The New GOP Message – Building the case for Todd Watson for Senate!

December 26, 2013|Posted in: Accountability, Bipartisan Compromise, Budget Cuts, Distrust of Parties, Nebraska Interest, Religious Liberty, Tea Party

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.  We are getting back into the groove today with our writing and will be hitting the campaign trail again next week.   We are thankful for the incredible numbers we are pulling the last 3 weeks.  We thank you!  Keep the grassroots effort up!

Today’s article continues to build my case and should continue to sway conservatives that the Republican Party is no place to be electing a conservative to represent your values this next year.  Some of my quotes are coming from the print edition as opposed to the online message above.

The percentage of people who express negative feelings towards the party is at a 23 year high of 48%.  Shocking on why the party is in disarray and compromising values to get back to “popular” again.   You can read the article for your own consumption but let me make a few observations on the article.

“The Republican “LEADERS” (again not to beat a dead horse but this is why I can’t go Republican) and their corporate allies have launched an array of efforts aimed at diminishing the clout of the party’s most conservative activists and promoting legislation instead of confrontation next year.  GOP House leaders are taking steps to impose discipline on wavering committee chairmen and tea-party factions.  Meanwhile, major donors and advocacy groups………….are preparing an aggressive effort to groom and support more centrist Republican candidates for Congress in 2014’s midterm elections.”

Translation—if you are not going to pull the centrist party line you will not be placed into powerful positions in the party.  Second, limiting the tea-party faction.  This is a direct assault on the “balanced budget” people.  This message was received in the house and it is why you had roughly 75% of the House supporting the latest budget that did nothing to work us towards balance.  Principles die easy when you value your party power positioning/support over your convictions.  This is why you need to vote candidates with conservative principles outside of the party.

The more you give this party power—the more you are not going to achieve your goals.  Nebraskans are clear—we want a balanced budget.   In my opinion, the Republicans have nothing to give up and that is why the party wants a “centrist” message.  I’m open to compromise on how we get to a balanced budget but I’m not willing to compromise to a message of not balancing the budget.  The reality is this country needs to give on both sides of the isle and sacrifice.  People who are familiar with my material know I’m critical of the party power fighting that goes on.  Let’s look at what John Boehner is threatening his own party members with:

“In the run-up to the budget vote, Mr. Boehner’s deputies warned chairmen who were tempted to oppose the deal that doing so could jeopardize their committee posts.”

Translation—pull the party line of the budget (poor compromise—see previous posts) or be prepared to lose your party power positioning.  Talk about putting party members in a choke hold!  Friends, we need conservatives free from this party to get something done.   Their party is going to erode their positioning to get their new “recast message” out and elected to the White House.

Let’s move on, the next quote is from the print edition of the WSJ on A4.

“Six chairmen had voted against an initial version (see earlier farm bill post where we cite the original bill was better than the second) of a farm bill earlier in the year, causing the legislation to collapse on the House floor.”  It is amazing to me that our farm lobby is continually fooled to support the Republican Party.  Call your trade groups and ask what party they support and why?  Ask them if they are aware of the record of the party leaders with the farm bill. Give them a wake-up call!  The Republican committee leaders killed the farm bill earlier in the year. 

Finally, the rest of the article dives into money issue after money issue.  They have the majority of American’s passions there.  However, I’m comfortable in standing on my own in this issue.  The change in our country is going to happen when we put our emphasis on God and not money.  I’m not saying economic policy is unimportant—it is very important.  We will spend plenty of time debating economic policy but I will not let the message of returning to our spiritual heritage be overshadowed.  Declaring the order of what is important is a statement we need to make and I want to be clear we need God’s strong hand on our country to make this place work.  Again, I can’t control what people believe but I can declare my underlying belief to that message of God dependence.  I can go toe to toe on money as one that has worked in the private sector as an entrepreneur and CPA for my working life.  However, let me be the first to say our return to our spiritual heritage and an ethic of hard work is going to lead us back—not policy.

Friends, you are not going to lose your conservative ideals with me.   You may have candidates that support conservative values but remember their own party is going to be fighting their influence—just read the article for yourself. Please vote for Watson!  This is a vote for principled conservative convictions without the obsession with and freedom from political party power.

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