all people despite their background or political persuasion.  The Constitution offers hope to many popular themes (income equality, justice, etc.) in North Omaha.

I also had a message of rebuke to deliver to local pastors in Omaha passively accepting platforms of “Pro-Choice” and other non family oriented policies in an effort to compromise for politicians seeking aid for the local area.    It was not just a “Be Cool” mission I had in attending North Omaha.  I had a rebuking mission as well for Pastors flowing in the wind against the solid guidance of God’s word.

Playing favorites to particular groups of people is not my belief set as evidenced in my message, my donors, and my conduct.  The conduct of my other “Conservative” Republican rivals is self-evident.

I debated Domina, Ashford, Jenkins, and Crawford (All Democrat and One Former Democrat, now Independent Candidate).  All questions were posed by members of Nebraska’s North Omaha community.  Did I take some heckling for some of my conservative answers?  Of course.  However, the vast majority welcomed my appearance.  We had a great night of shared dialogue!  Those that gave me a hug/handshake for being a pioneering conservative to finally show up to their political forum fueled my spirit.  Thanks for your encouragement!  Your encouragement, welcoming, and fellowship meant more to me then you know.   I’m happy to stand with and not be ashamed of Pastors no matter where they live.  However, I was clear to be in full support of the Pro-Life Bible Believing Pastors of the community.  Community betterment were mutually shared goals.  A shared philosophy of whom makes betterment possible made it easier to stand together. (Of course, I respected the views and beliefs of the other Pastors as a good American will observe).

Senator Sasse, Representative Fortenberry, and then Representative Terry did not show to debate, listen, or speak.  This may sound like 1950 behavior, but in fact this is 2015 GOP behavior in Nebraska.  I know the GOP doesn’t like hearing me preach to them.  However like Dr. King, truth must be spoken to power despite their disgust (See LBJ/Dr. King examples)!

Not debating, not showing up, not listening…..these are the actions that contribute to GOP perception of bias and ignorance of specific citizens whether that be in South Sioux City and the Latin community or North Omaha and the African American Community.   These actions are not well received.

Dr. King through his actions taught me how different and bold change agents must be.  (My attendance is not that bold by the way).  The advocating of Non Established conservatism and Constitutional views for the people can take time for adoption…especially when money from the people you speak for is not plentiful to fund ads.  The problem is compounded when money from the ruling class takes out ads broadcasting “Populist Promises” to the people.  Trust is hard to decipher in 2016 Partisan America.

My followers represented the rank and file hard working conservative. Like TD Jakes teaches, many of my followers abandoned me “To Win” the vote and beat the liberal at the end.  I have no hard feelings.  However, I’ll keep sharpening my “Caleb and Joshua” sermon for these followers.  They really don’t believe God is in control of the situation.  Deep down they still believe they are in control.  Our “Free Will” is just on display before he acts (My belief).

In the end, I’m happy to report progress for the Non Establishment movement!  You have 3 real options with both parties today that you did not have in ’12.  Unfortunately, Sanders believes in government control. At least he is honest and not deceitful in his Socialist opinions.  He is clearly outside the party will as the Democratic party continues to solicit a Hillary bid.

The ‘Non Establishment’ movements we see from main stream parties ARE related to those of us who courageously spoke truth across this land? (All of us who walked arm in arm for this cause lost by the way).

Where do you think this division of ‘Establishment’ versus ‘Non Establishment’ came from in 2016?  The parties are hearing our message backed by a growing number of citizens.  ‘Inside’ Candidates found courage to go vocal with the message delivered by us bolder ‘Outsiders’.  However, the main stream party is still rejecting the message.  They still don’t believe people like Sanders, Trump, or Carson really have a chance to win because they don’t hear their names echoed by ‘their circles’.  Newsflash: ‘Establishment Circles’ don’t mingle with ‘Outside Circles’ (See North Omaha).  You are not hearing the beat on the street.  I have walked with both circles and I assure you the sentiment is real and is motivated by citizen justice.

MLK's Home While Pastor in Montgomery, Alabama.  The King's porch was Detonated in either an attempt to murder or intimidate the Kings.  Numerous "Black" Church's were destroyed in Acts of "Hate" .  MLK remained committed to non violent protest.

MLK’s Home While Pastor in Montgomery, Alabama. The King’s porch was Detonated in either an attempt to murder or intimidate the Kings. Several”Black” Church’s were destroyed in acts of hate in the area . MLK remained committed to non violent protest.

Lessons from Dr. King to ‘Activists’

Dr. King stood alone.  He often fought the battles within his movement.  The average Joe will believe that most of the people throwing rocks will be external threats—the ‘Goliaths’ of the world.  However, detractors often come from inside a movement.  TD Jakes cites this reality in the civil rights movement in the sermon below.  Secular driven opponents maybe surprised that many of my detractors were Evangelical Republicans.  Surely God is Loyal Republican!

Dr. Carson is learning this message first hand as he works his own “Non Establishment” faith based campaign.  He has internal detractors as well.  They are abandoning him as Dr. King was abandoned.  However, he spoke truth to power and is why he has garnered so many faith based followers.  His statements on liberty/justice resonate in the heart.  He is a modern day Dr. King that many are abandoning on the inside and outside as they seek out a more “Popular and Zesty” candidate.  He shouldn’t worry about the herd.  He should keep preaching truth.   I keep praying for Dr. Carson to stay strong.

These fact patterns of rejection from the inside are similar to the line of King David.  We learn in 1st and 2nd Samuel challenges most change agents like David will face.  Most people have an obvious ‘enemy’ similar to Goliath.  The average citizen ‘Herd’ will identify Goliath as Trump for the GOP Establishment/Democrats or Hillary/Obama for Republicans.  The establishment has a way of building a “Goliath” in the media for their enemies.  However, I promise you the vast majority of the herd will be blind to the ‘Sauls’ that are working against the modern day ‘Davids’ as they take on the real Goliath of the people (Government and Corporate Oligarchs).

Most ordinary followers will clamor for their leader to battle Goliath.  They will look for a valiant fighter, a man with great armor, or an established leader to engage the fight.  Most followers will think a Shepherd boy is not one to look for to defeat a big enemy like Goliath.

Friends, God is the real hope.  He will use the inexperienced, the young, the ill equipped in earthly armor, and the ones with GREAT FAITH to fight his battles for justice.  Don’t forget David’s brothers’ views of David before the fight.  People close to you will abandon you too!  Acceptance/Popularity/Winning will always be the herds crutch.  Herd dying a figurative death in the desert has often been their outcome as well.

Once an earthly battle is secured, the powerful elite often will turn against their army/warriors to consolidate the power and glory for their benefit (See Donors/Party/Saul).  In fact, some ‘Kings’ you fight for will often pursue you to a level that you run to your former enemy to survive!  (See David fleeing Saul to live with the Philistines whom he once killed!)

Rookies know Goliath is the enemy.  Amateurs know Saul (whom David fought for) was the King to pursue David’s death after he beat Goliath for the sake of his benefit.  Savants know Saul pursued David to a level that David was forced to live with the Philistines– his original enemy!  Loving your enemy is a real lesson God teaches us.  David gives us one solid reason on why! Lesson:  Most rookies are familiar with Goliath but blind to the threats Saul or Kings they fight for will present to the warriors of truth!

We should be leery of Kings.  Better yet, we should learn from Samuel that our clamor for a King is wrong in the first place.

God ordained government.  Our founders looked to his guide to design civil structure.  In my opinion, free will IS in his design.   Freedom of religion IS our cause for all people.  Like us, God will not deny himself the pleasure of being selected by another free thinking human being for love (my opinion).  We have the freedom of religion.  We have the choice to choose God.

The lessons don’t stop there!  ‘Davids’ will often take on more than one enemy at the same time to create positive change for their people.  Let that be a lesson from this blog.  ‘Davids’ will have to take on battles for the people and flee being pursued by leadership he fights on behalf of. We need to teach leaders how to battle two enemies at once and gain a perspective that does not fixate on one threat only.  Please see a real modern day preacher in the spirit of MLK below.  We need more TD Jakes.  Minutes 50 to 60 are great on this very subject!


Discrimination in Nebraska

You really don’t know what it is like to be discriminated against until you go through it.  I do not know what racial discrimination feels like.  I do know what political discrimination feels like.

I had a contextual historical understanding of discrimination from textbooks.  However, living it was a way different experience.   I praise God for it.  It has made me a better/stronger/more empathetic leader.

I felt the movement by the ‘establishment’ first hand as I directly spoke truth to power.

It is not just the Establishment. The population will run too.  They desire and need ‘acceptance’ more than nourishment of truth.  Most will overlook the truth for the benefit of a majority identity.  They often need to see confirmation with others or on TV.  One or two political identities gives our majority a feeling of acceptance.  The feeling is exemplified and confirmed by various friendly outlets that exist for both persuasions.

Dr. King teaches us many of individuals, religious denominations, and support circles will abandon us too when we advocate for a new message that is unfamiliar to the masses.  Many followed and deserted Dr. King as his movement ebbed and flowed in popularity over time.  After his victory, everyone was “Onboard” and believed in his cause from the start.  (They like to win).  The reality is his movement had stiff resistance before it succeeded.

‘Free Institutions’ like The Omaha World Herald were the Chief Discriminators.  They would not cover my message. They refused to put our campaign in print because I didn’t have the money and establishment/party following ‘real’ candidates have.  They actually had a “Fundraising Threshold.”  Furthermore, their leadership in the political department had “Subjective” rules they employed that warranted coverage.  That “Subjective” judgment was a continual moving target.  Being on the ballot was an original standard that came and went.  It is no secret our campaign clashed on topics that are heralded in the agenda of the main stream political media.   Since when does the institution of journalism set the rules for participating and coverage of an election?  Guess who else didn’t cover North Omaha the night of the debate?

Most in Omaha still don’t even know I exist because of OWH and KFAB’s first hand discrimination against covering my voice placed there by the Nebraskan citizens.  Signatures from 89 of the 93 counties was not resolute enough for these outlets!  They would attend little to no events where Mr. Sasse was not present.  The citizen voice put on the ballot by Nebraska was not being covered.  What made our campaign more astounding is our ballots were 100% volunteer based.  We did not pay volunteers to seek out signatures.  The free press not covering a citizen initiative should present real fear to the average American.  Look outside these sources for independent/non controlled information.  God bless those journalists who actually understand their call and have ethics to match their work.

The Lincoln Journal Star refused to cover my message as well.  For my national readers, the OWH and LJS control/own most of the content across the state.  To the LJS,  I was a “Religious Candidate” that was only worth a brief mention. A person of faith can’t be capable of solid civil views was their unspoken message from the editorial and leadership board.  The one voice in Omaha who did allow my voice “Becka” had this same attitude with me as well due to my beliefs.  Full credit to Tom, he still had me on to speak (or argue with) despite his disgust from my openness with my faith.

Advocates against Free Speech and Debate came out against me as well.  I was refused by the National Federation of Independent Business (even though I own two companies with 85 employees), The Nebraska Medical Association, the Independent Insurance Association (even though I purchase from “Independent Agents”), and many more from participating in the Senate candidate forums despite the Secretary of State declaring I was a qualified candidate on the ballot.  I know Jim and I have opened the door for others in the future based on the blow back they received.  I forgive, but I have not forgotten the attitudes and belief system of many of their leaders.

This political discrimination is in on our blood in Nebraska for the benefit of contextual understanding of my national readers.  Non-partisans (despite our reputation as a Non Partisan state) are given different ballots to vote in the primary.  We are denied votes for specific offices. We don’t have the same voice in our primary as partisans do.  Again, 1950 is alive and well in Nebraska.

My cause of religious liberty (now mainstream), Constitutional designed economic justice (becoming main stream), and citizen liberty (still fringe with more Libertarian candidates) were being pushed against by the powers at be.  I was even denied to speak at a political club in my own church run by older establishment Republicans. Rejection by “Main Stream” followers is very common if you start a new cause.  Get ready activists.  Discrimination will come your way.  Embrace it!  Don’t attempt change if you need popular acceptance to survive!

To top it all off, I was discriminated against by organizations I have been a long time voice “For”.   I was evaluated as having a higher “Pro-Life” score then many of my political opponents.  However, I was not endorsed by the most influential Pro-Life group because I was an “I” and not an “R”.   Dr. King would have thrilled to know I was being judged by the letter behind my name and not the content of my character.

You know what?  I praise God for all the discrimination!  My depth of empathy grew leaps and bounds.  My eyes were awakened to Institutional and herd behavior. My leadership ability and my dependence on God began to thrive.  I learned how to walk alone (although my key circle of volunteers, wife, and key people in my faith circle gave me the encouragement and nurture an activist must have).  I’m grateful for the experience.  I’m eternally grateful for the support structure that walked with me through my toughest trial to date.

Friends, Rejoice!  Much was achieved for God in our campaign!  Our voice was not silenced, although not widely heard.  The letters I have received from many of you encouraged my soul.  Lives were changed.  My key volunteers did not drift.  God did not abandon me.  We got the money we needed to travel and speak our message.   We got many news outlets to cover the Citizen message.  Praise God for what happened!  New followers are now hearing the message in the mainstream.  Praise God for those around the country that sacrificed for the same message.  Praise God for Dr. King.  His encyclopedia of life experience helped give me a road map to navigate a culture working against a message (more my “I” identity) that was new and radical to old ears.

Like Dr. King, we had our supporters and our people who bucked the trend.  Many people believe in fairness, equal opportunity, and free speech.  The Cattlemen’s, The Nebraska Chamber, NET, Americans for Corporate Growth, UNL, Concordia, the citizens of Stanton/Seward, media like KRVN, etc. rose up and offered a platform for the citizen voice.  God bless them!

As for Omaha, KETV was the only televised news station in Omaha to put me on the airwaves.  However, Jenkins (the other “I”) and I had to split 10 minutes while each partisan candidate was given their own private 30 minute episode in the same time slot.  Progress in Omaha…Yes.  Equality….NO!  ….and KETV was the strongest TV voice for Independents!  I really appreciate their Independent approach to issues.

This is establishment and partisan Nebraska.  Our state likes those handouts given by the government for our businesses too.  Nebraska GOP free markets usually equate to farmer hand outs.  Getting insurance coverage was big progress and sacrifice for many around the state.  We as a state are in the initial stages of divorcing business from government.  Baby Steps!  For my national readers this maybe one of the most establishment states in the union.  Business handouts have been a way of life for many.  It is no surprise our base is slow to drift from those who have put a check in the mailbox.

I encourage every citizen to find and watch the NET debate online.  This was the only televised debate in this state.  (1950 I know).  You will see why I was called the “Constitutional” candidate by Scottsbluff media.  I was called a Reagan candidate by the Kearney Hub.  Most of you didn’t even know I or the message existed!

I’m not saying I was the only Constitutional candidate.  I can say I was the only one who offered a Constitutional debate with the eventual winner.  That debate was declined.   Let’s just say David challenged the Goliath of the donor class to the Constitutional debate.  Goliath would not show.   Goliath refused three times to meet and discuss platform stances.  My 50k rock was willing to go to battle against the $5 million voice.  The battle was declined so our message was not heard by many in the public square.

State Sponsored Action Against People.  We have a history of governments moving against the citizens of this country.  It can happen again!  LBJ passed laws in 1959 to stop political speech from the pulpit.  As only God can do, LBJ would the first to sign legislation that was led by numerous pastors from the pulpit (not just MLK) across the landscape.  Many pastors are too intimidated today by Unconstitutional laws limiting free speech.  Many believe in 501(c)(3) laws are the key to their provisions.  They need to relearn God is.  Learn from MLK--speak truth!  The politicians of today will drift in the wind to popular opinion (See current establishment gurus now preaching "Anti-Establishment" to keep power.  Follow actions...not words.  This opinion needs to be led with TRUTH.  Transcendent Laws cannot be denied by human laws--whether that be Nazi Germany, the US Constitution on slavery, or the Movements Against Religious Liberty/Expression/Exercise today.

State Sponsored Action Against People. We have a history of governments moving against the citizens of this country. It can happen again! LBJ passed laws in 1959 to stop political speech from the pulpit. As only God can do, LBJ would be the first to sign legislation that was led by numerous pastors from the pulpit (not just MLK) across the landscape. Many pastors are too intimidated today by Unconstitutional laws limiting free speech. Many believe in 501(c)(3) laws are the key to their provisions. They need to relearn God is. Learn from MLK–speak truth! The politicians of today will drift in the wind to popular opinion (See current establishment gurus now preaching “Anti-Establishment” to keep power. Follow actions…not words. This opinion needs to be led with TRUTH. Transcendent Laws cannot be denied by human laws–whether that be Nazi Germany, the US Constitution on slavery, or the Movements Against Religious Liberty/Expression/Exercise today.

Discrimination by Powerful Institutions Are ‘First Signs’ that Justice is at Work

More intense and deliberate discrimination is the evidence of a true movement for citizen justice.

The media is often controlled or act in a way to maintain access to the current “Power” structure.  They did with Dr. King.  They are doing it again today.

See media control against King, Gandhi, the Iranian Prime Minister of the 50’s and on and on.  The mainstream media/the institutions of power (becoming one) have always silenced progress.  Larger threats of Individual justice have usually coincided with the centralization of money, media, and political figures into a limited circle.  This is happening in 2016 America.  This is definitely Nebraska.

Unfortunately, our country now believes the candidate that skipped 10+ debates is going to be the key figure to pioneer a renewal of debate in the Senate.  Journalists continue to overlook the 10+ Senate debates he missed to substantiate the conduct behind this claim!  Why does the Nebraska media fail to ask a basic and obvious question?

Watch our historically document debates at WatsonforSenate if you want to see who originated the promotion of ‘Vigorous debate in the Senate’ idea.  Watch our debates on WatsonforSenate to see who did not debate the other candidates 10 plus times when every other candidate was present.

I don’t believe the genuineness of his statements.  I’m fearful his donors are trying to own this non establishment message for their benefit.  Scripts and speeches are his mode.  Off the cuff talks from the heart are not his specialty.  Prepared lines and speeches is Donor Party 101.  Donors owning a popular message for their power is not a new practice.  It is rooted in the history of the world.

I hope I’m wrong.

Furthermore, does the citizen really believe the “Anti-Establishment Washington Outsider” claim as well?  Examine his background of his life.  If I worked for President Bush, was Chief of Staff in the House, attended Ivy League and Oxford……I would not call myself an “Anti Establishment Washington Outsider”. Citizens must get better at watching the walk and ignoring the talk.  I have more points…but you get the trend.

I’m glad Senator Sasse is now talking a good game.  However, the walk when the votes actually win will be his true test.  Part of my role maybe speaking uncomfortable truth into his job and reminding him people are actually watching what he does over what he says.  Let this paragraph be a message of accountability and encouragement to Ben.  As a point of clarity, I was told by his Chief of Staff to not call him directly.  I’m honoring that wish or I’d correct him directly instead of going public as I demonstrated during the election.  My best advice to Senator Sasse is that he needs people around him to hold him accountable and not just sing his praises.  I’m afraid he has more of the later and less of the former in his inner circle.

I do like much of his message.  It is similar to mine.  I hope parts of it win for the sake of the people.  However, I know it takes true conviction and courage to see citizen justice through.  I know he struggles with citizen/party/donor balance.  He needs encouragement to follow the will of the people.  Therein lies his success and legacy.  Therein lies the temptation in failure to make a difference.

I know it takes the journey of trials like TD Jakes illustrates to see a cause thru.

To his credit, I know he has passed personal trials that far surpass mine (His medical battles with his wife surely built his character).  I really admire him for this battle.  However, I have yet to see political trials come his way.   I pray he experiences political trials so he can grow to win the bigger issues for the people.  Stump speeches on unattended topics are inspiring but the progress is in the details on the bills that hit the floor.  I believe he can be the answer if he surrounds himself with the right people to hold him accountable.  I love Ben, despite the appearance of this section.  I really do.  I know we share the same Savior.  I wish him well.  However, I will hold him continue to hold him accountable to what he says and does.  For the sake of our faith and his work, I would implore him to have his walk begin to match his talk.

Standing at the corner of Dr. King's church.  Just left of the sign is the state house of Alabama two blocks away.  The bus boycotts were organized here.  There is no better real life picture of truth spoken from the pulpit to the state.  This happened here.  Where has social disobedience from the church gone when inalienable rights have been violated.  May people of faith grow in strength and show the courage and nonviolent nature in protesting violations of human rights for freedom of expression and exercise.

Standing at the corner of Dr. King’s church. Just left of the sign is the state house of Alabama two blocks away. The bus boycotts were organized here. There is no better real life picture of truth spoken from the pulpit to the state. This political movement started in this church! Where has social disobedience from the church gone when inalienable rights have been violated? May people of faith grow in strength and demonstrate courage/nonviolence in protesting violations of basic human rights.

Our Pastors Must Become Bolder

Pastors must become bolder too.  See TD Jakes sermon at the bottom for a good example.  (PS—watch these sermons North Omaha if we want to rebuild a strong church to retake North Omaha for ‘good’.  Soft pastors that go along with pro-abortion need some time with God.)

Our American founding was ripe with pastors speaking truth against laws that violated “Transcendent Laws”.  America prevailed over the tyranny of the day.  Not ironically, the majority of ‘Declaration’ signers had Seminary degrees.  There is a reason the majority of our Founders were grounded in teachings of God’s word as they designed a liberty oriented government for the benefit of We the People.

Fast forward to Nazi Germany for Pastoral failure.  Pastors seeking ‘to be left alone’ or turning the other way in Germany were far too common.  They mistakenly removed their eye from the public square.  When the war ended, the legal defense of many Nazi’s was –‘We were just following the law’.  Christians claimed this defense as well.

This defense did not hold up in International court.  The citation of the court was profound and flies into the face of modern day America.  Transcendent law is superior to human law!  The Verdict of Nuremberg is Clear.  ‘Life’ is a Transcendent law.  They are valid claims against American law today.

Rewind to the civil war/civil rights era.  Our brilliant Constitution was flawed.  It was laced with thorough and well defined laws protecting slavery and unequal rights at the ballot box.  The Constitutional arguments were very clear, concise, and complete to keep these practices alive and well.  The Constitution would not have passed without these citations.  However, the Constitutional laws around slavery could not and would not hold.  Why?

Transcendent laws are superior to human laws designed in the Constitution.  Inalienable rights given to us by our Creator are superior to human constructed (slavery) laws.  In my opinion, Transcendent laws will find a way to win in the end.  Why?  I believe they are the laws ordained by our Creator.  Get on board or get out of the way!

All arguments of the Confederacy were not wrong by the way.  The South had good arguments for state control (non-slavery based) over federal laws.  This was a superior Constitutional argument they made.  They had concerns over liberty over the capture of those rights to the national level.  They were just and right in many of these points.

Unfortunately, they married a superior cause (Individual Liberty/States’ Rights) with an inferior cause (Slavery).  Good arguments like States’ rights fail when married to inferior laws that fly in the face of Transcendent laws.  That was the mistake of the Confederacy.  Their Constitutional arguments were solid.  Their understanding of Transcendent Laws went missing.

Friends, good laws lose when coupled with laws that are not just.

This is the lesson the GOP is starting to wake up to.  These are the root of actions that have failed the GOP for years (a big reason why I left).  They are losing ‘good’ positions by advocating for unjust ‘bad’ laws for donors.  They pass it off as ‘the way it is’ in Washington.  Newsflash: ‘The Way It Is’ doesn’t work either.

Most importantly for the righteous, remember Transcendent laws!  They are superior to human laws.  Compliance officers will follow any law.  We have many compliance officers in Church.  We have Compliance officers in our military.  Both groups need to be reminded that they are to obey ‘Lawful’ orders that are consistent with the Constitution.

We need to empower people of faith. They are Constitutionally empowered to disobey Unconstitutional Law!  They need to walk a road between Selma and Montgomery to embrace what a civil disobedience walk against powers of the state might feel like.

Furthermore, we need to see protestants show up to the abortion protests.  Conservatives have let Progressives dominate Constitutional rights to Protest!  We must lock arms with our Catholic brothers and sisters already doing the work in key areas like abortion!

We must empower ALL people of faith with the truth that God’s Transcendent laws are superior to Human laws!  We must fight for laws consistent with God’s design.  Life is a Transcendent Law as recognized in the International courts.  We must empower Pro-Lifers that are afraid to ‘lose’ with the knowledge that God wins in the end.  The convictions of our heart are in full view of God.  We must ignore what man thinks! We must express our Constitutional rights!  We must express and exercise our religious rights!  We must advocate for truth in our civil laws!

In Summary

Fast forward to today.

We have numerous human laws being written, affirmed, and upheld by our government.  More dangerously, we have numerous “Orders”, “Rulings”, “Laws” that are being imposed in an Unconstitutional spirit on the people.

Don’t go pointing the fingers only at Obama GOP (He is a horrendous offender).  The first calling of the Constitution is to Establish Justice.  Justice IS “Equality Before the Law”.  This is the first digression the GOP makes in building law.  Examine those laws written for donors.  Is this equality before the law for the American citizen?

We have a Constitutional right to ignore laws/rulings that violate the Constitution.  You can ignore GOP claims that their #1 job is to protect this country.  You can remind them that their #1 job is to defend the Constitution of which they are not doing.  Physical Defense is a subset to their primary mission of defending the Constitution.  It is a modern day message built in popularity that speaks to the “Security Need” of the masses but demonstrates the Constitutional ignorance of their oath.

Democrats, your President is as Unconstitutional as they go.  Your silence is not forgotten either.

Unfortunately, we have many pastors soft in speech leading the sheep to a ‘soft’ cloud.  They do not know the Constitution. They want you to read the Bible but many have failed to read the Constitution.  Please remind them of their dual citizenship!

Many pastors remain silent on issues in the Bible germane to THEIR government!  They lie in intimidation to governmental laws in contrast to God’s Transcendent Laws and American Constitutional law.  We need your voices Spiritual Leaders for the benefit of this country!

Many spiritual leaders fear the 501 (c) (3) threats.  Be like Dr. King!  Ignore LBJ threats over your rights to YOUR pulpit, to YOUR speech given to you by GOD, to YOUR responsibility from God to lead your sheep on issues of mercy AND justice.  Dr. King overcame LBJ.  You shall too!  LBJ’s human laws have fallen to Dr. Kings advocating of Transcendent Laws already!  Speak!  Be Constitutional!

Have you lost faith on who provides for your church?  Does the 501(c)(3) make mana rain down from heaven?  Do your sheep know where their provision comes from?  Your sheep are watching your lead!

Do they believe they have a voice because you have yours?  Do they believe human action is needed for their provision?  Do your sheep believe their speech has to be limited and contained?  What message from God are you communicating to the sheep?  We don’t need a civil voice leading the sheep.  However, we may need a kick in the butt from a civil voice to the spiritual voices to wake up!  The correction can go both ways in times like these!

Will Pastors continue to be silent like the pastors of Germany with serious sin that will condemn any nation?  Will spiritual leaders lead their people like Moses did out of an oppressive Egyptian government?  Will spiritual leaders preach truth to government like Moses did?  Will Pastors teach them the lessons of David?  Will Pastors teach their sheep they should expect attacks by internal and external forces for movements of justice?  Will pastors recognize these detractors inside their church walls?  Pastors sleep too.

Our founding father pastors were not silent.  Bonhoffer was not silent.  MLK was not silent.  We should not be either.

Transcendent laws shall reign!  Transcendent laws need a voice!  We need your voice Spiritual Leaders of America to shape our civil laws for our Republic.


TD Jake’s Spot On Sermon — Leadership

Friends, I want to close with a sermon from a preacher I admire.  In my opinion, TD Jakes is cut from the powerful influential cloth that Dr. King was cut from.  I’m as white as they come.  I dance white.  I laugh white.  I really jump white.  However, I like a soul church when I need to just “let the word go”.  TD is one of my favorites when I need a good sermon from the soul.  I love TD.  He is not perfect.  However, that is not the standard God has for either of us!

This attached sermon is on “Leadership”.  I present it to future leaders when I see potential.  If you are a true leader you will resonate with the truth in his message. I think this message on leadership will exponentially resonate with the activist.  We have ‘been there’ if you have fought a real battle for pioneering progress.

TD in minute 1 hits the primary problem of Americans and where they look for leaders.  His speech at minute 37 to 38 will tell you the reality of the problem of being “Popular”, being a true leader, and being held captive to fear.  Minutes 46 to 48 will teach you to be a leader and be comfortable with controversy (“Which means minority position among “Herd” followers).  Watch why people will ditch you at minute 1:16 in your cause.  He will teach you to identify all types of people and how they can help or work against you.

Minutes 50 to 58 will teach you to fight people on two fronts (Like David, Dr. King, etc.).  Don’t forget Dr. King was dumped by his denomination as well because he was controversial and didn’t speak establishment values held by the majority of his denomination.  I resonate with that as an ex Republican!

Remember, the Denomination came back to Dr. King in the end after his rejection!  The message from “Main Stream” GOP is coming back to true Constitutional leaders as we speak.  It is unfortunate many former party members like myself had to abandon the party to preach and stand for truth against the wishes of the Ivory Tower.  God be the glory.  I’m glad many of us did!

Read their message in ’16 and our message from ’14.  Note their similarity.  ‘THE’ message is being adopted by the establishment as we speak.  Just today I heard my own representative preach a new message of transparency in medical prices, a need for rebirth of American manufacturing, and a renewal of civic institutions to breed unity.  Where did you first hear that message Watson followers?

My alarm remains. Are these speeches crafted by the establishment?  Are they not authentic?  Is this being preached to consolidate power?  We must crusade on.  WE MUST SEE NON ESTABLISHMENT PEOPLE IN OFFICE to see this Constitutional mission through for the people!  Activists—keep rocking the boat!

Taking on the establishment, speaking truth, outlaying what real justice looks like, treating all people with respect like those in North Omaha, was a “boat” I was called to rock.   I’m happy to do my part.  All God’s children need love despite what they believe.  All God’s children need to do their part to serve his creation.

In the end, I praise God for how I was treated.  It was part of my journey into maturity.   I tried to knock over the money changers contaminating the temple of the church and government.  I’m glad I did!  They distort justice in our Constitution!

I encourage you to be courageous like Dr. King in ‘Your’ movement.  This is America.  We need the talent God created in you exercised!  Don’t follow the herd.  Be true to God’s word and follow his path he gave you to walk to serve others!  Don’t worry about popularity!  Don’t worry about winning!  Worry about being a genuine advocate for truth.  Worry about exercising the gifts he entrusted in you!  I promise you that your gifts if exercised under God’s thumb will grow!  Mine did.

Sinful?  Made mistakes?  So have I.  So did Dr. King.  So have you.  God uses the average and imperfect like us.  Rise up and be used for his purpose.  God Bless Dr. King and God bless you.  We got work to do!  Happy MLK day!  Learn from one of America’s great leaders!

Love You Nebraska!  Love You TD!


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Planned Parenthood Part I – People of Faith Changing Behavior

Planned Parenthood – Our Purchasing Response

This video is a message to the people of Faith who are protesting the government to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Quick summary of the video: 1. Check yourself first 2. Fix your purchasing behavior 3. Keep protesting the government 4. Love people.

I’m 100% behind issues of conscious and religious liberty. However, I’m hearing these words become “Buzz” words and thrown around lightly. Worse yet, I’m seeing people use these words for political purposes but fail to act in a consistent manner to what they preach. Let’s make sure our own actions match our demands.

People of faith, we need to make sure we are doing what we can to save lives. Withholding OUR money in everyday purchases will make a difference in removing financial supply that aids in ending ‘life’. This is more than political difference, this is about humanity, liberty, and rights.

This essay is not about ending your purchases from your neighbor who may have political differences from you. This is normal life in America and is a far cry to the “offense” you may have with your neighbor who holds different political views. This removal of funding is about preventing money from going to places that are funding the end of life of innocent human beings. This is a whole different level of cause and justification.

Here is a link to 77 major companies funding Planned Parenthood (the list was last updated on August 6th).


Most of us are indirectly supporting Planned Parenthood with OUR money. You will be shocked who is sponsoring abortion (Proctor & Gamble who makes Pampers, Walt Disney, Starbucks, Wells Fargo, and many more). We need to change our purchasing behavior first. We must continue to demand our government change. However, this should not be a ‘them’ and ‘not I’ demand.

I’d ask you to pray over your spending decisions. If convicted–step up your game. You may not be able to change the government, but you can change yourself. Spread the word. Pray over convictions with a small group, co-workers, family, and friends.

As a point of reference in your ‘internal’ consideration….

Do not forget the top two reasons women cite in obtaining an abortion.

1. An interruption to their normal life
2. Financial hardship (both the medical treatment and raising a child).

Will these be the identical reasons people of faith will not change their purchasing behavior?

How about the politician? Will they give up their donor money from companies sponsoring abortion?

Our Nebraska GOP politicians are thick with K-Street money from companies sponsoring and supporting Planned Parenthood. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc. They love to preach “Pro-Life” but turn around and take money from Planned Parenthood sponsors and pass favorable legislation for their benefit to grow profits….and yes grow contributions to Planned Parenthood. You can’t serve two masters. Many in Washington have not taken this guidance to heart.

Is the politician nervous about their financial situation? Are they nervous about the interruption to their campaign/party if they were to make a financial sacrifice by giving to charity their political donations received from abortion sponsoring companies? Citizens often demand politicians give away contributions from racists…why don’t we demand politicians give away political contributions from those supporting the termination of life?

At the end of the day, careful who you point the finger at first politician and citizen. We often like to pull out the speck from a neighbor’s eye before we remove the plank from our own. Life interruption and financial risk are identical reasons conservative individuals and politicians do not change.

Ask yourself if a committed heart that has gone financially backwards (in logic) at the offering plate has brought a financial bounty or sacrifice to their/your financial future. Act accordingly. Let’s make sure our walk matches our talk.

A few final words of love to these mothers and women who have already had an abortion. The Bible tells me about Paul and Moses who were involved in the manslaughter of men (at minimum) and became pillars of the faith THAT INSPIRE ME. The Bible tells me about the greatest birth of all — a ‘human’ unplanned pregnancy. I have great love and ambition for these women from these situations. God clearly has done amazing works with people who were involved in an unplanned pregnancy or involved in the death of another. Take Note!

Finally, if you are one that changes your purchasing behavior like me….give some of that money to great programs like The Crisis Pregnancy Center (there are others). Excellent women’s services with a Pro-Life belief need our help! The volunteers are amazing and compassionate. God bless them for their service to our neighbors!

Give yourself grace but not an excuse to stand still. I’m still in the middle of making significant changes with new information. My wife had to deal with losing the bounty towels. My son felt guilty with his Nike glasses that were my fault–not his. I’m probably the worst with my entire real estate brokerage work depending on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans (please address Congress–just not direct spending). This will be a way bigger adjustment then you think America. However, the bigger adjustment is convincing many American people of faith that ‘their comfort’ is not always the plan. Life is worth way more than money and inconvenience.

Enjoy the video–It is 10 minutes unedited (and it shows). I got rolling a little bit as I was fired up. Pardon the few fumbles of the words in a straightforward talk. Keep up the great work Citizens. The greatest political accomplishment of 2015 is not in Washington but with the people. Citizens are not buying (less frequency) the controlled main stream narrative anymore. The opinion polls are not matching the wishes of the establishment that owns and directs your largest media forums. The politicians are responding to you in your frustration. Keep your voice loud! The frustration of the propaganda machines are growing. We are starting to see action from a party whose leadership has an alternative agenda!

Great Job and God Bless!

A real time list of 77 companies involved in Planned Parenthood many purchase from!

Why Women Have Abortions. The Reasons are Similar to Why Many Will Not Change Buying Behavior!



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Failure of Current Pro-Life Tactics, Border Security, and Nebraska Water

Todd’s Weekend Journal…Random musings from scanning the papers after a busy work week and being snowed in.

  1. The Failed Political Tactics of the Pro Life Movement (2 pages)
  2. GOP Scraps Bill on Border Security (half a page)
  3. Giving the GOP some Love on Debate (half a page)
  4. The Ogallala Aquifer Stats from the USGS and A Thank You to the NRD’s (1 page)
  5. The Crisis in North Omaha (half a page)
  6. Congrats to UNO Hockey and Coach Brown (one page)
  7. I will be speaking Tuesday in Lincoln

The Failed Political Tactics of the Pro Life Movement

Saturday was the annual big day in Lincoln where the state celebrates the Pro-Life movement of which I’m a life-long believer in.  This blog is not going to take on the merits of the Pro-Life argument today.  My blog is going to take on the failure of the movement in how they play politics.  My critical comments are meant to challenge and improve the progress of the cause.

The 20 week abortion ban bill failed this week in Washington after being as close to a guarantee by the Republicans after the November election.  The Pro Life camp bet heavy on Republicans in 2014.  Of course this makes logical sense when you only deem two options exist and only 5 out of 236 Democrats are deemed Pro-Life (see stat below) by a Democratic loyal group.  Did anyone ask how we got to this polarizing point in the Democratic Party where little dissent exists?

In 2009, Representative Stupak (D-MI), a Pro-Lifer, led an amendment to take out taxpayer funding from the Patient Protection Act.  100% of Republicans voted for it.  It would not have passed on GOP votes alone.  However, 25% of the Democrats voted for the provision and the amendment passed.  This 25% of Democrats supporting Pro-Life was key to victory.  It is gone today.  The party have pushed them out and the Pro-Life groups have politically turned their back on Non “R” Pro-Lifers.  Only 3 Democrats voted for the latest bill due to the change in party make up and abandonment by the ideological groups in support.   Any platform should be able to appeal to more that 2% of a group and highlights the lack of diversity that exists in the polarizing opinions of two parties.  Any person with a solid voting record should be supported.

The Pro-Life movement worked hard to push out formal support of any Pro-Life candidates without an “R” (including me in 2014) and back a pure “R” ticket.  It did not work.  They did not have the votes within the party needed to win.  They needed the Democrats to win the vote.  It does not help when you look at the other aisle and have no allies you can count on.  The “Gulp” moment should be the realization that the movement took actions to alienate people who can make decisive swing votes to win.

People no longer being judged/supported by the content of their actions/character but by the letter behind their name is Mistake One by these Pro-Life groups.  They need outside “R” help to win a vote.

The party loyalist action is understandable but mistaken.  The “D’s” have pushed out any Pro-Life individuals from their party and become a Pro-Choice party.  When people are pushed out of a group—it is a great time to seek out and meet those individuals—not pull away.  Pro-Life “D’s” stand in isolation and have little to no support from party or Pro-Life ideological groups.  Pro-Life D’s should be Independents based on how the party treat their own with these values.  Pro-Life organizations should embrace Pro-Life D’s because they don’t have the votes with Republicans alone.  They should embrace these individuals out of ideological principle until actions/statements prove to the contrary.

In a very rare procedure, the R’s pulled the 20 week abortion bill that was up for a vote.  When a bill is scheduled to vote — it takes place.  Cancellation of a scheduled vote is extremely rare.  It is an extraordinary sign that something is very wrong when the vote is pulled by the Party.

Pro-Lifers who think the “R” party stands for Pro-Life is Mistake #2.  This reality is not new with proof existing over a decade.  During the Contract with America era, the Pro-Life platform was not put on the agenda because they could not garner the percentage of Republicans necessary per Contract with America guidelines to make this a platform issue.  Many thought the party changed the last decade.  As I warned you before the election—it has not.  Proof was in the pudding this week.

Yes, Republicans are clearly a better Pro Life party then Democrats (that is a low bar in 2015).  However, Republicans campaign on the topic to secure the pro-life votes for power, but fail (usually at the beginning of a term so they can rebuild image/support for the next election) in pushing the agenda at vote time.

The R’s backed down to a watered down bill that eliminated the tax funding of abortions.  A win, but not the victory the Pro-Life movement was counting on.   In fact, this win was the concept advocated and started with the 25% of Democrats I mentioned in 2009.  The Republicans did not achieve much more.  The GOP delegation for Nebraska would have come through to be fair, but their party failed in delivering the goods they promised their base of voters.

A few quotes from GOP/Pro-Life loyalists –

Jill Stanek (GOP/Long Time Visible Pro-Life advocate) ”…it was beyond the scope of my imagination to think GOP House leadership could be so traitorous, weak, and stupid as to pull a publicly supported landmark pro-life bill they’d publicly promised to sign the following day…”

Beyond your imagination Jill?  Hopefully Jill is awake now on who the national party really is and is not.  She had multiple examples in history to prevent her from making this failed judgment.  Jill’s failure is the same failure many other Pro-Life followers make. They listen to speeches, look for party labels, and don’t research historical votes.  Republicans have members who are strong Pro-Life.  However, the Party is far from being a Party of Pro-Life.  If you need more evidence just watch Romney preach Pro-Life to garner the Republican bid for President and fool the country who did not know his record.  He was well on the record (watch debate online) to defend choice when running for Governor in Mass.  Ignore the speech and focus on voting record.  However, this awareness is not achieved when followers of a movement observe letters in front of names over actions/character of individuals on the record.

RedState (GOP loyalist site), Editor-in-Chief Erick Erickson declared Pro-Lifers, “Whores of the Republican party.  They return predictably to the GOP for more abuse and disappointment.”  His strong words—not mine.

Again, we tried to warn people to not put their faith in the GOP party for Pro-Life values.  The GOP consolidates Tea Partiers, Pro-Lifers, etc. for votes at election time but turn their back on their key voting groups when key votes present themselves.  The establishment runs the show.   It amazes me how long it is going to take for people to realize the truth.   These fractional groups are just as ignorant by giving their power to a larger group who will not pull their main interests in the halls of Congress but will preach the line before the election.

What will make the difference towards a winning vote for Pro-Life?

One. Pro Life groups around the country should stop alienating sympathetic Democrats and Independents.  29% of voting Democrats still claim a “Pro-Life” stance.  29% of Democratic votes in the halls of Congress would make all the difference in pushing bills like the 20 week abortion ban forward.  Embrace and build a Democratic/Independent flank in the movement.  Can a minority movement really afford to alienate friendly supporters?  They thought so.  I don’t.  This week’s vote proved my point.

Two. Understand putting 100% faith in the GOP fails.  Ironically, the movement was treated like a minority group by the GOP in a similar fashion of how the movement treated fellow minority party supporters of the ideology like myself.  “What goes around comes around” – Mama Watson.  She is right.  It is time to rethink strategy of embracing all Pro-Life followers based on the merits of their votes or on the record pledges/statements.

Three. Citizens must change their votes.  Wake up and realize what national party stands with you and what national parties do not (both).  It’s time to support people and not parties.  Do not consolidate your power to a group who will not vote your values.  Accept responsibility and change your behavior.

GOP Scraps Bill on Border Security

The abortion bill was the only key “GOP” legislation that was scraped….right?  Wrong.  A bill was pulled off the floor to deal with border security because the Republicans could not agree on terms.

GOP representative Michael McCaul said on the pulled bill, “For God’s sakes, if we can’t unite around border security what can we unite around?”

GOP representative Mo Brooks from Alabama said, “And as such, it is an effort to convince the American people that we are doing something substantive to secure the border when in fact nothing substantive is being done.”

In our Senate race and others, no complete plan would be presented by a GOP candidate.  The only stance a GOP candidate would take in concrete is “Nothing can be done until the border is secured.”  Today, the Republicans cannot agree on their only solid plank in the immigration debate — securing the border.  Your party–not mine.  Actions speak louder than words.

I supported Securing the Border but many thought the GOP was the answer on the issue.  I don’t think our representatives from Nebraska are the problem in this scenario but their party is now the latest road block in the next step to border security.  As I cited in the debates the GOP and journalists did not attend at Nebraska Wesleyan, “When nothing happens, something happens”.  That is the predicament this country voted for.

Giving the GOP Some ‘Love’ They Deserve

Time to balance out the negative with the positive.  The GOP in the Senate has allowed debate and a number of amendments in January that already surpassed the number of amendments the Democrats allowed from the GOP in 2014.  This is a big reversal of a dangerous trend.  Like a loyal dog that desires their praise, they need to be scratched behind the ear and told “Good Job” for their efforts.

This is a good step for our Democracy.  Allowing a minority group to speak, propose amendments, and debate is healthy for our country.  You don’t have to agree or even support their view.  However, let the argument offered in good faith (not meant for endless filibuster) be heard.  Hopefully, the Democrats do not forget this gesture the next time around.   Silencing elected officials from being part of the legislative process is not American.

Independents like myself, Jim Jenkins, and most all the other Independents around the US made ‘Debate’ a central point in 2014.  Independents had a big part in challenging the culture to get these main parties to talk, debate, and legislate as a body again.  Not every Republican believes in open debate, but it looks like the powers at be are changing and got the message.  Please learn Democrats.  Silencing a group from speaking is a horrendous action.  Amen GOP for being the bigger group to change the course instead of retaliate.

Water – Our Most Precious Resource—The Good News

If we do not want the government to control our lives, we must make sure we take responsibility for ourselves and the resources given to us (including our votes).  We cannot allow good arguments to be given to those who want to usurp powers of the people to the government.  Buried in small print on the back pages of our paper was a story that demonstrates Nebraskans are managing our natural resources well.

From the Journal Star on January 24, 2015 –

“The average water-level change in Nebraska’s portion of the aquifer from the 1950s to 2013 was minus 0.3 feet.

By comparison, the average water-level declines in the other five states that overlie a significant portion of the Ogallala were: minus 41.2 feet in Texas; minus 25.5 feet in Kansas; minus 16.5 feet in New Mexico; minus 14.3 feet in Colorado; and minus 12.3 feet in Oklahoma.

The USGS report said that in 2013, there were about 2.92 billion acre-feet of water in the aquifer. That’s enough to cover the U.S. with more than 15 inches of water.”

Contrary to the propaganda and belief or several voters—the vast majority of Nebraskans care about the water.  It is the lifeblood of our existence, our economy, and our way of life.  We owe a big thank you to the important efforts of our NRD boards and officials to sustain these consistent water levels reported by the USGS.

Let’s take a moment to give those involved in our water situation a thank you for their efforts.  63 years of stewardship gives the next generation the same opportunity.  That is stewardship at its best.  The same can be said on our state budget.  Well done.

Let’s also realize that the water concerns in other states are warranted.  They are not taking care of their resources themselves to provide long term sustainability to the next producers/people.  I understand environmentalists screaming when all the water is gone.  At the same time, I get tired of hearing environmentalists yelling when the stewardship is going well at a local level.  Give credit where credit is due.

One of the single reasons our beef industry passed Texas was our management of water.  The loss of cattle in Texas due to the last drought really put a large dent in their industry.  Wells were dry and pastures dried up.  We used more water during dry times but cut back irrigation 30% when the precipitation returned.  That water made the difference for many farmers not on dry land to seize the opportunities presented in the markets at the start of the decade.  Cutting way back to refill the levels used during wetter seasons just makes sense.  Water management is one solid reason we are #1 in beef and lead in agriculture!  Let’s not lose that edge and be educated when we use and when we replenish.

We still have work to do.  Nebraskans in the South, Central, and Northern part of the state experience and view water very differently (on the whole—some share same views).  It would be helpful to unify those views into a workable long term plan.  Maybe a long term water plan can be an issue that moves up the priority list over poker and mountain lions from each party?  Furthermore as a state, it would be helpful to deal with the 1 or 2 out of a 100 that spoil the reputation of the whole.   There are bad apples in every bunch, but one bad apple does not warrant ceding control to the Feds.

We can police ourselves.  If we don’t manage our situation—the Feds likely will.  The last thing we want is the government to manage non navigable resources that Nebraskans can manage.  I know our representatives are fighting against current over-arching rules.   Let’s back up their fight by being proactive in getting ahead of the game and have plans for the long term that give our children the same water resources/opportunities for their future.

Nebraskans need credible information to make the appropriate plans to manage.  We should be sharing knowledge with other states so they can improve their own situation.  These states are giving the government good reason to think they can’t manage the water for themselves.  I’d be upset too if my livestock all died from no access to water caused by overuse of previous generations who knew better.  I’d be upset if I was a young Ag businessman and knew the previous generation depleted the water source for my products.  Some of the stats out of Texas and California are appalling with regard to water.  Thank you NRD members for your valuable contributions to water sustainability in Nebraska.  Job well done!


The Crisis in North Omaha

Speaking of taking care of ourselves…the continued gang shootings in Omaha is very troubling.  It was great to see community organizers come out against this problem.  Domestic Tranquility is the last resort job of Federal government. However, they often overkill the situation with the continued militarization of a government force to deal with domestic situations (don’t get me started on this disturbing trend).  The citizens of North Omaha and local authorities need to work expeditiously to rat out the problem people in this situation.  Omaha needs to get the few bad apples under control so domestic tranquility reigns for peaceful North Omaha residents again.

My prayers are with the forces across Nebraska.  May they attack the situation with courage and God given security.  May the citizens who live peacefully with their neighbor and care about their community take back their neighborhood.  My hope is Nebraskans spend some time in prayer, moral support, and involvement to make North Omaha a non-violent place again.  Gangs have no place in Nebraska life.  Thank you volunteers who invest in the lives of young men in North Omaha to keep kids out of gangs and moving forward.  I’m very encouraged at the programs Metro is putting together to get local citizens inexpensive training to obtain local well-paying jobs that are readily available and remain unfilled.  My day on campus in October was incredible.  Well done officers, volunteers, coaches, and teachers making a difference in the situation!  My prayers are with you.

Congrats to UNO Hockey and Coach Brown

It was great to see the UNO Hockey team with a monumental win against the #1 team in NCAA hockey.  The town was rocking.  The fan support was amazing.  What a great scene!  It is exciting to see another dominant team arise in this state.  Great job Mavericks!

Finally, thanks Ron Brown for all you did and do for Nebraska.  I loved and admired what Coach Brown did for the State of Nebraska.  On a personal level, he was a local inspiring figure who gave me confidence to be bolder in my faith views.  So many don’t have the guts to say “God” outside the walls of their church or home.   The “Silent” ones are as much at fault then those pushing an alternative agenda in the change of this country.  Silence is speech as Bonhoeffer, Dr. King, and Abe Lincoln identified.

Secularists should not criticize Ron as his ministry work did not hurt his paid for work.  Doing both jobs well is very Biblical (Paul) and American.  His pupils are going pro with the help of great teaching by Ron.  It is impossible to argue against the merits of his for profit work by observing the prospects of his pupils.  Success story after success story in their craft is Ron’s working legacy!   Even Ameer (Great Sr. Bowl!), who Brown dissenters were hoping would speak out against Ron due to different belief sets, liked Ron.  Ron treated people well regardless of belief sets and that makes him a testament to the faith.  Never compromising principles but always caring for people was what I viewed from Ron.

As a criticism of a few Christians, many turned their back on Pelini after his comments.  Who wants to associate with someone who conducts themselves like that (we all heard it)?   You know who will associate and work with people “Like That”—Ron.  We are all imperfect and Ron gives that grace and genuine love to others that many will not give based on public perception.  God bless him for it.

Granted Pelini’s comments were not flattering or honorable but Ron (in my opinion) does not run from people who are not like himself.  He runs to them.  Ron is working for and with Pelini.  Ohio is so very lucky to have Coach Brown.  Ron has patience with people.   We can all learn from Ron’s patience, boldness, and love.

The UNL administration did not only turn their back on Pelini (there were some nuggets of truth in the tirade) but they turned their back on Ron as well.  I’m not here to give an up or down vote on Pelini.  Furthermore, I’m not up or down on Riley.  I understand he needs “His Guys” to do what he was hired to do.

However, it was well understood that UNL did not like Ron’s speech on issues of conviction and faith.  Free speech is a dying value and virtue held by those on top of the pyramid.  I too was silenced by many “On Top” in this societal game based on my outspokenness and views.  Many institutions try to make people of faith one dimensional or appear as Neanderthals to discredit their being/views and push their agenda forward.

A lack of coverage, non invites by groups, etc. is very real.  Thankfully, those trying to control speech are still a minority (but unfortunately growing).  Unfortunately, the minorities who try and control speech have large influence and control of the Public Square and view it as a tactic when they should be more worried about fighting the rights given to us by God.

Ron helped advocate more than good football and ministry.  He was a strong example of free speech (whether that was his intention or not).  We need to continue to fight for the free exercise of religion and speech.

His legacy is well established and will live on in Nebraska.  FCA is pioneering a dramatic change in helping coaches assist young athletes.  Ron was strongly behind this movement.  I think the best fruit the FCA program will yield in individuals and Nebraska Football is just beginning.

Thanks Ron!  You will always be a Nebraskan and a person of admirable boldness to me.

I Will Be Speaking in Lincoln on Tuesday

I will be speaking at Valentino’s on 70th for breakfast (Yes – Breakfast is served at Vals) on Tuesday morning from 6:30 to 8 in Lincoln.  I will be talking faith, business, and a little politics.  I’ll be sharing my story of the idols that held me back, God’s humbling of “Me”, my background in business, and my ongoing faith journey.  Get up early and join us!


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