Veterans Should Be Fleeing to the Polls and Voting Independent….

May 21, 2014|Posted in: Veteran Issues

Being against Government run health care for our Non-Veteran citizens is not political with me. It has to do with promoting the general welfare and giving our citizens a non special interest manipulated market run health care solution. This is our best option. Our government is not currently taking care of all those who defended our freedom (watch video by CBS – thank you CBS for being a national news chain willing to cover the truth). How in the world do individuals think our government can take care of more citizens when Veterans are dying from neglect and failure of government oversight already?

(Quick disclaimer – I do want to recognize great service from many Doctors and Nurses doing a great job at the VA. Poor work by some should not be a reflection on all.)

Running to the GOP from the President isn’t good either if you are a Veteran. Watch the next video in the next post. Ben Sasse is endorsed by Representative Paul Ryan whose original budget proposed in 2013 cut Veteran benefits by 1%. On election-day Ben vowed to be a “Team Player” (that must of been a nice surprise to Tea Party followers) with Senator Mitch McConnell. Ben said he would “Absolutely” support Senator McConnell if elected leader of the GOP party in the Senate. Senator McConnell’s leadership record of the GOP with Veterans is terrible.

(Watch the video on the next post if you think being a “Team Player” with Senator McConnell and an endorsement by Paul Ryan who cut Veteran benefits in his budget is a good promise for those who served our country in war.)

Veterans are facing a no win situation unless they go with an Independent Senate candidate like myself. We are tough on the budget, stand against Government run healthcare and stand against Republican special interest manipulated healthcare plans.

We must take care of our Veterans who have served.  The VA must be funded so our Veterans obtain the appropriate treatment for medical issues caused by injuries sustained defending our freedom. Learn more about my campaign at and invite me to your town in Nebraska to learn more.


This next video provides balance to the Party argument.  You can throw both parties out the window with their record on Veterans (and the NSA, IRS, Tax Reform, Budget, etc….) as far as I’m concerned.  This will come down to the voter choosing a new path free from these failed parties to create real change.

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