The 2 Factions of Conservatives

February 7, 2016|Posted in: Foreign Policy, Military, National Defense, Populism

The American Conservative Article

Spot on article from the American Conservative


“Were this Britain or France, the GOP would have long ago split between its open-borders, globalist, war party wing, and its populist, patriotic, social conservative wing.

The latter would be demanding a timeout on immigration, secure borders, no amnesty, no more needless wars, and a trade policy dictated by what was best for America, not Davos or Dubai.”


In a nutshell…this is why I left the GOP. They push the populists to the side. Those of us who want to secure the border, avoid endless war (FUTURE entanglements), and create trade policies in the interest of America are not allowed.

The donor interests who simultaneously own the media will push open-borders, globalization, and war (most ties back to money).

The patriotic, social conservative, populists, and liberty leaning candidates like me are not allowed an equal microphone at the table within the party.

I’m all in with Carson and Trump for my finalists in the GOP (PS–I like some third party candidates as well). I wish Trump had stronger social convictions and I wish Carson was not so duped into non constitutional crony trade treaties (most medical people struggle with economics). This is why I can’t pick a winner yet and need to hear more debate.

They are the last chances we have to keep those controlled by the money out. I’m OK with Cruz. Cruz is probably the most balanced on social and economic issues. However, he appears to have sold out with his attempted hiding of money from Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and inviting K-Street candidates to campaign for him. I don’t know if he has the real courage to overcome the donor class.

Rubio supported amnesty before border security (just a fact that he has changed–just like his religion–FOUR flips!). The US Chamber supports open-borders. Now, we have a rising Nebraska conservative candidate that can’t get a border bill to the desk (despite being in the inner circle of Homeland Security), is endorsed by the chamber (fighting hard for open border), and campaigns for Rubio.

On pro-life we have ringing endorsements from Wells Fargo (have you moved your money yet?), Bank of America, and Fannie Mae. These entites continue to support our conservative candidates AND actively fund Planned Parenthood.

Somehow Republican Nebraska can’t figure out why 100 day pledges on key Pro-Life bills go unfilled, a border bill cannot be put on the desk by the Republican majority, and the general welfare of the American people continues to slip. However, they can figure out how to share the latest and greatest speech and continue to preach accountability wihout really demanding any from their own. To put the cherry on top, many Nebraskans think our candidates giving the President fast track authority are out to defend the Constitution. This isn’t even a stretch to understand giving ANY executive authority at the request of this President is likely to be UNconstitutional. Don’t be a Democrat. However, don’t be Republican either if you really believe in the Constitution.

As we move into 2016, the media is slaming Rubio/Hillary down our throats and demonizing their opponents in an attempt to sway the average voter who needs to identify with popular acceptance in their environment. They need to find the courage to stand alone and join a smaller (but quickly growing) movement to stand for principles. Both larger movements are controlled by the money.

As far as Rubio goes, Santorum (who endorsed Rubio) and Jeb who pledged Rubio to be VP can’t name ONE accomplishment of Rubio in the Senate. I would argue the same can be said about our establishment candidates at home. Yet people are falling in love with the speeches and ignoring the same donors behind the scenes that have run the show for years for both sides. The majority of Americans would demand God let Aaron, not Moses, lead them through the desert because he could talk better.

Times need to change before we start making rookie federal officials American stars. What happened to the ball player that had to be a 30/30 or 40/40 guy before they were awarded the MVP?

Maybe you will start to understand the identity of the party and realize the social conservative, closed border, populist has no room in the GOP at the microphone.

We can be brothers and sisters when the GOP joins us on the second amendment, seeks to secure this nation, defends religious liberty, and pushes for less regulation. However, we need to defend the Constitution and promote the general welfare of We the People first. These are the principles forgotten by both main stream establishment parties.

Have a good weekend … read my thoughts on King David/Moses and Corporate Hog Farming to be posted later this weekend.