Sacrificial & Generous

Philosophy #3: 

Our forefathers sacrificed for the next generation.  However, we have political parties, people, and politics enslaved by the word “me” and “tomorrow”.  We need a return to thinking of what is best for “us” and the “future” of this country.   We must reject selfish thinking that is illustrated by the last 30 years of American spending.

  • First, we must tackle the issue of balancing the budget.  Next, we must attack the national debt by pursuing a federal surplus for debt retirement.  Finally, we must address Medicare/Social Security for the long haul. The root of fighting these issues is overcoming the complaints and fear that is driven by “me” and seek solutions that say “we”.

  • Second, we must redefine the word “Individual Accountability” to expand past the confines of one’s pocket book.  We believe that Individual Accountability requires citizens to act in a way that represents a duty and responsibility to their church, community, country, employee/employer, family, and God.

  • Third, we need the Government to defend (defense not occupational offense), provide justice, ensure the peace, promote (not provide) the general (not party special interest) welfare, and ensure the blessings (this was an intentional spiritual word) for ourselves and future generations (our concern for the future is a mandate) as called for by the preamble of our Constitution!  No more and no less should be expected by our Government!

Our parties must reawaken and understand “We” is the first word of our Constitution and the liberties as procured by our Constitution and Bill of Rights are not up for negotiation.