We Will Not Turn Our Back On Our Veterans…Period!

April 1, 2014|Posted in: Distrust of Parties, Uncategorized, Veteran Issues


Thankful for the men and women who keep a vigilant eye on terrorism.  Protecting life at all costs is the mission they proudly execute every day.  There is a price to defend freedom and the least we can do is honor our promises to those who lay it on the line.

The one cut both political parties agreed to in the last budget was cutting Veteran benefits???  Did they think of cutting their own benefits first???  How about cutting the operating budget of both parties across the board???  Veteran Benefits….Really???

I would have cut almost everywhere else BUT Veteran benefits.  They tend to get things backwards in Washington. Thankful Congress woke up and restored these benefits but it should never have gotten to that point.  Cuts are important but you can’t sacrifice those who sacrifice their life or their way of life for your freedom.  God Bless our military!  I’ve got your back because you have mine!

Please Vote Todd Watson – An Independent American/Nebraskan for United States Senate.  We can’t afford allegiances to either party who will cut Veteran benefits.

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