Todd Wins and Creates REAL Progress on Tort Reform Last Night!

October 28, 2014|Posted in: Healthcare, Sasse

Todd Watson, Independent Candidate for US Senate, continues to lead the debate and conversation in the Nebraska US Senate race. Last night in Papillion the panel challenged each candidate running for the United States Senate on how they would lower costs. The Republican opponent missed another debate for more propaganda speeches in Hastings.

Todd specifically challenged Republicans to end price fixing and protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry/device makers absent from Ben Sasse’s and other Republican healthcare plans.

Todd also laid down the gauntlet to overhaul tort reform (Democrat Special Interest) to lower liability insurance for the healthcare industry that will lead to lower costs.

Dave Domina responded by saying in his speech, “Create a new standard of proof. Right now it’s the greater weight of the evidence to win the suit (50% or greater to win the case in court). Make a ‘clear and convincing evidence’ standard (gesturing with a higher hand). Give the Doctor the benefit of the doubt. You will see the lawsuits dry up. All the trial lawyers will think I’m a heretic because I said it. But that is the way to do it.”

Amen. On the record improvement for raising the least common denominator typically in the debate against tort reform (Democrats). The standard of every candidate for tort reform is now improved to lower liability insurance costs in Nebraska.  You are welcome Doctors, Hospitals, and Citizens.

It’s your turn Republicans.  Why don’t you explain how you price fix for Big Pharma in Medicare?  Why don’t we expose this lie of “Free Markets” Republicans like to proclaim?  I want an on the record response.  We want the government to negotiate (A Capitalistic term GOP) the price of drugs for our Seniors!  We can’t afford the protectionism and crony capitalism for your donors!!!!

This is why debate matters. If you are still with the GOP–you have the wrong conservative candidate. Have you taken the time to understand or listen to our candidacy? Did you ever realize no debate is to keep you from hearing the best option? You do realize the ONLY GOP committee to sit down and listen to Ben and I endorsed me 100% as individuals? You know who dodges debate–a most important skill for this job. More importantly, you see who can debate and is creating results through debate BEFORE the election.  I’m sorry you thought I was not worthy to be invited to the Nebraska Medical Association debate. You know I’m one of three to show up to the Rural Healthcare Debate and the ONLY candidate to attend the Nebraska Nurses Association to listen. I’m still fighting for you despite your poor treatment of me NMA. I care about lower healthcare cost. Lower liability rates will help achieve that. Maybe you will wake up and understand an Independent maybe your best friend to help your practice.

The Conservative Independent candidate is not afraid of debate and is creating results in the public square TODAY. The Nebraska citizen needs a proven winner who can debate on the floor of the US Senate without reading a national party prepared, donor sponsored script. The game changes real time in real life my friends. Talking to like-minded people all day is not changing anything. Preaching to the choir does not work on the floor of the US Senate. Wake up Nebraska. You have a better conservative choice this year that can serve all people.

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