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(I’ve put a place marker of this video on my YouTube Channel – Todd Watson)

Don’t watch this unless you have the 90 minutes to set aside and think. This may rule out most of this electorate.  The media who take their cues from the national agenda will not cover as they probably have not studied the topic. However, ignorance is not my problem. My job is to speak truth. The video does it more eloquently then I do. Many conservatives will be surprised to see many fellow Republicans (those in the minority) speaking out on the same topic.  Not all Republicans believe in group think.  Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Pat Buchannan, Glenn Beck, Abe Lincoln, are a few who share the view.

This is one of the best documentaries explaining the power of the Fed. Most people compare me to a Republican Conservative. Those that do, really have no clue how the banking system or monetary policy works. Yes, we do share a belief against Big Government. However, we are miles apart on monetary policy and their relationships with Banks.  I do not concede to Wall Street for their money to obtain political power (if you only knew how big of a problem this really is). My Republican competitor will not address if he will uphold THIS PART of the Constitution.  This is why I define myself as a Conservative Populist and not a Conservative Republican.  Those that think I’m splitting the vote don’t understand how how far apart we are on banking and thus liberty.

I can easily show you how much control money and the system of credit has over your life.  Once you understand we are miles apart on this issue–you will not see us as close options.  You either believe New York should or should not have control over your life.  We are miles apart on the role of Wall Street banks as defined by the original Constitution and in policy.

The problem is most conservatives have never investigated the functioning of the banking institutions (Wall Street) to understand why it is a problem. They are too busy making money to do their civic obligation and understand how the Constitution designed money to be created.  Yet, many inherently know that Wall Street is full of greed and something is wrong. They need to put two and two together and unravel the code.

The next step in the evolution of thought is to really understand the banking system is not a free market. Does your business get access to printed money and set interest rates or other instruments of the economy?  Of couse not.  This is why they are not capitalistic.  They control the supply of money and set (as oppose to the market) interest rates.

People need to understand how the economies of the world and the people are being controlled by the halls of credit. Big Banks control our lives as much, if not more than, Big Government. Like Thomas Jefferson, I stand against both Big Government AND Big Banking because both destroy liberty.

We were about destroyed in 2007 from Wall Street. The mere fact they contribute the most money to the party after a decade where they required billions in bailouts should have many scratching their heads and asking “Why and How?”

Taxpayers bailed Wall Street out at a growing cost to the general welfare.  Inflation in the marketplace is how they paid for their problem (Quantitative Easing). The poor’s real problem is not minimum wage, but regaining buying power with the dollars they earn. The banks easily destroy wage gains with quantitative easing.

The destruction on Wall Street came after the 2001 destruction at the World Trade Center.  The site where George Washington created the spiritual and foundational roots of this country (New York-Lower Manhattan). The 2007 destruction on Wall Street, the failings of Corporate Facism, was followed by an ever growing influence of the government over our lives post 9/11 (a move towards socialism). Spiritual blinding, Corporate Facism, and Socialistic trends are three facets on why I will continue to speak to the fact that we must rejuvenate our economic, political, and spiritual foundations.  This is necessary if we really care about Ensuring the Blessing of Liberty for Ourselves and Our Posterity called for by our Constitution.  We have had the spiritual warning signs, the Fascism warning signs, and now the Socialism warning signs. The failure of all three institutions are the problems. One institutional recovery of liberty by compromising to another institution of liberty destruction is not the answer.  This is called ‘spinning our wheels’ and why the two party system has failed us the last 50 years (the last time we actually cut federal outlays).

Our Constitution calls us to, “Ensure the Blessings of Liberty for Ourselves and Our Posterity”. An individual must define blessings, liberty, and posterity to understand that calling (Hint-do that now). Blessings, Liberty, and Posterity is very easy to view in the Webster dictionary. Blessings and posterity is very easy to move forward on. However, liberty takes more research from our founders.

Thomas Jefferson points out that the greatest threats to liberty are banking institutions, not standing armies (Let that sink in). Furthermore, Big Government creates tyranny (anti-liberty). Once you realize this is true you will seek to rebuild spiritual, political, AND economic foundations (our system of banking & credit) back to their Constitutional roots and stand with neither party who cannot see or will not participate or encourage all three necessary rebuilds to regain liberty for our nation.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge…

The lack of knowledge on the banking system is a strong aspect destroying God’s people. Because no one was alive when the current system was created, (1913) people accept it as Capitalistic when in reality it is a controlled and Fascist operation.

Very simply, the purchasing power of a dollar was the same in 1792 as it was in 1910 (Wikipedia). In the first 7 years after the Federal Reserve was passed (1913) by Woodrow Wilson (an ex College President who agreed to J.D. Rockefeller – Oil and J.P. Morgan – Banking–sound ironic to the format of a Republican candidate today?) the dollar became fifty cents. Today the dollar is worth approximately 4 cents compared to 1910. The Fed equals dollar destruction.

We could solve COLA’s, fixed income buying power, solvency of social security, driving the economic engine, minimum wage, and on and on if we dealt with the Fed. However, the public is numbed (intentionally) to the Fed being a critical issue. They want to focus on the hot topic on Fox and CNN but pay little attention to the head of the snake that can fix half our problems related to fiscal challenges.  One way to change a Conservatives mind is to tell them the Income Tax was not necessary before the Federal Reserve.  That is a good way to get their attention if they can’t follow the line of thinking of the Federal Reserve.  They still talk taxes but they do not talk reserves.  Talking zero taxes gets their attention and focus on the issue.

Regulating the creation and volume of money belongs to Congress not the Fed (See Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5). When you are sponsored by Big Banks you stay silent on this part of the Constitution. Make no mistake — your economy and life is being controlled by either money or government. They were meant to be controlled by neither. We must return money and government to be a tool and structure used to advance and not control society.

Enjoy the show on YouTube. Join me in a cause for liberty. You don’t have to compromise to a lesser evil this election. If you do…you will have no reason to complain when government and/or Wall Street control the fate of your liberty.  You are responsible for your vote and you will know better after the video.

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