Interested in Helping?

We need committed people!  We need people talking to their neighbors, organizing local events, sharing our messages on e-mail/facebook/twitter.  I’ve been humbled to see the generosity of those around me.  The level of sacrifice by others I barely know has been humbling and overwhelming.

We want to say Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! to all our volunteers!

Please sign up below to get involved or send us a quick e-mail at campaign@watsonforsenate.com or call us at 402-819-9292.  We will get you plugged in right away!

Please provide contact information and a commitment of time you would like to give.

Please express what areas you are interested in helping in.  We have numerous needs and can find a great place to utilize your talents!

Here is a list of current needs-

Obtain Signatures – We need 4,000 signatures to be placed on the ballot.  We need people willing to obtain voting signatures (by county) on our approved signature forms.  We are looking for people who would like to obtain 20 signatures at a time.  Obtaining signatures is a great way to share the message.

Door to Door Education – We have the materials.  We need the workers.

Promote Online – Share the message and Share it Often!  We have provided personalized stance messages under the “Share Your Stance” page.  Repost the statements that represent your thoughts best–repost often.  Write us if you would like us to write a personalized stance for you to post.  “Joe Smith supports Watson for Senate!” is something we can do.   We will consider requests for a more political stance and will prepare the post professionally if we agree.  It must be brief to make the cut.

Do not worry if you are a supporter outside of Nebraska.  This campaign has been touched by those supporting us around the world.  We need to encourage all citizens to stand up for Politicians with conviction in each and every place.

Multiply Your Belief! – We are looking for people to multiply followers of this campaign by 12 or more.  Silent followers are a problem for any campaign.  We are looking for energized followers committed to sharing the message.

Endorsements – Endorsements are great if they are from a reputable source.   No endorsement is too small.  Personally endorse us online.  We reject Non-Nebraska financial endorsements on purpose.

Video Journalists — We love video and need your help in creating quality productions.  Have patience with me–I’m learning the concept of story boarding as I go.

Fundraisers — We need you!  References are a must.

Community Organizers — We need avenues to share our message.  Have a local organization of 25 or more?  We would love to personally speak to your group!

Media — Know a reporter?  We will give them an interview!

Pray — Prayer is the most powerful tool in this campaign.

Give — This campaign takes money!  We need your help.  We do not have party money assisting us.  This is truly a grass roots campaign.  We will go the extra mile to be Independent to serve the Nebraskan without compromise.

Keep the Coffee On – Let’s just say I almost named my last child Keurig.   I’m going to have fun during this campaign.  I want to discover the best cup in every town I visit.  I will be rating each cup online.  If you think you have the best cup in your town–organize 25 or more people–I will show up and put you to the test.  Please keep the donuts away as I’m working on my weight–I just will not give up coffee (with cream and sugar).  I will be gracious and say I love each cup.  However, I’m going to post my top 5 cups in Nebraska at the end of this campaign.  PS-I do take milk and sugar so the purists may not like my vote.  The cream and 1.5 packets of sugar should complement the cup 😉

Thanks Again for your help!  Happy Campaigning!