Securing the Borders From Ebola

October 3, 2014|Posted in: Healthcare

The third role of government as outlined in the preamble is to provide for the common defense.  Ebola is a very real crisis that can hurt our domestic tranquility and literally bring death to our citizens.  I believe we need to strictly monitor our cross border migration of individuals from West Africa as well as other infected regions to promote the general welfare of our citizens until this disease is brought under control.

This is one more case that outlines the importance of securing our borders.  We must understand who and what is coming and going from our country.  Individuals with Ebola in contact with the American public infected with a deadly contagious disease is a very real threat that must be dealt with.  Our medical community has the knowledge and the skill to deal with those infected in a humanitarian and safe way.  Attacking the spread of this disease in our own country is an urgent national priority to defend our citizens from destruction of their general welfare.

In the meantime, let’s pray for those suffering from this very deadly disease and support organizations around the world fighting this plague.  It is imperative we contain and ultimately destroy this deadly disease for the well-being of all humanity and Americans.

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