Senator Fischer and Sasse Approve Purchase of 8 Fighter Jets for Pakistan

March 14, 2016|Posted in: Crony Capitalism, National Defense, Sasse, Veteran Issues

Would you the American taxpayer buy ‘8’ F-16’s for Pakistan? Senator Sasse and Fischer thought it was a good idea for you to buy Pakistan EIGHT jets. They defeated Senator Paul’s (R-KY) resolution to stop the purchase (I have attached his speech below ‪#‎standwithrand‬)

Pakistan is the government that armed, aided, and abetted the Taliban that has been killing our soldiers. Furthermore, Pakistan, an Islamic country, sheltered Osama Bin Laden one mile away from Pakistan’s military training base for over decade to help Osama avoid capture!!!!

It gets more concerning….

General John F Campbell (Stationed in Afghanistan) testified to Congress that Pakistan’s Haqqani Terrorist Network (mixed into the power of the Pakistan Government) is considered the most capable threat to US forces in Afghanistan. Senator Bob Corker also expressed hesitation on the funds to Secretary of State Kerry for Pakistan due to their “Insufficiency in targeting militant groups hostile to the United States.”

These are legitimate concerns! Yet, the purchase was pushed through and our Senators were part of the vote.

What is this vote really?

Answer: Another chapter in interventionist foreign policy.
Answer: Another episode of making the sale for the large military complex donors of their campaigns.

For the sake of argument, let’s say this purchase is a good idea for National Security…Pakistan already has 70 F-16’s! Why do we need to pay for an additional 8 F-16’s out of our Treasury that has no money???

We are $19 trillion in the hole and we send new money we borrow from the Chinese to a group of people who ACTIVELY PERSECUTE CHRISTIANS TO DEATH!

To make it worse, our actions are severely upsetting the second largest populated country in the world–India. India or Pakistan? Hmmmm.

This follows up the Obama’s Syrian decision I was on the record against and the Republicans (including Fischer) were on the record to support. Syrian policy gave arms to our enemies and recruited less than 100 people to fight for us (that withered down to less than 10). What really happened is the arms we purchased ended up in the hands of the enemy (we repeat this mistake in history over and over). You can read the full Syrian blog on on October 16, 2015 to get the full spectacle of horrendous decision making over Syria by Obama and the approving Republicans.


Most conservatives agree Obama’s foreign policy is bad. However, they continue to support it! I have not!

I’m not sure my fellow Nebraskans know what is going on at the donor level. They are still blinded by speeches. This is another bad decision with heavy donor interest at stake for the GOP (Defense Contractors). At best, this is a poor fiscal decision with beneficial national security implications if we trust the Pakistanis now. At worst, this is a horrendous diplomatic, fiscal, and national security decision that could come back and hurt our allies and worse yet our soldiers. I find it hard to view this as a positive decision—especially considering Pakistan’s recent past.

Keep your eyes open Nebraska. It is all happening right in front of you (especially the secret society establishment meeting last week by Sasse I wrote about in my last blog). The Presidential talk can distract you to shady deals going on. Stay focused to active legislation!