Planned Parenthood Part I – People of Faith Changing Behavior

August 14, 2015|Posted in: Pro-Life, Religious Liberty

Planned Parenthood – Our Purchasing Response

This video is a message to the people of Faith who are protesting the government to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Quick summary of the video: 1. Check yourself first 2. Fix your purchasing behavior 3. Keep protesting the government 4. Love people.

I’m 100% behind issues of conscious and religious liberty. However, I’m hearing these words become “Buzz” words and thrown around lightly. Worse yet, I’m seeing people use these words for political purposes but fail to act in a consistent manner to what they preach. Let’s make sure our own actions match our demands.

People of faith, we need to make sure we are doing what we can to save lives. Withholding OUR money in everyday purchases will make a difference in removing financial supply that aids in ending ‘life’. This is more than political difference, this is about humanity, liberty, and rights.

This essay is not about ending your purchases from your neighbor who may have political differences from you. This is normal life in America and is a far cry to the “offense” you may have with your neighbor who holds different political views. This removal of funding is about preventing money from going to places that are funding the end of life of innocent human beings. This is a whole different level of cause and justification.

Here is a link to 77 major companies funding Planned Parenthood (the list was last updated on August 6th).…/77_Companies_Funding_Planned_Pa…

Most of us are indirectly supporting Planned Parenthood with OUR money. You will be shocked who is sponsoring abortion (Proctor & Gamble who makes Pampers, Walt Disney, Starbucks, Wells Fargo, and many more). We need to change our purchasing behavior first. We must continue to demand our government change. However, this should not be a ‘them’ and ‘not I’ demand.

I’d ask you to pray over your spending decisions. If convicted–step up your game. You may not be able to change the government, but you can change yourself. Spread the word. Pray over convictions with a small group, co-workers, family, and friends.

As a point of reference in your ‘internal’ consideration….

Do not forget the top two reasons women cite in obtaining an abortion.

1. An interruption to their normal life
2. Financial hardship (both the medical treatment and raising a child).

Will these be the identical reasons people of faith will not change their purchasing behavior?

How about the politician? Will they give up their donor money from companies sponsoring abortion?

Our Nebraska GOP politicians are thick with K-Street money from companies sponsoring and supporting Planned Parenthood. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc. They love to preach “Pro-Life” but turn around and take money from Planned Parenthood sponsors and pass favorable legislation for their benefit to grow profits….and yes grow contributions to Planned Parenthood. You can’t serve two masters. Many in Washington have not taken this guidance to heart.

Is the politician nervous about their financial situation? Are they nervous about the interruption to their campaign/party if they were to make a financial sacrifice by giving to charity their political donations received from abortion sponsoring companies? Citizens often demand politicians give away contributions from racists…why don’t we demand politicians give away political contributions from those supporting the termination of life?

At the end of the day, careful who you point the finger at first politician and citizen. We often like to pull out the speck from a neighbor’s eye before we remove the plank from our own. Life interruption and financial risk are identical reasons conservative individuals and politicians do not change.

Ask yourself if a committed heart that has gone financially backwards (in logic) at the offering plate has brought a financial bounty or sacrifice to their/your financial future. Act accordingly. Let’s make sure our walk matches our talk.

A few final words of love to these mothers and women who have already had an abortion. The Bible tells me about Paul and Moses who were involved in the manslaughter of men (at minimum) and became pillars of the faith THAT INSPIRE ME. The Bible tells me about the greatest birth of all — a ‘human’ unplanned pregnancy. I have great love and ambition for these women from these situations. God clearly has done amazing works with people who were involved in an unplanned pregnancy or involved in the death of another. Take Note!

Finally, if you are one that changes your purchasing behavior like me….give some of that money to great programs like The Crisis Pregnancy Center (there are others). Excellent women’s services with a Pro-Life belief need our help! The volunteers are amazing and compassionate. God bless them for their service to our neighbors!

Give yourself grace but not an excuse to stand still. I’m still in the middle of making significant changes with new information. My wife had to deal with losing the bounty towels. My son felt guilty with his Nike glasses that were my fault–not his. I’m probably the worst with my entire real estate brokerage work depending on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans (please address Congress–just not direct spending). This will be a way bigger adjustment then you think America. However, the bigger adjustment is convincing many American people of faith that ‘their comfort’ is not always the plan. Life is worth way more than money and inconvenience.

Enjoy the video–It is 10 minutes unedited (and it shows). I got rolling a little bit as I was fired up. Pardon the few fumbles of the words in a straightforward talk. Keep up the great work Citizens. The greatest political accomplishment of 2015 is not in Washington but with the people. Citizens are not buying (less frequency) the controlled main stream narrative anymore. The opinion polls are not matching the wishes of the establishment that owns and directs your largest media forums. The politicians are responding to you in your frustration. Keep your voice loud! The frustration of the propaganda machines are growing. We are starting to see action from a party whose leadership has an alternative agenda!

Great Job and God Bless!

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