Todd’s Stances

Citizens Lack of Engagement in their Republic Creates Bad Government – Do not be an ignorant voter.  Have you honestly done the research needed of all candidates?

If you understood the money and the party agenda (they combine) this would be a slam dunk race for an Independent.  Take time to watch debates on the Todd Watson Youtube channel (click on the upper right of this website).  Ben Sasse will not debate, but you can see his one TV debate here online with all candidates.  Nate Christopher of Bluffs Broadcasting, “You talked to the Constitution better than any other candidate.  You won the NET debate.”

Compromise and “Independent” – The sterotype of Independents is that we are in the middle.  The reality is Independent means we are not controlled by outside forces.  If you need a label – I’m a pragmatic conservative that has lost belief in the Republican party.  They do not cut spending and violate moral codes in conventions, platforms, etc.  They have lost the ability to compromise forward instead of this “Winner take all approach.”   I’m not controlled by a party or donors.  I’m seeking to only represent the Nebraska people.  I will not represent the powers in a party or the donors outside of Nebraska.

Washington often will compromise on principles and not legislation.  I believe in compromising on legislation but not on principles.

I will not violate the Constitution.  I will uphold my oath of office.  I will not violate a Biblical Moral Code (10 Commandments Being Central).  This second belief is not mandatory but it is my belief set.  I’m disclosing this to voters ahead of time so they can vote up or down based on this information.  I will not violate a moral code in new laws for full disclosure.  However, I believe the will of the Nebraska people should be spoken for.  This belief may cause a conflict for Nebraskans and this is why I disclose it.  If the bill passes these two tests (Constitution and Moral Code) I believe we MUST compromise to move the nation forward.  Budgets, farm bills, immigration, energy policy, etc. cannot afford to have no resolutions due to impasse by two parties.  I believe 80% of legislation is in this “Compromise” category.

Pro Life. 

Taxes – Keep Rates the Same and Dramatically Lower Spending — Pay Off Debt and Lower Deficits!  Our kids deserve to inherit a better situation.  One caveat, I would ensure corporate rates remain competitive in the world to ensure we retain and compete for corporate location/relocation.

Healthcare – The ACA should be Repealed or defunded.  However, we are preparing to work for market based improvements in the ACO model outlined in the ACA if it remains.  We do not think the will or ability is there to defund this law with Republicans.  Consequently, we are preparing to improve the plan.

Veterans die under government care.  Medicare and Medicaid are broke. Democrats have the evidence–government cannot do healthcare well.  Conversely, we will attack Republican special interest laws that keep healthcare rates high.  We will work hard to build a new healthcare system for the American people.  We realize protectionism advocated by the GOP contributed to high inflation in healthcare and was significant in the errosion of belief in free markets.  Market based solutions can work if Republicans abandon laws that profit healthcare special interest groups and Democrats embrace a new free market that has not existed for sometime.

Covering preexisting conditions and improving on the ACO concept are two elements of the Act we like.  4% of spending on primary care and 96% spent on procedures is out of balance.  Prevention and accountability can go a long way to cutting costs. Republicans tied to ‘pay for procedure’ should note the system does not incent better outcomes.  ‘Pay for procedure’ incents unnecessary work.  We need to orient the market to outcomes over procedures.

Democrats protecting lawyers insure unnecessary procedures for lawsuit protection.  Large liability insurance rates are passed through to the patient.  I will not let the Democrats block tort reform for the benefit of their trial lawyer donors.

We need to find capitalistic incentives that rewards on overall health.

We will attack pharmaceutical interest groups (3rd largest source of funds for Republicans–notice no drug info in Ben’s proposed healthcare plan?)  Big Pharma setting their own rates in Medicare, a renewal of 15 year patents for a small reformulation of drugs, and payoffs to other manufacturers to not produce competitive drugs are three poor practices.

Published prices from all healthcare providers must be passed.  Would you buy gas at a gas station or food at a supermarket that told you the price AFTER you made your purchase?  Patients will benefit from price transparency and quality ratings.

Finally, Americans must take accountability for their health.  We are responsible for a lot of this burden with poor individual choices.

Social Security/Medicare – Deal With the Problem–Do Not Ignore It.  We are in favor of delaying Medicare by three years for those currently 55 and younger.  We are offering a plan to solve Social Security 100%!  See blog on September 29th for details.

It is time for tough decisions to keep Social Security/Medicare safe for the oldest Americans.  We live 15 years longer then when Social Security was created.  A 3 year delay is only 20% of the increased life expectancy.  This is a large reason for the insolvency projections.  We have solutions to fix the problem.  It is time for the conversation with the American people to put Medicare and Social Security back on a path of solvency!

Protecting Religious Liberty.  We believe our collective obedience and relationship to God is paramount to the future of this country.  Consequently, we will fight to protect religious liberty of all people.  We believe proactive religious expression and engagement at the individual level will be the key to real change.  I’m required in my oath to defend the Consitution.  “To ensure the ‘Blessings’ of liberty for ourselves and our posterity” is my opening charge.  Defining ‘Blessings’ is key to understanding we still need religious freedom in this country.

2nd Amendment Rights – I support 2nd Amendment Rights.  We do not argue against the Constitution.

Congress Must Take Back Control of Creating Money Per the Constitution.  Lobbying money from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan (see June 5th article) will keep my GOP opponent from a true Constitutional revival he has promoted.  I can assure you I can achieve a bigger Constitutional revival because I’m not supported by Big Banks and Big Oil. Article 1 Section 8 demands Congress, not these banks, have control over the creation of money.   Redistributing money from these institutions (Wall Street) does not solve problems but continues a state of “Dependency” as advocated for by my Democratic opponents.  Helping the poor and freeing capitalism would be the result of going back to the Constitution by giving the power to create money back to Congress.

The key to stop Presidential ambition is to take away the keys to printing money to wage endless war or create endless social programs.  Banking Institutions (JP Morgan) and Big Oil (Rockefeller) created the Federal Reserve in 1913 by convincing an ex University President and then President of the United States to sign the creation of the Federal Reserve into law.  (History Repeats Itself).  Like the Affordable Care Act, this was a midnight deal around Christmas when many in Congress went home for the Holidays.  According to Wikipedia, A dollar did not change in purchasing power from 1792 to 1910.   Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, the purchasing power of a dollar has eroded to five cents.  Our economy has stagnated.  The poor is oppressed through inflation created by the volume of money printed by the Fed and multiplied by Wall Street banks with a 3% reserve ratio. Presidents have been freed to access printed money to support wars under Republican administrations and welfare under Democratic administrations.  Debt of all kinds help Big Banks win.  The Reserve is the key to an administration’s ambitious plans.

To solve the problem, Congress needs to control the creation of money.  This starts by sitting in and listening to the Federal Reserve Board.  Capitalism should flourish by using capital created by hard work (see post civil war to 1913) and not money created out of thin air by the Fed and Banks by use of a liberal capital reserve ratio. Capitalism is still the way to proceed, but how we fund assets and business needs to change.  “Hard Work” based capital will allow class division to diminish and businesses to flourish with their neighbor and not a New York bank. Eliminating the control of the economy by Wall Street through liquidity and credit decisions is very important to the value of liberty in America.  A pragmatic and periodic reversal of this system is needed to rebuild America and Promote the General Welfare of the people.  Thomas Jefferson was right, “The greatest threats to our liberty are banking institutions, not standing armies.”  Let the founding father who protected liberty for citizens guide your thoughts on the banking system. See early August blog for more on this topic.

Balanced Budget – I will not stand with either party in support of excessive spending.  The inability of the Republicans to deal with bloated entitlements/defense spending and the Democrats with a continued unlimited spending approach at attempted social welfare must stop.  One of our most important challenges in this country is to attack our deficit and debt.  Both parties have a 30 year track record with Both having a significant role in growing the debt.  The current budget agreement reflects Both parties failure to address the problem.  We have not reduced federal outlays one single year (exception under Obama) since 1965.

I’m not listening to Republicans anymore on their claims of fiscal responsibility.  The Republicans are as bad as the Democrats in standing up for tough choices with spending. Their record speaks for themselves and we do not believe in their endless rhetoric of being a party of cuts–history does not lie.  Republicans may spend less than Democrats but that doesn’t make them good at cutting spending.  We need an Independent leading the charge in cuts from both parties.

It is time to sacrifice.

Freedom From Party Money and Power –  People think candidates and stances matter.  They do when they are not a member of a party.  Americans know that the votes of party candidates are significantly controlled by the party which is controlled by special interest money.  The Senate race in Kentucky is set to break a record with over $100 million spent in the race.  Senator McConnell is supported by Big Banks and he will be able to raise what he “needs”.  The populous must understand that money is no problem to banking interests to get the candidate they desire.  We know they sound good when running but we know the outcome is always the same after they are elected.  We already see the power brokers paying for and endorsing this race.  Out raising a Big Bank candidate is likely impossible.  Money is not the forum to compete–ideas are.  Corporate Facism and Socialsim are both enemies to a free Democratic society.  The Fed makes both possible.  Our founding fathers knew best in designing a banking system that worked for the benefit of the people.

We will be Independent to represent the citizens of Nebraska–not the party.  Independent voices are needed to motivate these parties to work.  15% approval ratings should make this decision for change easy for the voter.  It will take courage from Americans to stand against the messages bought by the money, stand against the media supporting the party messages, and courage to act on convictions to take our country back.

Strong but Limited Defense – Defense has meant offense for the last three Republican Presidents.  We are for a strong defense and not a strong offense.  Democrats have poor foreign policy records. Leadership in Iraq has been nonexistent as we have lost our foothold.

The Republicans have bloated spending caused by numerous wars.  The Cold War, The Iraq War, and The Afghanistan War have been big contributors to our national debt.   We need to get out of being the World police.  I support strikes against terrorist groups.  I do not support 10 year occupations to change a country.  We need a defined scope of our military.  We need a dominant force to ensure liberty and not use this force to supervise foreign citizens, aid in the protection of the oil industry, as well as be the voice of social change in the world.  Insuring the domestic tranquility and providing the common defense is our Constitutional charge.

Invest in Modern Warfare – Billion dollar expenditures on big steel machines that rust in the yard while providing incomplete supplies to those currently serving is unwise.  Reducing benefits to our veterans while continuing to spend additional money for weapons that have lost strategic relevance is ignorant.  Both parties need to wake up.  Billions in nuclear war heads, billions in large machines, although nice, is not a smart strategic deployment of resources in an age where we are $70+ trillion in the hole and have veterans suffering from war related issues at home.  Don’t take my word for it–listen to the significant military leaders going on the record against the utility of these weapons we continue to buy and testify to the needs of those veterans who paid the price.

We need to invest in 21st century technology to fight modern warfare.  We must cut outdated big machine projects in politician backyards.  Military effectiveness not political favor should be the driving force to what we buy.  Taking care of those who took care of us by putting their life on the line is common sense.

We need to maintain some of this large force to be a strong deterrent to bigger nations.  However, we must understand our biggest threat to National Security is our debt and the advancement/security of our technology infrastructure.  This is the future of war and where modern day national attacks are occurring.  We must spend smarter in defense, fund investments in modern day technology, and reduce our debt to enhance our national security.

Finally, we must put our faith in God before our defense (not the other way around) systems for true protection before the fight begins.

Energy –

Energy independence is a big deal.  We have the supplies in this country to reduce if not eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.  We must reign in the EPA’s limitations on refineries, the attack on coal, etc. that keep us from maximizing our home grown national resources and lower the prices for energy and fuel.  Expansion of our North American resources must be a priority.

The Republicans can argue for the pipeline and the Democrats can fight against the pipeline.  Money and environment are important but incomplete arguments.  We believe in National Security as a chief desire for our position on energy issues.  We will support refineries and industry closer to the source to capture energy for North American purposes.  This will take moderation of legislation to make refineries an excellent investment in North America.  As one that believes in the national security interests of this country, we need more refineries in various parts of this country to diversify the locations of fuel production.

The XL pipeline is a very sensitive debate.  Our campaign believes that this country has entered numerous wars and have partnered with many corrupt governments around the world for the sake of oil.  We believe we need to eliminate our foreign dependence on oil to avoid wars and aiding corrupt and inhumane governments/insurgents like ISIS.   Prioritizing energy independence puts us in favor of the pipeline. This is a decision based on priorities but not perfection.  We understand this is not a perfect decision for all in this state.

Second, we must stop large subsidies and tax benefits to Big Oil.  Oil companies funding Republican candidates to protect their interests in foreign oil hurts Americans.  The elimination of breaks the Republicans enforce for Big Oil would lower our deficit.  Our bankrupt country can no longer afford tax benefits and subsidies for the most profitable industry in the world.

Third, we have a large supply of natural gas.  We must take advantage of this abundant resource to move us towards energy independence.  Natural gas is abundant, cheaper, and cleaner.  We must aggressively move forward in developing our dependence on this source of energy.  Russia, is also pushing economic sanctions on Europe.  They have the ability to freeze out Europe in the winter.  We must use our resources to provide Europe with resources for heating to take away a vice grip of the Russians over Europe and promote strategic balance in the Eastern hemisphere.

Fourth, we need to invest in research not companies.  Keep the government out of picking winners.  Let the government support science (another Constitutional role of Congress), not take home pay of science related industries.  We are against direct investment into wind companies but in favor of continuing to invest in the science of wind energy.  Science to figure out the storage of wind energy is paramount for wind to be a viable source.  We feel wind has excellent potential but we must continue to improve on the technology so that the volume and reliability of output and the price efficiency of wind energy continues to improve.  Volume and economics are not in favor of wind at the current time.  However, the growth curve of the technology is promising to be a stand alone economicaly viable product in the near future.

Fifth, my job per the Constitution is to “Insure Domestic Tranquility”.  ISIS and other militant Islamic groups are funded by individuals with oil dollars from Gulf States.  My opponent is supported by Big Oil entities that profit from foreign oil.  We need moms and dads home from protecting oil to enhance “Domestic Tranquility”.  Terrorism by consuming foreign oil that supports groups like ISIS do not enhance “Domestic Tranquility”.  I’m for Ethanol and all forms of domestic energy so that money to foreign enemies are eliminated.  I’m well aware that other countries may consume this oil.  However, I believe the conscious of our nation is extremely important and we must not participate in funding of terrorism through the consumption of products that feed these organizations.

According to recent reports ISIS has 30,000 insurgents  but over $2 billion in funding from oil related sources.  Funding is making the difference to recruit new insurgents.  Terrorism does not promote “Domestic Tranquility”.   Furthermore, these insurgents funded by oil are killing Christians and other religious minorities across the Arab world.  I do not want the USA stained with that blood money.  I’m happy my hands have not touched one $1 created by funneling foreign oil in my campaign.

America once had no income tax (see 1913 when it was created–the same year as the Federal Reserve—coincidence?).  We funded the entirety of our budget on excise taxes and tariffs.  I believe it is time to tariff foreign oil and drop income tax in a revenue neutral proposal.  We need to incent domestic production and consumption.

Finally, my opponent has not commented on Ethanol as Big Oil and his largest PAC contributors who process that foreign oil are fighting against a Renewable Fuel Standard of 15%.   I’m a proud capitalist and I’m more proud to fight for domestic energy to aid this country in Domestic Tranquility.  I will not stand in defense of foreign oil that aid in terrorizing this country and the world.  We need our military for defense.  We should not be using our military for the occupation of mineral rich lands and the world wide facilitation of the flow of oil.

Food Independence – Food is a need–not a special interest.  Crop insurance is vitally important to our farmers.  Livestock indemnity programs are beneficial to our ranchers as well.  Mitigating risk for those creating our food supply is wise for the long term price stability of our food and the financial stability of farmers.  We need protections in place for our producers so that they can get back on their feet when disaster strikes in any given year.  We need more producers, not less (due to disaster), to keep our food supply robust and affordable.

We have taken strong pro farmer positions from the very beginning of this campaign.  We know the first farm bill was better than the second farm bill.  However, we know the first farm bill failed due to lack of support from Republican committee chairmen in the house (See WSJ article we cited in our blog on December 26th).  Furthermore, we know the second farm bill was held hostage by the fighting between the parties.  We need an Independent advocating for our farmers at home.  Our country needs a healthy farmer for a healthy food supply.  Both parties were failing with the farm bill that was vital in not only protecting the American farmer but giving them long term policy to make wise capital investment decisions.

Update – August – As corn heads to $3.50 and soybeans around $11 it is important to note that my warnings have come to fruition. We have advocated a strong independent voice to stand up to party loyalists in charge of the Ag committees.  These committees protecting Southern farmers at greater than 100% cost of production while only protecting Corn and Soybean farmers in the 75% cost of production range under the Price Protection Insurance program.

Couple this inequality in insurance with Big Oil (supporting the GOP Senate candidate in Nebraska) fighting Ethanol producers and the RFS standard and I’m shocked that the Nebraska Farm Bureau is supporting The GOP.  Large financial support by Big Oil PAC’s, “All of the Above Energy” plans that have no specifics on ethanol, and committing to being a “Team Player” with Republican leaders in Congress that create inequality in insurance for American farmers is bad news.  Non Farmers in Nebraska should realize our economy is built on the back of the farm.  We need a healthy farmer for a healthy Nebraska.  Reaping what you sow maybe a dangerous reality for Nebraskans united with the GOP and “Experts” at the Nebraska Farm Bureau.  Stay conservative in your values, love the Constitution, but avoid the parties who have hurt the Nebraska farmer.

Infrastructure Investment – Candidates that stress they will create jobs need to learn one thing.  Businesses are in the business of creating jobs–not government.  The government is in the business of creating a positive environment so that businesses create the jobs.  As a business owner that has started four companies–I know business works.  Energy policy, working on healthcare costs, eliminating wasteful regulations hampering business, and building/improving infrastructure are solid areas to create a better environment for business and employees to thrive.

Government should invest in projects that help all industries grow.  We have outdated ports, rail, roads, fiber, etc.  Improving our infrastructure is the smart place to deploy money if you are looking to improve the economy top to bottom.  Helping our products/services reach global markets – cheaper, faster, better – is a way to win in the global economy.

Get the Government Out of Business – The government needs to quit being a cog or subsidy in private enterprise.  Businesses built on government money are just one more crutch we can’t afford.  The sustainability of these industries that rely on the government is dangerous.  We are now in a bounty of situations where companies need that next government check to keep their uncompetitive business going.  The choices between economic efficiency and keeping families employed is hard.  Employment or subsidies have won and the collective taxpayer has lost.  We are at a point in time where real tough decisions are needed.

Friends, a good place to start is quit funding industries and jobs based on subsidies in the first place.  Furthermore, the government guarantee of prices in education, healthcare, and drugs is the biggest reason these industries are out of whack in price and are problem points in American life today.  We need to find a way to get market forces in and the government out of industry.

Finally, we can no longer afford credits for “good” things.  If good things need to be adopted let’s pass tariffs on the bad instead (this will be much harder to do in Washington, will help the deficit, and only raise the best of the best developments to the top).  $17 trillion says the taxpayer cannot afford favorable benefits for anyone.  Our approach to incenting progress must change.

Immigration – Strengthen the border first.  Enforce the rule of law.  We cannot make the adjustment in immigrant classification until the border is secured as we will be in the same situation created in 1986.  Immediately pass legislation that prevents the splitting of families.  Deport or retain the entirety of the family but do not split kids under 18 from their parents.  In my opinion, splitting families (a God ordained institution) is not a God fearing action in the duty of deportation.   Harming kids (illegal or legal) is not an option no matter how one arrived to this land.  Kids must be a paramount concern of any immigration law.

Finally, After border security is achieved (physical and technology improvements to border security achieved with significant reductions in illegal immigration numbers) – work on a path to legal status or residency (not citizenship) for the 11 to 13 million illegal immigrants for those with an honorable and clean record of being here for longer than a decade (retroactive to a specific date).   Our economy/GDP/Tax base and people living in the shadows will all benefit.  National Security depends on knowing who is here and not just preventing new people from coming.

Finally, legal immigration reform has to be done so that the process is orderly, efficient, fair and the rule of law becomes the norm again.

Marriage – We believe marriage is reserved between one man and one woman.  However, we are tired of being asked on the subject as if this is the only social issue in the land today.  “Harping” on the topic may earn votes in Nebraska but I find this unnecessary.  I owe it to both sides of this issue to know where I stand but I do not have a strong desire to express this stance over and over as I think it is very divisive.  Looking at the big picture, I think marriage is a Church issue and should not be dealt with at the federal level.  However, as the topic is placed on the offensive in our legislative halls–I will give you a direct answer on how I’d vote if put into the position to make a decision.  Let’s also realize strong marriages are a crisis in man and woman marriage as well.  We have poverty rates, educational achievement scores, etc directly tied to kids from single parent households.  Strong marriages are great for kids.  We would be advised to focus on strong marriages for kids as opposed to isolating the problem to a minority group.  I realize our nation has a very different make up today.  These issues are a part of my family as well so don’t feel I’m judging.  I know I have work to do in my marriage.  We are very happy and thriving but every marriage can be better.  Let’s be careful to throw the first stone.  However, there is the clarity you are looking for in one of the most commonly asked questions.

You getting involved – Yes You! – Like what you read?  I need your help-it is not optional ;)!

I’ve got a big hill to climb.  I need you to contribute, sign the petition (achieved!  Thank You!), support, spread on Facebook, organize a meeting in your town, etc.  The odds are on big money and big parties to win.  However, smart (or ignorant) people should know doing the same thing will create the same poor results.  We have a 30 year track record of big parties and big money to know what happens when we continue to vote these party politicians into office.  It takes a very ignorant person to ignore 30 years of history.  The time for change is now before it is too late.  You know Washington is not working the current way.  Big Parties controlled by Big money are Big contributors to this disaster.  It is time to Declare our INDEPENDENCE again (think political parties not Britain this time) and reemphasize DEPENDENCE on our Creator.

I need you to contact me at to help this campaign.  People believe in this message–the question is how many and how often will people hear before the election?  This is up to you.  Get involved.  We can’t lose when we stand for what is right!