Know Your Role!

December 23, 2013|Posted in: Religious Liberty

My wife has been amazing this campaign in picking up the slack as we visit numerous people, communicate the campaign, and write on important policy.  Sometimes I can get so narrowly focused on what I’m doing that I can miss being a part of bigger things God is doing that day.  I’m thankful He can still tap me on the shoulder so I don’t miss it.   I was reminded today in prayer…sometimes you need to be the leader and sometimes you need to be the follower.

If we are fixing a car….better be a follower.  If we are building policy….better be a leader.

In my wife’s case she is amazing with hospitality.  To be fair I would not know how to throw a good party even if it hit me upside the head.  If we win this election I have bad news for you… has the potential to be the worst election party in the history of mankind.  Thankfully for you….it will not be planned by me and we will have a good time!

The gift of hospitality is amazing and something God has not revealed to me.  One of my less complicated questions I ask God is –“How does this hospitality gift work?….I don’t have a clue God”.  I’m still waiting for the answer….I’ve got a feeling it may be one of those items He reveals after I’m gone.

Long story short, my wife has it and we are the best team with opposite spiritual gifting.  As we descend on this Christmas week and friends and family gather here in Lincoln from all over the country, we are slowing down to remember our Savior and be with our family and friends. The closeness of family and friends is important to our family and I pray for each of you to have that special time with your loved ones and our amazing Savior, if you believe.

For some people the holidays can be the roughest time of year.  I pray for His peace and hope to descend on you this Holiday.  Our family personally wants you to know we are thinking of you too.  Although fortunate to be a part of a loving family, we have been around those that struggle this time of year and empathize for those that feel pain.  We are praying for you.

Personally, I’ve been caught up a lot the last 3 months with the campaign and work but God let me know He needs more of my attention here this week to help my wife and my kids.  Her events, plans, and parties and time with others this week is going to make the difference — not me working on legal policy.   My job this week is to make sure I’m at her side making things happen with her plans like she makes things happen in my plans.  I’ll be toning down my work this week to aid in others making the difference for Christ this Christmas and to ensure our family breathes in the reason for the season.

Knowing your role is important.  Some think they need to be the leader all the time and in every single subject.  I think the smart leaders know to surround themselves with experts with a diversity of expertise and talents (like hospitality) to make the entirety of what we lead better.

When it comes to hospitality–I listen to my wife and take cues.

My wife makes eternal differences in people’s lives with her spiritual gifts and I need to support her this week.

God is big everyday — but isn’t a birthday just a little extra special!  Warm personal relationships make the difference during the Holidays–not proclamations of policy.  Hospitality should rightly trump legal policy this week and God will trump them all.

I know my role–I’m going to be the soldier this week and soak in the amazing birth of our Savior and the wonderful gift of family and friends!

I will write when time presents this week but I will have little time for big meetings.  I hope you do the same!

Have a Merry Christmas!  May God bless your Christmas and your New Year!



  1. Gretchen
    December 23, 2013

    Your wife has always been such a welcoming person! You are blessed to have each other! Merry Christmas, Watson family!

  2. Akiko
    December 25, 2013

    I really like your writing very much. And may your Christmas be also as special and unique as you are!

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