Senator Fischer…Troubling (In)Action on National Security

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Does it bother you when elected officials play the ‘blame game’ but are participatory in the cause of the problem?  Does it bother you when Senators are silent when platform issues are being debated on the floor of the US Senate?  It bothers me.

In recent weeks, Senator Fischer’s criticisms of POTUS (President of the United States) have grown in frequency and intensity.  It is time to set the record straight and hold Nebraska’s elected officials accountable for their role in foreign policy failure.

Senator Fischer continues to badger Obama on his failed Syrian rebel strategy.  I will avoid the severity of personal attacks she employs.  I will keep my criticism to the facts of foreign policy failure and silence.

Senator Fischer is responsible for poor decisions on national security.  She APPROVED the failed Syrian Rebel strategy she is currently mocking.  She is not alone.  Every Republican in Nebraska authorized Obama’s Syrian strategy except one.  Former Representative Terry and I were the only conservatives to go on the record and say “No” to Obama’s Syrian strategy.

To make it worse, Senator Fischer and other Republicans are passive in taking legislative action to stop the Iranian treaty after MATERIAL “Side Deals” have emerged and remain undisclosed by the President.  This is not the courage we sorely need in 2015.

Furthermore, “Self-Imposed Moratoriums of Silence” on the floor of the US Senate in the face of evil is self-evident.

King, Lincoln, Kennedy, Netanyahu, and my personal favorite Bonhoeffer warned us against silence we are now witnessing.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer — ‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.’

Let’s examine the votes and multiple instances of silence-

The Factual Record on Syria

During the 2014 US Senate debates, the three debating Senate candidates (Domina, Jenkins, and I) answered fair, honest, and tough questions.

There were two questions we were consistently asked in September 2014.

Do you support the President’s air strikes?

Do you support arming the Syrian rebels?

All three debating candidates supported the air strikes. However, candidate Domina and I were the only candidates who went on the record and objected to arming the Syrian rebels.

Speaking for myself, I objected because my contextual historical knowledge understood that arming third party rebels was a dangerous and ineffective strategy.

Senator Sasse did not debate the question.  Silence.

Senator Fischer voted “Yes” to Obama’s Syrian strategy to arm, fund, and train Syrian rebels to fight this growing conflict.

Unfortunately, the popular and winning ‘Yes’ position would turn tragic for America and the Syrian people.  We must learn from and correct the lessons of history if we are going to move America forward.

OWH – Story on Unilateral Approval of Arming Syrian Rebels (Except Lee Terry)

The “Great Debate” in Hastings. Minutes 44 thru 52 Highlight the Syrian Rebel Position

What Has Been the Result of a “Yes” Vote For Syrian Rebel Support?

  • Many Syrians have been slaughtered or have fled their homeland
  • There are now an estimated 9 million displaced Syrian refugees
  • The number of refugees is at a crisis level across Europe and the Middle East
  • Washington must now address immigration/refugee status on displaced Syrians
  • ISIS has maintained their funding by continued control of oil wells
  • The Russian aggression into Syria is filling a vacuum of leadership
  • Putin is now the lead “Alpha Dog” in Syria

Senator Fischer would like you to believe this is entirely Obama’s fault.  However, the record is very clear.  Senator Fischer authorized and blessed this disastrous Presidential strategy on the floor of the US Senate to deal with the problems in Syria.  The authorization and choice of an inadequate strategy has lead to an epic crisis America must confront.

This is a massive failure in discernment and strategy by our current delegation. Obama’s perpetual failure of plans in the Middle East should have brought skepticism into authorizing an additional “Obama” strategy. Even Dave Domina, the most liberal candidate from Nebraska, knew this was a bad strategy from the President. Although I seldom agreed with Domina during the debates, you can see my visual affirmation of his position in Hastings at the time of our initial disclosures.  This was an important decision of magnitude.  Unity for National Security was displayed.

My “NO” to the Syrian rebel decision is a very different on the record position between me and other conservatives like Senator Fischer.

Senator Sasse did not debate or take a position.  His silence was a foreshadowing of his conduct his first year.  Key issues to his platform (abortion, border security, Obamacare) went unaddressed as well with a “self-imposed moratorium” of silence. Monumental debates on the floor of the US Senate came and went without a peep.  Pledges of 100 day legislation went idle.  Nebraska observed this conduct of silence first hand and overwhelming approved of this behavior in their vote.

Senator Sasse and Silence – LJS 10/07/2015

Culpability belongs to the media who filled the silence with endless stories of adoration.  They “swoon” to those receiving national media coverage.   Journalistic action for policy disclosure should have been the aim.  To make it worse, the media proactively silenced the bold and vocal voice put on the ballot by the Nebraska people because I continually mentioned a profane 3 letter word in the media “G-O-D.”  The mere fact spiritual people can have intelligent opinions on civil issues is still a concept that is hard to comprehend in the secular media driven world.

Moving on, Senator Fischer stated the consensus opinion after the vote. “Doing nothing in the face of a growing threat is simply not an option. It’s important for Congress and the president to show the world that the United States will stand up and lead.”

‘Leading’ is the last word to describe American action in Syria.  America’s ‘shoot from the hip’ conflict strategy authorized by the US Senate was a horrendous approach.

The wisdom and consequences of that first monumental decision to have LARGE and immediate ramifications are now on the record for America and Nebraska to examine.   The astronomical consequences of these actions are visible throughout the world.   

America currently supports 4 to 5 armed rebels!  What a strategy!  How about the Huskers play defense with 4 players? How about the Huskers give Pierson-El to the Gophers to play against us this weekend?

Senator Fischer’s Formal Statement on Arming Rebels

This specific recruitment of rebels only garnered 60 recruits.  Of the 60 recruits garnered by this strategy, only 4 or 5 rebels remain as expressed by our military leaders.  5 Syrian rebels…ISIS must be trembling!  Is this the “Peace through Strength” strategy authorized by Republicans?  Let the “5 Rebel Strength Fact” (or 60 if you want to give full credit) sink in to understand how poor of a strategy this was.

Unfortunately, the situation has grown worse.  Ben Swann and other respected journalists cite that our equipment, training, etc. from this authorization is now being utilized by ISIS against our interests.  This was my ultimate fear of what would happen!

Lives are now dying over this decision.

If Democrats could spell responsibility they would turn on Obama.  If Republicans really acted with accountability, they would hold Senator Fischer and every other Republican responsible for their authorization of a horrendous Syrian rebel strategy.

Instead, we will be stuck with two failing parties whose strategy is to point at each other and assign failure for the Middle East to gain a “Default” vote for their party.  Problem solvers remain missing.

Senator Fischer’s Statement on “4 to 5” Rebels

The Truth of the Middle East – 2 Videos to Educate the Average Voter


The above link is the best narrative from a REAL journalist on what is going on in the Middle East.  (Warning: It is not what the media normally spins).

The link below is probably the best “Top Level View” of what is currently going on in Syria.  Most Americans are confused (understandable) with all the different groups, names, and allies in the region.  I think this piece will help you better understand the situation and different parties at play.

Furthermore, most of the American people are conditioned to think about wars within the context of nations.  America must relearn sectarian vocabulary. Understanding the Shia and Suni difference is more relevant to understanding Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and IS.

The video below was created by “VOX”. Despite many of VOX’s beliefs, I still believe it narrates the basic story accurately for the average viewer.

I hope these two stories help clarify the situation for those that are confused.

The Modern Day Story of Syria (Read Daniel for one of the Ancient Stories)

What Americans Need to Learn.  My Proactive Recommendations to Our Problems.

1.  America started the problems in the Middle East by drifting from our defined Constitution.  Stop drifting!

America has lost focus of DOMESTIC Tranquility and Providing the Common DEFENSE.  America should have stayed out of Iraq.  Our Constitution was designed to save our blood, money, and toil for the betterment of Americans.  America needs to practice self-control.  America needs to ignore the wishes of large military complex donors that profit from engagements.  The American people should focus on Providing the Common Defense and Not Providing the Common Offense.

Observe the Constitution!

2.  America’s problem is compounded by our foreign policy being dictated by ‘Big Oil’.   Foreign oil resources need to be formally removed as a ‘national interest’ motive in foreign policy.  There is a reason the media will broadcast endless propaganda on Iraq and downplay massive genocide in Rwanda.  We need to ignore oil interests who benefit from overseas wells.  We need 100% North American sourced oil and remove ourselves from blood money that is stained in Mid-East oil.   We need to ignore Republican donors’ large interests in Mid-East oil.  We need to overcome Democratic attempts to stop domestic production.  Let’s start drilling and stop importing!

3.  The Military Complex profits from “Double Sales” with the confiscation of our weapons by third party fighting forces.  The follow up sale is reselling more goods to our government to defeat third party forces armed with our weapons.  This “Double Sale” cycle is a habitual pattern for the US government.  We give weapons to Bin Laden, Saddam, Contras, and the list goes on through covert government action.  This policy often requires us to fund larger military machines to destroy opponents who possess arms WE SUPPLIED!  We must recognize the military complex (donors) create conflict of interest in our elected members decision making process.  We need our representatives to think Constitutional defense before donor base!

Furthermore, a costly mega war is brewing.  This potential war will be more costly in needs because our government has now enabled a well funded Iran through horrendous diplomatic action.  I’m convinced Iran will be using the $100 billion+ of additional inflows for research and the purchase of strategic weapons.

Ask yourself, would America need a larger or smaller defense budget if ISIS didn’t have the equipment/training America provided the Rebels through the Syrian authorization?  Would we need a larger military force if American diplomatic action did not free $100 billion+ to flow to the Iranian government?  We need to stop allowing our enemies access to large scale resources to purchase weapons! Senator Fischer needs a larger defense budget because she is enacting or failing to act diplomatically in foreign policy.  More on this later…

4.  Our legislative branch has to debate what wars we engage in.  We have a soft legislative branch that defers to the President to dictate military engagements.   The Constitution authorizes our legislative branch to declare a war.  1941 was the last time Congress had the guts to own a declaration.  We have lacked Congressional leadership with regards to military engagements for over 70 years.  We need to demand Congress authorize our engagements….not the President!

Furthermore, the power of the purse (the true power of Congress) can dictate the size and scope of how our President will fight.  Instead, we have numerous puppies in Congress led by horrendous leaders laying down their Constitutionally assigned roles.  They habitually defer to the President on issues the Constitution says are germane to the legislative branch.  Both parties have deferred to Republican and Democrat Presidents on engagement/war declarations.  They have been followers and not leaders.  We need our elected legislative leaders to follow the Constitution.

5.  I cited a different mindset that needs to be incorporated in my blog on September 7, 2015 featuring an insightful TED talk on the mentality of insurgents. Check it out. We are going to have to work together with different mindsets and skills to improve the situation in the Middle East. Defeating the enemy is not enough.  Filling the vacuum must be solved to bring a stronger sense of stability in the Middle East.

6. Look for leaders not afraid to debate.  Lindsey Graham (not my candidate for the record) is the only leader to offer a specific war strategy with specific details in the GOP Presidential debates.

Most of the other candidates are ducking the details of their war strategy.   One of the most important questions in a Presidential debate is how they would organize and win a war.  If you are unable to show leadership in debate on this topic….you will not show decisive leadership as Commander In Chief.

We need leaders.  Inept leadership is exactly what we are witnessing when a Presidential candidate has no strategy to lead an engagement/war.  We must demand our next President outlay their strategy before they are elected.

Understanding the Presidential candidate conflict strategy will give voters a “Yes” or “No” option.  Subsequently, their Congressional candidates will have a black/white option on if they will declare the war AND fund the strategy outlined by their preferred Presidential candidate.  The voter should have the choice in picking a strategy to WAGE a WAR.  The voter should have a choice with their Congressional representatives to DECLARE AND FUND THE WAR.  This is how we will achieve representative government.

7.  We need to elect decisive and strong leaders.  Period.


This is the crux of the accountability report.  I have written more for your benefit to maximize the money I’ve been given to spend on Facebook to educate Nebraska.  If you wish to read further (I realize this is not brief),  I am blogging on these additional related topics:

1. President Trump cites caution in future offensive engagements

2. Senator Fischer’s Passivity in Budget Compromise.

3.  Is Senator Fischer Conservative?

4. Iran Tests Precision Missile. The Similar Fact Pattern to Nazi Germany

5. Russian Aggression.  Putin is Providing the Leadership Lacking From Our President and Congress

6. The Consequences of Being Afraid to debate

7. Funding Defense

8. Closing thoughts as a Civil Independent

Presidential Candidate Trump Now Cites Caution in Future Engagements

It is great to hear Presidential Candidate Trump echo an approach Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and I advocate for.  We need more defense and less offense.

America’s “Proneness to Offense” lies in our sensitivity to evil dictators portrayed by the media.  Americans love to pin their anger on one face (cue Media Evil Dictator Picture) and engage an offensive war.  Americans need to evolve and focus on defense.  In my personal opinion, foreign policy needs to return to focusing on a balance of power in a region.  I believe we need to do a better job in understanding the chaos America creates when we disrupt existing power by going on offense in an area that does not enhance worthy national interests (please exempt International Oil as an ‘Interest’).

We need to be more sensitive to the greater evil waiting in the wings of an evil dictator.  Our removal of “Organized Evil” creates an environment of chaos where “Non Organized Evil” can thrive and inflict greater damage.  Pick your poison.  “Organized Evil” with a more stable/non-imperialistic history is often the wiser choice in foreign policy when two evil options are at play.

Senator Fischer’s Passivity in Budget Compromise

Senator Fischer is compounding the problem in the Middle East.  SHE WOULD NOT SUPPORT Senator Cruz’s amendment to defund the implementation of the Iranian deal from the continuing operations vote.  Since the originally understood Iran treaty failed to be blocked, NEW AND SUBSTANTIAL CONTRACT LANGUAGE has surfaced that fundamentally changed the agreement as understood by the Senate.

Why has Senator Fischer not taken bold substantive action with the revelations of new self inspection knowledge?  She mistakenly stated “Self-Inspect” was not true at a Chadron town hall in August.  Unfortunately, we have learned the self inspect citations are true as the first samples were turned over by Iranian officials late last month.  Should we not reconsider the ACTUAL treaty being offered with “Self Inspect” language?

President Obama was caught in another lie.  At the passage of the ORIGINAL deal he stated in BOLD fashion, “Iran has agreed to the most robust and intrusive inspections and transparency regimes……This deal is not based on trust, it is based on unprecedented verification.”

I trust these self inspections as much as I trust a “Change in Behavior” proclamation from our 2 political parties.

This deal could not be trusted from the start.  However, based on new “Self-Inspection” language it would be hard for any rational official to back the actual treaty (Not the one they originally voted for based on lies from the administration).

The ACTUAL treaty is clearly not based on, “Robust, intrusive, and transparent inspections.” as promised by the President. We need a new vote based on a fully disclosed treaty to honor the Constitution.

In the wake of this new information, Senator Fischer remained silent in supporting a new amendment to strip enforcing the Iran Deal from the continuing resolution.  In addition, the establishment failed at bringing the NEW TREATY WITH SUBSTANTIAL SIDE DEALS to a vote.  Passivity at its worse.  Our National security interests will suffer as a result.

Based on this passivity in the face of new unprecedented danger and her authorization of a failing Syrian strategy, our national security has been placed in danger.

National Security Aside….Is Senator Fischer Even An Advocate for Conservatism?

Putting National Security aside, is she even an advocate for conservatism by voting for a continuing resolution to run up the debt WITHOUT A SINGLE CUT AND 100% FUNDING of Planned Parenthood?

What proclaimed conservative can support a singular bill that fails national security, social conservatism, and fiscal conservatism at the same time?

I’m entirely fed up with the National Republican Party and their false claims to be advocates of conservatism.

When will Senator Fischer say “No”?  When will she say “Enough”?

We have watched Senator Fischer authorize and fund the Rebels in 2014 that enabled a world crisis.  We watch Senator Fischer vote “Yes” and continue to fund an out of control government and Planned Parenthood in 2015.   We watch Senator Fischer fail to take up the amendment that will withhold funds from a “Self Inspect” Iranian treaty.  We watch as our Senator’s passivity allows $100+ Billion to flow to Iran to fund their initiatives.  I could keep going…..

What will be the travesty in the December continuing resolution?  What will her passivity bring to America’s land in 2016?  What is her lasting contribution to America her first three years that jumps to mind?  What will it take for a continuing resolution to be stopped by Senator Fischer and her Republican Allies?  What is it going to take for her to get tough and stand for principles?  Can she win ONE concession from Democrats in a continuing resolution “Compromise?”

(PS–The Democrats may have the worst “Compromising” behavior in the history of American politics)

Senator Fischer…I will pay you a few compliments to keep this balanced.  You are great taking pictures with the kids.  You are great taking pictures with the Nebraska industry groups that fund your campaign.  Your social graces are much stronger than mine.  You read the scripts crafted by party leadership forcefully on the floor. You articulate accurate frustrations with Obama.  You make the casual Republican comfortable.  You are very friendly and approachable to the public.

However, we are in an era that needs bolder leadership.  The educated conservative knows these actions do not ‘cut it’ in serving our national interest.

I’m encouraging you to put down the passivity and act with convicted and courageous leadership.  One statement against Iran, Planned Parenthood, and overspending is not strong enough.  We need you to fight and bring these critical issues to the floor.  We need  you to put up a strong fight for a REAL compromise with some basic conservative influence in a continuing resolution.

I’m encouraging you to embrace independent wisdom to navigate this country into a stronger future.  We need courageous conviction to stop the measures that fund ideas, philosophies, and positions you were elected to change/fight/reverse.

The evidence clearly demonstrates you only fight for principles when the media is quiet and/or the stakes for the party are low.  Compromising principles for popularity and perceived future power needs to stop!

Nebraskans you need to call your Senator and demand grit.  These continuing resolutions have dire consequences for our nation.  We have a baby dying every 90 seconds, dangerous threats advancing in Iran, American hostages remaining unaddressed in Tehran, and an additional growing $2 billion of debt a day passing to our kids, etc. etc. etc.

We cannot allow this behavior of our government to continue.

The Latest IRANIAN Test Missile and How it Relates to Nazi Germany

If you study the history of Nazi’s testing the “V-2 Rocket”, the situation is eerily similar to the fact pattern happening in IRAN.  Hitler sold his victims a lie.  He was buying time to develop weapons like the V-2 rocket and strengthen his war machine. He would violate his promises and conquer them later after his power was consolidated and his war machine was mature.

90% of the people who knew better remained silent in the face of Hitler’s evil…sound familiar? Knowledge without courage is dead.

With this ‘context’ in mind, Iran continues to chant Death to America and test longer ranged precision missiles AFTER the agreement.  America, don’t be stupid with formal Iranian promises.  Don’t believe their lies and ignore the popular rhetoric behind the scenes (or in the ‘open’ on Twitter). Don’t ignore the testing of new precision missiles.

Unfortunately, Senator Fischer is laying down her gun.  She lays Nebraska’s vote and America’s purse on the table.  To compound the problem, Senator Sasse remains quiet on the floor of the US Senate until November in a self imposed moratorium of silence.

They both should know better.  We need bold action now.

Iran Tests Missile

Putin and Russian Aggression.  His Leadership.  Our Passivity.

In addition to trumpeting Syrian rebel failures, Senator Fischer is sounding the alarm on Putin and Russian Aggression. However, take note America.  Putin is showing 100 times the leadership and gumption then both our legislative branch and POTUS COMBINED.  He is leading the action in Syria.  He is fighting “Our Funded 4 Rebels” as well as those that defected to ISIS leadership.  We would be in massive conflict and trouble with Russia if their aggression with our “Funded Rebels” was against a legitimate opposing force America actually believed in.

Meanwhile, our President continues to execute a disastrous policy in the Middle East.  To our President’s credit, our legislative branch doesn’t even have a plan.  Their plan is to blame POTUS for his.  This is a broken theme by the GOP in healthcare, border control, Syria, healthcare, and on and on.

I know Obama is failing.  I knew that before the 855th Facebook post of the year pointing to this fact.  My concern is and has always been…What are the Republicans going to do about it?  The answer has been nothing.

Republican power in 2016 at the cost of leadership in 2015 for the GOP is the perpetual answer.

Compromising principle for power is and always will be embarrassing.  Historical ‘context’ tells us that control of all 3 branches does not translate into proper use of power (see turn of the century).  Demand action today.

The Consequence of Being Afraid to Debate

To make it worse, the Republican voters continue to elect people that are afraid to debate.  What do Nebraskans expect to happen on the floor of the US Senate when they elect people that will not DEBATE Pre-Election to an audience of Nebraskans asking tough and fair questions?  The voters perpetuate a lack of courage in Congress with their complicit voting record.  They vote for those practicing ‘silence’ they witnessed firsthand.

We need a new POTUS.  We need a new legislative branch that will lead. America’s future hangs in the balance.  Principled platforms of border security, pro-life, and national security cannot endure silence when the subject matter presents itself for vote on the floor of the Senate.

Unfortunately, these (in)actions have now extended another year after the 2014 election where my volunteers and I offered principled change to the status quo.  We’ve continued to move backwards in 2015 with a vacuum of no leadership in the Senate.

Courage…not knowledge…not connections…not campaign war chests… is what we need in Washington at this very hour to save our Country and Constitutional way of life.  Unfortunately, our best hope AT THIS VERY HOUR is Senator Fischer and Senator Sasse.  Despite my warranted frustration, I encourage you to join me in their encouragement.  America needs their action today for a better tomorrow for our children.  Call them to take action.  They need encouragement to avoid the passivity of their party and the misguided intentions of their leaders.  However, hold them accountable for their (in)action in 2018/2020.  This country can no longer afford poor and passive leadership from individuals with conservative and constitutional knowledge.

Funding the Military

Senator Fischer now is harping on the President/Democrats for their inability to adequately fund the military.  Senator Fischer is right. We do need a strong defense.

However, our defense budget would not have to be that large if Senator Fischer and friends made the right decisions from the start.

Would we need as much money in defense if we didn’t have to battle ISIS ARMED WITH OUR EQUIPMENT that Senator Fischer’s authorization to the Rebels provided?  Would we have to stock a larger force to deal with the potential threats Iran poses with weapons purchased with billions from an evolving Iran treaty Senator Fischer will not readdress?

Finally (the part that is not Senator Fischer’s fault), we would not need this level of defensive funds if our country learned to keep our eyes on our own business. We need Americans to trust the Constitution and ignore the media narrative for more world police engagements against “Bad Guys” in a country with even “More Bad Guys” waiting in the wings.

A change in discernment to arm the correct third parties, prohibit the releasing of funds to arm our enemies, and controlling our desire for future world conflict is needed to reestablish Constitutional wisdom for our Republic.

My Closing Thoughts as a Civil Independent

As an Independent, I have a minority opinion both parties could learn from.

Democrats need to stop importing the world to America. Republicans need to stoop trying to export America to the world.  We need to focus on America FOR America. 

How do we solve these problems created by entrenched parties and their donors?  We need a full understanding of the Constitution.  We need voters to value courage and principles over connections to greed, knowledge, and media approval.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid change is not coming as rapid as it needs to (although public pressure on our representatives is starting to change civil behavior).  The study by KU is right.  41% of people will vote for “Their Party” even if they believe their ideas or candidates are not worthy of support.  The conclusion of the study?  Winning is more important than right.

In my opinion, “Not Losing” is more important than winning to the voter.  I find too many conservative Nebraskans are motivated by fear of failure.  Fear of losing trumps advocating for a candidate with an ACTIVE, CLEAR, and VOCAL Constitutional vision. Fear never accomplished anything.  Fear is failing us now.

We will reap what we sew as Caleb and Joshua taught us when we vote for ‘winning’ over ‘right’.  America is unable to stop evil advancing from either side of the aisle when we vote “Not to Lose”, enable passivity, and empower leaders that demonstrate silence.

It is time this losing streak ends.  Please call our representatives and demand they get tough.  THEY HAVE TO CHANGE TO IMPROVE AMERICA!

What is on the line?

A baby will be terminated every 90 seconds.  Our kids debt will rise by $2 billion each day.  Iran will gain time to deploy $100 billion to fund their reign of terror.

We cannot afford another day of passivity and silence from our Representatives. Demand action now!