Senator Cruz Calls Out His Party! It is About Time Truth is Spoken!

August 9, 2015|Posted in: Crony Capitalism, Distrust of Parties, Tea Party

Rush Limbaugh Interview With Senator CruzCongrats Republicans!

This is a monumental day in GOP history when truth was spoken. The entire party was put on notice by one of their own on the floor of the United States Senate! I encourage you to watch the full speech by Senator Cruz and read the entire interview with Rush Limbaugh (even better). Send Senator Cruz a letter of encouragement on this issue. The establishment will rally against him for his comments.

Please watch and read. My personal commentary follows…..

Senator Cruz is spot on! He hit the nail on the head of why I left the Republican Party. Crony Capitalism and Corporate Control is consistently placed over Constitutional Liberty by the GOP party at the National level.

I do not believe in following bad leaders no matter what party they come from. Obama and McConnell are both poor leaders to follow. Both sides are consistently sold out to either a belief in corporate board room direction or government control. Most voters don’t realize Wall Street wins with either party under current leadership (Hint: You Lose). Corporate payoff and government debt both feed the treasuries on Wall Street.

We need neither institution to flourish AT THE COST of the individual or Constitution. We are overdue for a populist centered Constitutional movement!

Furthermore, welfare elimination should cut both ways. The opening paragraph of our Constitution calls for the government to Promote and not Provide the General Welfare. Republicans…this applies to corporations, not just those on endless social welfare. You can’t preach against handouts to people when handouts in the billions (See Senator Cruz’s comments) go to donors. Senator Cruz is the one GOP leader calling out that hypocritical approach. Refreshing!

This maybe the seed of a real Republican revival. True conservatism, True free markets, and a True Constitution may have a chance again with the GOP if he succeeds in influence. If you want the party to thrive GOP, ditch the lobbyists purchasing legislation at the cost of the taxpayer. Ditch the K-Street, so called, “Conservatives”.

Most importantly, we as Americans need to be about a reliable and defined Constitution. “Equality Before the Law” is the definition of “Justice”. Our Constitution calls the government to establish justice. Washington needs to create a level playing field in law (not income redistribution). Create equality (in opportunity) before the law. Ditch these favors that do not promote equality in the market and definitely do not promote the general welfare of the AMERICAN people the Constitution calls for.

Finally, I want to say I’m wrong. I was skeptical of Senator Cruz “Non-Establishment” base with his close family ties to Goldman Sachs (Wall Street Powerhouse for those not in the know). I think his bold statements answered much of my skepticism.

That speech on the Senate floor took real guts we have not seen in sometime. It is nice to see there may be more than just two establishment options to choose from in Washington. I think you are seeing a real populist flair evolve in Cruz, Trump and even Saunders if you are a Democrat.

I still question Senator Cruz’s endorsement of candidates who declared themselves to be “Team Players” with Senator McConnell, are tied to the Bush establishment, or meets with K-Street/Wall Street banking donors for substantial donations. Why Republicans add to the establishment base is beyond me when policies have so obviously eradicated the middle class and eroded the Constitution. Conservative works when it doesn’t play favoritism in law for donors.

In conclusion, I heard a bold Senator that understands there is a crisis of leadership on both sides of the aisle. Hats off to Senator Cruz. This could be a pivotal turning point for the party if they can rally behind his message to clean up their own shady dealings and purify their conduct that will give credence to self proclaimed declarations to advocate for liberty.