Islamic State – One Influential Pastor Speaking Up

September 8, 2014|Posted in: Foreign Policy, Military, National Defense

As many of you know, one of my favorite pastors I listen to is Dr. Michael Youssef.  I sighted his work in my blog back on January 4, 2014 as being influential to me personally.  I have made and will continue to make the argument that knowing the subject matter expert is often more important then possessing the most knowledge on any given subject (there is no way to know it all).  We are well prepared to call upon the right individual for the right task.

We need to call on experts from around the country with life experience like Dr. Youssef.  Leaders often lack discernment and I think this is my strongest attribute.  I’ve discerned Dr. Youssef is the right expert to approach relationship wtih the various factions of the Muslim and Arab world.  As an Egyptian by birth, he has a strong platform to speak to the Arab world as he grew up in a strong Egyptian culture.  I hope all people, regardless of faith, will spend sometime with Dr. Youssef’s teachings like I have.  I’m far better off for discovering his work.  You may not agree with everything Dr. Youssef discusses but it is anarguable he has a firm grasp of the culture, the history of Muhammad, and the different political factions.

His education, his uprbinging, and his knowledge on the topic is second to none.  I encourage you to take a few hours and listen to his videos on this topic below.  Our country needs to become more famliar with the Muslim world, the different factions, and the childhood and maturing of their founder, etc.

Please take 90 minutes and listen to these videos on the Islamic state.  He is a Christian and has that world view.  However, I believe those who do not agree with his religious views will appreciate his formal education on Islam and the Middle East culture and situation.  He does an excellent job at uncovering a more peaceful historical state of the Muslim nation that once and still exists.  At the same time he traces the rising group motivated by terror and the roots of these actions.

We need to develop a consensus AND conviction in America of how we will address the problem of Islamic extremists.

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