Why the American Christian Would Not Vote for David or Moses

February 7, 2016|Posted in: Religious Liberty, Remembering Political Figures

Why I Believe Christians Would Not Vote for King David or Moses If They Were Alive Today

  1. Introduction
  2. King David
  3. Moses
  4. Insight for America and Conclusion


One of the great internal debates a Christian can have is;

  • Would I have recognized the Messiah in Biblical times while he walked the earth?
  • Would I have believed in his message while he preached real time?’

At a personal level, would I recognize a man not born into the ruling elite as God’s son?  Would I look at a humble carpenter with no formal legal training as God’s chosen one? Would I see a Messiah in a man that had the audacity to reject the money changing tables the spiritual leaders approved of?  These are the questions I have asked myself as a proclaiming Christian.

However, I’d challenge every person of faith to go further. Would we have voted for one of God’s chosen leaders to lead HIS people (If it were up to vote)?

Let’s examine the lives of two great Biblical leaders.  Would we have voted for David or Moses?

King David

King David began his ascent into leadership as a young shepherd boy.  David had a life changing moment early in life.  Saul and the Jewish army were paralyzed with fear against a ruthless fighter/tyrant named Goliath.  David, unlike his brothers and Jewish peers, was not afraid to challenge Goliath. Furthermore, he chose the atypical tools to wage a fight against the most formidable opponent of the day.  He declined the use of armor and the normal weapons to win a battle with his slingshot AND GOD.

Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses.  His people should show a trust in God.  Many forget these spiritual lessons from their youth.

What would we do if we were a witness to the battle between David and Goliath?  Would we follow a young shepherd kid who yielded a slingshot and was not looked at as a leader within his own family?  Would we follow the ruling class and Saul who possessed the great armor, were the dominant forces of leadership, and had the powerful institutions within their control?

Saul, being the victorious ruling party with Goliath’s death, would seek out the death and destruction of David for the benefit of his power.  His jealousy raged against David because he desired to have the adoration of the people.

The situation yields further observations and questions.  Did the average citizen comprehended that David had TWO parties pursuing his life and liberty…Saul AND Goliath?  Did the average citizen (without the prophetic knowledge) have a clue that David was God’s anointed choice to be their next leader?

As history continued to unfold, we would have been presented with more difficult questions to answer. Would we have allowed the persecution of David from the ruling class to be so intense that David had to live with the Philistines (the tribe of Goliath)?  Would we turn our backs on David to be accepted by the majority in control? Would we listen to the judges of the day so burdened with bribes that ‘Biblical Justice’ was outside their grasp?  Would one be a Jonathan and help David survive the “Throwing of Spears” by those in power consumed with retaining popularity, power, and prestige?

After Saul’s death, which divided kingdom would I have supported if I had the choice?  Would I support the old ruling party thru Saul or would I transfer allegiance to David?  Would I really believe in a prolific writer to lead a nation?

Examining the life of David would make the decision to accept David as a leader very difficult.  Would I believe in a man who had 8 wives to be a great leader?  Would I trust a man that had accumulated wealth between $3 and $10 billion by today’s standards as a man that was not greedy?  Could I follow a man that had an affair and conceived a child with a married woman (Bathsheba)?  Could I follow a man who had the husband of Bathsheba AND a loyal servant to David, killed?  Would I recognize that David was a man after God’s own heart with this history?

David would repent of these sins and seek after God.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT ingredient for the progress of David.  However, as an average citizen not close to David, how would I determine David was a man after God’s own heart?  Without direct guidance from God, how would I discern this man was God’s choice to lead His nation?

I am afraid that if I was looking for strong character in an individual to be my leader, I would not have identified David.  I would have followed Saul’s son who came from power, likely provided a similar speech as his father, and pledged allegiance to the historical contextual rulers of the day.  I think I would have been ignorant that David would be God’s choice.  The benefit of hindsight makes this decision obvious.  Analyzing the situation real time would have been difficult if I knew David’s adulterous, murderous, and sinful history.


Would I have recognized Moses as a leader to follow?  Moses grew up in a ruling house (Pharaoh) with great education but little to no influence of his biological dad.  Would I trust a man without the discipline and guidance of a biological father in his teenage years that likely contributed to his violent behavior and temper that prompted him to kill a man?

Could I trust a man that was so uninspiring is his speeches that he had to have his brother deliver his message? Would I stay loyal to a leader when everyone was clamoring for their old comfortable life?  Would I listen to the rationale thoughts of men around me who poked fun at Moses for suggesting a sea could part or that food would miraculously be provided to me in the desert? Would I really believe a guy coming down from the mountain that he had talked to God? Would I accept these “Mountain Laws” for me to follow as I’m surrounded by the majority consumed with affirming sexual sin and/or worshiping the golden calf who were “God’s Chosen People”?

I don’t know if I would trust a man that demonstrated violence in his youth, was by most accounts uninspiring with his tongue, and his primary claim to political fame was standing up to Pharaoh in his court.  If I was Hebrew and heard from my peers that this man killed another, I likely would run from Moses.  I am afraid I would have been ignorant that Moses would be God’s selection for leadership as well.


King David and Moses were chosen to lead God’s people with these characteristics, these shortcomings, and these personal histories.  If you really ponder the lives these men led, I don’t know if any of us “Good People” would have selected them for leadership.  Heck, maybe I would have been foolish and petitioned God to let Aaron lead.  He obviously spoke better than “His Moses Guy”.

In today’s world we play a dangerous game of identity politics.  We look for people that inspire us with their tongue and have lived lives that appear to ‘look like’ our own.  However, Biblical lessons have taught us that God’s leaders are amazingly flawed.  Furthermore, we have seen God’s people led into slavery by inept “Good” leaders.  We have to look no further than the Jewish kingdom who allowed child sacrifice to be practiced inside their own camps.  These historical leaders just sat there and worshiped the same false gods offered by the outside.

Furthermore, If we read our Bible we often learn many leaders that DID NOT follow God were instrumental to Jewish freedom.  We know Xerxes liberated God’s people from slavery.  He worshiped a different god!

Persian, Assyrian, and Babylonian leaders were all orchestrated in God’s plan for HIS nation. We have lost that perspective that “Outsiders” are definitely part of HIS overall orchestrated plan.  Sometimes we should reflect on the current leaders we live under and ask why they are now in power.  The Biblical answer tells us that the leadership that rules over is often placed their by God based on the spiritual condition of his leaders/people. Unfortunately, we have a religious electorate content with yelling at others shortcomings as opposed to an internal evaluation of their conduct (or lack thereof) and heart to improve the situation.

If God elected those behaving like him to lead, he would elect nobody.  Yet many feel obliged to judge others and declare specific individuals are unfit to lead due to personality flaws that are unlike their own (I’ve been guilty as well).  We have a tendency to be a self-righteous people (History Repeats).

I think it is easy to look in hindsight with the benefit of a perfect manual on whose God’s chosen leaders were.  People of God celebrate King David and Moses every day. Yet, I’m confident both King David and Moses would not be the first choice of today’s “God” voter.  Adultery, killing, etc.  Forget about even entering the election.

The difficult part is recognizing flawed men with favor from God to lead.  I remember living in Chicago and seeing the “Great Republican and Christian Leader” (Speaker Hastert) having his name on the Wheaton Business School. Oops..that guy was guilty of child molestation and cover-up!  Even experienced Christian leaders (Wheaton is loaded with “These” people) often judge the character of men wrong after a life-long pursuit of pursuing God.  By the way, Speaker Hastert is still loved by God.  Like David, he will still have to pay a price for his sin.

Christians tend to focus on historical character, speech, and political identification that is widely known and on “Public” display.  God primarily uses a different tool.  He examines the current condition of the heart. God rarely uses the “Obvious” person based on human logic.  He often uses the flawed and weak who have returned to seek God.

People will vote for popular and garner death in the desert.  This is a historical Biblical fact.  Select individuals often discern to vote for what is right, lose the vote, and live to see the Promised Land.  I challenge your heart to discern if you would vote ‘right’ or ‘win’.  I would challenge the Christian that claims Joshua and Caleb failed in their stewardship because they lost the vote (the common argument I have heard against this rationale).

I don’t think the vote of average men has changed much since Biblical times.  The obsession with “Win” continues and is reaffirmed by the political figures and media they follow.  In fact, the media presenting who is “likely to win” is used as powerful perception tool by the media against the believer.

At a personal observation level, wandering in the desert seems like our plight the last 40 years.  “One Nation Under God” just hit 19 trillion in debt!  I would challenge Americans to return to courageous votes that are ‘right’.  These courageous votes and signatures are well represented in the Declaration of Independence.

Greatness may lie in people with shortcomings from a “Religious” world standard but have demonstrated a strong current condition of the heart to serve. I’m not too interested in ‘how long’ and ‘how established’ certain individuals have identified with a main stream religion.  I’m more interested in changed hearts who are on fire to serve.  I’m interested in courageous and changed people like Moses and David to lead a business, community, family, movement or nation.

We possess insights into the lives God selected to lead his nation.  In no way am I saying America is God’s chosen nation (spare me the e-mails).  However, I’m afraid Christians have become intense judges on historical character issues and tone deaf to the current condition of the heart in evaluating leaders for our own nation.  In my opinion, the majority of Christians have become blind to people with flawed histories/personality traits He has used in the past to lead people.

Christians look in all the wrong places for information (media, friends, polls, etc).  Christian tend to be baited by the smooth talkers, the popular, the praised, and those that have their images crafted in the media. Christians rarely look at the person persecuted to live in peace with the former enemy, or attacked by the ruling party/institutions, or a person who needs help in public speaking to be the potential leader of people.

His ways are not our ways.  Christians need to relearn this lesson from their spiritual heritage.

At the end of the day, I’m thankful he is in control.  We should remember to not lean our own understanding and acknowledge him in ALL our ways.  We may just find a historical flawed leader that has the selection of God to lead history and develop his people (Who may or may not follow God).  I’m afraid the world will continue to overlook leaders the world is not worthy of as the book of Hebrews guides us in today’s “Religious” climate.

Today, America is a Republic and not a Theocracy.  However, we do have a Constitutional role to ‘Ensure the BLESSINGS of Liberty for Ourselves and Our Posterity’.   Our own ways have led to $19 trillion in debt, a culture that breeds a dysfunctional family unit that is destroying “Domestic (Latin for Home) Tranquility”, and a state of national security that has rarely seen this level of instability.  Yet, many believe Liberty is a blessing we give ourselves or have decided to scrap Constitutional Liberty altogether.

It is time to review the definition of blessings, understand our Constitutional charge for the next generation, and consider that imperfect people in historical conduct or speech maybe worthy leaders of a movement for God’s Ordained Institution (Government) to govern (this doesn’t always equate to “feel good” progress) his people. Repentant, restored, and obedient hearts remain a key ingredient.

The questions for those who still believe this is “One Nation Under God” are plentiful.  Are we clamoring for our old life, content with wandering in this desert, or brave enough to seek the Promised Land with the obvious appearance of tough obstacles?  Are we willing to evaluate our heart/obedience levels and seek God? Are we brave enough to abandon the majority of “Good” people in the public square motivated with fear by the appearance of danger in the ‘Promised Land’ or consumed with the lure of existing wealth on the safe side of the river?

I think those professing that this is “One Nation Under God” need to reevaluate their ways of identifying leaders, and what heart desires/fears they are exercising in their vote.  There is nothing new under the sun. Clearly His ways are not our ways.  That is guidance worth listening to.

I pray we have the discernment to elect leaders as God identifies them. This can be a difficult task.  As a word of advice, I think we need to walk away from noise and pray in silence.  I pray we can exercise courage in our votes despite the lures/fears/obstacles in front of us.  Finally, I pray we have the perseverance to see our own “Promised Land” with our children. We will have to live/fight through some major battles to give our children the heritage they are deserving of.  It is time we Constitutionally answer the call to ensure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.  Our forefathers taught us how to fight the odds and win.

***Todd Watson was an Independent Candidate for US Senate from Nebraska in 2014. He is a current activist, business owner, school board member, ministry board member, husband, and dad.  He can be reached at todd@watsonforsenate.com.  His FB page is Watson For Senate and his twitter handle is @watsonforsenate ;  Please enjoy the other blogs on the state of the GOP and the plight of Hog Farming in Nebraska this weekend (How is that for diversity!). He invites the secular civil world to “chill-out” with these writings of religious expression and exercise.  He loves you too.