Our Visit to Kentucky – The Failure of Senator McConnell – Activism in His Backyard

August 9, 2015|Posted in: Big Government, Crony Capitalism, Distrust of Parties



A post on my fine visit to Kentucky last week…..

I was fortunate to be welcomed to Louisville last Tuesday. (I attached the picture of my beautiful wife and average ‘me’ in downtown Louisville)

I wanted to recognize the warm welcome by the beautiful people of Kentucky. Furthermore, I want to personally thank David Patterson, the Libertarian candidate from Kentucky (lost to Senator McConnell) for offering up a fine place to stay with one of his supporters in Louisville. That is genuine southern hospitality! The warm hospitality was appreciated and you can expect the same reception if you visit Nebraska.

Moving on….Kentucky reminds you it is full of “Unbridled Spirit” at the border. Unfortunately, they have a Senator “Bridled” to K-Street and Wall Street interests. He has lost sight of Promoting the General Welfare of the American people. He has focused much of his work on providing the corporate welfare that is not aligned with our Constitution.

Unfortunately, Nebraskans are not without blame. They elect candidates loyal to K-Street. They love the political propaganda ads K-Street pays for with candidates that come from establishment roots.

Even the largest grassroots organizations like “For America” don’t get it. They are accurately frustrated with Senator McConnell. However, they support and fund candidates in our state who have gone on national TV and pledged to be a “Team Player” with Senator McConnell. Why would you support someone pledging to work with a leader you are frustrated with “For America”?

As most of you know I’m an advocate against the Fed that was created in 1913. I believe money belongs to the American people and not Wall Street. However, do you know what other poor institution was created in 1913? The Majority Leader of the Senate! Is it any coincidence we have a Majority Leader promoting the best interest of Wall Street over Main Street?

Grassroots and K-Street can win a $5 million race in Nebraska. However, did you ever ask why K-Street and Wall Street interests will spend upwards of $80 million on a Kentucky race? Simple. Power.

A Majority Leader calls the shots of what legislation, amendments, and resolutions will be allowed to be presented on the floor (Watch Senator Cruz rightfully call out Senator McConnell) to have a chance to become law. A nice grass roots candidate may have good thoughts. Unfortunately, their ideas will not see the floor with a “Majority Leader”. A majority leader controls what is presented. This is why affiliation over view is a superior consideration. This is why the people should be turning away from establishment loyal candidates.

The position of Majority Leader in the Senate is not in the spirit of the Constitution. However, it did answer a need for organization of government work. If I were calling the shots, I’d make a 7 person panel with members to determine what legislation will be introduced to maintain organization but dilute concentration of power. No one person in a large elected body should have that much power over a national agenda.

I appreciated the time in Kentucky. The renovated Embassy Suites was amazing–check it out (It puts the Nashville Embassy to shame). Louisville’s downtown has come a long way. I hope Kentucky politics goes farther then their upgraded downtown. They need to “Sting Like a Bee” against some of their politicians and have courage to elect mental heavyweights like David Patterson.

We need those knowledgeable in the Constitution. Better yet, we need people loyal and considerate to the people. Main stream donor base politicians have been failing America for decades. A police officer walking the walk understands the needs of the people and should be of high consideration.

Thank You Kentucky for your warm welcome and hospitality. You have more than a sizable impact on the direction of our country. I implore you to demand Senator McConnell to Promote the General Welfare of the American people as called for by the Constitution. Provide the Corporate Welfare was never called for by our founders.

We need leadership to create a liberty oriented and fair playing field. We have a crisis with both our President and the Majority Leader. I hope you the people of Kentucky can make the difference and put some pressure on your Senior Senator to change their approach!